☆ Edie ✓ Jean Stein George Plimpton - Edie, Edie Revised with a new coverWhen Edie was first published it quickly became an international best seller and then took its place among the classic books about the s Edie Sedgwick exploded into the p ☆ Edie ✓ Jean Stein George Plimpton - Edie, Edie Revised with a new coverWhen Edie was first published it quickly became an international best seller and then took its place among the classic books about the s Edie Sedgwick exploded into the p

  • Title: Edie
  • Author: Jean Stein George Plimpton
  • ISBN: 9780802134103
  • Page: 481
  • Format: Paperback

☆ Edie ✓ Jean Stein George Plimpton, Edie, Jean Stein George Plimpton, Edie Revised with a new coverWhen Edie was first published it quickly became an international best seller and then took its place among the classic books about the s Edie Sedgwick exploded into the public eye like a comet She seemed to have it all she was aristocratic and glamorous vivacious and young Andy Warhol s superstar But within a few years she flared out asRevised with a new cover ☆ Edie ✓ Jean Stein George Plimpton - Edie, Edie Revised with a new coverWhen Edie was first published it quickly became an international best seller and then took its place among the classic books about the s Edie Sedgwick exploded into the p

  • ☆ Edie ✓ Jean Stein George Plimpton
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    Jean Stein 1934 April 30, 2017 was an American author and editor.Librarian s note There is than one author in the database with this name.

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  • Shattering Edie s story is a tragedy Wait until you meet her family Her father should have been taken out at dawn, blindfolded and shot Moreover, if you want insight into the 1960s New York art world and contemporary culture as a whole, this is your book It s redolent of America in the 60s Fascinating.

  • Place HolderThis is the type of book that, when I see a copy on the shelf of a second hand book store, I buy it, so that I can give it to someone.I don t even have to have someone in mind at the time I can work that out later The point is that a book this good has to find a home on the shelf of someone who loves life, people and writing well, interviewing at its best.This was my first experience of a biography assembled from direct quotes from hundreds of interviews, without any bridging text to [...]

  • Poor, poor Edie if you only know the sleep i lost because i couldn t quit reading your life story told by people who envied, despised, laid, loved and destroyed you This book, discovered from a footnote of a footnote, says a lot about desire and protection Her end story is a story that is now well known and rather ridiculous in the way it plays out, but her beginnings, like many tragic figures, is what kickstarts this oral history with an almost storybook like cast of characters, from her east c [...]

  • The first biography I d ever read completely constructed of reported memories of the subject from people who d been in his or her circle or encountered him or her in some way Edie Sedgwick was the Sixties version of poor little rich girl, descended on both sides from men who founded the Colonies, families which remained prominent throughout American history A gander at geni people Edie Sedgw will give you some idea Her father was a Western artist of the heroic mold, a black sheep who raised his [...]

  • Edited by Jean Stein and George Plimpton, this massive oral biography does well the formidable job of presenting a tragic life, the Warhol scene, and even the old families of New England Edie Sedgwick died at age 28 after becoming famous as the first Factory girl, an Oscar Wilde Paris Hilton fame of being oneself first, and then pursuing projects afterward The interview subjects range from Truman Capote to Andy Warhol to Gregory Corso to various family members, and are presented without backgrou [...]

  • This is a laboriously researched and edited oral history It introduced me to both oral histories which I LOVE and an era in American pop culture I have a vivid memory of seeing this book in the bookstore one of my favorite places as a kid when it came out in 1982 and wanting to read it because I liked the cover 15 years later it became a personal favorite.The book jacket describes the Pop Art scene of the 60s as All glitter and flash on the outside, it was hollow and desperate within like Edie h [...]

  • This book helped me hate Andy Warhol just a little less, because it is clear he was not responsible for the denigration and demise of Edie Sedgwick Edie was going to end up dead of an overdose or a suicide attempt one way or the other, and while Andy was a parasite, the blame for his death cannot be laid at his doorstep.Mostly this book was interesting in a voyeuristic manner I felt a similar sense of looking into the lives of a certain sort of elite when reading about John Cheever s life This b [...]

