Hope's Betrayal

Hope's Betrayal Best Read || [Grace Elliot] - Hope's Betrayal, Hope s Betrayal May HOPE S BETRAYAL Historical romance One wild winter s night two worlds collide Known for his ruthless efficiency Captain George Huntley is sent to stamp out smuggling on the south coast o Hope's Betrayal Best Read || [Grace Elliot] - Hope's Betrayal, Hope s Betrayal May HOPE S BETRAYAL Historical romance One wild winter s night two worlds collide Known for his ruthless efficiency Captain George Huntley is sent to stamp out smuggling on the south coast o

  • Title: Hope's Betrayal
  • Author: Grace Elliot
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 484
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Hope's Betrayal

Hope's Betrayal Best Read || [Grace Elliot], Hope's Betrayal, Grace Elliot, Hope s Betrayal May HOPE S BETRAYAL Historical romance One wild winter s night two worlds collide Known for his ruthless efficiency Captain George Huntley is sent to stamp out smuggling on the south coast of England On a night raid the Captain captures a smuggler but finds his troubles are just beginning when the lad turns out to be a lass Hope Tyler With Hope as bait tMay HO Hope's Betrayal Best Read || [Grace Elliot] - Hope's Betrayal, Hope s Betrayal May HOPE S BETRAYAL Historical romance One wild winter s night two worlds collide Known for his ruthless efficiency Captain George Huntley is sent to stamp out smuggling on the south coast o

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  • Hope's Betrayal Best Read || [Grace Elliot]
    484 Grace Elliot
Hope's Betrayal

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    Grace Elliot leads a double life as a veterinarian by day and author of historical romance by night She believes that intelligent people need to read romance as an antidote to the modern world Grace lives near London and is housekeeping staff to five cats, two teenage sons, one husband and a bearded dragon.

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  • Hope s Betrayal is a historical romance in every sense of the word It takes you back to the first romance novel you read and evokes feelings of wonder and anticipation I can still feel the sun baking my skin as I lay on the pier, enthralled by the story of Hope and George.Sometimes I like to comment on the cover art This cover is graceful and seductive and the woman is now firmly implanted in my mind as Hope I love it when the cover compliments the story inside and I can visual the character.I t [...]

  • When I was offered this book for review I jumped at the chance, because the blurb reminded me of the old swashbuckling movies I used to like to watch as a teenager.What I didn t expect was the depths of emotion and surprising twists this book had The author surprised me on several occasions by taking the story along an entirely different path to the one I was expecting And I do like to be surprised The love story ambles along at a gentle pace, entirely in keeping with the time period, and I was [...]

  • From the Blurb given, I was definitely really intrigued to read this story, and throughout reading, and when I got to the endI was not disappointed one bit The story was very well thought out, and at one point there was an unexpected turn of events, an unexpected turn that I saw served the story, and you have to read to see what I m talking about Honestly there was not a part where I thought anything dragged everything flowed really great, and the writing style, the language was all beautifully [...]

  • Originally published at Reading RealityHope s Betrayal by Grace Elliot is the second book in her Huntley Trilogy after Eulogy s Secret The Huntley Trilogy are unusual historical romances, not just because the Huntley brothers seen so far definitely work for their livings and because the heroines are definitely not society chits It s a refreshing change.Hope Tyler is a smuggler There s no romance in her choice of occupation, nor any adventure For Hope, it s a matter of her family s survival, pure [...]

  • Hope s Betrayal Huntley Trilogy 2 by Grace ElliotIn this new Regency romance, Grace Elliot has tuned out a delightful tale full of taught tension, unexpressed sexual desire and a love so deep it brings to people together from the far reaches of society.Lady Constance Huntley is a mother that wishes nothing than to see her three sons married and giving her grandchildren She will plot with every opportunity given and Fate hands her a ripe one Hope Taylor is a smuggler, from the Isle of Wright whe [...]

