North and South

[PDF] Download ☆ North and South : by Elizabeth Gaskell Martin Dodsworth Dorothy Collin - North and South, North and South Although only lately rated among Elizabeth Gaskell s best work North and South is a novel that is remarkable and triumphantly successful on many levels [PDF] Download ☆ North and South : by Elizabeth Gaskell Martin Dodsworth Dorothy Collin - North and South, North and South Although only lately rated among Elizabeth Gaskell s best work North and South is a novel that is remarkable and triumphantly successful on many levels

  • Title: North and South
  • Author: Elizabeth Gaskell Martin Dodsworth Dorothy Collin
  • ISBN: 9780140430554
  • Page: 209
  • Format: Paperback
North and South

[PDF] Download ☆ North and South : by Elizabeth Gaskell Martin Dodsworth Dorothy Collin, North and South, Elizabeth Gaskell Martin Dodsworth Dorothy Collin, North and South Although only lately rated among Elizabeth Gaskell s best work North and South is a novel that is remarkable and triumphantly successful on many levels [PDF] Download ☆ North and South : by Elizabeth Gaskell Martin Dodsworth Dorothy Collin - North and South, North and South Although only lately rated among Elizabeth Gaskell s best work North and South is a novel that is remarkable and triumphantly successful on many levels

  • [PDF] Download ☆ North and South : by Elizabeth Gaskell Martin Dodsworth Dorothy Collin
    209Elizabeth Gaskell Martin Dodsworth Dorothy Collin
North and South

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  • Elizabeth Gaskell Martin Dodsworth Dorothy Collin

    Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell, n e Stevenson 29 September 1810 12 November 1865 , often referred to simply as Mrs Gaskell, was an English novelist and short story writer during the Victorian era She is perhaps best known for her biography of Charlotte Bront Her novels offer a detailed portrait of the lives of many strata of society, including the very poor, and as such are of interest to social historians as well as lovers of literature.

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  • This will be a quote pic review, I don t have time for a long one, and this is such a classic, that whatever I write won t be good enough There will be spoilers as some of my fav quotes, just so you know Thornton and Margaret 3 He almost said to himself that he did not like her, before their conversation ended he tried so to compensate himself for the mortified feeling, that while he looked upon her with an admiration he could not repress, she looked at him with proud indifference, taking him, h [...]

  • I have just completed reading this book for the second time and it has been even better then the first time.I d already seen the BBC series before reading the first time so I already knew the story, and I wish I d come to the books afresh in a way though I do not think that would have altered in anyway, the way I perceived them Though Richard Armitage certainly does help and I swooned over Thornton even .What I love about North and South is the passion and the realness of the characters, the emo [...]

  • Pride and Prejudice wouldn t have been a bad title for this comparative study of English society in the midst of the Industrial Revolution I must say that I was prejudiced against it before starting, and have to swallow my pride and admit I was wrong I thought it would be a dry copy cat version of Hard Times, as the circumstances of its publication seemed to suggest that But never trust your prejudices that is what I learned from reading this highly entertaining and original story, and it also c [...]

  • So about 5 years ago a friend and I were fangirling about Jane Austen generally and debating the merits of the various film adaptations of Pride and Prejudice Colin Firth and Elizabeth Garvie from the 1980 BBC version FTW, by the way and she says, You have to watch this and hands me a couple of DVDs of North and South And I say thank you but I m thinking to myself, well, Patrick Swayze was pretty hot back in the day, but why on earth is she giving me DVDs of a U.S Civil War miniseries when all w [...]

  • I can t quite put my finger on why I love this book quite as much as I do And even for someone who does re read books as much as I do, to get through 3 copies of one book is quite a feat For me, the most remarkable achievement of Gaskell is that she is able to combine so many elements of various 19th century novelistic traditions and yet not have the novel collapse into incomprehensibility.The broad scope of the novel, coupled with insightful depth and comment means that each reading of the book [...]

  • I read this because I d seen the BBC production, and wondered if Margaret Hale would be less silly in the book North and South sounds like it should be about social and geographic divisions, but it s actually about finding balance amidst constant change Although I found her character annoyingly reactive, the Miss Hale of the novel is decidedly less silly than she of the movie.I ve read comparisons of Mr Thornton to Jane Austen s Mr Darcy, but I don t personally see much likeness aside from a ten [...]

