The Golem's Eye

The Golem's Eye Best Download || [Jonathan Stroud] - The Golem's Eye, The Golem s Eye Now in paperback the exciting second volume in the critically acclaimed series a New York Times best seller in hardcover for sixteen weeks The young magician Nathaniel is fast rising through the gover The Golem's Eye Best Download || [Jonathan Stroud] - The Golem's Eye, The Golem s Eye Now in paperback the exciting second volume in the critically acclaimed series a New York Times best seller in hardcover for sixteen weeks The young magician Nathaniel is fast rising through the gover

  • Title: The Golem's Eye
  • Author: Jonathan Stroud
  • ISBN: 9780552552738
  • Page: 293
  • Format: Paperback
The Golem's Eye

The Golem's Eye Best Download || [Jonathan Stroud], The Golem's Eye, Jonathan Stroud, The Golem s Eye Now in paperback the exciting second volume in the critically acclaimed series a New York Times best seller in hardcover for sixteen weeks The young magician Nathaniel is fast rising through the government ranks His most urgent task is to put an end to the mysterious Resistance but Kitty and her friends continue to elude him As the pressure mounts London is suddeNow in paperback The Golem's Eye Best Download || [Jonathan Stroud] - The Golem's Eye, The Golem s Eye Now in paperback the exciting second volume in the critically acclaimed series a New York Times best seller in hardcover for sixteen weeks The young magician Nathaniel is fast rising through the gover

  • The Golem's Eye Best Download || [Jonathan Stroud]
    293 Jonathan Stroud
The Golem's Eye

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    Jonathan Anthony Stroud is an author of fantasy books, mainly for children and youths.Stroud grew up in St Albans where he enjoyed reading books, drawing pictures, and writing stories Between the ages seven and nine he was often ill, so he spent most of his days in the hospital or in his bed at home To escape boredom he would occupy himself with books and stories After he completed his studies of English literature at the University of York, he worked in London as an editor for the Walker Books store He worked with different types of books there and this soon led to the writing of his own books During the 1990s, he started publishing his own works and quickly gained success.In May 1999, Stroud published his first children s novel, Buried Fire, which was the first of a line of fantasy mythology children s books.Among his most prominent works are the bestselling Bartimaeus Trilogy A special feature of these novels compared to others of their genre is that Stroud examines the stereotypes and ethics of the magician class and the enslaved demons This is done by examining the perspective of the sarcastic and slightly egomaniacal djinni Bartimaeus The books in this series are The Amulet of Samarkand, The Golem s Eye, and Ptolemy s Gate, his first books to be published in the United States Stroud lives in St Albans, Hertfordshire, with his two children, Isabelle and Arthur, and his wife Gina, an illustrator of children s books.

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  • Reviewed by K Osborn Sullivan for TeensReadTooHe s rude He s surly He won t hesitate to tell you when your haircut looks stupid And in over 5000 years, he s seen some bad haircuts I m talking about my favorite djinni, Bartimaeus, back in book two of his young adult fantasy trilogy THE GOLEM S EYE is an excellent sequel to the first book in the series, THE AMULET OF SAMARKAND In the first book, we meet Bartimaeus, an ancient creature of enormous power that can best be described as a type of demon [...]

  • I was really looking forward to reading this second novel in the Bartimaeus series I was quite curious to see what it would be like, not just in the sense of the development of the story and the characters, but of the world building as well I kept wondering how will this world ruled by magicians develop further I was eager to see what place will our protagonist Nathaniel take in it, will he become like the rest of them i.e all the other corrupted magicians The world that the author created in th [...]

  • The Golem s Eye, Jonathan Stroud, 2003The Golem s Eye is a children s novel of alternate history, fantasy and magic It is the second book in the Bartimaeus trilogy written by British author Jonathan Stroud The first edition was released by Miramax 1 January 2004 in the United Kingdom 6 million copies have been sold in 36 countries It was a New York Times best seller in 2004 The book and series are about the power struggles in a magical dystopia centred in London, England featuring a mixture of m [...]

  • This hilarious novel is the second in the Bartimaeus Trilogy The story picks up where the first book in the trilogy The Amulet of Samarkand leaves off Most of the story takes place in London, where the government is made up of magicians These magicians are all power hungry, calculating, feckless, craven, jealous, and self serving to the n th degree.The 14 year old Nathaniel is an up and coming magician in charge of security operations in the department of internal affairs He is blamed for incomp [...]

  • THE AMULET OF SAMARKAND THE GOLEM S EYE BY JONATHAN STROUD So I met Jonathan Stroud last Friday, author of the Bartimaeus triology, of which the first two are out The Amulet of Samarkand and The Golem s Eye He came to the bookstore I work at in Petaluma, Copperfield s, and was pretty entertaining He was the classic English guy writing about a doomed England of magic and magicians and the regular people known as commoners average English accent from near London area with some clipped Cockney when [...]

