Free Download Unseen - by John Michael Hileman - Unseen, Unseen Life for Jake Paris is stable and ordinary until a mysterious old woman pays him a visit and he begins to have encounters with unruly children everywhere he goes children only he can see When Jake s e Free Download Unseen - by John Michael Hileman - Unseen, Unseen Life for Jake Paris is stable and ordinary until a mysterious old woman pays him a visit and he begins to have encounters with unruly children everywhere he goes children only he can see When Jake s e

  • Title: Unseen
  • Author: John Michael Hileman
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 416
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Free Download Unseen - by John Michael Hileman, Unseen, John Michael Hileman, Unseen Life for Jake Paris is stable and ordinary until a mysterious old woman pays him a visit and he begins to have encounters with unruly children everywhere he goes children only he can see When Jake s estranged sister Holly finds herself the target of a national serial killer who has chosen her son as his next victim Jake begins to wonder if there is a connection CouldLife for Jake Paris i Free Download Unseen - by John Michael Hileman - Unseen, Unseen Life for Jake Paris is stable and ordinary until a mysterious old woman pays him a visit and he begins to have encounters with unruly children everywhere he goes children only he can see When Jake s e

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  • Free Download Unseen - by John Michael Hileman
    416 John Michael Hileman

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  • John Michael Hileman

    After serving in the U.S Army, John Michael Hileman started a small 3D animation company From there he was hired as production director for a television station, where he oversaw the production of three semi national television programs In his spare time, while being a faithful husband and father, he authored his first book, VRIN ten mortal gods, which later placed in the top four of a national writing competition Encouraged by this, John went on to write the 1 best selling thriller MESSAGES, and his latest release UNSEEN The rest is yet to be written.

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  • Wow This book didn t have many reviewsbut I decided to try it since the description seemed interesting I have to say this book is the most misogynistic book I have read in recent memory There are three main female characters in the book One is a drug addict , followed by the female serial killer The last one is a pregnant woman who decides to abort her baby because the dad her live in boyfriend has not proposed to her A stark contrast to the three leading men in the story who are all pretty dece [...]

  • This book was free on I enjoyed it very much It dealt with abortion, murder, and kidnapping of children Jake kept seeing pregnant women, and seeing children, he began to think were ghosts Nobody else could see the children Jake could talk with the children, and he could feel them It became a real page turner the last 30% of the book I read this book a couple of years ago I was at the eye specialist, and looking for a book to read on my Kindle, and I started to read this book again I had forgott [...]

  • UnseenIt was a cute plot and after the recent news of people selling the tissue of aborted children it was a very relevant book.

  • A compelling and thought provoking suspense thriller The characters of Jake and his sister Holly were fully fleshed out and easy to connect with and the story was simply a page turner.

  • I want to start out with this I am a sopho in college who has not written a review of a book since I was assigned to in my freshman year of high school That being said, I am here for one reason this book has way too many good reviews This book was so awful I am still thinking about it two weeks later yes, THAT S how bad a taste it left in my mouth To start the author hates women There is not a single woman in the ENTIRE book that has any redeeming qualities Literally Not a single one The main ch [...]

  • Another one to add to my favorites I got this ebook for free on from a recommendation through Bookbubs a while ago I am so glad I finally decided to read it.Creative, chilling, graphic, and unpredictable I ve caught myself holding my breath.What would you do if all of a sudden you start to see children no one else can see Jake finds out his nephew has been taken by a serial killer Are the children only he can see there to help him save his nephew It may not be for everyone, as it focuses on abor [...]

  • A touching story of a brother and sister raised by a drug addicted single mother Each of the siblings have heart wrenching adventures that are cleverly interwoven Great read from beginning to end

  • Feel good read, This book held my attention The suspense kept me guessing most of the way through Overall I enjoyed it I read it in one day.

  • My goal here is to provide a review that is both honest and fair, without spoilers.Let me start with what I liked about this book 1 The book is readable Although the number of minor errors was somewhat higher than I m used to, as if the book had received less editing attention, there weren t so many errors that they became really distracting Overall, the writing was clear and pace were good Otherwise I probably wouldn t have finished it I m picky about that sort of thing.2 The premise was intrig [...]

  • This story will not end the way you think it will Yes, it involves a serial killer Yes, it has children being abducted and families ripped apart But man, does it trick you I thought I had everything lined up and knew where it was heading only to have the rug pulled out from under me For once, I was genuinely wrong about a plot and enjoyed it The characters are well written and draw you into their state of mind easily The only hard part about the entire book was trying to decipher the dialogue of [...]

  • At the moment I m reading another book, but my mind keeps wandering back and comparing it to Unseen Unfortunately, there is no comparison Current book slow, dull and often makes me want to say, Just get on with it already Unseen fast paced, mysterious, and always made me want to know what comes next Unseen, just like Hileman s Messages, immediately sucks you in, making you want and not wanting to put it down.Because of children and an old lady that only he can see, Jake begins a few days of wha [...]

  • Jake Paris starts out as your typical male character Nice job and a beautiful wife That, of course, is until a mysterious woman appears with a message for him and them he begins seeing unruly children all around children only he can seeJake s sister, Holly, also finds herself in the middle of terrible situation Her son has been kidnapped by a serial killer Jake begins to wonder if these children have been sent to his to help him find his nephew Have they If so, what do they know How can they hel [...]

