Requiem - Uma Alucinação

Unlimited Requiem - Uma Alucinação - by Antonio Tabucchi - Requiem - Uma Alucinação, Requiem Uma Alucina o Como que suspenso entre a consci ncia e a inconsci ncia entre a realidade e o sonho um homem encontra se ao meio dia em ponto sem perceber porqu numa Lisboa deserta e t rrida de um domingo de Jul Unlimited Requiem - Uma Alucinação - by Antonio Tabucchi - Requiem - Uma Alucinação, Requiem Uma Alucina o Como que suspenso entre a consci ncia e a inconsci ncia entre a realidade e o sonho um homem encontra se ao meio dia em ponto sem perceber porqu numa Lisboa deserta e t rrida de um domingo de Jul

  • Title: Requiem - Uma Alucinação
  • Author: Antonio Tabucchi
  • ISBN: 9789722032902
  • Page: 452
  • Format: Paperback
Requiem - Uma Alucinação

Unlimited Requiem - Uma Alucinação - by Antonio Tabucchi, Requiem - Uma Alucinação, Antonio Tabucchi, Requiem Uma Alucina o Como que suspenso entre a consci ncia e a inconsci ncia entre a realidade e o sonho um homem encontra se ao meio dia em ponto sem perceber porqu numa Lisboa deserta e t rrida de um domingo de Julho Sabe vagamente que tem umas tarefas a cumprir uma ltima sobretudo encontrar se com um ilustre poeta desaparecido que como todos os fantasmas talvez apare a s meiComo q Unlimited Requiem - Uma Alucinação - by Antonio Tabucchi - Requiem - Uma Alucinação, Requiem Uma Alucina o Como que suspenso entre a consci ncia e a inconsci ncia entre a realidade e o sonho um homem encontra se ao meio dia em ponto sem perceber porqu numa Lisboa deserta e t rrida de um domingo de Jul

  • Unlimited Requiem - Uma Alucinação - by Antonio Tabucchi
    452 Antonio Tabucchi
Requiem - Uma Alucinação

About “Antonio Tabucchi

  • Antonio Tabucchi

    Antonio Tabucchi was an Italian writer and academic who taught Portuguese language and literature at the University of Siena, Italy.Deeply in love with Portugal, he was an expert, critic and translator of the works of the writer Fernando Pessoa from whom he drew the conceptions of saudade, of fiction and of the heteronomouses Tabucchi was first introduced to Pessoa s works in the 1960s when attending the Sorbonne He was so charmed that, back in Italy, he attended a course of Portuguese language for a better comprehension of the poet.

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  • Requiem A HallucinationAntonio TabucchiWhat is hallucination Experiences by our mind due to a lack of skill at reality testing or reality discrimination as psychologists put it and those who, experience hallucinations, interpret world differently from rest of us so called normal beings and what is reality then The way our consciousness process stimuli from the surroundings to create percepts and concepts then, are hallucinations created due to ambiguous wandering of our unconsciousness , but isn [...]

  • My past is everything I failed to be The Book of Disquiet, Fernando Pessoa Memory is made of hope and oblivion resembling a shimmering reflection of vanished beings in the hollow mirror of silence and time, which provides walking paths to shorten the distance between previous but vividly delineated selves and the faint creature one is now.Let s invent a universe where to walk slowly on the horizon separating the sky and sea and wire a versed bridge to bring the past forward to the future of curr [...]

  • fe is strange and strange things happen in lifeIndeed How to describe this inconspicuous book , this strange dream like journey through shimmering in the heat city The story, which is impossible to tell in Italian and needs Portuguese as the author claims , takes place in July s scorching heat , in some beautiful sweltering emptiness in the middle of siesta time.Narrator , wandering from one bar to another , visiting museum , house where once lived , cemetery , on foot , tram , taxi , meets diff [...]

  • Waiting on line I perspired Some of those in front, along the winding ess curve of bodies, left while others passed through the entrance My turn, the person in the booth remained invisible behind the grill and mesh netting Through a small window slot near the bottom I asked the dark female voice the price of entrance The ability to quickly enter another world with an open mind, she began her list Unafraid to tour a life racked by the methods of Time s skill in tearing memory asunder.The removal [...]

