The Worst Witch

[PDF] The Worst Witch | by ↠ Jill Murphy - The Worst Witch, The Worst Witch Miss Cackle s Academy for Witches has never seen a worse pupil than Mildred Hubble Her spells always backfire and her broomstick flights end in a crash Now one of Mildred s spells has ruined things fo [PDF] The Worst Witch | by ↠ Jill Murphy - The Worst Witch, The Worst Witch Miss Cackle s Academy for Witches has never seen a worse pupil than Mildred Hubble Her spells always backfire and her broomstick flights end in a crash Now one of Mildred s spells has ruined things fo

  • Title: The Worst Witch
  • Author: Jill Murphy
  • ISBN: 9780140311082
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Paperback
The Worst Witch

[PDF] The Worst Witch | by ↠ Jill Murphy, The Worst Witch, Jill Murphy, The Worst Witch Miss Cackle s Academy for Witches has never seen a worse pupil than Mildred Hubble Her spells always backfire and her broomstick flights end in a crash Now one of Mildred s spells has ruined things for Ethel Hallow and that Perfect Witch is out for revenge Black and white illustrations [PDF] The Worst Witch | by ↠ Jill Murphy - The Worst Witch, The Worst Witch Miss Cackle s Academy for Witches has never seen a worse pupil than Mildred Hubble Her spells always backfire and her broomstick flights end in a crash Now one of Mildred s spells has ruined things fo

  • [PDF] The Worst Witch | by ↠ Jill Murphy
    262 Jill Murphy
The Worst Witch

About “Jill Murphy

  • Jill Murphy

    Jill Murphy is a London born English children s author, best known for The Worst Witch series and the Large Family picture books She has been described as one of the most engaging writers and illustrators for children in the land Jill Murphy was born in London and attended the Ursuline Convent in Wimbledon which, together with the boarding school stories she enjoyed reading, provided much of the material and inspiration Miss Cackle s Academy in the The Worst Witch, which she started when she was 15 Mildred Hubble is very much a self portrait She put the book on hold as she attended both Chelsea and Croydon Art Schools, but continued to write it whilst living in a village in Togo, West Africa for a year and then whilst working as a nanny back at home The book was published when Jill turned 24 and proved an instant success However, Jill continued working as a nanny until the publication of The Worst Witch Strikes Again prompted her to devote herself to full time writing The Worst Witch stories have become some of the most outstandingly successful titles on the Young Puffin paperback list and have sold than 3 million copies They were also made into a major ITV series She is also well known for her picture books and was commended in the 1980 Kate Greenaway Medal for Peace at Last A Quiet Night In was shortlisted for the same medal in 1994 She is best known for the very popular Mr and Mrs Large picture books, which detail the domestic chaos of an elephant family Five Minute s Peace won the 1987 Parents Magazine Best Books for Babies Award, as well as being shortlisted for the 1986 Children s Book Award All in One Piece was highly commended for the 1987 Kate Greenaway Award and shortlisted for the 1987 Children s Book Award The Last Noo noo won the 0 5 category of the 1995 Smarties Book Prize and in the same year was shortlisted for the English 4 11 Outstanding Children s Book of the Year, going on to win the 1996 Sheffield Children s Book Award It won the 1996 Gateshead Gold Award In the same year it was adapted as a play and performed at the Polka Theatre, London.

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  • This is the perfect book for young reluctant readers.It s engaging, fun, fast paced and actually a really great story There s a magic school, great friendship, antiheroes and a series of unfortunate events And let s not forget the lovely illustrations This is no Harry Potter for sure sure, sure, sure but no one asked it to be, especially since it was first published before that series It s light and the kind of book you don t plan on finishing right the moment you start it but can t help yoursel [...]

  • This is a classic children s book and this sumptuous, colour, hardback edition only makes it special Of course, the book features our heroine Mildred Hubble at Miss Cackle s Academy high up at the top of a mountain Mildred really wants to be a great witch, but instead she is unsuccessful at her spells and is always in trouble In many ways, this is a typical school story, just with a unusual setting There is Ethel, the teacher s pet, Mildred s friends Maud and Enid, lots of fun spells and a Hal [...]

  • For those like myself who went to primary school in the 1990s, The Worst Witch books were probably the closest thing we ever got to Harry Potter Not that we should feel deprived in any way, as The Worst Witch books were and still are enjoyable reads The Worst Witch is the first book in the series and details the troubles of Mildred Hubble, a pupil at Cackle s Academy and one who always seems to encounter misfortune, but somehow manages to save the day and in the process save herself, not just fr [...]

