Death of a Trophy Wife

Death of a Trophy Wife Best Read || [Laura Levine] - Death of a Trophy Wife, Death of a Trophy Wife Without a job or a date in sight freelance writer Jaine Austen is equally out of luck in finance and romance So when her friend Lance offers to treat her to brunch at the Four Seasons Jaine leaps at Death of a Trophy Wife Best Read || [Laura Levine] - Death of a Trophy Wife, Death of a Trophy Wife Without a job or a date in sight freelance writer Jaine Austen is equally out of luck in finance and romance So when her friend Lance offers to treat her to brunch at the Four Seasons Jaine leaps at

  • Title: Death of a Trophy Wife
  • Author: Laura Levine
  • ISBN: 9780758272225
  • Page: 472
  • Format: ebook
Death of a Trophy Wife

Death of a Trophy Wife Best Read || [Laura Levine], Death of a Trophy Wife, Laura Levine, Death of a Trophy Wife Without a job or a date in sight freelance writer Jaine Austen is equally out of luck in finance and romance So when her friend Lance offers to treat her to brunch at the Four Seasons Jaine leaps at the invite They ve barely made it through the menu when Lance spots his friend Bunny who is the new trophy wife of mattress maven Marvin Cooper When Bunny generously offerWith Death of a Trophy Wife Best Read || [Laura Levine] - Death of a Trophy Wife, Death of a Trophy Wife Without a job or a date in sight freelance writer Jaine Austen is equally out of luck in finance and romance So when her friend Lance offers to treat her to brunch at the Four Seasons Jaine leaps at

  • Death of a Trophy Wife Best Read || [Laura Levine]
    472 Laura Levine
Death of a Trophy Wife

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    Grew up in Brooklyn, New York, back when mastodons and Edsels still roamed the earth.Education Barnard CollegeFirst job Reporter photographer at a newspaper so small, we had our photos developed in the local camera shop.Advertising claim to fame I created Count Chocula and Frankenberry cereals for General Mills gets invented, and I get a job as a sitcom writer, turning out scripts for shows like The Bob Newhart Show, Three s Company, Laverne Shirley, The Love Boat, The Jeffersons, and Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman.Current and favorite incarnation Author of Jaine Austen mysteries.Marital status Wedded blissfully to business journalist Mark Lacter aka Mr Hubby , whose insightful coverage of the Los Angeles business scene can be checked daily at laobserved biz Favorite authors COMEDY Joe Keenan MYSTERY Agatha Christie SERIOUS STUFF Anne Tyler.Hobbies Reading, swimming, gardening, and lots of walks mainly to the refrigerator.

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  • I really enjoyed the story this time around Yes, after a re read, I ve decided to change my tune and sing the praises of this book, part of a series that has given me so much joy See, there s a balance between the murdered and the murderer that failed to seep into my mind first time I read this book The victim is a socialite b tch who gold dug her way to her current status A lot of what seems apparent, is only for show though I liked that a lot Information about the victim, Bunny, and her surrou [...]

  • Normally I don t read these types of books, but I gave it a try and after I zipped through the pages I just couldn t help but love the quirky part time unlicensed snoop, Jaine Austen, and not to mention her sarcastic cat, Prozac.Jaine has the tendency to live dangerously that s of course when she s not veggin out in her jammies or writing toilet bowl ads and she gets a break from her mundane life by poking her nose into a humorous who dunnit case, in which she must help solve in order to get her [...]

  • This is a very lighthearted, fun, who done it The main character is Jaine Austen an advertising writer and occasional p.i She has a gay male friend Lance who gets accused of killing his best shoe buying customer Bunny Jaine sets out to prove him innocent once he invades her cherished apt and her diet He eats healthy she prefers Mcdonalds Plus it would help her bank acct and career if she could land Bunny,s widower ,s mattress King advertising acct A cast of believable characters I was a little d [...]

  • Something to loose yourself in for an afternoon and then completely forget about The writing is mildly entertaining and there are some cute tongue and cheek lines However, I found the endless references to eating and the main characters constant conversation with her cat distracting While this provided humor the first 3 times after that it became tiresome.

  • A very quick read, mostly becaus there s no substance to this book Apparently, this is the 9th book in a series I can t believe 9 of these have been published If you like the Stephanie Plum books you ll notice the writer is unsuccessfully trying to copy that concept.