  • We are all fascinated by our own memories Think about it As we get older, we spend many moments tripping back and forth through the years, through the familiar scenes of our lives, revisiting conversations with loved ones, rewriting the script of many of those encounters using the new insights of our wiser and maturer selves The trick would be to do that beautifully and seamlessly on paper as Tabucchi has done in Requiem where he weaves the memories and conversations of former years, particularl [...]

  • This is priceless An un self important masterpiece, deeply affecting and yet sheer pleasure to read A celebration of Portugal and Fernando Pessoa by an Italian who chose to write this most perfect of all his books in Portuguese What is it about Pessoa that so excites the imagination So far I m not a big fan of Jose Saramago, but his The Year of the Death of Ricardo Reis concerning one of Pessoa s key pseudonymic alter egos is also brilliant, and for many of the same reasons as this is funny, sad [...]

  • un fado, malinconico e suadente, a far da colonna sonora di una torrida giornata di luglio a Lisbona, sotto un sole accecante e un cielo di un azzurro esagerato e distante, come un allucinazione L inconscio ha scalzato l anima dell io narrante e la citt diventa il luogo di un incontro tra passato e futuro, confine tra un prima e un dopo, di un sogno di cui lo stesso protagonista sembra far parte Le dodici ore in cui si svolge la storia sono popolate da personaggi reali e ombre della memoria, tut [...]

  • msarki.tumblr post 7606810After completing this quick read I was reminded of my very first sighting of the Chrysler Building in New York City just after coming out of the hole in exiting the subway I immediately remarked to my companion that day that this building is the one that should really be the Empire State Building My guide that day long ago got quite a kick out of my country bumpkin statement But it was true at that time The magnificence of first lighting eyes on this wildly extravagant [...]

  • A ridiculously charming novella that is is difficult to describe in a way that gives it justice The story follows one day or perhaps one dream of an Italian walking around Lisbon interacting with both figures from his past and people he meets It works at many levels as mediatation on life a flanneurs travel guide to Lisbon a collection of rustic Portuguese cooking a homage to Pessoa but above all it works as an expression of love by a foreigner of a country he gets to know in a way that only a f [...]

  • Writers who choose to write novels or poetry in languages other than their native one intrigue me The list of such writers in the modern period would be a long one, extending from Conrad Polish English , Beckett Irish French , Nabokov Russian English and many others up to Nathalie Sarraute Russian French , Ha Jin Chinese English , Dai Sijie Chinese French , and Jonathan Littell American French Antonio Tabucchi, the well known Italian novelist, writes this novel in Portuguese and claims, over, th [...]

  • Non l ultima domenica di luglio giorno in cui si svolgono le vicende narrate nel libro , ma ho passato il mio Ferragosto a lavoro sigh riuscendo almeno ad approfittarne per leggere questo bellissimo libro Nonostante la funesta circostanza, sono riuscita a perdermi nelle torride strade di una Lisboa deserta e al contempo sovraffollata dai fantasmi di un uomo pieno di rimorsi, domande e curiosit Conosco ormai abbastanza Tabucchi da poter ritrovare nel protagonista di Requiem il suo Io pi maturo, l [...]

  • I visited Lisbon last summer and this book was my travelling guide along with the first chapter from John Berger s Here is where we meet In both books, Lisbon is the ideal city to meet the ghosts of the beloved Tabucchi s narrator an alter ego of sorts has an encounter with Fernando Pessoa His conversation with the departed poet is a masterpiece of shared saudade He also meets a female absence, a lost companion, in one of the deserted salons of Casa de Alentejo The content of their conversation [...]

  • If you re into stuff like this, you can read the full review.The Emptiness of Literature Requiem A Hallucination by Antonio Tabucchi, Margaret Jull Costa translator Were someone to ask me why I wrote this story in Portuguese, I would answer simply that a story like this could only be written in Portuguese it s as simple as that But there is something else that needs explaining Strictly speaking, a Requiem should be written in Latin, at least that s what tradition prescribes Unfortunately, I don [...]

  • As the title indicates, Requiem A Hallucination, this is a remembrance of people living and dead Lisbon and Portugal Bosch s painting The Temptation of St Anthony food drink cocktails, champagnes, soft drinks, port Lacoste polo shirts, genuine and fake the past and present modernism and post modernism saudade melancholic nostalgia felt for people, things, pleasures and times now lost stories soul and the unconscious which you catch like a disease jokes and profundities the Guest, Fernando Pessoa [...]

