Runaway Heart

Unlimited Runaway Heart - by Claudy Conn - Runaway Heart, Runaway Heart Spirited Chelsea decided she d sooner run away to London than return to her vain and selfish guardian Aunt Augusta But in her wildest dreams she never imagined her dear godmother would arrange a Sea Unlimited Runaway Heart - by Claudy Conn - Runaway Heart, Runaway Heart Spirited Chelsea decided she d sooner run away to London than return to her vain and selfish guardian Aunt Augusta But in her wildest dreams she never imagined her dear godmother would arrange a Sea

  • Title: Runaway Heart
  • Author: Claudy Conn
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 155
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Runaway Heart

Unlimited Runaway Heart - by Claudy Conn, Runaway Heart, Claudy Conn, Runaway Heart Spirited Chelsea decided she d sooner run away to London than return to her vain and selfish guardian Aunt Augusta But in her wildest dreams she never imagined her dear godmother would arrange a Season or convince the ton s most eligible bachelor to take her under his wing Lord Wainwright was a handsome rogue who was not interested in coy games and missish airs He expecSpirited Che Unlimited Runaway Heart - by Claudy Conn - Runaway Heart, Runaway Heart Spirited Chelsea decided she d sooner run away to London than return to her vain and selfish guardian Aunt Augusta But in her wildest dreams she never imagined her dear godmother would arrange a Sea

  • Unlimited Runaway Heart - by Claudy Conn
    155 Claudy Conn
Runaway Heart

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    Claudy Conn Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Runaway Heart book, this is one of the most wanted Claudy Conn author readers around the world.

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  • It always frustrates me when I read a book that could have been great with a little or a lot of editing The trustee and the godmother spent an inordinate amount of time saying over and over, She s been mistreated We didn t know Augusta lied to us Really We got it the first time And what s with the feelings everyone is getting It s even written that way She got a feeling when he was around Even the clean romances I ve read don t say that And come to find out, this is far from clean I mean it s no [...]

  • Wow, this was a surprise Found this short story on Smashwords for free and even though there was one steamy scene for the most part it was an amazing 1800 s romance Just my type of story How I really do admire a gallant but not to innocent and pure gentleman that sweeps a sweet, witty and charming heroine off her feet This is my first Claudy Conn story but I would say that it is very impressive Most of the time I would be a little put off by scenes or POVs that don t have the smoothest of transi [...]

  • This book was beyond words to me, and definitely deserves 6 stars Claudy Conn definitely knocks another one right out of the park From start to finish I was completely hooked I totally fell in love with Chelsea and think that she is by far my favorite historical heroine so far She was so relatable and I m sure that everyone will find a little of yourself in her The story and characters that unfolded were amazing and I was totally pulled into their world I definitely recommend this book and I kno [...]

  • Another fabulous Historical Romance, had me hooked from the first page Chelsea a young innocent little minx, who said just what she thought most of the time Sam her best friend, their playfull teasing, so made me laugh Was Sam the one for Chelsea or was it the very charming Lord Brett Wainwright who had been asked to squire Chelsea about in her first London season Some twists n turns as the path of true love rarely runs smooth I thoroughly enjoyed hope you read it too.

  • Review also posted on Book Lovin MamasClaudy Conn has done it againe sucked me in another Regency Historical Romance and made me fall in love with the characters and their world.Lord Wainwright is now going on my list of FAVE sexy, male characters that I would to marryOops not tell my hubby Chelsea is wanting to make her mark in the world and find the man who will sweep her off her feet, just like her friends keep talking about She s about to turn 19 and she wants to meet the one person who will [...]

  • Claudy has done it again in this light hearten love story She has the ability to bring you back in time with her writing The vivid details form a exciting scenes in my mind making me feel as if I was in the story the whole time This story was extremely well written This characters in this book had so much passion I had lots of hilarious laughs while reading this This pace flowed perfectly Brett, a daring, confident, handsome man He is somewhat of a rogue He is known as a ladies man He is asked b [...]

  • Runaway Heart, takes you for a spin and around the block Through the love, hate relationships, and the underlying ones as well, Claudy Conn, in Runaway Heart brings you to the top of heartache and the to the downfall of miss guided presumptions, and back up again Claudy s writing style is easily read, but just as polished as Lord Wainwright s shiny shoes And the characters of Wainwright and Chelsea are relatable, yet different than many other regency characters I have had the experience of readi [...]

  • My Opinion I wasn t sure if I would like this book, not because of the author or any other reasons but one its a romance book I don t read romance books unless its a paranormal romance genre I find romance books are boring and have no point to them well I think this book has changed my mind Who knew this short story book would change my mind about romance Anyways, back to the what the book was about I first started out feeling bad for Chelsea and the life she was living by being by herself No pa [...]

  • Runaway Heart by Claudy ConnOrphaned and neglected by her hateful aunt, Chelsea Halloway is still in the care of Mrs Farthing at her boarding school, even though she s almost nineteen When she s told that she will be returning to Aunt Augusta, Chelsea quickly gets her good friend Sam Martin to help her escape so she can find and speak to her trustee, Lord Rupurt Lytton Before she knows it Chelsea is the belle of London thanks to her godmother, Aunt Daisy and Lytton Lord Bretton Wainwright wants [...]

  • Breathtaking Romance What a divine romantic story This was my first regency romance and the first book I read by Claudy Conn I loved the characters in this book Chelsea is a very strong willed young woman I love this because in this time period women are supposed to meek and let the man lead I admire Chelsea who dares to be different She is tenacious, sassy, and always speaks her mind Her determination to seek what she wants gets her into some pretty uncomfortable predicaments I also love the he [...]

