Crazy For You

[PDF] Crazy For You | by ✓ Kennedy Kovit - Crazy For You, Crazy For You Meredith is home again ready to settle down in her small town and open the antique shop she s always dreamed of owning She s had enough of powerful men trying to use her and wants to simply fade away [PDF] Crazy For You | by ✓ Kennedy Kovit - Crazy For You, Crazy For You Meredith is home again ready to settle down in her small town and open the antique shop she s always dreamed of owning She s had enough of powerful men trying to use her and wants to simply fade away

  • Title: Crazy For You
  • Author: Kennedy Kovit
  • ISBN: 9781452454894
  • Page: 247
  • Format: ebook
Crazy For You

[PDF] Crazy For You | by ✓ Kennedy Kovit, Crazy For You, Kennedy Kovit, Crazy For You Meredith is home again ready to settle down in her small town and open the antique shop she s always dreamed of owning She s had enough of powerful men trying to use her and wants to simply fade away from the dating scene and enjoy life When she runs into the diner s new owner she quickly realizes her master plan might have been premature Landry left life in the fast lMeredith is h [PDF] Crazy For You | by ✓ Kennedy Kovit - Crazy For You, Crazy For You Meredith is home again ready to settle down in her small town and open the antique shop she s always dreamed of owning She s had enough of powerful men trying to use her and wants to simply fade away

  • [PDF] Crazy For You | by ✓ Kennedy Kovit
    247 Kennedy Kovit
Crazy For You

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    Small Town Romances with Big Time Spice Kennedy Kovit loves real men Men who are raw, sexy, say what they want and know how to please a woman She loves crafting stories surrounding them and enjoys sharing her views on living in a small town When not writing, Kennedy can be found enjoying the outdoors.AKA Mandy M RothAKA Rory Michaels

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  • WOW, Amazing bookI can t remember when I laughed and cried so much from one book This is an amazing love story with lots of twists Two people who have sworn off the opposite sex and are attracted to each other You find in the book that their lives have crossed paths before several times without either of them knowing it This book is filled with love of so many types and heartache so intense it will make you cry So very well written and entertaining that I could not put down until I finished the [...]

  • Crazy for You starts out a little odd It is written in first person and you are thrown into Meredith s POV and life without much build up You later learn about her and her story but the beginning kinda threw me off At first I did not like Meredith at all She was too brassy and in your face She would have private conversations in a diner with half of her small town present and not think anything of them all knowing her business To me, that went a little beyond small town openness to downright nu [...]

  • A gifted copy was provided by the author for my honest review What a crazy beginning to a great story Meredith has come home after some disappointing times in her life She is tired of men trying to keep her down tired of them holding all the power so she has come home so she can start her dream job after her boss made it impossible for her to keep her last job unless she put out or less when all she wants to do is just be friends She moved back home, is staying with her dad while she goes all i [...]

  • Meredith returns to her hometown after leaving her antiques job in the city After another run n with her boss, who wants her to be than his assistant Why can t he just be her friend That s all she ever wanted from him She didn t lead him on like the other gold digging bimbos Now she s back living with her dad temporarily whilst she sets up her own store Her over protective brother is the local sheriff and he s keeping a close eye on her Mer is known for living in her own little bubble of realit [...]

  • UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2016 I LOVE TO REREAD BOOKS, THIS TIME, I ADDED THE AUDIO WHICH IS ON SALE FOR AN UNBELIEVABLE PRICE IF IT IS THE FIRST TIME OR SECOND TIME AROUND, LISTEN TO THIS ONE FOR HEA LOVE STORY OF FAMILY SUPPORT AND RECOVERY FROM A PAST OF PAIN I love Mandy Roth books even when she is writing as Kennedy Kovit I am always amazed at how much story, emotion and humor she can put into a book.Meredith comes home to rebuild her life on her own, but near friends and family No big city, no we [...]

  • a reader lives a thousand liveI m not too sure what I was expecting when I started Crazy for You, it s one of the advantages of picking books at random from my TBR list What I got was a romance that was simultaneously cute and deep, with than a hint of sexy Meredith and Landry s relationship was a slow burner, though it was clear from the very beginning that they were never going to be just friends I liked that about them, it meant that the chemistry really built up between them and when things [...]

  • I was provided a copy of this story in return for an honest review.I loved this story Meredith was quirky and full of laughter I enjoyed her sense of fun and her ability to see the good even though she has lived a heartbreaking life She refused to let her past destroy her She re built herself from pain and disillusion into someone stronger, or did she Landry has crossed paths with Meredith in so many ways only neither was aware of it But when he had an actual conversation with ehr, they clicked [...]

  • I was given an ARC by the author for an honest review.OH MY GOD This book is so high up on emotions that it had my crying my balls out on than one occasion.Mer returns to her hometown after being away for many years.Now she is back to face her demons.Meeting up Landry is like finding a best friend for ever and he is sworn of women Landry moved from the city to this small town to find himself and be away from the noisy and the money of his family and be simply himself.Meeting up with mer is the [...]

