The Palace Tiger

The Palace Tiger Best Read || [Barbara Cleverly] - The Palace Tiger, The Palace Tiger India Joe Sandilands Scotland Yard detective is staying with Governor Sir George Jardine in Simla when there is some unexpected news Sir George sends Joe off to the Princely State of Ranipur i The Palace Tiger Best Read || [Barbara Cleverly] - The Palace Tiger, The Palace Tiger India Joe Sandilands Scotland Yard detective is staying with Governor Sir George Jardine in Simla when there is some unexpected news Sir George sends Joe off to the Princely State of Ranipur i

  • Title: The Palace Tiger
  • Author: Barbara Cleverly
  • ISBN: 9780786715725
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Hardcover
The Palace Tiger

The Palace Tiger Best Read || [Barbara Cleverly], The Palace Tiger, Barbara Cleverly, The Palace Tiger India Joe Sandilands Scotland Yard detective is staying with Governor Sir George Jardine in Simla when there is some unexpected news Sir George sends Joe off to the Princely State of Ranipur in the company of Edgar Troop an experienced hunter at the request of the Maharajah an old ally of the British A man eating tiger is terrorizing the northern villages anIndia The Palace Tiger Best Read || [Barbara Cleverly] - The Palace Tiger, The Palace Tiger India Joe Sandilands Scotland Yard detective is staying with Governor Sir George Jardine in Simla when there is some unexpected news Sir George sends Joe off to the Princely State of Ranipur i

  • The Palace Tiger Best Read || [Barbara Cleverly]
    308 Barbara Cleverly
The Palace Tiger

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    Barbara Cleverly was born in the north of England and is a graduate of Durham University A former teacher, she has spent her working life in Cambridgeshire and Suffolk she now lives in Cambridge She has one son and five step children.Her Joe Sandilands series of books set against the background of the British Raj was inspired by the contents of a battered old tin trunk that she found in her attic Out of it spilled two centuries of memories of a family especially a great uncle who spent a lot of time in India whose exploits and achievements marched in time with the flowering of the British Empire.

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  • A favorite author and a fascinating place, both in history and the country itself Each state is like it s own country, and Joe Sandilands roving policeman from Scotland yard, but spending time in India is sent to visit a colleague in the north who has just received an order to look into a situation in a neighboring state Turns out to be a very exciting adventure, especially since the present ruler is dying of cancer and his position is sought after by a number of people for a number of reasons I [...]

  • Barbara Cleverly s Joe Sandilands series is about a British detective and former army man working in India during the time of the Raj I found the first three of the series to be unique and colorful, portraying the evocative, fragrant era of 1920s India As I ve found with other series such as those by Patricia Cornwell and Sue Grafton , though, this one is struggling to maintain its originality and verve My interest is waning a bit The book opens up with an exciting scene a person eating tiger at [...]

  • second of her books that I have now read realised in once she started describing the tiger hunt and I thought I ve read this scene before In Ragtime in Simla Not exactly the same, and I suppose that many of the tiger hunts in upper class Raj era India were all much the same, so poor comparisons cannot be necessarily drawn It would be interesting to know if she presents a variation of this set piece in any of her other books where by I would then think she was being a little lazy or uninspired re [...]

  • Barbara Cleverly has written a series of detective novels set in the 1920 s, several of India, some of Britain and wherever nearby her gentleman or lady detective protagonists roam She s excellent of her genre She provides a top notch plot with several plausible alternative villains, well drawn eccentric characters, flowing prose and a literate vocabulary Those who wonder whether some of the excesses depicted in the fictional princely state in this book can find the source material in her prefac [...]

  • Hmmm, Of the four I ve read, this was not my favorite It still has the wonderful sense of place, of culture, of interesting characters, of native tribes but the mystery itself got a bit tedious because there were so many different versions of what may have happened, that although close to the confusion of real life, it simply bored The ending wrapped it all up mostly , but I felt as though I had been in a constant windstorm of ideas and theories before the final result These books do have a lot [...]

  • Very fast readI was through it almost before I knew it Some old friends here, notably Edgar Troop and Sir George from a few of the other Sandilands mysteries Some slightly annoying features are starting to crop up as I read through this series There is always a feisty female, usually American, but sometimes British, who entices Joe Sandilands into intimacy of at least one sort or another She is such a stereotypical character that I am getting bored with her type and wonder why Joe who is so quic [...]