  • This book was a huge stylistic influence on me in college I even made over my roomate to look like her I would have done so for myself, but I made a much better Funny Girl era Streisand Such a good look she had Around that same time my friends and I stood in line for hours to meet Andy Warhol and get his autograph I didn t think about it as a faux pas at the time, I was still a teenager after all, but I took this book and a few xeroxes of him and Edie that I had colored in crayon Horrors But thi [...]

  • J ai lu cette biographie apr s avoir fugitivement plong dans l univers du New York Warholien de la fin des ann es 60 par le biais de Just Kids , le bouquin de Patti Smith Une silhouette se dessinait en filigrane des lieux et univers cit s, de la Factory Max s en passant par le Chelsea Hotel celle, longiligne et platin e, d jant e, adorable, d Edie Une personnalit qui semblait fasciner autant que d cha ner les pires inimit s En tous les cas, elle semblait ne laisser personne indiff rent.Ce livre [...]

  • Reading this book is like running a marathon in a way sometimes you have to take a breather to slow down so you don t run yourself into the ground This book is slow and dreamlike in parts, whilst fast paced and relentless in others Reading is an experience in itself I found myself getting to the point where I felt like I was actually there in that era, in the Factory and all the other places mentioned in the book with them And not just that, it s horribly sad.Most people probably have some kind [...]

  • I had seen the movie Factory Girl years ago and LOVED IT though wow who is it his girl But never went through to see who she was Then I seen on here a few biographies and said what the heck So I made an order and added this book to the list And sat waiting When I opened the box finally came I grabbed this first and seen it was quotes.Ok I thought what did I buy.But I held out and FINALY decided to read it Boy am I happy I did.It starts out about the Sedgwick family background And then when it g [...]

  • Six different people have recommended this book to me over the last year Jean Stein s narrative format is borrowed heavily from Studs Terkel, but still effective here says that she had an affair with Faulkner and then offered an interview with him to the Paris Review as long as they would give her an editor position, which they did also said that Sinbad, the comedian, was dead for a while, so YMMV but you gotta love anyone that uses a really great moment of intimacy as a bargaining chip for gain [...]

  • I love how Jean Stein uses oral histories to tell Edie Sedgwick s story I love how she begins with Edie s ancestors Edie is like quicksilver dancing between the various anecdotes that convey her moody, maddening, charismatic, contradictory character The 1960s New York pop art scene depicted in these pages defies belief, and Warhol is not a sympathetic character When I started the book, all I could think about was how short Edie s life was, how tragic to die at twenty nine After I finished it, ha [...]

  • Don t speed, fashion, poor little rich girl incest victims and modern art make such a wonderful gumbo Ugh, I cursed myself for getting to NYC after Andy died It all sounded like so much fun Now what can we do

  • This well researched and un romanticized bio of a beautiful, fun, druggy, but ultimately inconsequential heiress, is a must read for students of Andy Warhol, who is easily one of the 20 greatest humans who ever lived.

  • Plimpton Drunk Closeted Slob Gov stoolie Aren t we glad he died Jean Stein She wanted to be a WASP A self righteous tome abt a nitwit that makes schmucks feel godly.

  • You ve probably already heard some version of events of the life of this stylish socialite In late 2006, a film about Edie Sedgwick was released Entitled Factory Girl, it had Sienna Miller playing a wide eyed Mary Sue of sorts, who could tame horses and make even the surliest of weak Bob Dylan impersonators fall in love with her Her downfall and drug addiction was sparked by the treatment of the Big Bad Andy Warhol, leading to her eventual death.The almost cartoonish biopic of the famed sixties [...]

