Death in Summer

[PDF] Read ✓ Death in Summer : by William Trevor - Death in Summer, Death in Summer A New York Times Bestseller and Notable Book From the winner of the David Cohen British Literature Prize comes an unforgettably chilling novel written with the compassion and artistry that defin [PDF] Read ✓ Death in Summer : by William Trevor - Death in Summer, Death in Summer A New York Times Bestseller and Notable Book From the winner of the David Cohen British Literature Prize comes an unforgettably chilling novel written with the compassion and artistry that defin

  • Title: Death in Summer
  • Author: William Trevor
  • ISBN: 9780670882021
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Hardcover
Death in Summer

[PDF] Read ✓ Death in Summer : by William Trevor, Death in Summer, William Trevor, Death in Summer A New York Times Bestseller and Notable Book From the winner of the David Cohen British Literature Prize comes an unforgettably chilling novel written with the compassion and artistry that define Trevor s fiction There were three deaths that summer The first was Letitia s sudden and quite unexpected leaving her husband Thaddeus haunted by the details of her lA New York Ti [PDF] Read ✓ Death in Summer : by William Trevor - Death in Summer, Death in Summer A New York Times Bestseller and Notable Book From the winner of the David Cohen British Literature Prize comes an unforgettably chilling novel written with the compassion and artistry that defin

  • [PDF] Read ✓ Death in Summer : by William Trevor
    139 William Trevor
Death in Summer

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  • William Trevor

    William Trevor, KBE grew up in various provincial towns and attended a number of schools, graduating from Trinity College, in Dublin, with a degree in history He first exercised his artistry as a sculptor, working as a teacher in Northern Ireland and then emigrated to England in search of work when the school went bankrupt He could have returned to Ireland once he became a successful writer, he said, but by then I had become a wanderer, and one way and another, I just stayed in England I hated leaving Ireland I was very bitter at the time But, had it not happened, I think I might never have written at all In 1958 Trevor published his first novel, A Standard of Behaviour, to little critical success Two years later, he abandoned sculpting completely, feeling his work had become too abstract, and found a job writing copy for a London advertising agency This was absurd, he said They would give me four lines or so to write and four or five days to write it in It was so boring But they had given me this typewriter to work on, so I just started writing stories I sometimes think all the people who were missing in my sculpture gushed out into the stories He published several short stories, then his second and third novels, which both won the Hawthornden Prize established in 1919 by Alice Warrender and named after William Drummond of Hawthornden, the Hawthornden Prize is one of the UK s oldest literary awards A number of other prizes followed, and Trevor began working full time as a writer in 1965.Since then, Trevor has published nearly 40 novels, short story collections, plays, and collections of nonfiction He has won three Whitbread Awards, a PEN Macmillan Silver Pen Award, and was shortlisted for the Booker Prize In 1977 Trevor was appointed an honorary he holds Irish, not British, citizenship Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire CBE for his services to literature and in 2002 he was elevated to honorary Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire KBE Since he began writing, William Trevor regularly spends half the year in Italy or Switzerland, often visiting Ireland in the other half His home is in Devon, in South West England, on an old mill surrounded by 40 acres of land.

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  • An English house with cherry trees at each corner of the garden Flowers and vegetables thriving in the summer sun Three women All in love or obsessed with the same man One insipid man Tragedy three times over Wasted lives.Death In Summer has a hollow ring to it It nettles me because it is a story by one of my well loved authors I love Trevor s prose but I find this story implausible and unconvincing.Trevor writes with language that is deliberately incongruent with the story It assumes an underst [...]

  • William Trevor does it again The man should be sainted or knighted, or both simultaneously This novel is a study in shifting close third person points of view, so masterfully done that you don t even notice all POVs are equally convincing, and they range from a pair of slightly off twenty something friends who grew up together in an orphanage, to an elderly upper class grandmother I regret to say that Jrobertus below cannot have actually read this novel, or if he did he must have been drunk or h [...]

  • Mr Trevor struck a tuning fork on the marble fireplace then laid it in its holder the resonance echoed through me.Again I find myself out of step because I thought this was brilliant along the lines of If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things crossed with The Remains of the DayFabulous writing and I get the odd wink of authorial twinkle shining through.

