Ashes and Ice

[PDF] Read ✓ Ashes and Ice : by Rochelle Maya Callen - Ashes and Ice, Ashes and Ice She is desperate to remember He is aching to forget Together they are not broken But together one may not survive Jade wakes up with no memory of her past and blood on her hands Plagued by wicked th [PDF] Read ✓ Ashes and Ice : by Rochelle Maya Callen - Ashes and Ice, Ashes and Ice She is desperate to remember He is aching to forget Together they are not broken But together one may not survive Jade wakes up with no memory of her past and blood on her hands Plagued by wicked th

  • Title: Ashes and Ice
  • Author: Rochelle Maya Callen
  • ISBN: 9780988204218
  • Page: 364
  • Format: Paperback
Ashes and Ice

[PDF] Read ✓ Ashes and Ice : by Rochelle Maya Callen, Ashes and Ice, Rochelle Maya Callen, Ashes and Ice She is desperate to remember He is aching to forget Together they are not broken But together one may not survive Jade wakes up with no memory of her past and blood on her hands Plagued by wicked thoughts she searches for answers Instead she finds a boy who doesn t offer her answers but hope But sometimes when nightmares turn into reality and death follows you eveShe is despera [PDF] Read ✓ Ashes and Ice : by Rochelle Maya Callen - Ashes and Ice, Ashes and Ice She is desperate to remember He is aching to forget Together they are not broken But together one may not survive Jade wakes up with no memory of her past and blood on her hands Plagued by wicked th

  • [PDF] Read ✓ Ashes and Ice : by Rochelle Maya Callen
    364 Rochelle Maya Callen
Ashes and Ice

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    I laugh way too loud I am convinced that I will never have a good even tan Gimme a book and I am in heaven I have performed in from of 27,000 people and have had raccoons as pets I like dancing Bachata with my husband, because well, the man can move I coach women on Confidence and Intimacy by day and write about dark and broken things by night I am the founder of the HoldOn2Hope project where creatives unite to support suicide prevention My daughter is a light in my life and my husband is my anchor My sister is my partner in crime and my mother was the one to give me wings.I am grateful to be a part of this gorgeous reader writer world You all have rocked my world and I heart each and every one of you.Now, let s get to reading

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  • Originally posted shattering wordsMy thoughts Theo This was supposed to be a reviewdone in peace and silence, but with my brain yelling at me for reading thisbook too fast and for reading the ending for than three or four times itis too hard to not say that I WANT MORE This This This book was freaking awesome How am I supposed to breathe normally and not yell from the top of mylungs that I cannot believe IT I am seriously considering fast forwarding thetime so I can put my hands on the second b [...]

  • This book is actually pretty hard to review Not because I struggle with what to say about it, but because I don t want to give anything away.Lets start off with it will leave you hanging It s not exactly a cliffhanger, yet nothing is really resolved For some weird reason, I wasn t outraged that it ended like that I m super excited to see what happens next, and now I m not so patiently waiting for the next book.The ice chases me, clutches me, and bites at my heels, sending shivers up my spine The [...]

  • Okay I feel much better now If you re wondering what s up with the angst, it s because I had to read 218 out of 257 pages to know the big secret I had my suspicion of who or what Jade really is but nothing was certain until that very end of the book Cruel Very cruel to let the readers hanging like that It was cruel than a cliffhanger ending because Jade s identity is the essence of the story itself.Anyway, Ashes and Ice is a nice effort from a debut author, Rochelle Maya Callen The concept was [...]

  • I am completely blown away and amazed by Ashes Ice Once I started, I was in a trance, I couldn t put it down I know with each page something else was coming Rochelle filled Ashes Ice full of loss, love, and excitement This is one book I wouldn t mind reading over and over again Epic is the best word I can use to describe Ashes Ice.Jade has no memory of who she is, where she s from, or what s happened to her She soon finds her self in Louisiana finding searching for answers she s not sure she ll [...]

  • Yo yo no se que decir yo mis feels, mi coraz n, creo que mi cordura esta rota y yo C MO PUDO LA AUTORA ESCRIBIR UN LIBRO AS DIOS BENDITO, MIS MALDITOS SENTIMIENTOS MI MALDITA TORTURA MI CORAZ N Y EL FINAL, MALDITA SEA EL FINAL, MALDITA SEA Yo no puedo, no puedo creer todo esto, es o sea, yo no no tengo palabrasJade no recuerda absolutamente nada de ella o su pasado.Connor lo nico que quiere hacer es olvidarse de todo.Y entonces se conocen, y para l, ella es aire donde solo hay asfixia.Para ella, [...]

