Blindfolded Innocence

[PDF] Blindfolded Innocence | by ↠ Alessandra Torre - Blindfolded Innocence, Blindfolded Innocence Expanded Edition I m not sure what you have been told about me but I m not nearly as bad as they make me out to be His deliciously deep voice carried a little bit of ego I m sure you are exactly as b [PDF] Blindfolded Innocence | by ↠ Alessandra Torre - Blindfolded Innocence, Blindfolded Innocence Expanded Edition I m not sure what you have been told about me but I m not nearly as bad as they make me out to be His deliciously deep voice carried a little bit of ego I m sure you are exactly as b

  • Title: Blindfolded Innocence
  • Author: Alessandra Torre
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Blindfolded Innocence

[PDF] Blindfolded Innocence | by ↠ Alessandra Torre, Blindfolded Innocence, Alessandra Torre, Blindfolded Innocence Expanded Edition I m not sure what you have been told about me but I m not nearly as bad as they make me out to be His deliciously deep voice carried a little bit of ego I m sure you are exactly as bad as they make you out to be Brad De Luca is used to getting whatever and whomever he wants The premier divorce attorney in town he s a playboy who s bedded half the cExpanded [PDF] Blindfolded Innocence | by ↠ Alessandra Torre - Blindfolded Innocence, Blindfolded Innocence Expanded Edition I m not sure what you have been told about me but I m not nearly as bad as they make me out to be His deliciously deep voice carried a little bit of ego I m sure you are exactly as b

  • [PDF] Blindfolded Innocence | by ↠ Alessandra Torre
    208Alessandra Torre
Blindfolded Innocence

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  • Blindfolded Innocence, book 1 of 3 Law firm intern, Julia s life collides with boss, senior law partner and manwhore extraordinaire Brad De Luca I am choosing to explain them to you because I hope to fuck you in the future he placed careful emphasis on the word fuck and I don t want to do it with any misplaced expectations on your part Books should be read in order Book 1 Blindfolded InnocenceBook 1.5 The Diary of Brad De LucaBook 2 Masked InnocenceBook 3 End Of The InnocenceBlindfolded Innocenc [...]

  • 4 4.5 stars Blindfolded Innocence is a book I ve had on my kindle for YEARS I decided to listen to the audio version this week and I loved it This book took me out of my comfort zone There were parts I wasn t happy with the hero which is maybe the only reason it s not a 5 view spoiler VEGAS Come on Brad hide spoiler but I have to say he really grew on me by the end I loved DeLuca I think he s one of those characters you have to learn about completely before you can really start to like him Brad [...]

  • 4.25 StarsIs that the only reason I m sitting here Because I m an intern in your firm, therefore off limits I invited you here because I enjoy spending time with you You challenge me and make me laugh And because every time I see you I want to rip your clothes off and put my hands on you.Why oh why did it take me so long to read this My first book by Allesandra Torre was Sex Love Repeat and I absolutely fell in love with her writing style I then went back and one clicked every single book by her [...]

  • I m sorry but if you put a raunchy image of a chick butt naked and covering her vagina their on the front of the book, THEN that book should at least have some sexual tension in the first ten chapters.Was there No.Then what was there I got to learn a lot about her interning for a guy that wasn t the hero I found out some tidbits about the hero which isn t even important Boring Boring Boring.Okay so hero meets heroine.eventually around 25% of the book I think which is a big no no for romance book [...]

  • BLINDFOLDED INNOCENCE has been REDUCED on for a very short period GRAB IT 5 Brad Delicious De Luca Stars My internship at Clarke, De Luca Broward began on a Monday morning at 8.00am I adore the writing style of Alessandra Torre, she captures my imagination with her well thought out characters and stories, and of course, she writes the most delicious erotic and sexually gorgeous scenes They are divine Needless to say I ve been looking forward to this series immensely A few things were troubling m [...]

  • I ve had this book on my TBL for a while and somehow had forgotten about it until I read this author s fabulicious book, Hollywood Dirt, book show 2where Brad de Luca plays a part in the story and I could not wait to begin reading his story.Blindfolded Innocence is the 1st book in the Innocence Series and it was such a sexy and entertaining read.Now I understand the magic of Brad de Luca.let me just add that at first I thought this is a total wicked, sexy hunk but a dangerous man to fall in love [...]

  • 4.5 Brad De Luca Stars no other description will do 1 2Spoiler Free Damn try being an intern at his law firm Get stuck with the boring, overloaded corporate cases while others just down the hallway are able to intern with the Divorce God Brad De Luca Women put their dissolving marriages on hold just to have him represent them and do all sorts of other things with him Brad is a force He enters a room and sucks all of the air out of it He is a little older but built with strong written all over hi [...]

