[PDF] Kangaroo | by ☆ D.H. Lawrence - Kangaroo, Kangaroo Kangaroo is D H Lawrence s eighth novel set in Australia He wrote the first draft in just forty five days while living south of Sydney in and revised it three months later in New Mexico The de [PDF] Kangaroo | by ☆ D.H. Lawrence - Kangaroo, Kangaroo Kangaroo is D H Lawrence s eighth novel set in Australia He wrote the first draft in just forty five days while living south of Sydney in and revised it three months later in New Mexico The de

  • Title: Kangaroo
  • Author: D.H. Lawrence
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Kangaroo | by ☆ D.H. Lawrence, Kangaroo, D.H. Lawrence, Kangaroo Kangaroo is D H Lawrence s eighth novel set in Australia He wrote the first draft in just forty five days while living south of Sydney in and revised it three months later in New Mexico The descriptions of the country are vivid and sympathetic and the book fuses lightly disguised autobiography with an exploration of political ideas at an immensely personal leveKangaroo is D H Lawr [PDF] Kangaroo | by ☆ D.H. Lawrence - Kangaroo, Kangaroo Kangaroo is D H Lawrence s eighth novel set in Australia He wrote the first draft in just forty five days while living south of Sydney in and revised it three months later in New Mexico The de

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  • [PDF] Kangaroo | by ☆ D.H. Lawrence
    362 D.H. Lawrence

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    David Herbert Richards Lawrence was an English writer of the 20th century, whose prolific and diverse output included novels, short stories, poems, plays, essays, travel books, paintings, translations, literary criticism and personal letters His collected works represent an extended reflection upon the dehumanizing effects of modernity and industrialisation In them, Lawrence confronts issues relating to emotional health and vitality, spontaneity, human sexuality and instinct.Lawrence s opinions earned him many enemies and he endured official persecution, censorship, and misrepresentation of his creative work throughout the second half of his life, much of which he spent in a voluntary exile he called his savage pilgrimage At the time of his death, his public reputation was that of a pornographer who had wasted his considerable talents E M Forster, in an obituary notice, challenged this widely held view, describing him as the greatest imaginative novelist of our generation Later, the influential Cambridge critic F R Leavis championed both his artistic integrity and his moral seriousness, placing much of Lawrence s fiction within the canonical great tradition of the English novel He is now generally valued as a visionary thinker and a significant representative of modernism in English literature.enpedia wiki D.H._Law

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  • I ve just finished Accidental Death of an Anarchist and this book goes well with it Political, socialist or anarchist, not sure yet I have generally identified myself as a socio anarchist, so I quite enjoy books exploring aspects of this political philosophy.Exchange between two men, one an Australian, one, who is probably the author himself, English We won t be having women in if we can help it I don t believe in it, do you No, not in real politics, no I got the wrong end of the stick with the [...]

  • Believe it or not, with all the thousands of books that I have read in my life so far, I had never read a book by D H Lawrence Until now And unfortunately, I didn t make a very good choice in which novel of his to read first In fact, it s hardly really a novel at all, as there is almost no plot whatsoever The book mainly consists of philosophical musings, which to be perfectly honest, I found quite boring, for the most part What little plot there is, concerns the two main characters, Richard and [...]

  • This Lawrence book was written while he was stuck in Australia The entire time he was on the continent he wavered between desparately wanting to leave and deciding it wasn t so bad and he would stay for awhile He eventually decided he HAD to leave but had a month before a steamer would be leaving from Sydney.He wrote this book, largely about his experiences there with an attempt at adding a plot concerning a group of mainly ex soldiers WWWI who want to change the government They are lead by a ma [...]

  • A strange book that seems to be bits of different writing sewn together with the seam rather exposed Beautiful lyrical writing about the Australian bush, just gorgeous and he does seem to get this country I came back from the NSW south coast where much of the book is set and this is how it feels all the way down to the stickiness of the sea water.When Lawrence describes human interactions he gets them very right The descriptions of the different types of male silences is very, very good The ups [...]

  • Kangaroo is D H Lawrence s love poem to a strangely beautiful land Australia The sense of place he creates is so rich and so deep, you could almost be there among the crystal blue skies, smelling golden wattle deep in the bush, or hear his glassy seas roar against the wild, rocky shores Weird as this may sound, I have a strange feeling of having experienced Australia along with a few other countries in a past life, and this book reinforces it.I picked Kangaroo up on a whim, having heard the titl [...]

