Iron House

☆ Iron House ✓ John Hart - Iron House, Iron House ☆ Iron House ✓ John Hart - Iron House, Iron House

  • Title: Iron House
  • Author: John Hart
  • ISBN: 9781848541795
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Paperback
Iron House

☆ Iron House ✓ John Hart, Iron House, John Hart, Iron House ☆ Iron House ✓ John Hart - Iron House, Iron House

  • ☆ Iron House ✓ John Hart
    197John Hart
Iron House

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  • John Hart

    JOHN HART is the author of REDEMPTION ROAD Thomas Dunne Books St Martin s Press May 3, 2016 and of four New York Times bestsellers, The King of Lies, Down River, The Last Child and Iron House The only author in history to win the best novel Edgar Award for consecutive novels, Hart has also won the Barry Award, the Southern Independent Bookseller s Award for Fiction, the Ian Fleming Steel Dagger Award and the North Carolina Award for Literature With over two million copies in print, his novels have been translated into thirty language and can be found in over seventy countries My only real dream, John declares, has been to write well and to be published well Hart was born in Durham, North Carolina in 1965, to a young surgeon and French teacher who quit teaching to raise her children His parents divorced, yet, as he attests, his childhood was remarkably carefree My favorite memory of childhood is a five hundred acre farm where my friends and I would have adventures and get lost for days, he reflects After high school, he attended Davidson College, just north of Charlotte, which he describes as a marvelous school He studied French literature and briefly lived in Paris and London Upon returning home to North Carolina, he settled in Rowan County, where his first two novels are set, and on which the fictional Raven County is based He earned graduate degrees in accounting and law where, after days of slogging through course work, he would find release through writing.A former banker, stockbroker and criminal defense attorney, Hart now writes full time I admire those who are able to write at four in the morning and still function in the real world, he states After two failed attempts, I decided that I lacked that particular talent Shortly after the birth of his first child, John left his law practice to take a stab at chasing the dream of writing novels for a living He spent nearly a year in a carrel at the Rowan County Public Library The result was his debut bestseller, The King of Lies John Hart has three great passions his family, his writing, and the protection of open spaces He lives in Virginia with his wife and two daughters, and is already writing his sixth novel, a sequel to The Last Child There is than one author by this name on.

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  • Whew What a story Started off at breakneck speed and never let up Characters with secrets than you can shake a stick at Slopped through my chores today in order to get back to reading I typically jot down at least a few notes while reading, but didn t want to stop long enough to do that here and thus, the abbreviated review Loved every minute of it.

  • How is it that I fall and for this author with every book of his I read This one was full of action, edge of your seat suspense I loved it This one tugged at my heart something fierce Lol.

  • No one presents flawed characters like John Hart does No one.Two brothers, as different as day and night, are living in the Iron Mountain Home for Boys in a woodsy area of North Carolina One bears the strength of the Sun and the other reflects the low cast, eerie light of the Moon There is existing here than actual living A horrible incident occurs and one of them is on the run.Fast forward twenty years Michael finds himself in New York and under the wing of a crime boss His determined resilien [...]

  • A solid thriller that accomplishes what it sets out to do keeps you flipping those pages Stone cold killer Michael and his brother Julian are both emotional wrecks after a horrific childhood in the orphanage from hell An upbringing that s made Michael strong and Julian weak, you know the needy over emotional artsy type A big shot in the mafia Michael s looking for a lifestyle change, to settle down with his girlfriend Elena and raise a family But nobody quits the mob, so between killing off mobs [...]

  • This is my first venture into John Hart I must say how awesome this book was, its fast paced never lets up I loved every character except for Randall Vane as he made my skin crawl The plot was A1 I just loved every minute I could not put this book down, even if I did due to things going on I got back to it as soon as I could.Michael his brother Julian were brought up in Iron Mountain a boys home both very different Michael was strong as they come, Julian was weak sickly, always picked on beaten [...]

  • My first book by John Hart, Iron House makes me feel like I wish I had read his other books too And I will.Iron House is the most amazing blend of literary eloquence in writing and graphic narration description I ve ever read The reviews say riveting and other terms reserved for the bestsellers of our day, and believe me, they re all true I honestly didn t know what to expect as I picked up this novel but the reviews spoke well of it and I liked the title I m glad I did Third person POV, complex [...]

