False Friends

↠ False Friends ¾ Stephen Leather - False Friends, False Friends In the ninth book in the Dan Spider Shepherd series the most wanted man in the world is dead now those loyal to him seek revengeWhen Osama Bin Laden is tracked down and killed by the Navy Seal operat ↠ False Friends ¾ Stephen Leather - False Friends, False Friends In the ninth book in the Dan Spider Shepherd series the most wanted man in the world is dead now those loyal to him seek revengeWhen Osama Bin Laden is tracked down and killed by the Navy Seal operat

  • Title: False Friends
  • Author: Stephen Leather
  • ISBN: 9780340925010
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Paperback
False Friends

↠ False Friends ¾ Stephen Leather, False Friends, Stephen Leather, False Friends In the ninth book in the Dan Spider Shepherd series the most wanted man in the world is dead now those loyal to him seek revengeWhen Osama Bin Laden is tracked down and killed by the Navy Seal operation in a highly protected compound in Pakistan it s obvious there was a leak from within After the source is revealed to be two students Malik and Chaudhry ex Islamic fIn the ninth boo ↠ False Friends ¾ Stephen Leather - False Friends, False Friends In the ninth book in the Dan Spider Shepherd series the most wanted man in the world is dead now those loyal to him seek revengeWhen Osama Bin Laden is tracked down and killed by the Navy Seal operat

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  • ↠ False Friends ¾ Stephen Leather
    124 Stephen Leather
False Friends

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    Stephen Leather was a journalist for than ten years on newspapers such as The Times, the Daily Mail and the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong His bestsellers have been translated into than ten languages He has also written for television shows such as London s Burning, The Knock and the BBC s Murder in Mind series For much of 2011 his self published eBooks including The Bestseller, The Basement, Once Bitten and Dreamer s Cat dominated the UK eBook bestseller lists and sold than half a million copies The Basement topped the Kindle charts in the UK and the US, and in total he has sold than two million eBooks His bestselling book The Chinaman was filmed as The Foreigner, starring Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan and grossing than 100 million.

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  • Stephen Leather is fairly unusual in this genre, he has allowed his character Spider Shepherd to develop and evolve through the series and balanced the action with realistic and satisfying characterisation The books also reflect a changing society, environment and culture so the books feel up to date and fresh.In False Friends, Spider is babysitting two Pakistani informers who not only helped identify the location of Bin Laden but also are being primed for the next big UK terrorist spectacular A [...]

  • I always enjoy Spider Shepherd novels and this one certainly didn t change that tradition However, the last book in this series, Fair Game got an easy 5 stars from me, and is one of my favourite books ever published That happens rarely for a book released so late in a series This book was of a three and a half stars, maybe a four stars 3 3 4 we can say False Friends was interesting, with a story that was well constructed There was humour and some amazing one liners I also appreciated that there [...]

  • Can this guy write a bad book At all Is it possible Personally, I don t think so I don t think it s possible I think you d have to be mad to think that This was a fantastic, enthralling top of the notch book No, not book, experience That said, it wasn t as good as he can write But that should take nothing away from this brilliant book Four Stars, and so nearly Plot Four Stars First of all, I ll get the few faults out of the way Bad news before good and all that I was somewhat off put by Shepher [...]

  • Book number 9 in the Dan Spider Shepherd series Despite a slower than usual start this book soon picked up the pace Once again the book doesn t follow a single plot line, so that there is always something happening somewhere It was good to see a couple of old characters re appearing, with Sam Hargrove and Razor Sharpe having larger roles than previously A couple of the plots did seem rushed, and rather fizzled out towards the climax However, I have found this series to be highly enjoyable, it se [...]

  • False Friends is the ninth in this series of books about Dan Spider Shepherd He has worked for the SAS, SOCA, the Met and is now with MI5.This story has two main story lines Spider has to don the persona of an arms dealer while at the same time maintaining the role of John Whitehill whose task is keeping two young lads, Chaudry and Mallik, safe after they were instrumental in providing information leading to the death of the most sought after man in the world.This is another sensational offering [...]

  • After a team of Navy SEALS killed Bin Laden, members of al Qaeda found a detailed map of the inside of Bin Laden s compound.This could only have come from a traitor and finding out who this is and obtaining retribution became the number one priority.In England we learn about the source of the information Two idealistic Pakastanians, Malik and Chaudhry discuss the mission and wonder about what danger they are in Their handler is M15 agent Dan Spider Shepherd, who is a compassionate man and treat [...]

