The Watcher

[PDF] The Watcher | by ↠ Jo Robertson - The Watcher, The Watcher THE WATCHER Forensic psychiatrist Kate Myers believes the killer of two teenage girls in Bigler County California is the same man who savagely murdered her twin sister over fifteen years ago Working [PDF] The Watcher | by ↠ Jo Robertson - The Watcher, The Watcher THE WATCHER Forensic psychiatrist Kate Myers believes the killer of two teenage girls in Bigler County California is the same man who savagely murdered her twin sister over fifteen years ago Working

  • Title: The Watcher
  • Author: Jo Robertson
  • ISBN: 9781461136132
  • Page: 327
  • Format: Paperback
The Watcher

[PDF] The Watcher | by ↠ Jo Robertson, The Watcher, Jo Robertson, The Watcher THE WATCHER Forensic psychiatrist Kate Myers believes the killer of two teenage girls in Bigler County California is the same man who savagely murdered her twin sister over fifteen years ago Working on sheer tenacity she sets out to prove it Deputy Sheriff Ben Slater hides his personal pain behind the job but Kate s arrival knocks his world on its axis He wants to bTHE WATCHER Fore [PDF] The Watcher | by ↠ Jo Robertson - The Watcher, The Watcher THE WATCHER Forensic psychiatrist Kate Myers believes the killer of two teenage girls in Bigler County California is the same man who savagely murdered her twin sister over fifteen years ago Working

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  • [PDF] The Watcher | by ↠ Jo Robertson
    327 Jo Robertson
The Watcher

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  • Jo Robertson

    Like many writers, I penned my first story at a young age However, a family and a teaching career put my writing dreams on hold until my Advanced Placement seniors conned me into writing my first complete manuscript That story, which subsequently won RWA s Golden Heart Award in 2006, was THE WATCHER.From the moment I put my fingers to the keyboard, the barrier between my brain and the paper lifted, the story flew from my mind, and I fell in love with everything about the process of writing.Raised as an Army brat, I lived in Germany as a child, Northern Virginia, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Idaho, and Utah before finally settling in Northern California Whenever I visit my sister in Virginia or my brothers in North Carolina and Florida, upon returning home I remember again why I love Northern California, home of the ancient redwoods, the fecund forests and the rugged Pacific coastline.

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  • The Watcher2 StarsLAPD psychiatrist Kate Myers travels to Placer s Hill, California in search of the killer who murdered her twin sister 15 years ago Kate must convince the local authorities, including skeptical detective, Ben Slater, that the killer at work in their community has been active for years, and that they must act quickly if they are to stop his psychotic descent into madness The prologue suggests this will be an intense serial killer thriller, but the remainder of the story does not [...]

  • I stopped reading this book when a library book came in, but I m not sure I ll pick it up again I only got a few chapters in and I already felt like I was committing sexual harassment every time I read it The main female character can t move a muscle without her male colleagues thinking its sexual If she ever bends or leans over to get something, you can be sure there s a comment about her butt or thighs or skirt riding up a bit, and there s multiple times the men are happy about finding a way t [...]

  • Fans of Kylie Brant will probably like this romantic suspense I was really liking it until the ending ended super abruptly and IMO a strange manner Now if the 2nd book picked up where this leaves off, I wouldn t have a problem with it, but town of Bigler is the commonality of the series, not the people darn it.

  • I ll be the first to admit that books in the romance genre are not going to be my first choice in reading material That said, I haven t done a lot of reading in the Romantic Suspense sub genre so when this book came up as a BoTM selection for one of my groups I decided to give it a try It starts out well enough with a creepy serial killer who victimizes adolescent girls, thus setting an ominous tone The story also introduces its male and female leads as two competent individuals We get Ben Slate [...]

  • My Thoughts The Watcher grabs you from the first page and it doesn t let up on the tension until the explosive finale.This is one of the best thrillers I ve read in long time The author doesn t rush you through the story you re given time to get to know the two main characters and the villain but everything you learn increases the tension and danger The story skillfully weaves in past and present There are a number of unexpected twists and turns.I was truly impressed the author s accurate portra [...]

  • First I am not liberal with 5 star ratings and I give this high rating for different reasons as every genre has its unique characteristics If you like psychological thrillers, you will want to read this book It is a definite 5 A well written story with suspense, romance and surprises It is the story of a female forensic psychiatrist hunting for a serial killer Her quest brings her to a small town where the brutal murder of a teenage girl has similarities to others she has been investigating for [...]

  • DraggedI tried, I really did, but this story just dragged so much in some spots, I found myself skimming, I don t like skimming, but I had to in order to finish the book, I just really couldn t get into it, I mean the premise of the story was interesting, I feel the author could have done with that, but it just dragged too much for me.

  • THE WATCHER, A Psychotherapist s Dream Giving Robertson 5 stars came easy for me Though this author was new to me at the time I read it, I feel certain that will be the case no longer As a psychotherapist, it was clear to me this author did the homework to develop this diagnosis as well as the behavior of such an individual Psychological Thrillers and Romance are two of the most intrinsically intertwined themes to pen as well as read and follow well This author, however, did so beautifully from [...]