  • Iron House, an orphanage in the mountains of North Carolina, is a dismal and dangerous place, embodying an almost Dickensian undercurrent This brutal beginning prepares Michael for a profitable but less than illustrious career as an enforcer for a New York Mafioso type crime boss.On the run following a bloody power struggle, Michael spirits his ladylove, Elena, away and returns to the North Carolina Mountains where he hopes to keep her safe and reunite with his long lost brother, Julian But Jimm [...]

  • I m torn between three and four stars but I think I d better go with three which means I liked it instead of I really liked it Instead of the normal review, I m going to list some of the things that held me back Thebogosities Michael is a young handsome Clint Eastwood type with long eyelashes, as long as a girl s eyelashes Bite meThe mother has a diabetic gimpy stinky stump of a leg and is going to die soon Let the bastard live die She beat the hell out of Abigail and made her drown her little b [...]

  • Although I am impressed by John Hart s talents as an author, I was disappointed in his work in Iron House He is capable of much better writing, as evidenced in his former excellent novels.This story is somewhat complicated, but the saga of a bad man gone good because of true love is familiar, and in Hart s hands the old story gets an entertaining treatment My reservations lie in the credibility of many aspects of the story Michael, the hit man and beloved adopted son of a feared mobster, falls f [...]

  • They say you should never judge a book by its cover Or in the case of John Hart s Iron House, it might be appropriate to say you should never judge a book by its cover blurb and marketing campaign Hailed as one of the best books of the summer, it d be easy to assume that the story would follow the usual tropes of the action mystery thriller genre A hitman for the mob meets a beautiful woman, falls in love and wants to get out of the game He s granted permission by the dying patriarch of the fam [...]

  • John Hart s fourth book maintains the complexity I expected based on reading the previous three Two brothers, Michael and Julian, as different as night and day, live in the Iron House Home for Boys After a horrendous event occurs, one runs away and the other is adopted Fast forward 23 years There are many threads and factions at play, and Hart eventually unravels and reveals the history and the truth.Character development is one of Hart s strengths Not all of his characters are likable, but even [...]

  • I like the way Hart writes and the Iron House plot just keeps humming along So trying to figure out why I didn t love this I think it was a disconnect to the characters who I found annoying or unbelievable Hoping I like other books , because I have several on my TBR list.

  • Time heals all wounds or does it For Michael and Julian, time is an enemy, that rips the past into the present, and places the future in uncertain jeopardyMichael and Julian begin as orphans at Iron House a decrepit boys home in the North Carolina mountains Facing down bullies and inept caretakers, Iron House is of a prison than a home to the young boys When Michael apparently kills one of the bullies who torments his younger, weaker brother Julian, he runs to protect Julian and disappears into [...]

  • Another one knocked out of the park by John Hart I borrowed this one from the library, finished it and already bought myself a copy to own Yes, it s that good.I think Hart is one of those authors to which writing comes naturally Nothing in his books feels forced or unnatural Everything has a flow and good follow through I also enjoy how the characters evolve and the unveiling of their back stories Highly recommend this one

  • Read for Books, Movies, TV and Life group as the September, 2013 Southern Mystery read.This was a fun, twisty tale with a lot of interesting people nonstop action The story unfolds in bits pieces, plenty of clues, but never quite enough to make it obvious And everyone lies, even to themselves There was a lot of graphic violence that was well done, too Unfortunately, everything was a little too overdone.The hero was interesting, but a little too close to perfect He was handsome to the point of pr [...]

  • Iron House is a great work of horror Iron House is a sheer work of genus John Hart gave me what I like in horror thrillers He gave me the walking through dark corridors with sounds that set my nerves on edge He made me give thought about wanting to see what s around the corner and he did this all without gore and slice and dice Rarely will readers find an author who knows how to stimulate readers imaginations to stretch beyond their comfort zones.During the winter in the North Carolina mountains [...]

  • What a ride My heart was in my throat the entire time and I just wanted to race to the end so I could find out what was really going on I was wildly speculating different scenarios as I readfunny to think back on those after finishing it Strong characters I loved some and loathed some I ve said it before and I ll say it again, characters that evoke strong emotions in me usually bode well for me really liking a book.This would have been a 5 star book for me but for a couple brutal scenes that my [...]