  • And yet, yo see, North and South has both met and made kind o friend in this big smoky place image error I almost feel like a fraud reviewing books like this I know that there are probably many details that I miss entirely, some nuances that go straight over my head, but these are my thoughtsever scattered they are Margaret Hale s father has been the spiritual leader of his community of Helston for decades Now he questions his faitht necessarily his belief in God, but maybe the infallible consta [...]

  • Prelepi klasik po kome je pre nekoliko godina snimljena nova serija koja je bozanstvena, onako kako samo Britanci umeju da urade serije i filmove po svojim klasicima Ova autorka je kod nas uglavnom ignorisana od izdavaca Ali ko zna mozda se i to promeni jednog dana cuda su moguca

  • I came to this novel, as is the case for many readers, through the BBC television adaptation, which I watched for the first time earlier this year While I had not consciously avoided the novel and its adaptation until now, it s probably the case that I have been unconsciously avoiding Victorian fiction for some years, preferring the less ponderous novels of the earlier 19th century particularly Austen and the leaner style of 20th century fiction.However at the moment I m in the mood for Victoria [...]

  • 3.5 starsRecommended to everyone who likes classic Victorian drama whether they have seen the stunning BBC mini series or not.SPOILER ALERTNS is about Hampshire born the South Margaret Hale forced to leave her beloved home in the southern countryside as his father a former parson resigns his parsonage because of religious doubts and takes his family to Milton in Darkshire the North There Margaret makes friends with Nicholas Higgins, a poor, but honest and upright weaver and union man and his mor [...]

  • Where Austen leaves off, Gaskell picks up There is a great similarity in the style of these two 19th century writers Both wield language with elegance and strength Call it muscle bound eloquence Gaskell was born during the time in which Austen set most of her bookswell round about then anyway It s hard to tell exactly when most Austen novels are set, but generally they re meant to be prior to or during the Napoleonic Wars 1803 1815 Gaskell was born in 1810 However, Gaskell s writing is solidly V [...]

  • North and South is the only Gaskell I have read so far I first read this after watching the BBC TV series a thing I really should not have done and the overall impression I got was that this was a love story However I liked the book very much and this prompted my reread this year But on the second read, I m surprised to find this to be otherwise I mean, there is still a love story but that is not all It is also about the clash of southern and northern ideas and the clash of working class people [...]

  • Caution Spoilers and Snark abound I m afraid this review will not be popular with fans of the author, or those who see classic literature as unassailable But after slogging through this book especially so soon after discovering Villette, a truly excellent classic , I feel obliged to warn potential readers, and let those who were disappointed with the book but wary about criticizing a classic know that they aren t alone.So, then a recipe for North and South Add one romantic plotline borrowed stra [...]

  • I ll admit that until about a month ago, I had never heard of Elizabeth Gaskell I stumbled on her work after watching the BBC s miniseries North South, which I loved All of you Pride Prejudice fans out there should check out North South It s wonderful Anyway, I read up on Gaskell and found that she s a hidden gem of 19th century British literature Her books have romance, but also strong social themes North South focuses on the factories and industrial workers in northern England in the 1850s.Its [...]

  • FULL REVIEW AT LITERARY CAFE literarycafe.weebly home n I wish I could tell you how lonely I am How cold and harsh it is here Everywhere there is conflict and unkindness I think God has forsaken this place I believe I have seen Hell and it s white, it s snow white This is certainly a favorite classic of mine that I have enjoyed time and time again The multi layered plotline and political, as well as societal, elements, place this novel far ahead of its time One of the reasons I particularly enjo [...]

  • I usually really enjoy books of this genre but this one left me unmoved I liked the characters who were all beautifully drawn and well rounded Mrs Hale has to take the prize for selfishness although several others came very close I enjoyed the story very much but felt that the author rambled a bit too far and also enjoyed her soap box a little too much These were all important issues of the time but were delivered with a very heavy hand.The relationship between Mr Thornton and Margaret was done [...]