  • Update 29th April 2014 review completed 5 Innocent but arousing stars Wow just wow This author is something else this oh this I m just going to say I loved it Brad De luca is a well known, driven and excellent Divorce attorney, he s the best in Town He s also a highly sexual man and has slept with half the town including his clients, he s used to getting what he wants and because of his reputation and his Polyamorous lifestyle his partners have the female interns and he has the male He also stay [...]

  • Holy Mother of Endings that final scene was FUCKHOT Julia is an intern recently accepted into a renowned law firm Unfortunately, she gets stuck interning for the guy specializing in boring corporate law and who notoriously works 80 hour work weeks Her friend Todd gets to intern for the hot and very famous divorce attorney Brad De Luca They won t put a female with Brad as he has a reputation of being a total man whore No mixing business with pleasure Innocent Julia combined with predator Brad Cor [...]

  • 3.5 stars I m not sure what you have been told about me, but I m not nearly as bad as they make me out to be His deliciously deep voice carried a little bit of ego 50% in and I was ready to give up Was not feeling much for the characters But persevered.His cocky smily infuriated meWe have Julia, a 21 year old intern who has been warned to stay away from Brad De Luca, one of the partners in the Law firm But the attraction is there once they eventually meet To be honest, sometimes Brad came across [...]

  • 4.5 not so innocent after all STARS I m not sure what you have been told about me, but I m not nearly as bad as they make me out to be My very first Alessandra Torre book and it was goooooooooood Surprising, witty, naughty and all around immensely satisfying.From the first page I was pleasantly surprised by the cheeky writing style It just speaks to me and felt very natural to read like being in my own head I m the queen of witty comments, if you didn t know that already P Is that the only reaso [...]

  • 5 Awesome StarsI must say for certain that when I start an Alessandra Torre book, I am going to have one hot damn, incredibly sexy read We start with Julia Campbell, a college intern at a law office She s only 21 and well she s young, beautiful, sassy and a little full of herself but I have to say I loved her There are rumors of all the partners and what they are like She gets stuck with Mr Work a holic but Julia is smart and driven and wants a good recommendation for law schools so she sucks it [...]

  • How do we know we aren t the person we both are searching for I was completely hooked the first 20 percent of this story I was enjoying the idea of our young intern and the forbidden whore law firm partner When Brad DeLuca talks Julia into going to Vegas with him and their interaction began I didn t feel any true connection It took me to the end of the story to decide whether or not I liked it Julia is supposedly innocent but honestly she isn t Brad isn t all that for me either The manner in whi [...]

  • Cover Title 4 out of 5Favorite lines What if what we re looking for is each other Rule 2 She is mine and not yours Remember that Favorite Characters Julia Okay so this is one of those books where i know people will be like it is another 50SOG it is not though Here is why no contract, no virginal vanilla lead female, no BDSM, no horrible childhoods no anal plug sex Yes the dude is rich, a bit controlling and into kinkiness but it is not Christian kink it is different kink which i will not go into [...]

  • Warning slightly spoilerish rant review2.5 Out of my Comfort Zone StarsRule 1 She is kept blindfolded for the first meeting.If the blindfold is to be taken off,it must be done by her alone.There are stories that you think you can breeze your way through.There are stories that you feel connected to the characters.There are stories that remind you of personal experiences.And then there are stories like Blindfolded Innocence.Law student Julia Campbell is interning in a law firm and everyone keeps w [...]

  • What if what we re looking for is each other I think the only reason why I decided to pick this one up is because Brad De Luca was mentioned in Hollywood Dirt Now I m not sure if you were supposed to read this one first, or Hollywood Dirt, because reading that one first before this one, I already know that Brad and Julia get married So really there isn t any point in reading this except if you re curious as to how they met Anyways, I loved Brad when he represented Cole in his divorce in HD Guy s [...]

  • Well tickle my tits till Friday Brad De Luca.OH MY FUCK.I m going to need a cold shower and a motherfucking cigarette now after reading this book.I haven t read a story like this in forever and it was such an awesome change.I m going to keep this short and sweet because I m wetting myself with anntispation to read the next one.It was HOT AS FUCK.Cocks and nipples everywhere I had myself a lovely time.The story was captivating from the very first page and I couldn t put it down.Brad De Fucking Lu [...]