  • Lisbona Pochi mesi fa ero l Sul momento non l ho apprezzata come avrei dovuto al ritorno echi e immagini pi piacevoli sono emerse su altre E poi ho aperto Requiem.Mi chiedo se per una persona che non sia stata in quella citt questo libro significhi la stessa cosa, perch per quanto mi riguarda ne ha ripreso l essenza, senza farsi dirottare troppo come stato per me nei giorni di vacanza da confronti europei e dalla ricerca di un estetica purista.Lisbona.Vino, tante variet di cibo, cibo caldo e sap [...]

  • Antonio Tabucchi s Requiem A Hallucination is a beautiful journey and scintillating portrait of Portugal and its people and a tribute to one of the finest Iberian and Portugese poets and writers, Fernando Pessoa.This book is a brief and simple work of art, but one with a timeless, almost magical, quality It is a dream encounter with the ghost of a legendary writer The best aspect of this story is the way Tabucchi approaches each chance meeting with the series of strangers on his way to his final [...]

  • Evocation Tabucchi s Requiem is expressive of simple and honest feeling Feeling of what one sees, observes, remembers, shares and cherishes A day in the city of Lisbon is what it is about but than that, it gives the place back its voice from the past the footsteps of an anonymous and not so anonymous a past accompany the city s space I liked Tabucchi s approach to keep things simple and let the tale or story, if you will, unfold like the day that unfolds and folds to welcome that which does not [...]

  • Thought this would be such an interesting format for a personal biography of India As well as a travel piece of a place irrevocably changed, coming back one dream and encounter at a time In capable hands, the dead come alive.

  • itanje poezije naro ito Fernanda Pesoe pred sijestu mo e imati nepredvidljive posledice Odmaraju i se na prijateljevom imanju u paniji, glavni junak Rekvijema zadrema s knjigom u ruci Dospev i u prostor izme u sna i jave, u Lisabon koji je stvaran, a i nije, susre e se s razli itim ljudima, poznatim i nepoznatim, ivim i ne ivim Kroz razgovore s njima razja njava sebi poneku nedoumicu, postavlja pitanja, jede neobi nu hranu, pije koktel udnog imena, razmi lja o smrti Naposletku nailazi i na velik [...]

  • When I was in school in Italy, my professor at the University of Florence was a raging bitch excuse my language She hated the group of us in her class that were American She had no reason not to like us We were quiet throughout class, unlike the other native students, and spent the entire lesson with our heads down scrambling to write down every word she said in a foreign language down in our notebooks On our walks home from class, we got her back by gossiping about her, imagining scenarios in w [...]

  • Amazing Requiem A Hallucination is a true novella in my opinion It takes place in one day, focuses on one character, and is short Additionally, each encounter is a symbol of a much deeper story This is a book that will need to be read a few times It is short but it is dense The writing reads quickly and easily, yet it is packed full of ideas, symbols, and themes There is also a bit of humor A good read highly recommended As a wannabe writer of novellas, this is a book that is a role model, an ic [...]

  • Lance Cleland Workshop Director Antonio Tabucchi opens his hallucination with the following Carlos Drummond de Andrade quote I have no desire to be friends with Handel I ve never heard the dawn chorus of the archangels I m happy with the noises that drift up from the street, which bear no message and are lost, just as we are lost This is perfect table setting, for we spend the next 100 or so pages meandering through a not quite real Lisbon, walking beside an unnamed narrator who is trying to kee [...]

  • Requiem uma homenagem a um pa s que adoptei e tamb m me adoptou, a uma gente que gostou de mim e de quem eu tamb m gostei.Li este livro pela primeira vez em 1993 e apaixonei me pela escrita de Antonio Tabucchi.Reli o para o desafio volta ao mundo em livros que para o 3 trimestre tem como pa s vencedor a It lia.Uma bellissima declara o de amor a Lisboa, em que Tabucchi personagem de si mesmo.A narrativa desenvolve se num dia de Julho, numa Lisboa com um calor t rrido, onde o narrador marca encont [...]

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