Heroes 'Til Curfew

Heroes 'Til Curfew Best Read || [Susan Bischoff] - Heroes 'Til Curfew, Heroes Til Curfew In the world of the Talent Chronicles kids with supernatural abilities Talents are taken away to government run research facilities from which they do not return In this sequel to HUSH MONEY all J Heroes 'Til Curfew Best Read || [Susan Bischoff] - Heroes 'Til Curfew, Heroes Til Curfew In the world of the Talent Chronicles kids with supernatural abilities Talents are taken away to government run research facilities from which they do not return In this sequel to HUSH MONEY all J

  • Title: Heroes 'Til Curfew
  • Author: Susan Bischoff
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 151
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Heroes 'Til Curfew

Heroes 'Til Curfew Best Read || [Susan Bischoff], Heroes 'Til Curfew, Susan Bischoff, Heroes Til Curfew In the world of the Talent Chronicles kids with supernatural abilities Talents are taken away to government run research facilities from which they do not return In this sequel to HUSH MONEY all Joss wants is to be left alone with Dylan But as Talents are imprisoned by the government everyone s looking for a leader Some look to Joss some to her worst enemy MIn the world o Heroes 'Til Curfew Best Read || [Susan Bischoff] - Heroes 'Til Curfew, Heroes Til Curfew In the world of the Talent Chronicles kids with supernatural abilities Talents are taken away to government run research facilities from which they do not return In this sequel to HUSH MONEY all J

  • Heroes 'Til Curfew Best Read || [Susan Bischoff]
    151 Susan Bischoff
Heroes 'Til Curfew

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    I ve got a thing for love stories and superheroes I m working on something I call the Talent Chronicles This series began with my desire for superheroes More romance More Superhero Romance.Talents are people born with supernatural abilities, trying to find their way in a world that fears and wants to control them I like to explore how the things that make us different from each other sometimes make life difficult, and sometimes are the making of us These stories are for people who love Buffy, wanted romance in Heroes, and thought Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor should have worked things out.

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  • In this much anticipated sequel to Bischoff s Hush Money we finally get exactly what we ve been waiting for MOAR JOSS AND DYLAN The whole he likes me, he likes me not finally comes to fruition against a backdrop of evil plotting by Marco, which makes him a villain you than love to hate you want to destroy If you thought he was awful in Hush Money, you ain t seen nothin yet Bischoff unwaveringly ups the stakes for all the Talents in Fairview who all want to mobilize and want Joss to lead them A [...]

  • After years, I picked up the first book again I still feel the same way about the first book I really liked it.As for this, I feel like I was just reading a chapter of the book There was not climax or anything And everything seems to play out well I love the plot, different Talents etc It s like the anime Alice Academy But I think it was rushed Some parts of the book, I couldn t comprehend very well A scene takes too much adjectives A writer should show Not tell As for Joss, she changed Yet, she [...]

  • Wow Susan Bischoff has somehow managed to surpass the awesomeness of Hush Money with book two, Heroes Til Curfew Talk about gripping The suspense in book two is off the charts and I found myself racing through the action so much action, I was in action heaven to make sure my favourite characters were going to make it out all right The sequel is a lot darker, with grim themes, which I LOVED, and plenty of plot twists It was wonderful to be back inside Joss and Dylan s heads they re such likeable [...]

  • What would you get if all the mutants from the X Men both hero s and villians were teenagers, needed to keep their abilities on the DL or else be taken away by the government and placed in a special school, and did not have the guidance of a Professor Xavier or Magneto Come on you don t know the answer You would get Susan Bischoff s Talent Chronicles Being a huge fan of super hero s, I went into this series knowing that I would like it However, I than just like the series, I LOVE IT Hush Money, [...]

  • Ok so I still can not get over this book It was so well written and extremely enjoyable that I am most likely going to read it again We definately get to see of Joss and Dylan together, they finally put aside all their uncertainties and become the couple we all wanted them to be They even have a few steamy intimate scenes definately PG 13 I like how in this one we also get to read Marco s point of view a few times because in the first one I found myself wondering why Marco became such an ass an [...]

  • This second book in the Talent Chronicles series is significantly longer than the first book, and there is a reason It is jam packed full of fight scenes over and over and over again It seems like Joss and Dylan can t ever get a break To be honest, all the fighting got a bit old to read again and again, but it really illustrated just how wacky the world of Talents really is In a world where the government is actively working to find and eliminate Talents from the population it seems as if it wou [...]

  • I m a bit torn about this book I enjoyed the first book enough to want to read the second, but I feel a little disappointed While the story is still interesting, there were a few problems that arose for me as I read.Problem 1 The internal angst Don t get me wrong, I remember my teenage years I REMEMBER the angst that comes with it I just feel as though the angst between Joss and Dylan was overdone It seemed as though every other interaction had them both doing the loves me, loves me not dance ar [...]