  • My first thought right after reading the book is that it is filled with temperamental and cocky teenagers, equally self absorbed, bickering and snotty adult magicians and one Mr Love guru called Bartimaeus Which actually is not a bad thing cause he cracks me up.Yup, ive been doing that quite a lot when Im reading Character For me, they were pretty much 1 dimensional The magicians are power hungry, self obsessed, egoistic, with really nothing to brag about except they could control the Spirits Mo [...]

  • 3.5 stars Bartimaeus is a great character and this is a fast, fun read That said, I didn t like this installment as much as the first book in the series, The Amulet of Samarkand, which I thought was fantastic My reasons are 1 I thought Nathaniel aka John Mandrake was pretty annoying much of the time and sometimes downright unlikeable 2 I didn t think the author expanded enough on the mythology underlying the story i.e the magic system, the histories and powers of the various classes of demons wh [...]

  • I really liked the first book in the series, but this second one just doesn t match up I still admire the world building a magical system based on good old fashioned demon summoning and Bartimaeus himself is still a fun character to read But Nathaniel has become almost unbearable to read All the magicians, in fact, read like parodies of arrogant aristocrats It isn t entirely unjustified, in this world, but it sure isn t fun to read Sadly, I didn t like the so called Resistance much Now, I m gen [...]

  • Setelah membaca buku ini, saya akhirnya memahami bahwa 1 Daya tarik buku ini sangat terletak pada Bartimeus, bukan tokoh tokoh lainnya termasuk Nathaniel Di buku ini saya merasa Bartimeusnya jarang hadir dan dibicarakan, khususnya pada bagian satu Akibatnya adalah cerita ini berlangsung dengan tegang karena Kenarsisan dan Kekonyolan Bartimeus yang kurang ditonjolkan seperti pada buku pertama Catatan kaki yang biasanya membuat saya tertawa terbahak bahak sekarang lebih sering diisi dengan informa [...]

  • I am so disappointed in Nathaniel I really am I just miss the little boy from the first book so much I have a feeling that he s the necessary collateral damage from the society that he lives in, and I guess that I can understand that not all of the good guys stay good and vice versa, but I really am sad that it had to end in this way.Well, not end, there is still one book to go before the ending of this story, but the end of this particular one I really don t know what is going to happen next, [...]

  • Unless it is still very good, I think the first one in the series is much better.Bartimaeus made me laugh a lot again, but the story is slower and less interesting The end was very obvious too.In this second book, the Resistance take a important roll in the story It is okay, but at the beginning of the book it was everything a mess switching between the magicians and the commoners, and only after a lot of pages I understood the point of such a thing.I will read the third book soon I hope it wil [...]

  • Following up The Amulet of Samarkand, this book is just as good It continues the story of Nathaniel, now John Mandrake, a lonely and quite helpless self absorbed teenager with an important job and status you can see where this is going, and you know that it s not good He has to summon Bartimaeus again and the djinn s not happy about it, but what can he do You also get a glimpse in the life of the resistance who are they, what do they do exactly and how they do it, what binds them together and wh [...]

  • Guarda quello laggi in fondo Ha preso la forma di un poggiapiedi Strano forte per il suo stile in qualche modo non mi spiace Quello un poggiapiedi Nessuno sta usando quel pentacolo Un salto di qualit rispetto al primo Pi impegnato, se cos si pu dire, pi complesso e decisamente pi carico di promesse Lo sviluppo dei personaggi , come ho gi accennato precedentemente, ci che di Stroud mi lascia pi sorpresa e soddisfatta, e anche qui nell Occhio del Golem l autore non smentisce affatto la sua bravura [...]

  • I really like this book series so far Its definitely been one of the better things I have read recently Its consistently entertaining, light in tone, and populated with memorable characters The plot moves swiftly, and although there are definitely some borrowed elements, I think Stroud manages to be innovative within certain bounds I was constantly entertained, and I really loved the snarky djinni I also loved that they added a sympathetic character in this one Kitty was wonderful She was clever [...]

  • Uno dei rari casi in cui il secondo volume addirittura pi eccezionale del primo Sono stupefatta, felice e senza parole in senso buono 3 Ci vorrebbero pi Jonathan Stroud nelle librerie e meno autoruncoli da due soldi che scrivono sempre le stesse noiosissime cose E quanto sono felice che ancora devo esplorare il suo genio _ Bartimeus rimane il personaggio preferito incontrastato, con le sue risposte taglienti e ironiche che spesso per non sono comprese da maghi e umani D un potentissimo Jinn che [...]