  • Owlnestly ReviewsI finished this book within a few hours and it left me feeling in awe This story took me for a whirlwind and just didn t let me go I started reading this book with a bit of skepticism because of the writing style At first, I wasn t sure that I was going to like it because the writing reminded me of poetry It was very whimsical and descriptive, and I wasn t sure if I liked it, but I kept reading despite this I am really glad that I did What I stumbled upon was a young adult book [...]

  • Rochelle Maya Callen grabs you from page one in Ashes and Ice This story keeps you turning the pages not only because you need to find out the answers but because you have fallen in love with the characters I love Conner He is that charming, southern boy next door His personality pops off the page and you laugh out loud Jade too has a dynamic personality and you wonder what the hell she is She keeps you guessing for sure Omg the ending I am biting my nails I can t wait for the next book

  • Amazing Absolutely A.M.A.Z.I.N.G This story is like nothing else I ve read in YA in quite some time Reminiscent of the dark mesmerizing hold Beautiful Creatures had over me, Ashes and Ice had me immediately under it s spell The pull was the same, but make no mistake, this is a story all it s own From the moment I began reading I felt the need to know Jade s secret The need to know her past Where she came from Why her memory was gone What brought her to this small town in Louisiana And what was u [...]

  • I hope it s sunny at my funeral And if I really am wicked, I hope that day comes sooner rather than later Wow, that ending Didn t see that coming So I guess you could say I enjoyed this book so much I m always fascinated with angels and demons stories especially when it has a romance twist in it It started with a young girl named Jade who couldn t remember her past But Jade with her green eyes and no memories, isn t your average normal girl And then she met this broken young boy Connor along the [...]

  • WOW Couldn t put it down so freakin goodREVIEW Let me first say that the cover of Ashes and Ice is PHENOMENAL Drawing me in with its fantastic designI just knew that I was going to enjoy this book.But, I didn t only enjoy this book.Nope, I devoured it, page by page, falling farther and farther in to Jade s mysterious life and her companion that she finds hope in, Connor These two characters captivated me with such intensity that I literally could not put this book down And truthfully, once you g [...]

  • the book diariesDark and Wicked Those are the two words to describe this book In the beginning I was on the fence about how this book would play out It reads very choppy and unclear in the beginning, but as you read on it levels out and you have a better understanding of the characters I am not a big fan on books that switch from character to character For me it takes away some of the bond that you would normally forge with the main character Rochelle makes it work with her story, instead of one [...]

  • First and foremost the cover drew me in from the very beginning I absolutely love it and I was itching to be able to read this book Ashes and Ice was an amazing story that kept me captivated to the very end I love how the story alternates between both POV s of the main characters Jade and Connor I like seeing how things play out in other perspectives and to also get an inside glance on how the characters are on the inside The characters were well developed and the story line unique I loved seein [...]

  • 4.5 stars Jade is a girl who feels empty She doesn t remember who she is, or where she came from She has no hopes and dreams She has no heart All she has is blackouts and a strange thing pulling her forward Connor is invisible His dad recently passed His dad was his hero, and his friend He feels empty too He wants to hide He has no hope Until Jade comes into his life She gives him something to glow about But there is to Jade then her pretty looks Can Connor handle what s inside of her When a La [...]

  • Holy rabies Holy rabies HOLY RABIES Talk about a mind blown 4.5 stars I don t even know where to begin with this one I saw the cover, loved it Saw the blurb, loved it Saw an excerpt on its release day, lost all hope But I was so curious as to whether I would actually hate it or not it s a curse I suffer from , so when I saw that it was priced at 0.99 for the release day, that curiosity coupled with my natural weakness for cheaply priced books convinced me to move heaven and hell to get my hands [...]

  • 1.5 starsThere are things that I just couldn t get from this book I couldn t believe how easy Clara asked Jade, the main character, to stay with her when she just met her It also happened with Nanan, she didn t know her at all yet she treats her like she s her daughter Aren t they afraid of her Didn t they think that maybe she s a murderer, for example I know Jade is the protagonist and also main character in this story so she must be a good girl but other characters don t know about it, do they [...]