  • Hope s Betrayal is a straightforward historical read with nothing too unexpected happening This is not a bad thing considering how comforting that sense of familiarity is while reading this book The characters acted in a way that made sense, there were no big misunderstandings, and the relationship between the main characters evolved slowly over time as to add strength to their relationship.Hope Tyler has aristocratic blood in her but her family has fallen into smuggling to make a living She s a [...]

  • This book was purchased by me and I have reviewed it honestly, with an open mind even though I am also an author I am also a reader As such, I like to share my thoughts on books that I read.Hope s Betrayal does not disappoint It is a well written regency romance that stays true to the formula that romance readers around the world expect Hope is an interesting character and I found myself cheering for her I also liked Lady Ryevale George Huntley s mother a lot Both women were fully developed and [...]

  • This is a sweet love story between two people fighting their attraction to each other Hope is a smuggler caught by Captain Huntley He should turn her over to the authorities, but he s unable to do so He s attracted to her and can t bear to see her hung for her crimes He doesn t want to be attracted to her as she stands for everything he s against.Over time, Hope and Captain Huntley talk and he begins to see things with a slightly different view He ends up hiring Hope to be a companion for his mo [...]

  • I absolutely adored this story and have had the most awesome few days reading it If you are off on holiday and love historical romances this is one you will want to make sure is on your ereader From the first page I was caught up with the characters lives Captain Huntley, the Naval officer charged with routing out and squashing a smuggling ring becomes a wee bit smitten by a young lady called Hope, who just so happens to be a captured smuggler A beautiful love story develops amidst some very exc [...]

  • A Romantic ReadHope s Betrayal is the perfect book to read on a cold night sipping hot tea snuggled close to a warm fire or while sitting on a balmy beach with waves gently lapping the shore Hope s Betrayal s thrilling story offers an escape from this century to a bygone era Grace Elliot s romanticized language brilliantly seduces the reader into the Regency Period Free spirited Hope meets her match in dashing Captain George Huntley The wise Lady Constance cuts through societal norms and orchest [...]

  • Principles and passion do not make for comfortable bedfellows in this high octane historical romance Hope To wish for something with expectation of its fulfillment.Hope To have confidence trust.This is the second installment in the Huntley trilogy and having already met the youngest of the Huntley sons, in Eulogy s Secret , we are now introduced to the middle son, George This will be the first time that we are to meet the entire Huntley family en masse and are afforded the opportunity to see the [...]

  • Each book has a story to tell, profound thought isn t it But I meant than the actual story I really meant the author s style, her his signature for lack of description There are some books that are powerful and compelling like a thunderstorm, sizzling and electrifying Those are fun There are some books full of promise that storm waiting to break that never quite happens those are not quite so fun, they always leave the reader at best wanting Author Grace Elliot offers us another option in Hope [...]

  • I dont normally do historical romances but the story line of hopes betrayal just sounded crazy sweet and crazy sweet is was Huntley is the man everyone wants with a gorgeous body and rough exterior but has a heart of gold We see a real character change in Huntley as his affections for Hope develop and a loving side of him comes forth Hope isnt your average evry day girl she dresses up as a boy, but that makes her all the lovable at the end The story is rich and exciting and the writing never g [...]

  • This book was a angsty Romance that got drug on a little too long The book was written in a choppy kind of way that made me almost put it down but I really wondered where it was going so I kept reading There were some sexual references that made me nervous, but the book turned out not to have any explicit sex scenes but it was borderline clean I did like the characters and the setting and if a good editor got a hold of this it would have been a great short story

  • I flounced into the 3rd chapter Over dramatic to the point I was sighing rolling my eyes An entire chapter was wasted on what felt like an excruciating real time account of Hope sleeping and waking and sleeping and waking I just don t care about the characters or the story line any.

  • 3.5 5.0This story has a very promising plot and the likable characters make the book a very nice read Read full review in the 2012 July August issue of InD tale Magazine.

  • Just a lovely story A little slower than what I m used to, but it allowed me to savor and experience the details.

  • Hope s Betrayal is a nice historical romance the characters did go around in circles a lot in this one, but I just can t help myself, I always end up liking these

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