Honeymoon in Paris

[PDF] Read ☆ Honeymoon in Paris : by Jojo Moyes - Honeymoon in Paris, Honeymoon in Paris For fans of Jojo Moyes Me Before You who can t wait for her new novel The Girl You Left Behind out in September here is an irresistible ebook only prequel novella Honeymoon in Paris At the heart of [PDF] Read ☆ Honeymoon in Paris : by Jojo Moyes - Honeymoon in Paris, Honeymoon in Paris For fans of Jojo Moyes Me Before You who can t wait for her new novel The Girl You Left Behind out in September here is an irresistible ebook only prequel novella Honeymoon in Paris At the heart of

  • Title: Honeymoon in Paris
  • Author: Jojo Moyes
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 347
  • Format: Paperback
Honeymoon in Paris

[PDF] Read ☆ Honeymoon in Paris : by Jojo Moyes, Honeymoon in Paris, Jojo Moyes, Honeymoon in Paris For fans of Jojo Moyes Me Before You who can t wait for her new novel The Girl You Left Behind out in September here is an irresistible ebook only prequel novella Honeymoon in Paris At the heart of Jojo Moyes heartbreaking new novel The Girl You Left Behind are two haunting love stories that of Sophie and Edouard Lefevre in France during the First World War anFor fans of Jo [PDF] Read ☆ Honeymoon in Paris : by Jojo Moyes - Honeymoon in Paris, Honeymoon in Paris For fans of Jojo Moyes Me Before You who can t wait for her new novel The Girl You Left Behind out in September here is an irresistible ebook only prequel novella Honeymoon in Paris At the heart of

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  • [PDF] Read ☆ Honeymoon in Paris : by Jojo Moyes
    347 Jojo Moyes
Honeymoon in Paris

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    Jojo Moyes is a British novelist.Moyes studied at Royal Holloway, University of London She won a bursary financed by The Independent newspaper to study journalism at City University and subsequently worked for The Independent for 10 years In 2001 she became a full time novelist Moyes novel Foreign Fruit won the Romantic Novelists Association RNA Romantic Novel of the Year in 2004.She is married to journalist Charles Arthur and has three children.

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  • This did NOTHING for me except for all the exruciating PAIN just from reading it The best parts of this novelette are its cover the 1 star comes for it and the fact it s mercifully short Otherwise, it s an assault at my nerves, which aren t lately in the fine shape that they used to be in once This is probably the first time ever for me not to have enjoyed even a happy end The plot had precious little to do with Paris The city was mostly a backstage prop against which this unimaginably silly whi [...]

  • Ilovedthis book.Honeymoon in Paris was a beautiful, wonderful, moving, poignant, and evocative book don t mind my list of adjectives And I felt the pure emotion of it even though it only spanned the length of 70 pages.Without any lewd descriptions or blushing, giggling female protagonists that are typically seen in love stories, Jojo Moyes has paralleled two soul deep, heart wrenching tales of romance that struck a chord in me Though brief, they are gripping and enchanting, and I fell hopelessly [...]

  • Listened to this one on audio, it s just a very short prequel to The Girl You Left Behind I liked it, there just wasn t that much to it My impression of Liv was that she was kind of a whiner I hope she is likable in the next book Thanks to Maida for reminding me there was a prequel

  • This novella is written beautifully, marvellous I didn t know this one is an introduction to the novel The Girl You Left Behind, and that made me really want to read it The novella is like multi time love stories, one in 2002 and the other in 1912, but both shared the part of the honeymoon in Paris In the one in 1912, Edouard and Sophie were newlywed in Paris, Edouard was a talented artist but Sophie was just a normal shop girl Edouard fell in love with her and immediately asked to marry her.Sop [...]

  • Senden nce Ben den sonra bir daha bu yazardan okumam ben demi tim lise y llar mda Gece g nler de kitab n filmini izledi imde bir ekilde bak a m n tamamen de isti ini, malum olay y z nden a r romantik davrand m farkettim.Eh bu olay sonras nda k t phane de gezerken yazar n di er kitaplar na rastlay p hemmen bir di er ok okunan kitab n ald m Novellas ile birlikte tabi ki Paris te Balay ana kitaba ge meden nce karakterler ve hikayelerini yedirebilmemiz i in n bilgi ki farkl zamanda ge en iki farkl k [...]

  • Heel fijn klein boekje, leuk als voorgeschiedenis op Portret van een vrouw en genoten van het Parijse sfeertje Recensie thebookreview recensies rom

  • This was cute, but not overly cute Moyes is so skilled at crafting touching romances with a hint of realism and an aftertaste of something bittersweet Her stories are believable and the romantic aspects lies in the recognition.Before I read the afterword, I had not realized that Honeymoon in Paris was a prequel I look forward to seeing which turn the story will take in its fully fleshed out form, as I adored The Last Letter From Your Lover , which this story was a bit reminiscent of in Moyes tec [...]

  • Honeymoon in Paris is a novella, a prequel to Moyes full length The Girl You Left Behind I m not a huge fan of short stories because they never seem to draw a complete portrait but, since I ve had The Girl You Left Behind sitting unread on my bookshelf for over a year, I decided to see if I could jump start my interest with this little morsel In Honeymoon in Paris, we get snap shots of two recently married women, both wondering if they ve made the best decision One is a modern story, the other i [...]

