The Low Notes

The Low Notes Best Download || [KateRoth] - The Low Notes, The Low Notes When a chance meeting between high school teacher Kevin Reed and singer Nina Jordan ignites an instant spark they must decide if it s important to follow your heart or follow the rules After caring f The Low Notes Best Download || [KateRoth] - The Low Notes, The Low Notes When a chance meeting between high school teacher Kevin Reed and singer Nina Jordan ignites an instant spark they must decide if it s important to follow your heart or follow the rules After caring f

  • Title: The Low Notes
  • Author: KateRoth
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Kindle Edition
The Low Notes

The Low Notes Best Download || [KateRoth], The Low Notes, KateRoth, The Low Notes When a chance meeting between high school teacher Kevin Reed and singer Nina Jordan ignites an instant spark they must decide if it s important to follow your heart or follow the rules After caring for his dying father Kevin Reed returns to his hometown of Wexley Falls bereaved unemployed and exhausted at the thought of starting a new life After a failed blind dWhen a chance mee The Low Notes Best Download || [KateRoth] - The Low Notes, The Low Notes When a chance meeting between high school teacher Kevin Reed and singer Nina Jordan ignites an instant spark they must decide if it s important to follow your heart or follow the rules After caring f

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  • The Low Notes Best Download || [KateRoth]
    359 KateRoth
The Low Notes

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    Published since 2012, Kate Roth is addicted to all things romance Her passion for love stories, both traditional and unconventional, has led her to write in various sub genres of romance including New Adult, Paranormal and Erotica Kate is inspired by everything from music to the real life romance tales she s heard through her years as a professional hair stylist One thing is certain, Kate Roth writes steamy connections, sassy dialogue, and strong heroines heroes.Kate spends her time away from the keyboard with her insta love husband, Adam and their faithful pound puppy, Sampson Find me on Facebook facebook authorkaterothand follow me on Twitter katerothwrites

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  • 2.5 Stars A sweet and tender forbidden romance I had a little difficulty in rating this book The beginning was excellent and I immediately connected with the characters But as the story progressed, it became a bit monotonous and left me wanting Although this story was sweet and interesting, and I read through it rather quickly, I felt it ultimately did not live up to the intensity level promised by its intriguing beginning That said, I did very much enjoy this book.The Low Notes is a touching s [...]

  • One of the sweetest romances I have ever read.A story so beautifully written A man and a woman unable to contain the love they have for each other The absolute pain of the forced separation A trick of destiny submitting them to constant torture but nonetheless bringing them together Nina and Kevin A love so heartfelt stripped of annoying situations usually encountered elsewhere Her voice brought them together And her voice reunited them once .Beautiful.She moved in close to him, sliding her hand [...]

  • Ya le tres libros m s sobre EXACTAMENTE la misma historia Losing it , When Summer Ends y Teach Me Aparentemente es el mes de Amar al profesor Hasta ahora , este es el mas tierno y l m s creible.

  • It took me a while to review this book, I have finished since Sunday but the fear of me writing a wrong review is what has kept it on my currently reading shelf for so long.First off, I just have to say that the cover got to me, I am really a cover person and I thought it was so simple yet so elegant, blew me away.The story itself was breath taking the concept of Forbidden Love is so attractive to me as I always want to imagine myself in their shoes and try to imagine how on Earth I would react, [...]

  • It was everything it should ve beenEverything it would ve beenHad we met another dayYou re so charming and amusing, seeBlinding me with fantasyNow the cruelest joke s on meCan I waitCan I be strongCan I change your mindWith a song Now it s nothing like it could ve beenWe are nothing like we should ve beenBut I m glad we met that dayWhen it s meant to be,it s meant to be.It feels right and easy.Don t let me go,just say you ll stay, all I need is one day.Can I wait,can I be strong,can I change yo [...]

  • Wow That hit me harder then I expected I was a little uncomfortable at the beginning of the story I ve read a few of the teacher student love stories but none of them had this kind of age gap and it took me a while to work past it That said, I think it actually added a lot to the story It allowed me to feel just a little bit of the strain that Kevin and Nina felt I loved Nina Without a doubt she was far mature than her years Half the time I felt like she was handling everything with grace than [...]

  • Hmm, read this book it was useful to realize how much I m addicted to Alpha male s romances I mean Kevin is a sweet guy, very honest and trusty, but he is so slow and innocent for a 27 old guy , have so many insecurities and issues Nina is a common character we already used to read in the YA romances, and that s why I missed a strong character or even the strings, the desires could be painful, forbidden, you know Just to push ahead the story And, no, I don t feel like the characters could be r [...]

  • OMG, I absolutely ADORED this book Nina and Kevin are my newest favorite couple I m really hoping the author will continue on with their story There s so much to be written Highly HIGHLY recommend

  • I just couldn t get into it Couldn t relate to any of the characters It was too slow Read about 15 chapters and then gave up Sorry.

  • You know the best thing about not knowing anything about a book before you actually start reading it The utter joy when it s not what you thought it would be because it s so much better.When Kevin and Nina first meet, I was reminded of when Allie and Noah first met in The Notebook I know it s a pretty bold statement, but it s the way it came across to me It might have been Nina s original nonchalant demeanor, or Kevin s eager text message, but something about these two characters together had me [...]

  • OMG I LOVED this book It reminded me a little of Slammed which I also love just without the really sad parts Basically, this book was pure perfection Kevin moves into his old family home after his father dies One night he goes to a local bar where Nina happens to be performing He falls in love instantly Completely head over heels love at first sight, etc He picks her up and pretty soon they go on an amazingly perfect first date After that first date Nina is totally smitten as well Monday rolls a [...]