  • For those looking for fresh, original, vibrant young adult fiction, look no further With her second novel and second Talent Chronicles installment , Susan Bischoff has upped the ante with Talents, romance, danger, and bigger scope.In HEROES TIL CURFEW, we learn about Joss s family especially, disturbingly, about her father and I can t WAIT to learn about him , Dylan s family this bit is particularly well done, believable, and heartbreaking , and the villainous forces at work in the Talents [...]

  • I really enjoyed Hush Money, the first installment in the Talent Chronicles series when I first read it last year I enjoyed it so much that I re read it a few days ago That prompted me to see if a sequel had been released Lo and Behold, Heroes Til Curfew was released August 31st I can t even describe how excited I was Ms Bischoff didn t disappoint Think of this book as a sort of mix between The X Men and Heroes Children with special abilities who are referred to as Talents are routinely snatched [...]

  • After reading Susan Bischoff s first book, Hush Money, I waited so long for the sequel to come out When I first started reading Heroes Til Curfew, I thought Hmm, this is going to be as good as Hush Money Then I kept reading As good as Hush Money was, Heroes Til Curfew was so much better The author made me feel like I was right there with the characters, through all the action, the emotional scenes, and the suspense This book was absolutely fantastic If you buy this book, I promise you will NOT b [...]

  • My complete review available September 26, 2011 at Ramblings of an Amateur Writer wp pPz8s 1MOWhere as Hush Money was a suburban fantasy, Heroes til Curfew was of a paranormal romance An interesting change, which I didn t expect, but at at the same time, didn t surprise me, considering the ending of Hush Money.Heroes Til Curfew started off a bit slower than Hush Money For a while, I was afraid it d lack the fast paced action I loved in Hush Money Reading Hush Money was like sprinting a marathon [...]

  • 4 5Joss s life has changed a lot over the past few months Instead of being alone and paranoid, she has friends and Dylan, an almost boyfriend, to share her worries with But that doesn t mean the danger has gone away Joss is still a Talent, and her powers threaten to expose her every day Old enemy Marco is planning something sinister, but there seems to be something else strange and frightening going on as well As and Talents are taken away, Joss begins to wonder if leaving her life of solitude [...]

  • I have to admit, I was not such a huge fan of this series I just didn t feel much of a connection with the characters and I was confused with the prequel book because it literally had nothing to do with any of the characters in the actual series It was just related to the Talents and the NIAC program but that was it I actually liked the characters in the prequel much better than in the actual series and it was disappointing to find out that none of them made it to book 1 or 2 Maybe they ll appea [...]

  • Jinx.And other assorted expletives Joss MarshallI really grew fond of Joss in this sequel In the first book she was sort of non descript and uninteresting, but in Heroes Til Curfew she really comes to life Joss is a normal girl with an extraordinary ability She s extremely tough and I was a bit surprised over her lack of trauma at suffering through kidnapping, attempted rape, and a beating The other talents in town want to start some kind of club and they look to Joss as the natural leader Mainl [...]

  • So as soon as I finished Hush Money I queued this puppy up.Literally, I was standing in the middle of my kitchen when I finished the first and connected to that 3G and boom, hit BUY and here it was.You know how sometimes in a YA series the first book is stuffed full of win and then second just sort of rehashes a bit of the first and adds a little to get you ready for the 3rd Well Heroes Til Curfew is better than the first Amazingly better, which is a pretty awesome thing considering the first w [...]

  • Hush Money was the first self published book I read on my Kindle, and it was awesome The Talent Chronicles are about people who have Talents telekinesis, super strength, invisibility, etc The NIAC National Institutes for Ability Control is a big threat in this world, as they pick up kids who have Talents and ship them to State School The story follows a certain group of high school students In the middle are Joss, a girl who is just getting used to having friends Dylan, the kid who is leaving be [...]

  • Okay, let s start off by saying I lo o oooooved this book Susan, hats off to you, you know how to write The reason I loved this book so much was because, like it s predecessor Hush Money, it was a work of science fiction set in a very real environment You can imagine that the scenes in this book would actually happen if teenagers suddenly started developing powers or Talents Carrying on with that note, I believe that Bischoff has done an excellent portrayal of her characters The way they react t [...]

  • In the sequel to Hush Money, Joss now has a group of friends, a complicated almost relationship with Dylan, a truce with Marco though how long that will last, weighs heavily on her, and the knowledge that one of their own might be the governments undercover agent But there is no turning back to the quiet girl that keeps to herself now, not with so many looking to Joss as their leader in the fight an against the government.Bischoff hs done a wonderful job with this sequel, keeping me on the edge [...]