  • This book is a little outside my usual reading genred I almost passed it up because of that I am so glad I didn t I loved the main character Meredith This book made me laugh out loud so many times due to Meredith s quirky nature and the things she would do or say I loved her attitude towards life, how even though she has had so many disappointments she was still able to have a positive outlook The relationship with her and Landry was a little strange they seemed almost connected from the start, [...]

  • This is a great story about two people who were fated to meet each other Meredith and Landry are two lonely people who meet in the same day Meredith returns home after a four year absence to open an antique story and Landry is the new owner of the town diner Sparks fly from the moment these two meet but neither want a relationship There are lots sexual charged scenes and these two habe you cheering for them to overcome their pasts and give love a chance The secondary characters bring a lot to th [...]

  • Great Book This is a great book by Kennedy Kovit This book is full of emotions and will have you laughing and crying by the end of it Meredith is home again and ready to start her dream of owning her own antique shop She is sick of powerful men trying to use her and wants to enjoy being single When she meets the diner s new owner Landry, she tries her best to stay away from him Landry has sworn off women because he feels they are nothing but trouble, but he can t deny the attraction he feels tow [...]

  • WOW.What a story The Characters are wonderful I think the reality of Meredith s character is very identifiable A lot of us feel like we re not good enough at times It was suspenseful but through it all I was hoping Landry turned out to be the guy I love her interaction, seemingly in a separate life, with Sherman never knowing all the events in her life were all connected So wonderful So real and just an overall beautiful love story This is the kind of book they make movies out of.The book goes t [...]

  • This was a great book Not only was it incredibly well written, it was sexy, fun, and heart wrenching I was engrossed into Meredith and Landry from the beginning Quirky and eccentric Meredith is misunderstood, in her small town she is used to be considered weird Now with her back home she is looking for a fresh start and to stay away from overbearing men, that is until she meets Landry Landry not only gets her kind of crazy but he makes her feel like never before, now if he can get over his being [...]

  • I loved Crazy for You Meredith has come home after going to the big city to spread her wings and heal And small towns being what they are, everyone is like family and everyone is in her business It s a good thing that Mer is a tad, okay a lot, on the sassy and crazy side I loved how she was a zany and loving person It was also a hoot to have characters that just spilled everything out no matter who was around With Mer s protective family and the hot diner owner, she doesn t lack for crazy in her [...]

  • I loved this story It starts out kinda of differently just like our main character I fell in love with Meredith immediately She is very intelligent, quirky and has a heart of gold She has had many bad things happen to her in her life but still goes out of her way to make sure everyone she loves is happy.We meet Landry in the diner and he is the new owner He immediately is in sync with her oddities and the are instantly comfortable with each other He does make me mad a few times by the mixed sign [...]

  • Meredith has been burned BAD and the last thing she is looking for is love again, but when she moves back to her hometown and meets Landry she may have found it Landry left the fast paced city life to buy and run the local diner in Meredith s home town, he prefers quick easy involvements rather than relationships, but he is not expecting someone like Meredith and when they are instantly in sync it terrifies him sending VERY mixed signals However, love is never simple and they have to work thru p [...]

  • I thoroughly enjoyed this story Meredith is a quirky, eccentric woman who as the story progresses we learn has survived much in her relatively young years Landry is the new in town diner owner that has a past of his own When their paths collide they both struggle to put the past behind and become the couple they are destined to be I have read works by this author under a number of her pen names and this is one of her contemporary works I enjoyed the writing style, the development of the characte [...]

  • Crazy For You is a sweet story with a lot of emotion that grabs hold of you and keeps you interested until the end I lived the complexity of the characters and their histories Some of the coincidences and past connections between Meredith and Landry were pretty obvious to the reader, but not so much to the characters I agree with the reader that the public but should be private conversations are rather weird, but that s something I ve gotten used to with this author, who writes under several pen [...]

  • I give this book 5 Stars Amazing chemistry and humor This book follows Meredith who just returned to her home town She meets the new sexy owner of the dinner and they have this amazing spark She has a quirky sense of humor and he plays along We letter find she has a painful past she has overcome The true question is will she let another man love her and will she let herself love This was an amazing book and I really hope there is a second I want to see what happens to the other characters.

  • I truly enjoyed the quirkiness of this character driven story the main character, Mer , is particularily endearing, personable and interesting I was intrigued with the story line, kept interested through to the end, and was emotionally invested giggled and cried depending on the moment My only negative comment the conclusion seemed rushed compared to the rythmn of the rest of the book, even if it was lovely.

  • What a fantstic book I love this authors writting under a different name but this genre is a refreshing change I love the chemistry between Meredith and Landry and how things come full circle It is amazing how our lives are interconnected without us even knowing it This is a must read and I for one will be seeing what Kennedy Kovit has that I can one click You will absolutly love this story and it s cast of characters.

  • This story had me laughing out loud almost instantly and a good bit of the time I was snickering and giggling It appealed greatly to my odd sense of humor and I am sure that not many others would share that point of view Excellent written, I enjoyed every moment of it

  • 3.5 but just shy of five on so many levels The heroine was a well developed character with tragedy in her past but didn t get maudlin about it Some of her reactions, as well as those ofvthe hero caused me to drop the rating though.

  • I was not a fan of this book The conversations were silly and dragged on and on I don t think I m a fan of this author.

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