  • It was a good one but somewhere, it went the typical serial killer way view spoiler Typical woman hunting a serial killer coz of a personal connection, typically falling in love with the lead cop hunting the serial killer, typically getting caught by the serial killer, Stockholm syndrome kicking in, Serial killer killed hide spoiler So many mysteries remained unsolved like view spoiler what did his her grandfather do to him her that made him her so agitated and generated hatred towards the grand [...]

  • I liked this book Although I felt like Myers could have done a better job of presenting her case for a serial killer, in that she really didn t behave like anyone from an actual BAU Team, I still enjoyed this read It was interesting, and was able to keep my attention even when the characters weren t chasing down the killer I wouldn t mind so much if this was a series, because I did like Ben Slater and Kate Myers as a team I d like to see them work cases together.

  • ehh this book would get interesting but then I couldn t read it took me a while to finally read it The characters weren t connected I felt like they were together then they won t, a yoyo really The plot was interesting which is why I wanted to read it but I didn t feel connection to the characters.

  • WowTwists and turns and I couldn t put it down If you like a psycho killer mystery, this is the one You won t be disappointed.

  • This novel was typical of many others I ve read in this genre over the years I ve become inured to some of the tropes and read just for the differences For example, how quickly would the male and female lead become romantically involved Would the male lead be the typical arrogant alpha How grisly and graphic would the violence be depicted I won t spoil the answer to these questions, but will say that even with these clich s, Jo Robertson still does a decent job writing romantic suspense I enjoye [...]

  • The watcherGood read Written well enough to surprise me on a few things Would recommend Got this free on either bookbub or free booksy.

  • Some parts are too focused on romance, which is, to me, surely weird when it comes to a manhunt type of story But it does add a substantial tension to the plot, so I say, it s a good point Damp, wet, unnerving, cut, calamity, composure, and abnormality are enough to sum up the whole story I would give a 4.5 star, but will make it into 5, cos it looks better.

  • In 1993 the seventeen year old Kassandra Johnston was abducted while walking the family dog the dog returned but Kassandra didn t Preston, Idaho was shocked when the winter snows melted and the nude, mutilated body of the missing teenager was discovered in a derelict cabin The rats and other animals feasted on her body, leaving little useable forensic evidence Kassandra s identical twin sister, Jennifer suffered the loss of her sister as only twins can Kassandra s death destroyed the Johnston fa [...]

  • Extra star for this having a serial killer that was unlike any I have ever read before Fifteen years ago a young killer takes his first victim Now that young girl s twin sister Kate Myers is a Forensic psychiatrist and has been looking for years for similar murders that have happened since to find the man that killed her sister She thinks she s found a connection with the latest killing in Bigler County After getting herself assigned to assist them she butts heads with the lead detective assigne [...]

  • This was my first Jo Robertson book that I decided to read I love romantic suspense and love that there was a perfect balance of both in this story Ben Slater, deputy sheriff in the county has a tragic past that ways heavily on his mind and heart When a possible serial killer hits close to home, he works with forensic psychiatrist Kate Meyers in the attempt to understand and find this killer With Kate s own tragic past, one that led the direction of her life, it all comes together on this case B [...]

  • Great What a great intro for this romantic thriller series I can t wait to see what happens next with Kate Myers and Ben Slater Author, Jo Robertson, smoothly, succinctly weaves together a story of realistic, strong, core characters and a twisted psychotic wounded monster She built a solid foundation for upcoming books The character development was compelling, chemistry exciting, and suspense thrilling I would have given a five star, but wished for a fulfilling last chapter epilogue Absolutely [...]

  • An Attention holder and Page turner For SureNo doubt about it, I would readily recommend this book From the beginning I was engaged and continued to be as long as I was on this wonderful mystery journey There were a few times I found the plot to be predictable, but not so much that it took away from my interest There were still some surprising twists and turns that added to the suspense I enjoyed meeting the characters and seeing them develop the story I especially appreciate how the author hand [...]

  • This is an interesting psychological thriller, although I d have to say the ending was a bit predictable That said, the characters were multi dimensional, particularly the perp The author also was tricky in that the central characters were far better educated than would have been normal for the relative positions they have in the story Being smart though adds to the ultimate outcome though I d recommend the book as a great carry along on a coast to coast flight It surely makes the time go by qui [...]

  • While I really enjoyed the story line enough to give the book 4 stars, I only gave 2 stars because I feel that the author did an extremely poor job researching the XXY condition Seriously, just a little bit of research would have shown the condition is referred to as 47XXY or Klinefelter s Syndrome, not just XXY And most of the information presented in the book about the condition was wrong or incomplete.

  • Wow Psychological thriller with romance thrown in Listened to this via Kindle Whispersync by paying an additional 1.99 Well worth every penny If this were a movie it would be R rated so beware of graphic language sex I don t want to put a spoiler alert so I will just say that the author did extensive research of chromosomal abnormalities and made them easy to understand.

  • The basic storyline is good but the ending feels very rushed I felt that there was far to much concentration on the romance between two of the main characters , I really don t want to continually read about about their sexual exploits This becomes tedious and rather boring and I actually struggled to finish this book due to this.

  • Intense storyUnfortunately there are actual killers in the world like this.The characters were fleshed out well and the story well written I could do without the explicit sex scenes I don t think they were necessary.

  • Interesting book about a serial killer who has covered up his past killings Kate has suspicions that some cold cases are linked together.llThis book will keep you riveted from beginning to end The romance between Kate and Slater is fiery.I would reccomend reading the book.

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