  • I really like this kind of forbidden love, even don t getting why people do such a fuss about it Let s get both main characters here, as an example Nina is seventeen, but very mature for her age And I mean it in everything Kevin is thirty, but not so mature as Nina Like, every time he sees her, most of his thoughts is about her body And when she tells him that she loves him, he backed out But even so, I enjoyed this romance Reminded me a lot of Kinkyori Renai Yamashita Tomohisa, for me, is forev [...]

  • I just finished this beautiful story and I can t begin to explain how deeply I loved this tale I ll post a thorough review soon, but for now I ll say two things 1 This is one of the most sweetest, yet heart wrenching romances I ve ever read2 I LOVE Mr Kevin Reed.a lot.

  • Una historia de amor narrada con mucha nostalgia, ver c mo los protagonistas atraviesan situaciones para ocultar su amor y sentir su miedo y a la vez su madurez para enfretar al mundo me conmovi mucho

  • What a sweet teacher student read I am a huge fan of this genre and appreciated the time these characters took with this so called relationship thing.Kevin is moving back to his childhood home in Wexley Falls He has spent the last 5 years caring for his father and now that he is gone, Kevin needs to decide what the next step is for him While hanging out with his cousin Jeff and Jeff s wife at a local bar, Kevin sees the most beautiful girl on stage sining He is instantly mesmerized by her face a [...]

  • I really, really enjoyed The Low Notes Even so dare I say it than Slammed by CoHo gasp Both books have a similar story line view spoiler teacher and student hide spoiler however I enjoyed K Roth s protags Nina and Kevin than Lake and Will While I love Slammed for other reasons view spoiler Julia and the boys hide spoiler , I love The Low Notes for the romantic leads Kevin had me at page one, and Nina did not come across as overly emotional with the exception of one part during the last quarter [...]

  • Okay, I just finished it and I think I need to pour out some lovin in this book At first, I find the book a bit to slow first and frustrating because of the characters BUT I started to adore Nina s courage What I like about this book is I m actually excited and always looking forward for her to sing in The Black Jewel and Monday s with Kevin Well, I m adding a new shelves for re read books and one of the reason is this book I love love this I hope I can see of Kate Roth s work soon.

  • This is one of the cutest romances I ve read The story is written beautifully Two people who have an undeniable attraction and forced to be separated It is one of the cutest student teacher relationship reads I like the characters Kevin may be an idiot sometimes, but he is really sweet at other times Also, Nina is one of the most talented singers Her voice moves people It is something great Overall, a great read.

  • I liked this book because it wasn t a sappy everything will be fine book, yes don t get me wrong they had their happy ending, but I like how Kate Roth dealt with the reality of the situation Kevin and Nina were in but it was beautifully wrote and funny I adored the characters and as usual , as i do all the time with good ending of two characters destined to be with each other for good, Kevin and Nina forever x

  • I really enjoyed this book At first I was a bit put off by the age difference she s 17 he s 26, but seeing as she s practically raised herself it stopped being an issue for me I loved the drama of them trying to fight it and the sneaking I certainly look forward to from this author.

  • Le pongo 3.5El libro es muy tierno aunque a veces se me hizo un poco pesado Otro libro mas sobre la alumna que se enamora de su profesor, aunque para mi no supera a mis amados Slammed y When Summer Ends.

  • Estuvo bien, solo eso Di logos bastante clich s, escena repetitivas y tediosas, la linea general de la historia era siempre la misma, ning n giro inesperado Algunos momentos entretenidos, pero eso fue todo Nada memorable Solo quer a terminar con el r pido.

  • I really liked this book, even though the topic is Taboo, I thought this was a wonderful read I did feel it dragged in some parts but not enough for me to lose interest This is one I will for sure read again in the future.

  • I was given this book in exchange for an honest review It would be very difficult for any woman to read this book and not have some fond or not so happy remembrance of her high school yearse awkward time when you grow from an insecure teenage freshman to a young woman in her senior year, ready to conquer the world I was immediately grabbed by the heart and pulled into Nina s world and I felt from the very first time we meet her, shyly playing piano at a restaurant, that she was wise beyond her y [...]

  • If you liked Slammed by Colleen Hoover then you will LOVE The Low Notes One word Drraaaama Man I really hate to use the term, but this was an emotional roller coaster We re talking 0 G force, puke inducing, hang on to your ass roller coaster I think with this subject matter and kind of conflict teacher student you re bound to have melodrama, but this was almost too much Almost Nina and Kevin meet in a similar fashion to how Layken and Will meet in Slammedmely, the subject of age or occupation do [...]

  • I loved this book I totally felt for Nina and Kevin as they struggled with how to deal with their feelings for one another in their precarious situation When Kevin first sees Nina singing at a club he s immediately drawn to her They talk after she finishes her set and her asks her out on a date At the end of their date they know that there is something special between them that goes deeper than mere attraction They kiss goodnight, go their separate ways both looking forward to seeing each other [...]

  • I give this book 3.5 stars Here s why The book started off with so much promise to be something so much than it became It reminded my of the book Slammed in its on way Towards the end, the author seemed to have rushed to complete the book, which in conclusion she left out thoughts and ideas that would have blown the reader away I did somewhat enjoy it, and I do recommend that others give it a try to judge for themselves If you read and liked slammed, you may read and like this book as well spol [...]

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