  • I have enjoyed other books by this author, but not this one very much The characters seem wooden to me in their extreme portrayals of all that is peculiar, unfulfilled and disenfranchised Sketch involves man sleepwalking through his life, married to lovely and lively woman who brings money to the marriage as well as a child but is then dies in bicycle accident, a strange couple in service to the household, a musty mother in law who decides to move in to be the nanny after her daughter s death, a [...]

  • William Trevor s characters walk in shadows, moving with the somnambulistic pace of the half alive It is his style to remain detached, writing as one observing from an opaque distance, even when he is deep in the minds of his often disturbed characters This works to haunting effect in Felicia s Journey, where Trevor dispassionately portrays a monster, and in The Story of Lucy Gault, where epic political conditions mirror household tragedies But sometimes you ache for connection you want the cha [...]

  • I saw Pettie in the sky Is William Trevor not the King of Pain and Suffering apologies to Gordon What s is Name Another gut wrencher to go along with Felicia s Journey and all the rest Written in a curious prose poetic style that requires close attention and backtracking I m going to re read it as soon as my schedule will allow Pettie and Thaddeus are both victims of abuse neglect abandonment but to differing degrees The book is about death and surviving and survival About compassion and underst [...]

  • Three point five stars is actually what I would give this book William Trevor is an incredible writer, but there were parts that seemed irrelevant to me The emergence of this newfound dislike for extraneous and irrelevant details in novels has me rather perplexed because I think maybe it is in those parts that I deem useless that the true story lies Maybe it serves as character development Of course, when I say that about a novel like DEATH IN SUMMER it does not carry the same weight as what I w [...]

  • The five stars represent not necessarily a recommendation for all readers, but one for those interested in a slow revelation of the human condition in a brief but powerful novel William Trevor s style may turn off some readers just reading the book for the story Sometimes one is required to stop and reread his unusual prose to gain its meaning This is not painful, however, rather of the revelation process in which the author is engaged.The pictures he paints with his writing are well worth work [...]

  • typical Trevor, ie, it was riveting as the decription notes, he is so good at investigating evil his style is so tight, it squeaks.

  • i didn t much care for this novel it is about a deranged girl who takes a nannies job in order to steal a baby.

  • On the surface I suppose you d call this a thriller It s the kind of novel that would transfer well into a television drama shown in two parts Of course they d need to jazz up things a little we d need some sort of cliff hanger at the end of the first part but it s doable I said it s basically a thriller but most thrillers are mysteries and this one really isn t, at least not much of one We know from the title there s going to be a death actually there ends up being three but when the first turn [...]

  • A New York Times Bestseller and Notable Book From the winner of the 1999 David Cohen British Literature Prize comes an unforgettably chilling novel, written with the compassion and artistry that define Trevor s fiction There were three deaths that summer The first was Letitia s, sudden and quite unexpected, leaving her husband, Thaddeus, haunted by the details of her last afternoon The next death came some weeks later, after Thaddeus s mother in law helped him to interview for a nanny to bring u [...]

  • This earworm of a book will be with me for awhile Trevor is a Irish author who uses unfamiliar slang and makes reference to areas of London associated with prostitution After some research I figured this out and the story made sense Through the characters of Mr Davenant, Pettie, and Albert, we meet damaged and flawed people from different walks of life Death in Summer is a modern day tragedy with little hope injected.

  • Trevor s Death in Summer is a well written but odd story to which I found myself somewhat indifferent Set in contemporary rural England, the tale revolves around two young people who run away from a corrupt institution for homeless children, The Morning Star.After living in an abandoned shack following their release, the boy and the girl who have grown up as friends, try to build normal lives in society Albert responsible, kind and sensitive secures a job washing graffiti off walls and boarding [...]

  • Death in Summer is kind of a scary book Not in the sense that it is inhabited by scary fantasy monsters, or even by vicious criminal masterminds, but in the sense that the people in it might not be so very different from people you see every day.Thaddeus, it is true, is a little odd He seems never to have been able to fully love a woman, not even his beautiful and generous wife, Letitia But his defects are fairly mild, really, and due to the strange way he was raised He has, however, come to lov [...]