  • Gaskell is at her best with the tiny details of life that make the characters and the setting come into sharp focus Margaret sitting on the worn carpet before the fire, the candles unlit until her parents appear The observation about how two people, left alone in an enormous room, will speak in low voices as if unwilling to awaken the unused echoes Gaskell s side characters, especially the women, are delightfully rounded, even if her hero and heroine are a tad too uprightly conventional Mrs Thor [...]

  • I skimmed the last 25% of this because I was honestly just so bored, I m very sad to say Perhaps Elizabeth Gaskell just isn t the author for me

  • I shall always remember North and South as one of the last books that my mother and I discovered together She loved books all her life, and even when her short term memory and her ability to follow a story faded she still appreciated lovely prose, being told about the books I was reading, and watching costume dramas on television She loved the BBC adaptation of Cranford , and was able to recall studying the book and school and talk about how what she watched and heard compared with what she had [...]

  • On Sunday evening I finished reading Elizabeth Gaskell s North and South It s the book they based the wonderful BBC movie on, in case you were wondering It took me three weeks, maybe four to read this novel I think that s the longest time I ve spent with a book this year not including when I ve reread some of my favorites A couple of years back I remember starting this book, but for some reason or another I didn t finish it Just recently I came upon a website that posted pictures from the movie [...]

  • Why have I not come across Elizabeth Gaskell s work before I have been missing out I came across North and South through a recommendation from my good friend to watch the mini series So, eventually I did watch the mini series and I absolutely loved it I was intrigued by the characters and the story and I really wanted to read the novel So in a few short days I began reading the original novel And I really, really loved it The novel did seem quite daunting, being one of the longer classics I have [...]

  • I know you despise me allow me to say, it is because you don t understand me.I absolutely adore this book The only disappointment was the abrupt albeit happy ending I wish there was a little bit of a wrap up of plot and characters at the end And there were a few too many simultaneous deaths in the book so that the last couple hardly affected me at all But otherwise, I really enjoyed it The banter and dynamic between Mr Thornton and Margaret is a familiar and intriguing one I found myself rootin [...]

  • I had never really considered reading any Elizabeth Gaskell novels until I watched, and greatly enjoyed, the BBC adaptation of North and South.I have to say, I love both the book and the miniseries equally Mr Thornton has definitely acceded to the post of best literary hero in my mind sorry, Mr Darcy I couldn t help but swoon over his thoughts What a man One of the things I really loved about this book was how real the characters were They had their insecurities, weaknesses and petty jealousies, [...]

  • Norte e Sul isso mesmo um livro que nos mostra os contrastes entre o Norte e o Sul da Inglaterra vitoriana em meados do s XIX.Um norte industrializado a bra os com as primeiras greves e reivindica es por parte de uma popula o laboral explorada, frente a um patronato que ia enriquecendo s custas da fome de homens e mulheres que viviam numa evidente pobreza Do bra o de ferro e dos consequentes confrontos surgiram as primeiras negocia es entre patr es e empregados, naquele que iria ser um longo per [...]

  • I ve been having conversations with my sister over the various articles being written on McDonald s unethical procedures of late It s not the first time the topic has come up, but it is the first time since she was hired at said company s behest to earn her pocket money I ll talk about employees cleaning their uniforms off the clock, she ll point out the ease of our home bound washing machine, I ll comment on the level of her paycheck, she ll speak of the guarantee of college, I ll bring up nigh [...]

  • Have you read this book If not, you should.I wish I could read it again for the first time.How he loves her will make an inescapable impression on you If you are at all a romantic, this book is a must read.

  • I just finished reading North and South I had immediately preceded my read of Gaskell s North and South with a reading of Charlotte Bronte s Shirley as they both tend to address the issues of life and love in the north of England and the interactions and differences between the gentry, the manufacturers, and the working class Both novels involve quite serious romantic themes between gentlewomen and generally self made Middle class men struggling to forge prosperous businesses in the age of indus [...]

  • Trigger warnings loss of a parent, loss of a friend, suicide.24 3 2017I love this book an unnatural amount and I stand by everything I said last time around I probably have in depth thoughts than that, but I m falling asleep So 10 2 2015Elizabeth Gaskell is one of my favourite nineteenth century authors I became mildly infatuated with Wives and Daughters when the BBC miniseries aired here in 1999, and became obsessed with it all over again in 2001 when I studied it at university and let me tell [...]

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