  • 9 10This was very, very good Not quite what I was expecting from the blurb on the back as I thought it would be like Gangster by Lorenzo Carcaterra one of my favourite books but it was character driven and focused in the present and not really centred on organised crime I don t like writing reviews for books I have really enjoyed as I don t feel I do them justice so I will keep it brief If you enjoy books which are good, read this If you like this, try The Last Child John Hart.

  • Two babies left to die in an icy creak Two boys who must fight to survive Two men, two very different lives One unbreakable bond When a twelve year old boy murders his tormentor in their brutal orphanage, his older brother takes the blame and runs to New York into the heart of organized crime Two decades later, Michael returns to North Carolina with a sentence on his head, the mob in hot pursuit and his long lost brother in trouble of a different kind With vast sums in play, political fortunes a [...]

  • John Hart s fourth novel doesn t start in first gear This is not out yet 07 12 ,I won an ARC on First Reads This one starts with the peddle to the floor, and the tension stays all the way through In this tale of two brothers, Michael the tougher, protective older one, and Julian, weaker and tormented by other boys at the orphanage When the life Michael had, blows up in his face, and has to get out of town fast,with the mob in hot pursuit, with the woman he loves Not seeing his brother for than [...]

  • IRON HOUSEJohn HartWow What a fantastic read Be prepared for a great ride This impressively masterful thriller is riveting with all the components of steady building tension and a plot rich with a complex family history.Having already been a fan of Mr Hart s previous books, I was looking forward to a good read Needless to say, I was immediately captivated and lost sleep, so he exceeded my expectations.Two orphaned brothers who were raised and abused in the IRON HOUSE, an orphanage in the mountai [...]

  • Who doesn t love a story about orphanages or reform schools those places where children are hidden away from sight, where Lord of the Flies style children s societies form, where adults are often the worst enemy They re like stories about asylums, full of that sense of Gothic danger.Iron House manages to successfully combine Gothic elements within an action type thriller The story is well paced, full of twists and turns, and hits all the high notes for its genre Almost too good to be true but no [...]

  • Wow I ve read a book and I have nothing bad to say about it I really liked this one It gripped me from the beginning and pulled me right in It kept me firmly rooted, waiting to see what was going to happen next Great suspense The characters were so flawed, but so like able They were well defined, but yet unpredictable There were some creative twists and turns in this that kept the pace moving and they provided avenues of gaining new information little by little, both of the plot and the people.I [...]

  • This was a terrific book I read it in just a couple of days John Hart does a great job keeping the reader guessing until the end I have to say that my favorite characters in the book were the Land Rovers I plan to check out his other books just to see if they feature Land Rovers as prominently too.Loved this book

  • I listened to the audio edition of this book and it s sad when you keep wanting a book to be over I could not even finish it I know Hart can do better than this Too much forced drama and not enough depth.

  • Wowza OK, one star less than the first two Hart books I read, but even so, this one is heads and shoulders better than most thrillers out there Lots of dark psychological issues that in one case were a bit over the top, a love interest I wanted to bitch slap, and a plot wrinkle that was a stretch, but despite those small glitches, this was a riveting read.

  • John Hart is known for beautiful, literary writing his mystery books set in the American south He has won two Edgar awards and this one is every bit as good a riveting read 4.5 stars Hart manages to get into the minds and hearts of his characters.The lead character, Michael, is a mob hit man in New York He does not hesitate to kill on behalf of the crime family, and will also kill to protect those he loves.It should be difficult to like and empathize with such a person, but we do The story begin [...]

  • Have you ever considered how hard it is to get out of an impossible situation Michael and his brother, Julian, were raised in a home for boys Iron House provided a shelter and discipline Julian was constantly abused and bullied by other boys Michael wanted to protect his brother and was forced to fight for both of them As a result, he became a ferocious combatant When Julian finally struck back at his main tormentor, Michael took the blame.Julian was adopted and Michael left the home and lived o [...]

  • I enjoyed this as a fast paced mystery thriller I listened to the audio which might not have been the best format as the narrator tended to make some of the characters come off as too cliche and overly dramatic I liked it best when I just stayed in story and went with it If I thought about it too seriously, I would end up picking it apart for the absurdity of certain situations and dialogue It did have some characters who were interesting and I was pulling for them I had a hard time with the mai [...]

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