  • I had a hard time knowing when the author was talking of the present and when it was flashbacks Pettie and Albert are two young people who grew up in home for abandoned children They run away from the violence and awful conditions in the home Albert, who is developmentally delayed to some degree, gets a job washing graffiti off the subway walls and living with an elderly woman he caretakes He is a gentle, honest soul Pettie lives by the rules of the street and isn t above stealing and lying to m [...]

  • I gave this book three stars ONLY because I absolutely adore William Trevor as a writer, but really it probably deserves a two The prose is awkward and halting Trevor mixes present tense with flashbacks in a way that makes the reader repeat entire paragraphs before comprehension sets in Reading should not be that much work Not surprisingly, the good parts of the story get lost in the incoherent streams of consciousness expressed by the various narrators I love Trevor s exploration of Thaddeus Da [...]

  • William Trevor is so very adept at exposing the mindset of his characters as they deal with the day to day stuff of life Thaddeuss is a man whose wife dies due to accident, leaving him with a new baby Interviews to find a nanny prove fruitless, thus his mother in law moves in to help One of the interviewed girls finds it hard to take no for an answer, taking steps that alter many lives.Trevor is a gifted storyteller who compels the reader to understand a variety of mentalities and how they all i [...]

  • This book probably deserves than a 3 star rating but I had trouble getting started with it I renewed it from the library because I hadn t made any progress after three weeks and I had to keep starting over I was just reading a few pages at a time until I had read 100 pages Then I finished it in one night Part of the problem was probably the cover which is a baby carriage right underneath the title The notes on the back cover reveal that there are three deaths during that time Apprehension about [...]

  • I think the author seeks to show that everyone is damaged and our lifes are our management and understanding of that damage Sometimes it leads to damage.From the begining we know there will be a train wreck on the tracks of this novel we just don t know who will step out of the train There a slow build up of the characters so that we know so much about them we can predict their behaviour and theres a comfort in that that we know the corners they will go to This is a book to not perhaps enjoy bu [...]

  • This is a novel that should have appealed to me and yet it didn t quite work for me The characters were well drawn, there is a sinister aspect to the story and the author writes well But for some reason, I found it kind of boring and didn t care that much about the characters Another aspect that I found odd was that while I knew the story took place in the late 90 s, I kept thinking that it was set much, much earlier I attribute this to the author s writing stye While he is a good writer, there [...]

  • One of the creepier Trevors I ve read I mean I have never read anything of his that I didn t like I don t think That s not true, one or two but This one was Irish than most In that unusual style he has that takes some time to acclimatize yourself to A story of a couple of complete low lifes who slither their way into a man s family One delusional and a cleptomanic the other some kind of weird mama s boy that never really grew up it seems Bizarre characters and then there was his family, and chi [...]

  • One of my daughters in law suggested this book, and she was on target I loved it Death in Summer has a place in my permanent collection William Trevor says in a simple sentence than many writers manage in a page His writing is intelligent and sensitive, compassionate and kind He makes us care about a man unable to care, until The writing is gentle, but I found myself holding my breath as the story unfolded I read it quickly, anxious to know how it turned out, and now I m going to go back and re [...]

  • What writing Each sentence is so uniquely structured But it flows from thought to thought to feeling, memory mixed in with the presenteven though the book is set in the 1980 s, I felt like it was the 1800 s Landscaped gardens with swaths of sunlight and shadows The formality of the characters are anachronistic with the late 20th century The silences say than the minimalist dialogue Sadness permeates class, wealth or lack thereof, and tragedy does not discriminate, cutting across all the constra [...]

  • A poignant rendering of love both true, false, or merely lacking wrought about characters just as flawed for better and for worse I was quite impressed by this novel, having not heard of Trevor and picking the title out on a whim without knowing what to expect from the story or the writing A note it could merely be a regional disconnection the author is Irish and resides in England in language, but his sentence structures were a little awkward for me and my American English Not horribly so, but [...]

  • Spoiler alert It was darker than his other work as the title would suggest It is set in the home counties and tells the story of Thaddeus who owns a house with his wife Letitia There is a nice twist in the end It feels a bit compelling than Trevor s usual but is as readable as ever It dwells on child abuse and growing up in an orphanage which affects two of the characters in different ways.

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