  • Although I personally have found Jill Murphy s 1974 The Worst Witch a bit too much like the outline of a novel, with not nearly enough descriptiveness and presented details as well as an ending that feels rather rushed and even a bit of a deus ex machina that leaves me as an older adult reader a bit annoyed and unsatisfied , I also do in fact and indeed much admire the author for having introduced and having featured as main protagonist Mildred Hubble, a young witch in training at Miss Cackle s [...]

  • Oh too bad I just realized I forgot to read this with an English accent It would have been ever so much fun.This book would have received 5 stars from my 7 8 possibly 9 year old self I would have also really, really enjoyed it if it had been read to me when I was 5 and 6, helping to read it of course The story is funny and sweet It s about a witch in her first year of boarding school for witches The plot is predictable but I had no problem with that Mildred is a clumsy student who seems to be in [...]

  • This is a charming little story, perfect for children just embarking on chapter books The chapters are all short each can be read in about five to seven minutes and while some of the vocabulary is a bit advanced I wouldn t call this a beginning easy reader , it s perfect for read aloud especially if you can muster a British accent, haha In this first book in the Worst Witch series, Mildred Hubble is in her first term at Miss Cackle s Academy It s a bit like a simplified and all girls Hogwarts wi [...]

  • A simple and charming story of a student witch, with fun illustrations by the author I ve never read these, and thought we d give it a try as a read aloud The kids loved it, and so did I, but it was very short

  • I have no idea why I haven t read this as a kid but better late than never, right I really enjoyed it but I definitely think it would be appreciated by a younger audience.

  • The Worst Witch follows the adventures of Mildred Hubble, a witch studying at Miss Cackle s Academy Mildred is a complete scatterbrain and keeps doing the wrong thing, though not by mistake Of course, she is punished by the teachers all the time There is also a wicked witch rival, who is a rival for no reason Once, after the rivalry went terribly wrong, Mildred was blamed Upset, she tries to go home, and ends up stumbling over a plot to harm the school She foils it, and becomes a heroine again T [...]

  • Loved this book as a kid in the good old days before Harry Potter turned up I never seemed to do well at school and I always felt for Mildred, kindred spirits and both of us pretty How she deals with the nasty Ethel is brilliant, recently read this to my daughter and Ethel s comeuppance still made me laugh.

  • Rezension kommt am 23 August Aber Es eignet sich perfekt zum Vorlesen zum Erstlesen auch wenn ich bei ein paar W rtern der Meinung war, dass die viele Kinder einfach in ihrem Alter noch nicht kennen Dennoch ein super s es, kleines kurzes Buch, was ich Kindern oder Eltern nur empfehlen kann

  • 3.5 StarsThe Worst Witch still holds the spot as being one of my favorite middle grade novels I first read this series when I was seven years old and now 13 years later I decided to re read.I loved it just as much as the first time, though maybe less just for the fact that I m not a child obsessed with all things witches any kinda but it was still a fun read.I loved Mildred, the school and of course Tabby who I named my cat after she is a tabby cat aswell Seven year old me thought she was cool h [...]

  • Mildred is a witch but she is not very good at it In the end however she s able to save the whole school from the evil witches attack.The book is a nice quick read but also very predictable It s a bit of a Harry Potter version for younger kids, but mothing I enjoyed immensely.

  • Beat on it, Delilah I m glad I finally read the book, but I think the movie was better Perhaps I m biased I ve seen it a million times in the past 30 30 Damn Yeah, 30 years Anyway, I still watch it every Halloween because there is just too much awesomeness in it to let a year go by without at least one viewing Back when I had a VHS copy we recorded off HBO, it was prefaced with the best opening in the history of television Don t argue with me here you won t win I slam dance to this shit Sadly, t [...]

  • This is another book series where I was introduced to it through the TV show adaptation Seems to be a trend with me I like to call this series the female Harry Potter and yes, I am aware that this came out a good 2 3 decades before JKR s smash hit.However this is still a delightfully charming, albeit predictable series about She Neville I mean Mildred Hubble as she traverses through her years at HogwartsI mean Cackle s Academy, as she learns to control her magical powers.Mildred is a clumsy chil [...]

  • Like all my favourite children s literature, this book is squarely on the side of the outcast Disorganised, accident prone witch Mildred and her plump, bespectacled friend Maud are smart, kind and generally awesome My own mild dyspraxia, which vanished when I was about 14, made Mildred an especially helpful role model, and whenever I broke something or failed to achieve the expected result in a science practical I thought of her I teach science these days so Murphy s message must have done its w [...]