  • A good sequel to The Amulet of Samarkand Bartimaeus is back And his former, temporary master, Nathaniel Or, as he is known to everyone else, John Mandrake Nathaniel once again, summons the djinni on order to save his career However things go from bad to worse for Nathaniel From the Resistance, golems, skeletons and inner enemies amongst other magicians, this duo has their work cut out for them Also, this story brings in a third perspective Kitty, the thief leader we briefly met in the first book [...]

  • These are interesting I use that word a lot don t I Maybe I should check a Thesaurus books The human lead character, John Mandrake Nathanial is definitely an acquired taste You sort of want him to succeed, but on the other hand you see the Magicians as what they are, morally repugnant In the first book, there seemed to be hope for Nathanial to turn out, all right But he s obviously turning into just another ambitious, selfish, lying, magician.Then there s Bartimaeus, a jinn genie, djinn orn Not [...]

  • The pace and ideas continue in the second installment of the Bartimaeus Trilogy with The Golem s Eye Kitty s character gets exposure and page time , while Nathaniel, now a very pompous 14 year old working high up in the government, tries to track her down as leader of the Resistance, and hopefully find a link between her and the giant clay golem trashing London At risk of making the ruling class the magicians look incompetent, a lot of pressure is on Nathaniel s young shoulders Bartimaeus, true [...]

  • Sigo con la relectura de la saga y, aunque la historia y la atm sfera sea algo m s de adulto, sin embargo me ha gustado menos que el primer tomo Stroud ampl a el universo, introduce nuevos personajes y ciudades pero en detrimento del elemento m s atractivo de toda la saga los cap tulos narrados en primera persona por el demonio Bartimeo.Una pena que, teniendo algo original y atractivo, lo deje a un lado en un intento de parecer m s serio o darle m s profundidad a la historia A veces la virtud es [...]

  • CONCLUSION it was a good read First, the book s contents Each one or two chapters is of a different characters point of view, and the story progressed in a amazing way, with some flash backs and so The whole point is about a fourteen year old magician Nathanial and his tasks and missions being the assistant of the head of internal affairs which concerns a disastrous magical creature and a group of thieves Kitty, after being wrongly accused, was driven to these criminals and both she, Nathanial a [...]

  • Two things stood out in this book the characters development and the world building.The world building actually impressed me the most We learned about the war with Prague, the political status in other cities of Europe, the campaign against America, the judicial system of London, some of the history of the British Empire, the Resistance.e.c.t and all that without any dense, info dumping I was impressed As character development goes Kitty took the cake She also turned into one of the main charact [...]

  • Bartimaeus akan selalu menjadi jin yang menyebalkan bagi John Mandrake alias Nathaniel Meski begitu Nath terlalu butuh bantuan jin ini karena di antara budak setia yang telah dipanggilnya ke bumi, hanya Barti yang mampu memuaskan pencapaiannya Setelah Barti dibebaskan dua tahun lalu, Nath memutuskan untuk memanggilnya lagi karena kali ini masalah gawat kembali muncul Kerusuhan kembali mencabik kota London, parahnya kali ini musuh tidak dapat terdeteksi oleh kekuatan sihir manapun Banyak yang men [...]

  • Petualangan jin berlidah tajam Bartimaeus dan majikan mudanya Nathaniel berlanjut di buku ini Selain bertutur lewat sudut pandang kedua tokoh tersebut seperti di buku pertamanya, sekuel ini mengikutsertakan sudut pandang Kitty, anggota kelompok Resistance yang berseberangan dengan pemerintahan penyihir Sekali lagi saya kagum akan konsep dunia yang dibuat Stroud Para penyihir yang berkuasa tidak punya kekuatan sendiri dan hanya mengandalkan demon sebagai alat mereka bahkan tidak bisa melihat makh [...]

  • I had mixed feelings about this one As usual it took awhile to get going, but would have been worth it if the story had flowed a bit The plotlines, although neatly wrapped up in the end, felt awkward mixed together It made sense until the entrance of Honorius the afrit Emotionally, even though I have MAD respect for believable characters who act like real humans i.e flawed , it was hard to watch Pennyfeather and his selfishly stupid and inept Resistance movement And even though Kitty turns out [...]

  • I maintain that the Bartimaeus books are by and far significantly better than all that Harry Potter stuff just don t tell Karen I said that I think it comes from not trying to write a classic the result is of course a classic.The Golem s Eye is the second book in this series, where once again there s trouble brewing in London and that annoying Nathaniel summons Bartimaeus to sort things out In this installment we learn much about the magical world and get a new POV Kitty, a member of The Resist [...]

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