The Garrett Files

The Garrett Files Best Read || [Glen Cook] - The Garrett Files, The Garrett Files Sweet Silver Blues A war buddy s death sends Garrett on a wild hunt for his mysterious heir last seen in a vampire Nest which no mortal leaves alive Bitter Gold Hearts The Stormwarden s son has been The Garrett Files Best Read || [Glen Cook] - The Garrett Files, The Garrett Files Sweet Silver Blues A war buddy s death sends Garrett on a wild hunt for his mysterious heir last seen in a vampire Nest which no mortal leaves alive Bitter Gold Hearts The Stormwarden s son has been

  • Title: The Garrett Files
  • Author: Glen Cook
  • ISBN: 9780739436097
  • Page: 108
  • Format: Hardcover
The Garrett Files

The Garrett Files Best Read || [Glen Cook], The Garrett Files, Glen Cook, The Garrett Files Sweet Silver Blues A war buddy s death sends Garrett on a wild hunt for his mysterious heir last seen in a vampire Nest which no mortal leaves alive Bitter Gold Hearts The Stormwarden s son has been kidnapped and Garrett must brave a host of ogres and assassins to rescue him Cold Copper Tears There s a new cult in town worshippers of a godlike Destroyer who think GSweet Silver The Garrett Files Best Read || [Glen Cook] - The Garrett Files, The Garrett Files Sweet Silver Blues A war buddy s death sends Garrett on a wild hunt for his mysterious heir last seen in a vampire Nest which no mortal leaves alive Bitter Gold Hearts The Stormwarden s son has been

  • The Garrett Files Best Read || [Glen Cook]
    108 Glen Cook
The Garrett Files

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    Glen Cook was born in New York City, lived in southern Indiana as a small child, then grew up in Northern California After high school he served in the U.S Navy and attended the University of Missouri He worked for General Motors for 33 years, retiring some years ago He started writing short stories in 7th grade, had several published in a high school literary magazine He began writing with malicious intent to publish in 1968, eventually producing 51 books and a number of short fiction pieces He met his wife of 43 years while attending the Clarion Writer s Workshop in 1970 He has three sons army officer, architect, orchestral musician and numerous grandchildren, all of whom but one are female He is best known for his Black Company series, which has appeared in 20 languages worldwide His other series include Dread Empire and and the Garrett, P.I series His latest work is Working God s Mischief, fourth in the Instrumentalities of the Night series uscmillan author glencook

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  • 4.0 to 4.5 stars This omnibus includes the first three books in the Garrett Files series, Sweet Silver Blues,Bitter Gold HeartsandCold Copper Tears Garrett is a hard boiled Private Investigator living in a world in which humans live and work alongside a LARGE variety of different fantasy races called breeds Garrett is a great character He is a smart, sarcastic ex marine and his quips and comments had me laughing out loud on than one occassion The perfect character and voice to carry the plot fo [...]

  • I was looking for some literary methadone to hold me over until my next Dresden Files heroin fix and decided to give Garrett a try.Sweet Silver Blues was okay It was a missing person story that ended up getting complicated I found it choppy in places and felt like I turned over two pages at once a few times It really picked up at the end 3 out of 5.Bitter Gold Hearts was better A kidnapping and ransom that turned out to be much The writing was better and the story was engaging than the first b [...]

  • At first I thought, These are pretty good stories The weird characters don t add much what s the point I couldn t really picture Dead Man or the trolls, grolls, elfen breeds, but as I got deeper into the realm it all started to come together By the time I finished Book 3 I had formed mental images of all the non humans the world in which they live, TunFaire, and I don t think the next book I read will be quite the same.I highly recommend this to most any reader The characters, Garrett, his off o [...]

  • I was first introduced to Glen Cook through The Black Company, which seems to be what he s best known for I stumbled across this while attempting to locate The Shadows Linger and picked up being I enjoy noir and fantasy and sometimes they mix well I also like Cook s fast paced and minimalist writing style In contrast to the crapsack world of The Black Company, the world of Garret, P.I is full of life, if also full of turmoil Garret comes off as the noir P.I is expected to, no nonsense, alcoholic [...]

  • I picked this up because I like detective mysteries and the idea of a fantasy twist to that sounded intriguing I was disappointed because while the story is about a detective and there was a mystery it was barely fleshed out and there was very little intrigue or plot twists that are in a classic whodunit.The main character has possibilities and possibly later stories there are three in the omnibus are better but I have so many other books I want to read that I may not come back to this.

  • 3 complete novels Sweet Silver Blues in which Garrett searches for an heir in war country, Bitter Gold Hearts he gets involved with the Hill people and a family suffering the deaths of children, and Cold Copper Tears where he is hired by an actress to protect her from an undisclosed danger Recurring characters are the Dead Mann, his butler housekeeper cook, Morley Dotes Tennie.