  • Death of a Trophy Wife by Laura Levine is the 9th book in the Jaine Austen Mystery series.Jaine s neighbour, shoe salesman, Lance introduces Jaine to one of his clients, the trophy wife of a mattress king, who offers to introduce Jaine to her husband giving her an opportunity to present some advertising ideas Unfortunately when she is killed, Lance is suspected and Jaine investigates to help clear him Another fun and entertaining book which kept me laughing I had such an enjoyable time reading t [...]

  • Protagonist Jaine Austen describes herself as a part time unlicensed private investigator In other words she comes from the long literary lineup of main characters in mysteries that typically have no official or often unofficial reason for getting involved Either trouble finds them, they re snoopy, or just can t help them self.Although this is the 9th in the series of Jaine Austen stories it is my first I thought Jaine was a great character She s funny, self depreciating, and very human But by f [...]

  • I downloaded this book from for free onto my iphone Kindle app I had never heard of Laura Levine or The Jaine Austen Mysteries before and wasn t really sure what to expect I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised Death of A Trophy Wife is the 9th book in the series and I hadn t read any of the others but, that didn t keep me from enjoying this book.Jaine is an out of work freelance writer While out with her friend Lance, Jaine is introduced to Bunny, Lance s best client at Neiman s shoe d [...]

  • This is the first Jaine Austen mystery I ve read but it won t be the last She is a wonderful heroine who scoffs at designer clothes and health food She ll keep her elastic waisted pants, thank you very much, and chomp her way through fast food places without regret.In this book, her neighbor and friend, the gay Lance with impeccable taste, is latched onto by the universally disliked Bunny Bunny loves his fashion expertise and she has money to support it Of course, she got it when she snagged her [...]

  • Another witty and funny book from Laura Levine I could relate to Jaine with her fashion sense, dating troubles, and the kitty who seems to rule the house Even as I type this, my 9 year old tortie, Smokie, seems to be asking me to feed her Jaine didn t trust Bunny the minute she saw her take her best friend, Lance, from under her nose Sure, Bunny is nice to her but Bunny has a bitchy side that no one seems to tolerate When Bunny ends up dead, Jaine goes on the hunt to clear view spoiler Lance hid [...]

  • I ve been reading a lot of romance novels lately so this was a nice palate cleanser It s a nice stand alone book I haven t read any others in the series but was able to follow along quite well and a quick, fun read.Jaine Austen yep is an ad writer in L.A She is always looking for new clients and when her friend Lance introduces her to Bunny didn t think it could get worse than Jaine didja who is the second wife of the Mattress King Bunny is, well, a bitch She s plastic and fake and not well like [...]

  • You can t go wrong with a Jaine Austen mystery I have yet to read one that isn t comical and entertaining This one was no exception, though it also wasn t one of the best of the series.Bunny and the other characters were interesting if a bit stereotypical Lance, Jaine s neighbor and friend, got some time for character building which was nice and much deserved as he makes frequent appearances throughout the series but usually he plays small parts It was nice to be able to get to know him a bit be [...]

  • I really enjoyed this novel for what it is a fast pace, quirky, quick read It s about a stereotypical Hollywood trophy wife who gets murdered at her own party The main character Jaine Austen gotta love those Austenphiles is an advertising writer and occasional PI Jaine has a main gay, Lance, who is falsely or maybe not of the murder of his best shoe buying customer, Bunny Once Lance is questioned by the police and invading her cherished apartment and diet she likes McD s and he wants her to eat [...]

  • I have had this book on my kindle shelf for quite a while now I regret not having read it sooner It is a light hearted mystery along the lines of the Stepanie Plum series Except maybe no hot boyfriends Jaine Austen is a self deprecating freelance writer who solves mysteries on the side This time her neighbor Lance accidentally gets her invovled in a mysterious death by poisoning of his new friend and trophy wife Bunny Cooper Meanwhile Jaine has personal problems of her own with Vladimir, a Ukrai [...]

  • I have a weakness for a particular type of novel that I call throwaway mysteries They re firmly within the mystery genre, of varying degree of plot complexity, and usually of insignificant literary value hence the throwaway bit Unfortunately, most of these light entertainments tend to be extremely thin plot wise, so I wasn t expecting a whole lot when I started reading this novel, as everything about it screams genre ghetto to be fair, I was looking for something that wasn t intellectually taxin [...]