  • When I read Hush Money mid August, and posted my review, I did not expect the sequel to be out within the very same month In fact, I did not even find out about it until a few days into September, and at that point I had to find and purchase the e book right away Smashwords had what I was looking for, and at a reasonable price of 2.99 Hush Money was 1.00 when I picked it up, and the slight increase in cost for this book is worth it, in every sense.Heroes Til Curfew takes a slightly adult turn f [...]

  • Heroes Til Curfew Talent Chronicles 2 is just as good as its predecessor I don t remember and strong language If the child has watched an action film in the last decade then they can handle the violence in this novel The perfect example is that it s no violent than Hunger Games and everyone has either read or watched that movie This time the stakes are raised Marco is continuing his path to darkness and villainy New players enter the field of play called The Syndicate NIAC steps up their invest [...]

  • I really enjoyed Hush Money Talent Chronicles 1 so I jumped at the chance to review Heroes Til Curfew And while I did like the book, I liked Hush Money better I love the premise of the Talents I think the varying Superman like abilities add such a good twist to the story I liked how the Talents teamed up to fight the bad guys together I liked the twist about the mole and Mr Dobbs, which was surprising I couldn t believe how evil Marco and his cronies truly were I liked the sense of justice Bisch [...]

  • I found Hush, Hush exciting but a bit short Heroes Til Curfew is incredibly intense, stressful and the perfect right length to let the reader enjoy the company of all the characters Moreover, in this volume, the reader has no time to be bored or to catch his breath before he is taken on a new adventure So, I really want a third installment to find out what will happen A thrilling and engaging serie I was very touched and surprised by the darkness of the atrocities portrays by the author in a boo [...]

  • For reviews, check out vivaladolcevita14 This book was flipping excellent I loved the tension and the action, as well as the romance It honestly got a bit creepier, and the ending was just, sweet and awesome and all I could think at times was holy sh t Everything was stepped up in this book Joss had some great development She opens up to her friends and her boyfriend, even rebelling a bit against her Dad She really grew as a character in this book, yet remained the kick ass girl with great sar [...]

  • 2.5 stars So I m kind of rating this as if it were a stand alone, but at the same time I am kind of biased because I loved the first one so much Unfortunately, because of that, I was a little disappointed with this.So let me just say, that I read a lot of romance, and I like when a book has a romantic element Key word being element This story was completely preoccupied with Joss and Dylan While I was very interested in them as well, it seemed like there wasn t really a plot, only things that hap [...]

  • OMG, lost for words right now.I absolutely loved this book, I did not expect that at all So first thing is first Joss and Dylan.absolutely AMAZING Their chemistry omg I could feel it sizzling again You would have thought now they are together they will be less electrifying, but even sogosh sooooo hot But I found it terrible what happend to Joss, I could have killed Marco, Jeff, And that gang myself, those bastards But luckily they are all dead at the end.honestly why do people not stick togethe [...]

  • I loved the first book in this series It had humour, action, romance and a novel idea I ve raved about it all over the net, but I m going to be very quiet about this one because I was really disappointed in it The humour had pretty much disappeared, the idea was stretched beyond belief no one can manipulate gravity No way and the violence in the book was excessive It felt like one big fight After a while, I got really sick of Joss and Dylan fighting Marcos and his cronies again There were too ma [...]

  • I started reading this book immediately after downloading it to my Kindle I m a fan of Hush Money and so I was excited to see this sequel I m a comic book reader and so I m up there with Susan wanting that superhero with a bit of romance kinda book However I do have to admit, I didn t like Heroes Til Curfew as much as Hush Money The characters are great and having those bits where they teamed up were my favorites I just didn t care too much for those parts that were too heavy on the adult side i [...]

  • Read my Full Review ParomantasyAction, love, danger, suspense, violence and trust.s, this book is one hell of a ride Joss is back and better than ever in this action packed sequel to Hush Money The government is finding and shipping Talents off to state school Everyone with a Talent aka Power is at risk and Joss is one of the most powerful of all Scared, the Talents look for a leader and turn to Joss for help All she wants to do is stay under the radar, except when it comes to Dylan Dylan is an [...]

  • I m torn between 3 1 2 stars and four, so four it is I really enjoyed Hush Money, so I was excited for this bit.This is considered YA, but I must offer some caution Yes there is some strong language, but if you ride the school bus from say ever, it s nothing you haven t heard before.However, there is one scene in the book where a character attempts to rapes the heroine I would not recommend an early teenager to read this scene I m still not sure how I feel about how the aftermath was dealt with [...]

  • Okay, what I said about the first book About the author needing a better editor or just practice That didn t apply here Well, maybe, but not so much.3.5 to this book I liked the fact that it was fast paced like A LOT And the unpredictable plot twist factor There were so many parts that i found myself yelling at the book WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK IN HELL seriously so many times , but that s a good thing, because i like surprises and out of ordinary stuff And trust me this book has lot s of that goin [...]

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