  • KANGAROOI had read Kangaroo 40 years ago and vaguely recall that I had liked it I had recently been studying Plato s Republic and was possibly accepting of the idea of a benevolent dictator I was also just out of adolescence so I could relate to this most adolescent of novels Rereading now, about halfway through, the word odious came to mind I was astonished that the much acclaimed Lawrence could write not only such drivel, but in places write it so badly Here was a problem to solve.Such plot a [...]

  • This was a difficult book to read, as for the most part I didn t really like it I found hardly any of the characters to be particularly appealing, the politics simplistic, and the frequent racist overtones quite disheartening from an author I admire so much.The book was saved for me and largely contributing to its 3 stars by the brilliant chapter entitled The Nightmare , based upon Lawrence s experiences during the First World War when he and his wife Frieda were continually harassed by the poli [...]

  • A LENGTHY PRELUDE It was somewhere written that a visitor is struck by the peculiarities of a place than those who live there and are accustomed to it.Which is why I like asking Australian migrants who have lived here for a fair while What do you really think of Australia I don t often ask because you are putting people on the spot, so one must be judicious about to whom one poses this question.As a result I have only asked it twiceI have asked it once and was met with embarrassment and excuses [...]

  • This book purified a part of me and restored my faith in what it is to be human Lawrence s honesty and artistic integrity made me realize how far the modern world wants us to travel from being human what makes us valuable and vital.His words are so beautiful Many of the chapters are deeply moving and full of personal experience and emotion The book is also semi autobiographical This is Lawrence s greatest work It is full of who he is and how he loves the human condition and yet struggles with me [...]

  • Strangely poignant, this confused and rambling semi autobiographical account of DH Lawrence s own trip to Australia is full of reflections on the nature of man, politics and the differences between England and Oz Written hastily in a few weeks, it sometimes cries out for editing some characters never distinguish themselves or stand out strongly from others Richard Lovat Somers, the main character, included Yet Kangaroo, once he enters the novel, blazes through the pages, and burns right through [...]

  • There s good reason why this book does not score highly, has mixed reviews, is not widely read, and my dad had to go to lots of effort to track down a copy Generically mixed novel, part autobiographical, part political treatise, part travelogue Unlike other DH Lawrence it s hardly Lady Chatterley s lover I loved the descriptions of Australian bush and beach landscapes and Sydney life of the times I found the long interlocutory dialogues, thick with political symbols metaphors, tedious.

  • I really liked Kangaroo, but I found that it was lacking in character depth and that it dragged on in some parts.

  • Some of the sharpest insights into Australia ever written, and all from only a few secluded weeks in Oz.

  • A brilliant exploration of class and what it is to be Australian You re not with the middle classes, as you call them, the money men, as I call them, and I know you re not And if you re not with them, you re against them Look at Australia Absolutely fermenting rotten with politicians and the will of the people Look at the country going rottener every day, like an old pear Now, Mr Somers, you are no believer in capitalism, and in the industrial system as we have it If I judge you correctly from y [...]

  • One of the books written during Lawrence s stay in Australia Not his finest work Supposedly a novel, it is semi autobiographical, and is a self indulgent philosophical soliloquy than a satisfying read Overly long at 492 pages, a decent editor could have cut that by 200 pages Very little happens and much skimming was required to mercifully reach the end But there were rare literary gems hidden amongst all the navel gazing The descriptions of the Australian bush, the astute perceptions of the dif [...]

  • I ve rated this one high I can easily see another reader knocking off a star, or even two This is a challenging, though interesting, book by Lawrence Written, or less, around the middle of his short authorship, as well as in the middle of his so called literary fascist period between Aaron s Rod The Plumed Serpent, if I were a Straussian I might accuse Kangaroo of secretly containing Lawrence s special message to his select, chosen followers Fortunately, I m no Straussian But there is much that [...]

  • At first I had to get used to Lawrence s writing It s a rather expansionistic and by times simplistic style for this day and age Many repetitions, simple images, convoluted ways of describing what s happening inside someone s head and endless descriptions of the scenery For the modern editor a writer like that would be a nightmare Rather then sending it back for endless rewrites I can imagine someone throwing the whole manuscript in the fire and then jumping out of the window I had forgottten ho [...]