  • Free KindleHOT romanceHistorical RegencySet in Regency England, but used terms like cock and hard on It took me out of the 1800 s Also I had a hard time with the dialog changes from heroine to villain The author back tracked to get the villain s side of the same events A little back tracking is fine, but when you completely redo the scene it is distracting Yes, I know he used chloroform on a handkerchief you don t need to spell it out, along with his history of how he learned to use it and how h [...]

  • Runaway hearts is a lovely romance story set in the Regency period I loved the history, the vocabulary and the narrated way the characters would have spoken in those days Full of light hearted humour, passion and adventure, it s a lovely little story.We meet Chelsea an orphaned young woman, still at school after her friends left a year ago, who has been neglected by her Aunt Augusta, a horrid woman, only interested in herself and who she beds.With the help of her good friend Sam, Chelsea seeking [...]

  • If you like women characters that are smart, brave, plucky, adventurous, and never hesitant to speak their mind in a tell it like it is manner, you will love Chelsea and this book The setting was in the 18th Century with historical figures such as Beau Brummell and Lady Jersey as well as sightings of Byron and the Prince Regent This book had many exciting twists and turns Scary at times, but very exciting as Chelsea seemed to always be in control of her life, as well as everything happening arou [...]

  • This review is from RUNAWAY HEART Kindle Edition This was an enchanting quick read My first attempt at regency romance It took longer to get through because of looking up words for definitions, plus a discussion with friends on weather chit is good or bad still not sure.Overall i enjoyed the book Will read of this genre in the future I enjoyed the conversations very much The old english was very different.I enjoyed the spunkyiness of Chelsea s character Here mannor was bold and brazen for the t [...]

  • Another story by Claudy Conn, so easy to fall in love with This book review has been a fight for the world, and finally I got it up Chelsea was so very easy to connect and fall in love with She has to live with her cruel guardian, Who is easy to hate she s sharp and witty, what else can a heroine need to be amazing A plot line that can amuse you through the night, a quick read worth picking up.If you want a Regency Historical Romance this is a read to look at.

  • Another hit by Claudy The characters in this book seem so real that they could be your next door neighbors The book held my attention and I could not put it down I m sure you will enjoy this book and I also recommend it.

  • This was a really good story True to Claudy Conn form, you fall in love with the characters pretty quick The heroine is strong willed with a good moral background The hero and villain are well developed as well Another hit for Claudy Conn yay

  • A 2.5 Review My Dad who to this day remains to be one of the most brilliant men I know has this funny thing he does when he introduces me to people It used to drive me crazy, but the older I get, the I appreciated it Instead of the generic This is my daughter Misty my father chooses hyperbole Oh This is my daughter Misty Beware of verbal battles, she never loses Like I said before, this used to drive me crazy In short, I thought it was his passive aggressive way of calling my out on my snarky s [...]

  • Oh, my Ms Conn writes with verve and passion But there are significant flaws in this self published work that do not allow me to recommend it in its current configuration.Most of the difficulties could be resolved by a rewrite under the direction of an editor There are any many, many paragraphs of backstory, much telling, a wandering POV, historical anachronisms e.g her newly installed Regency styled desk and inconsistent characterizations The plot is unbalanced characters spend most of their ti [...]

  • Really enjoyed thisThis was such a great story Chelsea was so bright and cheerful and funny all the time, you couldn t help but adore her and her best friend Sam Wainwright fought his feelings for Chelsea through almost all the book, which was funny to read I think I liked Aunt Daisy and Lord Lytton as much as Chelsea and Wainwright I have to tell ya I didn t think Augusta and her brother Patrick got what they deserved That was a real bummer There was 1 explicit sex scene and maybe one or two sw [...]

  • Posted at Oh My Books I downloaded Runaway Heart free from I think it s still free , and it was a nice surprise Chelsea is a spirited young lady, who has been forgotten by her guardian Aunt Augusta, and she won t take it any She decided to run away to London with her best friend, but she never thought she her godmother would take her under her wing and arrange a Season for her.Chelsea starts as a very naive girl but soon learns to flirt, and Lord Wainwright, her godmother s nephew, helps her to [...]

  • This was is wonderful book about a young woman coming of age that was pretty much tossed away by her aunt and sent to a boarding school and forgot about Chelsea is young innocent little minx, who says whatever is on her mind most of the time Her best friend is Sam, I love the way they tease one another all the time But who will she chose her best friend or the rogue of a man who was assigned to escort her around I m a huge fan of Regency Romance books and I have to say I loved Claudy Conn s book [...]

  • Like other reviewers I was pleasantly surprised with this book While the main female lead needed slapped every now and then, the overall story was heartwarming It was fun to read innocence play out There was not a lot of steam to the book but all in all a good read.

  • Check out my review and two teasers here frommetoyouvideophoto 2012 09 feasted on runaway heart by claudy connml

  • This was a delightful must read The authors writing style flows nicely and the characters are extremely likable You will find yourself transformed in time.

  • I enjoyed this The heroine was great and the hero was an asshole manwhore who had had an affair with the heroine s late uncle s second wife Augusta, the aunt, was a really dirty slut who used to cheat on the uncle and who had orgy parties after he died I couldn t get over how the hero could have lowered himself to sleep with this evil human cum dumpster mattress She was so jealous of the heroine s youth and beauty that she became even evil and vindictive when the hero dumped and ignored her dir [...]

  • I read a lot but I guess not very many regency romances I didn t think this was well written whole passages of description were repeated in some cases only a few chapters apart, and the plot was fairly predictable Somehow, I am always amazed at all the scheming that goes on in the upper echelons of this time At times I just wanted to shake the two main romantic interests and tell them to talk to one another openly instead of in the polite societal banter of the time they d probably have gotten t [...]

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