  • I received an advance reading copy of the Palace Tiger, which went on sale 7 25 06, by Barbara Cleverly I had not previously read any of her works and was not aware until I received it that there was a series of books based on the character Joe Sandilands.All in all, the book was well worth the read and I anticipate going back to her earlier works to read some .The book is set in India in 1922 and features a ranging cast of characters including the main character Joe Sandilands, a Scotland Yard [...]

  • What a gem of a find Absolutely delightful, a quick romp through a princely Indian state during the British Raj circa 1920s And also a marvelous mystery thriller to boot, that unfolds in an exotic setting Cleverly manages to pull it off without becoming cheesy or campy at any point, demonstrating her extensive knowledge of the historical background, fashion and technology of the era, from gaudy palaces and formal dinners to the thrill of royal tiger hunts and even a little aviation history throw [...]

  • This is the 4th book in the Joe Sandilands mystery series, so far set in India during the time of the Raj Sandilands is a Scotland Yard commander who, in the first book, was seconded to the British police in India to teach law enforcement techniques to the Indian police and to learn from them as well In the 4 books he has also worked for Sir George Jardine, the governor of Bengal, travelling around India solving various mysteries and acting as Sir George s eyes and ears in outlying areas This st [...]

  • Commander Joe Sandiland of Scotland Yard can t seem to make it out of India A well loved Maharaja is dying and the succession to the gaddi of Ranipu, a prosperous kingdom with important and positive relations with Britain In he goes with a brief to find out what s going on and report The first son has been killed by misadventure or by murder, has yet to be proven The second and third sons are in danger, but by whom and for what purpose The book opens with on a pleasant, happy rural scene A mothe [...]

  • It s 1922 the latter days of the British Raj While on assignment in India, CID Commander Joe Sandilands finds himself dispatched to the remote state of Ranipur, to look into the death of the terminally ill ruler s oldest son, possibly under suspicious circumstances Ostensibly, he is there to help hunt a ferocious tiger that has been devouring some of the Maharaja s subjects In actuality, he ends up investigating mysterious deaths amid jockeying for power among the Maharaja s court and the mothe [...]

  • THE PALACE TIGER Police Proc India 1922 VGCleverly, Barbara 4th in seriesConstable, 2004 HardcoverCommander Joe Sandilands has been dispatched to Ranipur, ostensibly to hunt a man eating tiger As he is arriving, a plane crashes in front of him killing the son and present heir of the maharajah Joe quickly finds the crash was no accident and this is the second heir who has died, the first proving to be murdered as well It s clear there danger than from four legged beasts Cleverly excels as sense [...]

  • The fourth entry in the Joe Sandilands series manages to keep up the suspense while presenting an intricate mystery set in early 1920s India Sandilands, a Scotland Yard inspector who happens to be working in India, accompanies an acquaintance to a remote Indian province to participate in a tiger hunt The tiger has been killing attacking villagers and must be destroyed At the same time, Joe is asked by the British government to keep an eye on the political situation The raja is dying, and his eld [...]

  • Another series that I ve only fairly recently discovered I think I hesitated to actually start it because it s set in a location time I m not crazy about 1920 s India during the heyday of the British Raj It s interesting and all that, I m just not much of an imperialist LOLDetective Inspector Joe Sandilands is based in Simla, on loan from Scotland Yard to educate the native police forces how it s done as it were But his stay seems to have gotten quite a lot longer than he expected He s been sent [...]

  • Like the Charles Todd Ian Rutledge series, I ve enjoyed all the Joe Sandilands books I sometimes find it hard for him to avoid temptation with all the women throwing themselves at him, but I guess that is a gentleman of the era I also find it hard to believe that he doesn t put his foot down and demand to be allowed to go home he s been in India a while However, I guess that also comes with being a gentleman knowing and doing his duty Besides, I wouldn t have all these great stories to read if h [...]