  • Kangaroo is an account of a visit to New South Wales by an English writer named Richard Lovat Somers, and his German wife Harriet, in the early 1920s This appears to be semi autobiographical, based on a three month visit to Australia by Lawrence and his wife Frieda, in 1922.The titular kangaroo is the central image of this novel Somers travels to Australia in search of traditional cultural values He finds, based on his experience there, a dichotomy between the spirit of the place and the charact [...]

  • I read this in 2011 for one of my modules at university, which was all about D H Lawrence Found out during the module that I m not a Lawrence fan He seemed to divide opinions among students, some of whom shared my negative view, others along with our tutor thought he was a brilliant author I guess from a writer s perspective that it s better to be loved or hated in turn than being treated indifferently.Of all the works by Lawrence that I read, Kangaroo was the worst of the bunch With such a titl [...]

  • In Kangaroo Lawrence recounts his experiences in England during the first world war, tries to reconcile his beliefs about love and relationships with his marriage and friendships, and considers the political trends of the time the Bolshevik revolution had only just occurred and he had seen the early emergence of fascism during his Italian travels Poor Richard Lovat wearied himself to death struggling with the problem of himself, and calling it Australia, and yes and it s this struggle that makes [...]

  • Hmmm found this book very hard to read, my attention kept wandering ity was curiously remote , i found the characters difficult to remember for ages especially the 2 couples It wasnt at all what i had been expecting i have read lots of Lawrence in my youth and loved them I very much enjoyed all his descriptions of Australia, especially the natural world, but also the houses and people, but i found the arguments of the 2 political wings quite confusing and hard to follow Seeing the book in contex [...]

  • KANGAROO 1923 D H LawrenceIn my opinion, this was as far as you can get from being a novel but still falling lightly into that genre It is of a platform for Lawrence to vent his ideas on politics and the acts of man It was set in Australia, and written when Lawrence and his wife Frieda visited there on an extended tour It s a book for Lawrence academics, since he wrote it in a period of six weeks without a heavy loading of his usual re writing and editing This knowledge gives the PhD candidates [...]

  • I would summarize Kangaroo with the following quote So he discovered the great secret to stand alone as his own judge of himself, absolutely He took his stand absolutely on his own judgement This is the greatest secret of behaviour, to stand alone , and judge oneself from the deeps of one s own soulIn Kangaroo,DH Lawrence considers the psychology of social cohesion and organization in a world characterized by individuals who ultimately face the world alone We re left with the question whether so [...]

  • I would have to say that this is my least favorite D.H Lawrence to date It is really of a philosophical treatise on man s relationship to man and country than a novel Apparently is is strongly autobiographical The part I found most interesting was the period when the protagonist Lawrence was found unfit to serve during WWI, yet was watched and suspected of being a spy making he and his wife feel unwelcome Those experiences flavored his time in Australia His descriptions of the coast and the out [...]

  • I ve read a number of DH Lawrence s books, and loved them all Yet I did not enjoy Kangaroo I didn t even make it past the first chapter This is the first of his novels I read since I was in my early 20s, though I am not sure if my age is related to my inability to like the book Maybe it s time to revoke my intellectual card, if I ever had one After all, I strongly prefer Spartacus to Rome, and I thought The Tree of Life was one big stinker of a movie And now this, despite the fact that Lawrence [...]

  • This book is all over the place I seem to recall enjoying the film a lot and is of a two star sometimes only one i.e I struggled to continue for a considerable part However, the autobiographical material later on in the book is very interesting and puts the rest of the book into a bit perspective There is also some very good writing in places and together with the insight into DHLs troubled times during WWI this eventually left me feeling a bit positive, hence the 3 stars Probably not the be [...]

  • Finally gave up on this around p 140 It s a big, sloppy, undisciplined mess of a novel There s something brilliant on every page, but it s drowned by wordiness and overinsistence and repetition At one moment you ll think, Wow, Lawrence is a great observer of people, and then for the next two pages his people act and talk the way only people in books do The title character who doesn t enter until after p 100 was what killed the book for me, sadly.

  • Although written in the 1920s still as relevant today as then DH Lawrence describes many of the emotions and confusions I experienced living in Australia so well A brilliant tale of searching for a connection, failure to understand and the wonders of the Australian landscape Challenging, but well worth reading.

  • I m really not sure how I feel about this book I think I enjoyed it I certainly didn t dislike it enough to stop reading it I neither like it nor dislike it The novel is somewhat vague and just sort of drifts along There s nothing definite in it, and there s nothing definite in my opinion of it.

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