  • Actual rating 4.5 This review was originally posted at My Library in the Making The only thing I knew before starting to read Ashes Ice was that the girl had some kind of amnesia, so this one ended up being such a nice surprise for me.Jade has a dark past that she can t remember She often wakes up with blood in her hands, not knowing how it got there, and then soon she d hear about a murder She knows the answer lies in her memory, but it s always evading her Connor, on the other hand, just recen [...]

  • Ashes and Ice is a book that took me by storm I have to say that I read a lot of books but this one is going to be one series that i re read and re read over and over again It has so many twists and turns and keeps you on your feet that you have no idea what is going to happen next Then you read it and you say no way I never saw this coming The added bonus for me was the story telling from both POV S I love a story told by both points of view because you get to read and feel what the other chara [...]

  • First off I want to thank Rochelle Callen and Lady Ambers Tour for having me on the tour and letting me read Ashes and Ice Jade has no memory of her past, or even her name She is broken on the inside and can t seem figure out just what she is and why she keeps waking form dreams of people who have been killed She needs answers and she needs to figure out just who and where she came from When Jade finds Nana, a woman who takes her in she starts to searches for the answers she needs What will Jade [...]

  • OMG Ya ten a el presentimiento de que me iba a gustar gracias a Kat y cuando lo le WOW FUE MALDITAMENTE GENIAL Connor fue TAN lindo,tierno y t mido y quiero un novio como el Mejor dicho QUIERO.ANNOR Jade me cay bien pero a veces me cost entenderla y hubo un momento en especifico en que la quise matar y yo estaba como Pero despu s se revela su pasado y por que hizo ESO que me re hab a molestado y yo estaba MUY sorprendida image error Oh y despues hubo algo relacionado con Dom y yo siempre sospech [...]

  • This is one of those reads that sucks you in, but yet you have no idea what s going on around you You stay tuned in because you have to find out really bad You re pulled into the mystery of what could be going on What could this person be When will we get the answers You become so invested in each of the characters that you continue on with the journey to discover right along with them what is happening in the world around them Meet Jade With no recollection of who she is or where she s from she [...]

  • Holy cow I was not expecting that This book blew my mind It was beyond amazing.Ashes and Ice tells the story of Jade, a girl with no memories of her past and who is fighting a terrible battle to remain sane and to stop the darkness within her from taking over her life She is plagued with horrible dreams and visions of murdered girls and she tries desperately to figure out what is happening to her Along the way she meets Connor, who is trying to come to turns with the sudden death of his dad Conn [...]

  • Looooovedddd it At first I was a little worried about the writing style I wasn t really used to it and I ve never read anything like it It was a good change though from reading other things that I m used to It had a great story, lots of action, suspense, and romance I highly recommend this one

  • My least favorite reads are about high school kids I decided to give this one a try and I m so glad I did I had no idea what was going on throughout basically the whole book but I loved every part of it Except the ending Yup, you guessed it Cliffhanger I can t wait to read about Jade, Connor, and Giovanni.

  • Clear and simple5.This author has such beautiful prose that for the first time in a long time I actually had to look up the note saving feature on my Nook because I knew there were certain turns of phrase that I would want to visit again Outstanding novel and I ll read anything I come across by this author.

  • Connor I m a virgin and the last time I kissed a chick, she was neither sane nor all that cute Connor is a wonderful character He lights up the pages and I can t help but root for him I like the world the author created This is a page turner book Highly recommended

  • BookNook Young Adult book reviews2.5 StarsI think Ashes and Ice is a solid case of not for me Although it wasn t a perfect book overall, the main reason I m giving this book 2.5 stars is because the plot took a direction that ultimately isn t in line with my personal tastes I never fully connected with the characters or the plot, and while part of that is due to faults in the book, I think a large part is just because of me.Let s start off with Jade I had kind of a love hate relationship with Ja [...]

  • I want to thank the author, Rochelle Maya Callen, and Lady Amber Tours, for providing me an ARC ecopy of this book to read and give an honest review This has in no way influenced my opinion or review.Blurb from She is desperate to remember.He is aching to forget.Together, they are not broken.But together, one may not survive Jade wakes up with no memory of her past and blood on her hands Plagued by wicked thoughts, she searches for answers Instead, she finds a boy who doesn t offer her answers, [...]

  • I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review.Ashes and Ice tells the story of Jade, a girl who has no memory She is plagued with horrible dreams and visions of murdered girls and she tries desperately to figure out what is happening to her She has someone helping her and he s name is Connor They both need each other than they realize After leaving a new friend, she ends up living with a kind woman who tries her best to care for Jade I have no breath left I tumble forward, [...]

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