  • 3.5 Mr De Luca stars BLINDFOLDED INNOCENCE is a kinkier version of older rich guy meets younger naive girl Their forbidden office romance kicks in when Mr De Luca is intrigued by the new intern working for his law partner Julia is excited for her internship at the law firm even though it means she will be stuck working for the law partner who likes to put in long hours Julia is very vanilla when it comes to sex being that she is only 21 years old and has had only two boyfriends in her lifetimes [...]

  • SPOILER FREE REVIEW mature content reader discretion is advised.4.5 STARS out of 5Genre RomanceHello my name is Alexis and I am a confessed Alessandra Torre ADDICT In Blindfolded Innocence you meet Julia Campbell, a pre law student fresh off a broken engagement And Brad De Luca a partner at a top law firm The book begins with Julia starting her very first day at an internship which just so happens to be at said law firm Brad De Luca is infamous for his conquests in and out of the court room He i [...]

  • 2.25 starsDon t shoot I know a lot of you loved this book And a lot of you loved De Luca But I didn tIn fact this book just hit one of my major pet peeves and that made me kinda mad.Add to the fact that a law student from a middle class family, with student debt, has an insane amount of shoes and outfits from major brands, referenced her Inner Goddess albeit only once , had a debate for her old self and new self, and that was enough for me not to like it much.It started ok, I really liked the wr [...]

  • I just finished reading another one of Alessandra Torre s books in which Brad DeLuca s character played a small role as a divorce attorney Let me clarify, his role may have been small but his presence was massive I had to keep reminding myself who the main character was To avoid spoilers, I usually wait until after finishing a book to read reviews and that s when I realized there is a whole series dedicated to DeLuca Needless to say, I jumped right on himum, I mean the books I jumped right on hi [...]

  • 5 Brad fucking De Luca StarsJulia is just starting her internship Already warned to stay away from the law firm s star Divorce Attorney, Brad De Luca, Julia begins her long days and even longer nights wondering and about the man behind the double doors Julia owns her sexuality, however limited it may be She knows that men want her, she knows how to ensure that they always are left wanting but Brad s not a college boy that she can simply tease He s also not the kind of man to give up control e [...]

  • I admit, I bought this book for no other reason than the stare at me cover It isn t a romance Not in the traditional sense If you aren t able to sympathize with the swinger lifestyle, if you hold tight to monogamous ideals, or if you consider yourself the jealous type, then you won t enjoy this book To everyone else, don t pass this up It s an intelligently written sexy story with lots of law office drama Even though Brad De LoveHimself is a self absorbed, shallow prick with zero redeeming quali [...]

  • March 25, 2014This was a reread for me my original review for this edition below When I first read this book back in August 2012, I wasn t aware that it was going to have a sequel be part of the series When I was finished, I was kind of left scratching my head because the ending seemed too abrupt and definitely left me wanting .I also didn t care for Julia at all first time around so, after having finished books 2 and 3 in the series and becoming a fan of hers, I wanted to reread this one and se [...]

  • 4.5 Blindfold Me Stars Dear Brad, You are a dirty man and I like it When I first saw you, I thought you were impossibly handsome and sex just oozed from your pores After trying to resist, my lust conquered pragmatism and we had quite an enjoyable trip to Vegas We gambled, I made new friend named Montana and did some other things As you said to me, When you do decide to let me f ck your sweet little body, I will make you bad Very bad Point to Brad Then you proposed an intriguing notion of group a [...]

  • Buy now for only 0.99 a steal for this steamy read My favorite series of 2014 Blindfolded InnBR with The Girls Elizabeth, Katy, Elle, Jessica, Stephanie, Claudine, Jessi5 Not So Innocent Stars Brad De Luca is the epitome of tall, dark, and handsome He oozes sex with his confident domineering demeanor Brad is a 34 years old man with a very successful law firm Women seek him out for his dynamite skill in the courtroom fighting to get them all they deserve in a divorce for his pleasuring skills in [...]

  • Blindfolded InnocenceBy Alessandra TorreAlso posted realitybites letsgetlostsIn looking at the cover of this book, I almost didn t read it I don t know what it was but it did not wow me You know what they say don t judge a book by its cover well this is the book that falls in that category Julia Campbell, a pre law student, has just broken off her engagement She is now free, well until she begins her internship at a prestigious law firm Her boss has warned her to stay away from one of the partne [...]

  • Read this for Alessandra Torre week on the Shhhh group If you didn t already know, I am a big Alessandra Torre fan, I mean the woman has written some of my favourite books There are a couple of her books I have yet to catch up on some of the older ones and it just felt like the right time to start this I kept being told I needed to meet Brad De Luca and well clearly I am pretty happy to have met him now That man is a true enigma.Any who, I think this book brings a new aspect to the whole erotica [...]

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