  • I m a Dresden fan Dresdenite Dresdenard Dresdener at heart, so naturally all urban fantasy novels I read are going to be compared to Jim Butcher s wizardly work For some time, I ve been looking for another male led UF series that can really stand alongside the Dresden Files for emotional investment and all around awesomeness This is not that work, but it s a solidly entertaining read with a charm all its own.The Good The writing Above everything else, Glen Cook is a master of subtlety He doesn t [...]

  • Garrett, P.I is a hard nosed detective with flat feet and a soft spot for dames He likes his beer plentiful, his wine replaced with beer, and shacks up with a dead guy who helps him on his cases He s bitter, cynical, quick with a wisecrack, hard headed, and still can t help but turn into a white knight when a pretty face gets in trouble He also has to tangle with brutal ogres, big trolls, a centaur or two, and the occasional vampire nest All in a day s work plus expenses for the world s first fa [...]

  • Glen Cook s wisecracking private investigator fits right in with Sam Spade, Philip Marlowe, and the rest of the hardboiled detective crowd from the Dime Detective and Black Mask era The only difference is that he lives in a world inhabited by elves, trolls, sorcerers, vampires, and such Before I got this book for my birthday I wasn t quite sure what to expect, but thought that it might be something in the satirical farce family something along the lines of Discworld.It turns out that Cook plays [...]

  • Cook s tongue in cheek style goes a long way in setting the atmosphere of these books This compilation finishes book 6 in the series for me, and while I think his style is a bit too over the top in the way M A S H became a caricature of itself in later years , as if he s counting how many self effacing witticisms Garrett can wink to the reader with, the stories are still solid mysteries set in a uniquely fantastical landscape As usual with the best of these kinds of books or TV shows , it s the [...]

  • Anthology of the first three novels in the Garrett, P.I series.This is a great fantasy mystery series following the adventures of Garrett, a man who has a habit of finding himself over his head.In Novel 1, Garrett finds himself in the last place he swore he d return, the battlefields of his youth when he was a marine.In Novel 2, the Stormwarden s children have been kidnapped, and Garrett is on the case, but what s the cost of two lives in gold In Novel 3, a tall, blonde offers Garrett an irresis [...]

  • If you like your fantasy literature on the fun side, this is a pretty good bet Think Jim Rockford scraping by as a P.I in a world of vampires, elves, and mob crime Cook of the Black Company books is an excellent writer, really getting behind the eyes of his first person narrators Highly recommended if you d like to try a Mike Hammer Meets Frodo recipe This is actually a very reasonably priced compilation of the first 3 Garrett novels My mid 40s eyes appreciated the large paperback format Availab [...]

  • So far so good I like his mixture of military Micky Spilane style PI and magic other worldly creatures Reads fast enough, Cook keeps a steady pace It will be interesting to see how both the author and his characters have developed, as I progress through this and other series of his If you like The Dresden Files , and or Simon Green s Nightside series, this should be on your short list of titles to follow up on.

  • These books were quite entertaining The main character has a good heart but he does have a tendency to use shady tactics to get the job done Garrett works as a personal investigator and each case he takes requires his brusque approach and willingness to get his hands dirty It was refreshing to have a hero that would be classified as chaotic good.

  • Combine fantasy my first love and noir ish mystery a recently acquired taste and you have the Garrett Files, some of the snarkiest, funniest, and most enjoyable detective stories I ve ever read I was actually lucky enough to find this book secondhand at an SF fantasy bookstore, and I have to say it s very handy having three books there in one volume.

  • A mash up of 1930s, 1940s detective novels with a grim fantasy world similar to the Malazan books or the Black Company Entertaining, well written, and ones that certainly laid the foundation for future novels such as Harry Dresden and other paranormal mystery novels.

  • I have read half way through this series If you like mystery meets sci fy and fantasy then this is a good series Glen Cook has a very different sense of humor and I enjoy the sense of humor he puts into his books.

  • The typical noir private eye, except no guns, and with magic, elves, dwarves, pixies, dinosaurs yes dinosaurs , centaurs, ogres, etc and the dead man A SF book club collection of the first three Garrett stories.

  • A most excellent series for fun, noir meets fantasy Think Sam Spade in a world with ogres, elves, dwarves, and everything else you can imagine.

  • A detective noir fantasy, Chandler dealing with supernatural issues I love Cook s writing and this fits his style perfectly.

  • I bought this book through a sci fi book club while in college It was worth the sacrifice, so much so that I reread it from time to time.

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