The Dark Side of Disney

Free Download The Dark Side of Disney - by Leonard Kinsey - The Dark Side of Disney, The Dark Side of Disney THE DARK SIDE OF DISNEY reveals all of the tips tricks scams and stories that THEY don t want you to know about Unabashedly unafraid of offending the family oriented audiences catered to by other D Free Download The Dark Side of Disney - by Leonard Kinsey - The Dark Side of Disney, The Dark Side of Disney THE DARK SIDE OF DISNEY reveals all of the tips tricks scams and stories that THEY don t want you to know about Unabashedly unafraid of offending the family oriented audiences catered to by other D

  • Title: The Dark Side of Disney
  • Author: Leonard Kinsey
  • ISBN: 2940011433399
  • Page: 416
  • Format: Nook
The Dark Side of Disney

Free Download The Dark Side of Disney - by Leonard Kinsey, The Dark Side of Disney, Leonard Kinsey, The Dark Side of Disney THE DARK SIDE OF DISNEY reveals all of the tips tricks scams and stories that THEY don t want you to know about Unabashedly unafraid of offending the family oriented audiences catered to by other Disney travel guides author Leonard Kinsey gives intrepid travelers access to the seamy raunchy and often hilarious underbelly of Walt Disney World From cautionary tales ofTH Free Download The Dark Side of Disney - by Leonard Kinsey - The Dark Side of Disney, The Dark Side of Disney THE DARK SIDE OF DISNEY reveals all of the tips tricks scams and stories that THEY don t want you to know about Unabashedly unafraid of offending the family oriented audiences catered to by other D

  • Free Download The Dark Side of Disney - by Leonard Kinsey
    416 Leonard Kinsey
The Dark Side of Disney

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  • Leonard Kinsey

    Leonard Kinsey was born and raised in Clearwater, FL, and was lucky enough to visit Walt Disney World over 100 times by age 18 As an adult he still harbors an unhealthy obsession with The Mouse, has acquired a large collection of vintage EPCOT Center memorabilia, and visits WDW at least once a year, maintaining connections throughout the rest of the year with Cast Members and other Orlando based friends and relatives.In his spare time he has published a comic book and written and directed a feature film which received international distribution He is also the guitarist in a rock band who appeared on a hit FOX show and released two internationally acclaimed CDs.

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  • While it is quite obvious that Leonard is a huge Disney geek and a person into place hacking and other such endeavors, this book tends to fall flat in what I saw as it s need to seem cool I would have liked this book much if Leonard had concentrated on the exploration of the theme park and the behind the scenes, even the place hacking and system hacking side But this obsession about talking about which hidden balconies and hovels to have sex in, how great it is to do drugs in the park, and oth [...]

  • First, let me state unequivocally that I enjoyed reading The Dark Side of Disney Heck, I finished the thing in less than 24 hours.That said, I have to dock the book a couple of points because it is advertised as something other than what it is Then again, the book doesn t seem to be all that sure what it is in the first place.Part one is basically a travel book, focusing on the potential pitfalls and windfalls of various offers of free tickets and or cheap merchandise and food at Walt Disney Wor [...]

  • Easily one of the trashiest books I ve ever read.I mean, I get it s supposed tell you how to have a great time at Disney if you re an adult that likes doing illegal things.But he writes with the prose of a hypersexed 15 year old that just learned about drugs and hasn t actually done any of them.I finished it in one sitting, although, I ll be honest, I skipped the section about drugs in the parks because, it s not pertinent to my interests.And realistically, I probably wouldn t ever try many of t [...]

  • Save this book until you re planning your next vacation to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida It has several hints, tips, and resources to make your next trip a bit adult than Uncle Walt may have had in mind There are websites and maps and photos to help aid you in plotting where and when to get high, get laid, and how to get away with it all.Having said that, I was a bit disappointed I wanted of the stories, of the anecdotes that are sprinkled throughout the book I wanted to read about t [...]

  • Nuh huh, didn t like it at all Scams, where to have sex at Disney, what are the best and worst rides to go on while stoned As an girl obsessed with Disney , I was expecting something totally different T_________________________T

  • This was such a funny, and fairly accurate, telling of the darker sides of Disney If you are up for scamming, or doing illegal things, it s for you.As a former annual passholder of 16 years, former wife of a lifer cast member, a cast member myself of 2 years and having worked events in the park for 6 years, I ve done a number of the things listed in the book Mind you, I never did anything illegal, or even drank or did drugs at all but the other stuff was fun Finding a lifer really isn t that har [...]

  • I m in love with theme parks, especially Disney And I am positively obsessed with abandoned areas, closed rides, hidden places, dark secrets This book has pretty much none of those.What this book has is a lot of Leonard Kinsey s sad bravado as he boasts about how to party in the park like you re a drunken frat boy As far as all the tips in this book, I feel like they ve decreased in effectiveness every day since it went into publication as there s no way this book went under Disney s radar and I [...]

  • This E book was not as good as i hoped it would be Following my love of disney and the inside scoop I expected this to have some useful tricks of the park However it was irrelevant unless you lived in America and could visit the parks often He uncovered some other ways to save money and to almost con the system However from the cover and the blurb i was hoping for some juice, and some inside gossip on the parks Adventures he had and some of the darker side to this disney park When he did mentio [...]

  • I found out a lot of information on how to improve my next visit to Walt Disney World Here s what I can add from my experiences 1 The best time to go is early September, when children are back in school I was at Magic Kingdom and Epcot Center on the tenth anniversary of 9 11, and it was vacant except for some European tourists 2 100 cash is yours for the taking In my naivet , I didn t understand that a free breakfast and a timeshare presentation meant that a woman would try to wear me down while [...]