  • I love this book a lot This is my third time reading it I think it s my first time reading it all the way through I used to skip the first few chapters about Sedgwick family members because I thought they were boring or something Now I m obsessed with them I like drawing a complete portrait of these people and the time period I have no personal connection to all American Ivy League prep school, so reading a snapshot of it is really interesting.I ve seen Cat Marnell, drug loving writer for Vice, [...]

  • She was beautiful, she had her own style, she also had some artistic talent that didn t get much use When she was a star and the girl of the year her life, though glamorous, was sad, and I don t mean tragically beautiful, I mean falling asleep with your lit cigarette and waking up in an inferno, sad Either there was a dearth of resources for her personal feelings or she really was kind of empty, superficial Someone dying because of drugs is sad but someone existing on fashion and snobs for the h [...]

  • Just pulled this off of the book shelf from the past because I needed a beach read over the long weekend First half is like Jane Goodall watching mountain gorillas except that instead of mountain gorillas it s a detailed look into a certain segment of the New England upper class and, the sub section of that group that is truly nuts , and the New York very social scene in the 60 s especially around Andy Warhol and, the sub section of that group that was truly nuts Second part of the book is conce [...]

  • This biography of Edie Sedgwick is by all accounts interesting Edie Sedgwick led a life that a very small percentage of the population can empathize with she was the in crowd of the 60s, hanging out with Andy Warhol and just being a tragically fabulous young girl The beginning of the book brings you through the many limbs of the Sedgwick family tree stopping to explain who everyone is and how they came to be where they are After that, you meet Edie and are taken on the downward spiral that her l [...]

  • They recently put out the movie Factory Girl, which was based on this biography of Edie Sedgwick That was another movie that doesn t quite live up to the book The book is written in what I think George Plimpton called an oral history style Basically Jean Stein interviewed a ton of people who knew Edie, and then Plimpton edited those interviews into a narrative I ve never read a biography quite like this, where it s all direct quotes from people woven into a narrative It makes the events seem a l [...]

  • Gave it an extra star because it s kind of the seminal book of this kind, I first read this when it came out, re read it because I had this idea about writing something the real fascination here is the family and how one man Edie s father could essentially destroy an entire robust blue blood american family and he did it largely because of his own insecurities about his masculinity Unfortunately, the book is only about this early on, once you get into the Warhol days and beyond, it s beyond sad, [...]

  • This was 1 of the first biographies I ever read I was a teenager, about 15 years old I couldn t put it down I loved Andy Warhol at the time, but after a few of my older sisters read Edie and could not stop being obsessed with her, her life, and her life with Andy I had to read it Beautiful tragedy is what comes to mind when I think about her and her life Her life, story, even touches my soul today decades later Greatly written You can feel like you were there with Edie, experiencing all of her h [...]

  • This book was a decadent adventure Incredible Every minute of it provoked new emotions I have to say, I think it broke me a little The kind of broken you don t want to fix because it s okay to be many different pieces of a puzzle Life is made up of pieces we try to fit into each other along the way, but there are always cracks that are just space, space within ourselves Questions that go unanswered It s okay to feel a little broken.

  • It s really sad when your role model is a drug addict, but a delightful social enigmatic one Even through her inner struggle everyone saw her sparkle, that is just plainly admirable She was everything and nothing, I am quite envious of her There is no doubt she was a fascinating person, there are people that are born to live and she was definitely one of those people.

  • Took a while to get into it but when I finally realised that it told her story through family and the people she associated with, it was a lot easier to read Self destructive person however bought up in a authoritarian father, dysfunctional family, you can now understand while she took drugs Well worth reading.

  • Sad story of the life of Edie Sedgwick, Andy Warhol s most famous muse It was a really incredible look at the counterculture of the 1960s I felt like I was there, although after reading this book I m not sure I would have wanted to be.

  • Jean Stein Plimpton do a WASP underground homage to Edie Sedgwick A horrifying portrait in some ways but revealing, even endearing in others.

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