  • One of the many Easter eggs in Kraken Most recruits at the magical police squad s training center refer to it as Hogwarts But a few call it Miss Cackle s and look superior when the others don t get the reference.

  • Mildred Hubbel ist eine lausige Hexe Sie ist Klassenschlechteste in der Hexenschule von Miss Cackle Ein ungeschickter, verpeilter Teenager eben Nicht b swillig aber eben einfach unkoordiniert, ungeschickt und verpeilt Das Buch erschien Ende der 1970er Jahre und man hat das Gef hl, als g be es ein paar Seitenhiebe gegen Harry Potter, obwohl diese Buchreihe ja deutlich sp ter erschien In Miss Cackles Schule gibt es keine neumodischen Eulen, da bekommen die M dchen noch ordentliche schwarze Katzen [...]

  • I was getting into a reading slump so I wanted to pick up something that would help This book loked fun and easy to read and it had cool illustrations Even though it s very childish it definitely helped against the reading slump.

  • This is such a lovely little book it made me feel happy the moment I picked it up never mind it being a good book for children this 30 something loved it

  • Author Illustrator Jill MurphyFirst Published 1974Series Book 1 of 7I love it when it s my turn to choose a book Being older and so much wiser I obviously have a better judgement on what makes A Good Book than the 7yo snort Okay, in all reality I am likely to choose a classic or book that has stood The Test of Time and is age appropriate The 7yo chooses books her friends like or books her sister likes so either contemporary just released books or books that are too old her sister is 15.And that [...]

  • Mildred Hubble, 12, is a first year student at Miss Cackle s Academy for Witches Though well meaning and well liked by most of the other girls, Mildred always seems to be in trouble for something You could rely on Mildred to have her hat on back to front, or her bootlaces trailing along the floor She couldn t walk from one end of the corridor to the other without someone yelling at her, and nearly every night, she was writing lines or being kept in pg 3 Mildred does have a best friend, Maud Moon [...]

  • Mildred Hubble attends Miss Cackle s Academy for Witches and is probably the worst student the school has ever seen Mildred seems to be always getting into trouble Whether it s potions, spells or broomstick riding, she can t seem to do anything right When Mildred s class does a display for this years Halloween celebrations, Mildred finds herself at blame when their presentations turns into a disaster How will Mildred ever earn her Witches Higher Certificate when she is the worst witch to ever at [...]

  • A classic tale made into a feature film, which I actually watched first before reading the book as I never read the book as a child The book tells the story of Mildred Hubble, who to say the least is nearly always in the wrong place at the wrong time Mildred is in her first year of at the Witch Academy with her best friend Maud Mildred can not seem to get any of her spells right and even ends up turning her worst enemy into a pig instead of the intended toad Will Mildred survive the her first ye [...]

  • yesterday my friend and i went to booksale she doesn t like reading but miraculously this time she initiated buying a few books and imagine my surprise when i saw this as i was browsing through piles and piles of books i mean, come on childhood and i cannot believe i forgot about this book when i m sure this was one of the books that got me into reading safjlksajflkadsjflawhyhowcouldiever so when i was in sixth grade our classroom was in front of the library sighs nostalgia okay i m digressing s [...]

  • I bought this book because I remember my own children reading it when they were younger My daughters would read it over and over again and so i decided to read it now with a view to reading it to my year 3 class This is a book which features a rather clumsy witch called Mildred Although she tries hard, Mildred usually manages to mix up her spells and generally cause trouble When she turns Ethel who happens to be a very bright but rather unkind witch into a pig her troubles really do begin In ord [...]

  • I love the Worst Witch with a PASSION I love Mildred s scrapes Miss Hardbroom s tight bun Mildred s tabby Horrid Ethel I first read this when I was about seven, on a rainy day by the sea, and if I m honest I choose Mildred over Harry any day.

  • 3.5 STARS this year i ve started collecting classic children s books and ones i used to love as a child this is definitely one i enjoyed back then and it is still great now the illustrations were also lovely.

  • It s Mildred Hubble s first year at Miss Cackle s Academy for Witches and trouble seems to find her wherever she goes The Academy is getting ready for one of its annual traditions, providing each young witch with a new kitten to train There s even going to be a special presentation, and Mildred is worried something will go horribly wrong, despite her having a way with animals Yet the only thing that happens is she receives a tabby kitten instead of the standard black kitten like the rest of the [...]

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