  • Jake Paris is a normal enough guy pretty girlfriend, good job, funny and charming best friend Suddenly, his whole life is thrown upside down when he loses his job, starts to see ghost children, and a serial killer abducts his nephew all in the same day At first I didn t really like this book The writing was poor at the beginning and the way the ghost children talked annoyed me But as the story went on, I realized that this was a murder mystery with a little bit of the paranormal mixed in I was e [...]

  • This book had me at hello seriously This gripping little thriller was everything I expected from John Michael Hileman and .Jake, a young man who has just lost his job, begins seeing ghost children on the same day that his young nephew goes missing For most of the story he believes that the children are somehow connected to his nephews kidnapping however to the delight of the readers there are two distinct stories developing This book is action packed and demonstrates a very, very important lesso [...]

  • Jake is having a discussion with his girlfriend when a knock comes to the door A little old lady is standing there with a white rose and a message She is emphatic that Jake not let the rose die.As Jake goes to work, he starts seeing children that no one else seems to see He is let go from his job and his sister s son Gabe is kidnapped by a serial killer all in the same day.This was a page turner I couldn t wait to see what would happen next and why the children had suddenly appeared I gave it th [...]

  • I have to admit that I was a little skeptical as I started reading this book I had read John Michael Hileman s book Messages some time ago and somehow at the beginning it seemed to follow the same pattern So I told myself to just keep reading since I had already started I m so glad I did The book is very different than Messages and their only similarity is that it s a book you will not be able to put down Trying as always not to spoil the book for you, I will try to describe the context This is [...]

  • Quick read Basically 2 story lines going on Preferred Jake s story to Holly s 2 separate books would ve allowed character interactions, and detailed stories Two different kinds of stories going on suspense and supernatural Enjoyed both, but wish there had been to them For example, about the history of Jake and Jenna s relationship, about the serial killer and the suspect s connections A lot happened in a short period of time The purpose of Jake s supernatural connection took forever to be r [...]

  • The beginning of the book was interesting and well written it probably would have gotten 3 4 stars, but then it goes downhill The author is definitely anti abortion, which wouldn t be so bad, except one of the main female character goes for an abortion simply because her live in boyfriend hasn t mentioned marriage Another main female character is a drug addict of many years who is saved by the love of a good man The third female character is basically aborting children from 2 6 years old to save [...]

  • What a great book Loved it, loved it, loved it Its so unpredictable The story focuses around Jake who s nephew is abducted by serial killer and at the same time he starts to encounter children that only he can see He believes these children are sent to help him find his nephew but there is also another twist as you read further I couldn t help but continue to read this book to see what was going to happen next if I could, I would have read it all day and night I highly recommend this book

  • I was hooked by the end of the first paragraph, and was not disappointed The characters were well written, thought out, and clearly life like in their overall appearance.The children of the novel were the highlight, if only because of the ending I laughed and cried at all the right moments.My only issue with the novel is that there seemed to be a bit going on with the children than the author described I would love to read a sequel and learn about all the character backstories.Overall, well do [...]

  • I don t even know where to begin with this story I picked it up as a free read and it sounded intriguing What I didn t expect was to be dragged in so deeply and so quickly My heart was racing, and I was racking my brain to figure out who this psychotic killer was.Tie in the odd ghost children and it was mind boggling.Some of the kids stories I figured out once the link was understand Aiyanna through me completley until just before it was revealed Loved that some cases were clear and some left yo [...]

  • Such a beautiful book This is my second book by John Michael Hileman and I m going to look up after this review He is such a talented author This book is so beautifully written, the characters are relatable, you feel compassion, awe, you will feel your eyes well up, and it is definitely not a predictable storyline I ve been bored by books that I can tell what will happen 5 chapters or a head, and his books are satisfying in this department He s topped on my favorite author list, and I ve read [...]

  • Freebie from I will just say that I enjoyed reading it however I do agree with a few other reviews in that the ending felt a little rushed and there were still some holes for me that didn t quite make sense Also I think the seriousness of the main plot was a little lost with the parallel plot line I think the author could have found a better way to tie the two main story lines together I felt there was to much disconnect between what was happening to Jake and what was happening with his sister.

  • This is a great read with a lot of creep factor, and tense sub plots going on I purposefully don t give much of the plot points away because in this case it would ruin the read The main character s loser sister loses her child most likely to a serial killer While coming to the aid of a sister he has been estranged from, he sees children no one else sees He not only sees them, but can communicate with them I was intrigued right from the start and found I couldn t put the story down I m not a fast [...]

  • A mysterious old woman shows up at a fellow s door and gives him a flower and all of a sudden his life gets turned upside down He starts seeing ghost children everywhere and they seem to want to give him a message He assumes it is a message to solve the recent kidnapping of his nephew by a serial killer, but is it Not a bad setup for a story, but there is so much that either isn t explained or doesn t make sense that i really can t recommend the book It s not an awful book, just not all one hope [...]

  • Jake is getting ready to leave for work when an old lady knocks at his door She hands him a rose and warns him not to let the flower die There is a child killer in the city so Jake is surprised to see a child by himself as he leaves his apartment Then he starts seeing and communicating with children that no one else sees, even at his office Then he gets a call that his nephew has been taken by the killer Do these unseen children have a connection to his missing nephew.This is a good book, lots o [...]

  • This is a fascinating read with twists and turns at every corner The main character is haunted by his past, having had a mother who was addicted to drugs His sister is now following in their mother s footsteps Jake runs away from his problems instead of facing them head on Some strange things start to happen that force Jake to take a stand and face the demons that plague him.This is the first book I have read by this talented author I thoroughly enjoyed this book and look forward to entertainin [...]

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