  • Es una mini historia, una precuela que nos cuenta las historias paralelas de los dos parejas de protagonistas del libro La Chica que Dejaste Atr s Despu s de haber le do el libro, encontr a la precuela de lo que debieron haber sido los momentos de su gran amor, o al menos eso deber a haber sido, siendo la historia contada en su per odo de luna de miel Uno de los principales elementos de esta historia es la pasi n y los impulsos han sido la base de estas relaciones, y estos d as las mujeres se en [...]

  • Een goede novella die leidt naar het verhaal van Portret van een vrouw In het begin moest ik er even inkomen maar het werd toch al gauw wel interessant Benieuwd naar de rest van het verhaal.

  • This is the most vapid book I have every read and I am not exaggerating It is two seperate stories about two women on their honeymoons with their husbands in Paris One is in 1912 and the other is 2002 Both women are equally stupid, short sighted and narcissistic The modern one moans and complains because her husband makes a business meeting while in Paris He is an architect and wants to meet a client SHE DECIDES THIS IS SO BAD SHE HAS TO LEAVE HIM WHAT Sorry the guy is trying to make a living Sh [...]

  • Honeymoon in Paris is a marvellous introduction to the characters in The Girl You Left Behind Although I read this after The Girl You Left Behind, I was very interested in learning about the couples in the story Sophie and Edouard and Liv and David Sophie loves Edouard and he loves her But Sophie wonders how long his love will last For Liv, her honeymoon with David is not going the way she imagined Is it a sign of what their life together will be like Honeymoon in Paris is a great contrast to T [...]

  • Paris for One and Other Stories by Jojo Moyes 2 stars Let me start by saying I ADORE Jojo Moyes and this is the main reason I requested this ARC when I am not a fan of short stories If anyone could whisk me away into another world with few words it would be Moyes, unfortunately even she could not make this happen Some of the short stories I didn t understand and others left me feeling bleugh or were very bland Only one managed to capture my attention and draw me to the characters and that was Pa [...]

  • I m typically not a short stories sort of reader, but when I heard about Paris for One and other stories by Jojo Moyes I knew I had to read it, Moyes just has a way of getting under your skin with her writing, so I couldn t wait to dive right in With this book featuring quite a few stories I thought with my review I would focus on a few of my favourites.Between the TweetsThis story was totally unexpected we have a well known actor who has come under intense scrutiny when a random lady pops out o [...]

  • Disclaimer I received an ARC of this book from Penguin UK Michael Joseph Netgalley My review is honest and unbiased.This review also appears on my blog Rain and a Book Actually, I ve had a large white wine Which means I m saying what I think Don t you usually, then Say what you think Never Safer that way Jojo Moyes is a name I across all too frequently these days, after the massive success of her books Me Before You and After You I ve not read either of the two.

  • Denne s de lille bog er en slags forhistorie til Hende du forlod af samme forfatter Det var en hyggelig forn jelse, og jeg n d virkelig begge historier Jeg var dog lidt mere glad for historien om Liv Halston og hendes mand, da jeg bedre kunne relatere til den De var begge sukkers de, og fyldt med forventningsfulde forh bninger til bryllupsrejsen, selvom der ogs var nogle negative tanker forbundet med disse Det er ikke altid, at livet er en dans p roser heller ikke efter at man er blevet gift Det [...]

  • Wat heerlijk om weer even te kunnen genieten van een typische Moyes romantiek, een prachtige setting, levensechte personages en hartstocht Ik streep de dagen af tot een nieuwe Moyes

  • Have your heart broken, then repaired in Paris Honeymoon in Paris is a winner.Honeymoon in Paris is an engrossing novella created as a prequel to Jojo Moyes s The Girl You Left Behind This novella is completely satisfying as a story You won t be left hanging, which is a relief Still, you ll be grateful that they re to read in The Girl You Left Behind.Honeymoon in Paris is told in alternating chapters between two different time periods in Paris.Chapter 1 2002 From the moment you meet Liv taking [...]

  • I see so many people complaining nowadays about stories being too short But I must sayI fail to see what they re griping about when sometimes a short story has all that you need and then some.Like this one.It s one of those multi time stories There s a modern day story and a story a hundred years before, both involving newly weds honeymooning in Paris Each wife is confused and miserable due to some misunderstanding Through a painting, their stories connect.There s a moral here too often we creat [...]

  • This was a cute prequel novella to her book The Girl I Left Behind I figured I should read it before that book It was only 60 odd pages and was a fast read It involved two sets of couples during different time periods, both newly married and having issues I felt it was a very realistic look at married life I didn t like one couple over the other and I am indeed interested in seeing where this all leads with her novel Worth checking out if you plan to read the Girl I Left Behind The only reason I [...]

  • so am supposed to read this before The Girl you Left Behind by Jojo Moyes D Gosh i loved that storyWish to read it again Can t It is so emotional 3

  • I loved the parallels honeymoon stories separated by over a hundred years Yet the themes of marriage in jeopardy and the power of love to overcome these challenges is timeless and enduring.

  • Honeymoon in Paris is a novella meant as a sort of prequel to the author s book The Girl You Left Behind Within it Jojo Moyes uses different chapters to narrate two love stories of women on their honeymoon to set the scene of two different time periods which provides a heart warming and somewhat comforting read The first story is that of Olivia Liv Halston in the present time 2002 and her new husband David, a much in demand architect A bit too in demand, in fact as we find out when we meet Liv a [...]

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