  • Now that I have finished reading all the books in my possession in this series, I do a perfect judgement on them all I hated it There was no character developement, no situational development and Jaine Austen isn t even Stephanie Plum, let alone Jessica Fletcher The fact that she takes it upon herself to clear people who have been wrongly accused is one thing, but she has almost no investigational acumen The only situational development is that her gay neighbor Lance kept the little puff ball of [...]

  • This is a cute, fast, funny read with a likable heroine and pussycat I gave it an extra star just because I ve held many of those same conversations with my own fuzz faces I normally hate chick lit because the main character is often so stereotyped that she is too girlie to be a real girl I call it transvestite lit but nobody could ever accuse Jaine of being too girlie a slob after my own heart Sometimes attempts at humor were too forced and just didn t work, but most of the time the humor flowe [...]

  • I always consider Laura Levine s books a good source of humor So with my life being a little stressful at the moment, I needed a good laugh, and pick up this book It didn t disappoint All the date scenes with Vlad killed me I even laugh out loud when I was reading it in a public place I immediately looked around me to see who heard me cackle like a Halloween witch I was relived to see that the few people around were to mesmerized by their cell phones or into reading newspapers to notice me But t [...]

  • I picked this out thinking it might be a fun read and it was free on Kindle I m not sure which is worse, the fact that it was so bad or the fact that I actually finished it This was an insult to my literature minor You ll soon note that the author spends time having the main character describe the food that she eats, her dad cooks, and her cat eats, than the main character does actually describing the other characters in the book That may have been on purpose because I have a feeling that if sh [...]

  • This was the first one of the series that I read They can be read out of order as there really isn t continuity between the books They are written in the first person which sometimes I find hard to deal with, but these are just hysterically funny, and what Jaine THINKS is very often different from what she actually SAYS The other recurring characters are her cat Prozac, her gay shoe salesman neighbor Lance, her best friend Kandi who writes for a show called Beanie and the Cockroach, and the elde [...]

  • The Jaine Austen books are always a quick, fun read They can be a tad repetitive as there is only so much slapstick you can incorporate in 9 books the number I ve read so far without running out of plausible material.In Death of a Trophy Wife, Jaine is investigating the death of one of Lance s customers after he is suspected of doing the deed himself There are many suspects as the victim wasn t the least bit likeable By the end of the book, I m not sure anyone near the victim was likeable either [...]

  • Freelance writer Jaine Austen is trying to land The Mattress King as a new client when his much younger wife is murdered at a party she is giving Considering she wasn t well liked, Jaine is surprised when her neighbor is accused of the crime Can Jaine clear him The mystery was a little too familiar here, but the jokes and crazy situations kept me turning pages in this fast read.Read my full review at Carstairs Considers.

  • I m really enjoying these funny cozy mystery series by Laura Levine The ever funny Jaine Austen is chasing after a murderer of a trophy wife in this book in the series I really enjoyed watching Jaine stumble through, trying to find the murderer and avoiding being the next murder victim I like these books because they are full of laughs Who can resist Jaine with her lust for food and finding murderers While the previous book, Killer Cruise, packed some laughter, this one made me love the series a [...]

  • Freelance writer Jaine hopes to get a job writing ad copy for Marv Cooper, the Mattress King when her gay, shoe salesman neighbor Lance introduces her to Marv s trophy wife, Bunny But Bunny is unpleasant to most of the people in her life, and there are a lot of suspects when she s poisoned Unfortunately, the police focus on Lance, because he s mentioned in Bunny s will Meanwhile, the Uzbek tourist that Jaine s eccentric parents met comes to Los Angeles to pursue a than reluctant Jaine, and she [...]

  • Funny, fast paced cozy I have to admit though I was loosing patience with Jaine this time, with her lack of assertiveness and inability to say no D Not only she has a murder to solve, but has to deal with the main suspect Lance, her best friend and neighbour who, being laid off because of the arrest, has too much time and makes Jaine s life that much annoying There is an Uzbek stalker, and of course the parents who do not hesitate to email her all their troubles Hilarious, if at times just too [...]

  • This is a light mystery that has some cute dialogue but not much substance The murder didn t take place until about the halfway point of the book Up until that, the reader is treated to a long build up as to why no one likes the victim, detailed descriptions of the main character s meals and a subplot carried out through e mails from the protagonist s mother and father I found the e mails particularly distracting, and didn t find much else to keep me reading this series.

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