  • Throughout this book, I was all set to give this a three star rating, but the last 20% really brought this up to the level of some of my fave Leather books Most of the book is very dialogue orientated and lacks serious action and excitement, but the end culminates in spectacular style We re still on the par for the course Dan vs Pakistani terrorists plot, which for me is personally getting a bit old, but I liked to angle Stephen used for this one There was a nice curve ball with Choudrey s tail [...]

  • This next chapter in the life of Dan Shepherd is a different approach from the previous titles in the series The story is told from a number of different voicepoints very successfully I must add , and the conversations themselves are political.However, this does nothing to detract from the action packed plot expected of a Dan Shepherd novel False Friends is fast paced and works well having Dan limited to a few locations Dan s taking on board the role of handler in this book too and you can real [...]

  • British terrorists from two different causes, Al Qaeda and a mission to prevent them all Fast paced, easy to read and a good read overall.

  • Brilliant againJust brilliant read again and again,,and I thought at first how could this author improve his great work in writing these books,, but yet again he never fails to amaze me with his great work and books

  • Good enough, but a whole weird Knights Templar side plot that seemed like a token effort to make the book PC whilst tackling the subject of Islamic terrorists Side plot was resolved in a clumsy way, and was almost as if the author didn t know what to do with it.

  • Started off slow but then gathered a good pace Like all the Dan Shepherd stories are really good.Have a really good ending.

  • False Friends by Stephen Leather is a fic tional book in the Dan Shep herd series This is the 9th book in the series, but can be read as a stand alone book.Two Eng lish cit i zens of Pak istani descent, Malik and Chaudhry, are both ered with the ter ror ism activ i ties done in the name of their reli gion Dream ing of careers in med i cine and hos pi tal ity they help MI5 with infor ma tion which leads to the assas si na tion of Bin laden.Al Qaeda real ize that there is a trai tor in their mist [...]

  • This was my first introduction to a Stephen Leather book The biggest thing that attracted me to buy and read the book was mostly the cover, thinking that it would be a great spy novel like one of the Jasone Borne novels or one of the James Bond books, sadly I was mistaken.Though the book does contain some spy stuff but not much in abundance.I was not greatly impressed nor disappointed in the book The book does start of good with the capture and killing of Bin Laden, and goes on from there Readin [...]

  • You know what you re getting with the Spider Shepherd books, and this one s no different It s nothing that s going to make me question my world view, and it s written in a way that doesn t make me feel quite like I m being completely battered over the head with the author s own views.As is usual, I find the dialogue to be stilted in places Razor, in particular, seems to exist just to espouse a right wing view which Shepherd can put up some half hearted objections to.My main grip is the second st [...]

  • The 9th book in the Dan Shepherd series by Stephen Leather I have now finished the 9th book in this excellent series that I only started 4 weeks ago and I am already reading the 10th book Each book is a new story and in theory could be read as a one off book but I think to fully enjoy and keep up with all the sub plots it is best to read in order I am now very close to catching up with the latest book in the series and that is such a pity.

  • Another great book featuring the best undercover and most realistic agent in the business These stories are screaming for a miniseries.Up to date research and meticulous storytelling combined with action and suspense combine for a recipe to create another chapter in the Spider Sheperd Series.Recommended to fans of Vince Flynn and Brad Thor, a British counter terrorist agent who plays by the rules but not afraid to break them.

  • I found this book to be a really exciting page turner I liked the story itself as for the most part it didn t actually seem particularly far fetched I could actually see the events depicted here happening in real life without having to suspend disbelief very much I liked the main characters too, as they were all very believable to me and felt like real people All in all a found this a very enjoyable read.

  • fantastic story once again, suspense, drama and thrills keep the reader hanging on with twists along the way anyone who has not read a stephen leather i would strongly reccomend any of his fantastic stories, be it the fantastic spider shepherd range or any of his other equally fantastic stories cant wait to dive into true colours

  • Another roller coaster of a ride, from Stephen Leather.The story takes you in to the minds of the characters keeps you wanting to turn the page even at 4am.A fantastic read highly recommended.

  • Another Spider Shepherd novel and it does not disappoint A neat touch by starting off with fact or is it written into the storyline and it grips from then on Stephen Leather seems to get better with each book and looking forward to many fine novels from a fine author.

  • Spider at his best couldn t put this book down until I finished he gets better in every book if your not a Stephen leather fan you are missing a treat

  • He does it again I dont think the dan shepherd series can end i honestly didn t think there was any other story lines but this was just as gripping

  • This is an eerily true to life novel Stephen Leather at his best One can actually believe this could did happen

  • Entertaining police story, but pamflet against multicultural society as most of his dan shepherd books.If the author would be able to hide his very right wing points of view, it would be 4 stars.

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