  • This mystery is set in the time of the British Raj in northern India Detective Joe Sandilands, war hero and Scotland Yard policeman is sent to witness the succession of the dying prince Ranipur is noted for its hoard of priceless gems, an isloated expensive palace, and medieval local customs The heirs keep dying and Joe has to find out if they have been killed, who did it and why The many suspects range from English officials, American and Indian wives, and even a mistress Tigers, panthers, and [...]

  • Mysteries set in foreign countries Not really my thing Historical mysteries Not high on my list.This series is both, yet it s high on my Must Read list because Cleverly tells a great story and brings the Post WWI times and India under British rule to life The reader can feel the heat of a summer day in India, the tension in a group hunting a man killer tiger.The story is full of turns that keep the reader off balance but Cleverly never blindsides the reader with surprises.The ending, while it re [...]

  • Intricate plot A mix of politics, greed and duty pull the story along Our hero is sent to untangle the mysteries surrounding the deaths of the two elder sons of a dying Raj Written like that sounds boring and clich It s not Cleverly at her most average is very good India, in the 1920 s, under British rule even if there is a thin veil of independence for some Indian states is shown with vivid colours and a love for the land that can t be mistaken.The characters are a bit on the thin side, the vil [...]

  • There, now I am all up to date I have read all the Joe Sandilands mysteries to date She has much better character development than Christie, but the solution to her murders strikes me as being Christie like In this one Joe goes to an Indian principality to investigate why all of the maharaja s heirs are being murdered in particularly ghastly ways Oh, yes and he goes on the hunt for a rogue man killing tiger, too Now I just have to wait for Cleverly to write another.

  • This one didn t grip me as much as some of the earlier ones did, and I m not sure why Maybe I just need to take a break from the series Maybe it s hit the low point that a lot of series do, four or five books in, and the next one will be engaging It s still worth a read The details are sharp and, where I can judge, accurate the plotting is clever I do think Joe is being awfully virtuous or maybe just cautious in sleeping on the couch.

  • Pretty much a 1920s Country House murder mystery, only set in a Rajput Princely kingdom equipped with exotic weapons like drugged panthers and motives like plotting with the corrupt British Resident to liquidate the palace treasury of jewels to buy Florida real estate in 1922, not such a great idea.

  • Though I enjoy the writing and the mysteries, I m never quite satisfied with this author s endings Also, I still find it irritating that the books don t take place chronologically if she wanted to continue Sandilands mysteries in India, then why send him back to London at the end of the second book of the series.

  • Interesting locale and time period for another mystery series Detective sandilands is a Scotland Yard Commander on loan to the British Colinial government in India The author s love of India and its fascinating culture shines through The eye for historical and cultural detail is quite good and brings an added dimension to the well trod path of the detective genre.

  • Sighother great mystery Sandilands hunts a man eating tiger and a murderer in this novel set in India Wonderful descriptions of both character and setting That sweet spot that you read to trying to guess who the killer is and then realize you re not going to put the book down until you finish it.

  • Once again, Barbara Cleverly has kept me sitting on the edge of my seat with a Raj period mystery The characters were so colorful and interesting I love all the descriptions of this period in India Wonderful and colorful This mystery had me guessing until the last minute Enjoyable to say the least

  • Poor Joe He keeps getting roped in to solving mysteries in India instead of heading home to England and Scotland Yard All the better for us This was another great book in this series wonderful atmosphere and a complicated mystery I have to admit I was fooled by one of the red herrings for quite awhile.

  • Another great adventure with Detective Sandilands I am sorry this is the last one in India though I have really enjoyed his time in India I may have to re read the first ones because I love the setting so much I was kept guessing all the way to the end, though I had suspicions Definitely a good read.

  • It took about four chapters before I decided I really wanted to continue reading this I didn t like the charcters However, they were well written characters and by chapter four the storyline had me intrigued By half way through, I found it difficult to put down.

  • Another in the Joe Sandilands series, set in India in the 1920s The protagonist is a former military man, now a policeman, who is sent all over India to solve crimes Yes, the premise is a litle thin, the writing is patchy at times, but the setting is fascinating, and the books are fun to read.

  • Nice feel for India and the period with interesting touches of culture history, architecture, dress, social s, etc A convoluted mix of perps with varied reasons for the killings some noble some pure greed I do like the ambiance of this series.

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