  • After finishing The Dark Side of Disney, I must admit that I was a little disappointed I bought the book on because I am one of those people that have been to Disney World a million times my wife and i even got married there I hoped that with the inflammatory tone uncharacteristic of WDW guide books that I would find some information that I didn t already know While the interviews at the end of the book were interesting, the guide portion of the book was filled with info that most Disnerds alrea [...]

  • Another review stated that this book reads like a 15 year old bragging about sex that he s never had Yeah, that s about right It s basically a collection of ramblings from a message board and that s not an exaggeration, it really seems to be Even the informational content reads like it came from a stickied FAQ thread on a forum.The listing dips between kind of neat to pretty dopey More straight forward accounts of dodging security and the inner workings of the of off limit areas would have bee [...]

  • I know I have a dark sense of humor, but so far this book has had me cracking up Only about half way through I think this book so far is really funny if you are an adult fan of Disney, like to travel there without the kids, and have been a large number of timesSo now that I have finished this book, I still stand by my original review I was fascinated by the people who snuck into the tunnels, the closed attractions I wish I had the guts to do that Fun quick read for an adult Disney fan Be prepare [...]

  • I thought this was going to be of a cast member perspective of things that happen behind the scenes Essentially, it is a book telling you what illegal in most cases things you can try to get away with as a guest While I would love to sneak into the Utilidors and scout around, if every guest did that, I think there would it would get a little crazy I would much rather pay for the tour down the line than risk getting banned forever and not enjoying Disney with my son and future grandchildren I ca [...]

  • Although I ve always liked reading books about Walt Disney World, this book is just about the worst book out there that deals this company I don t like the fact that his methods are all illegal methods especially those in the first chapter to begin with and as the book progresses, the methods of other things just are too irate to read Don t purchase unless you want to end up in jail and or Disney Jail as the author mentions Or, if you find yourself with this book in your hand, don t try any of t [...]

  • More of a how to guide and travel tips than the gossipy stories I was expecting It was still interesting though I d love to explore Discovery Island

  • I am not a rule breaker And I love Disney, wouldn t want to do anything that would get me banned from Disney, which is why I will be avoiding the advice in this book, well maybe apart from renting DVC points totally looked that up immediately.But I still really liked this Leonard is a Disney fan, although he s a naughty one He gives you tips and tricks in this book for how to get yourself into backstage areas, get in the park for free and even find some secluded spots for sex in the parks I find [...]

  • This is an awesome book I have no actual interest in drinking or getting high at Disney World, but there is so much to this book than that sort of information It is actually really handy for anyone going to Disney.Things I liked 1 Personal anecdotes and interviews The author and his friends have explored every part of Disney and it s pretty fascinating, even if you have no intention of following in their footsteps.2 Lots of tips and tricks, for both the honest and the dishonest Seriously, there [...]

  • Are you a bitter, angry person Do you enjoy the idea of scamming people out of their money, and working hard to knock the joy and excitement and magic out of their eyes Then man, is this the book for you You should definitely buy this book, because bitter angry scammers should absolutely support each other Disney, the most magical place on earth Pfft, who needs it Doesn t the idea of meeting some of your favorite Disney characters and princesses sound so completely lame Wouldn t you rather get w [...]

  • It takes a certain kind of reader to appreciate a book like this First, you have to love Walt Disney World Second, you can t be the kind of WDW fan that gets offended by stuff like reusing last year s refillable mug in a Disney hotel food court You can get kicked of many a Disney Internet forum for even daring to suggest such behavior And maybe third, you have to be at least mildly tired of reading the same old tour books, with the same old Brady Bunch esque stories year after year I lost my hai [...]

  • Not really a guide book but of one Florida resident who s been there so much he has to find inventive ways to entertain himself and the tips tricks illegal immoral activities he s learned along the way.You need a sense of humor for the book and the info presented is definitely a big off kilter from the normal tips you d read For the most part, they re not the kind of thing you re going to want to do yourself either But, the first section does have some helpful information for those who aren t a [...]

  • I found this book to be interesting, and funny, but I completely did not like the middle chapter on places to have sex in the parks Really Are people THAT desperate And drugs Come on I liked Kinsey s approach on things, and at a few points, I laughed out loud If all three sections had been created equal, this book could have easily gotten 5 stars All in all though, the edgy Disney fan would definitely enjoy this.

  • I lived as a Floridian for 6 years, so I felt compelled to read this one Most of it was unethical or immoral, but it was like a train wreck just had to finish it.

  • WDW is vast enough in scope and imagination to accommodate Walt s dream , and regardless of how much we fly outside the realm of conventional theme park morality, we still have to respect the fact that a lot of other people have saved up a long time to experience their idea of utopia A very funny guide for all the Disney hacks, scams, and adult fun you could want You can tell a lot of research went into this It s not about exposing the underbelly of Disney it s about how you can breathe new life [...]

  • Was hoping for something in the vein of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas set in WDW It s of a mix of mostly unusable travel tips and very likely false stories Not terrible A couple of good tips for people who aren t familiar with some basic Disney travel tips i.e Where to stay, food tips, etc.

  • This book was not what I expected at all, but it wasn t bad It mostly tells you how to go about illegal schemes in Disney If you re not really into that sort of thing then you probably won t like this book I wasn t but I still found the writing to be good, and it kept my attention until the end.

  • A very entertaining travel guide The tips in this book made for some great stories Not sure if I m as brave as the author, but this book was an enjoyable read.

  • First of all, I m shocked to see so many folks on here that are shocked at what the inside of this book holds But wait, maybe I m not shocked As a huge Disney fan, little surprises me any in terms of the white bread fans of the parks that like it their way and have for decades on end While I myself fall into this category of people who have been a fan of the parks for a long time, I can t help but feel like the most magical place on earth must be hiding something This book is the original Disney [...]

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