The Body in the Piazza

Unlimited The Body in the Piazza - by Katherine Hall Page - The Body in the Piazza, The Body in the Piazza Faith Fairchild and her husband are celebrating a big anniversary with a trip to Italy filled with exquisite indulgences the art the Chianti the food the Ferragamos After a weekend in Rome they l Unlimited The Body in the Piazza - by Katherine Hall Page - The Body in the Piazza, The Body in the Piazza Faith Fairchild and her husband are celebrating a big anniversary with a trip to Italy filled with exquisite indulgences the art the Chianti the food the Ferragamos After a weekend in Rome they l

  • Title: The Body in the Piazza
  • Author: Katherine Hall Page
  • ISBN: 9780062065513
  • Page: 355
  • Format: ebook
The Body in the Piazza

Unlimited The Body in the Piazza - by Katherine Hall Page, The Body in the Piazza, Katherine Hall Page, The Body in the Piazza Faith Fairchild and her husband are celebrating a big anniversary with a trip to Italy filled with exquisite indulgences the art the Chianti the food the Ferragamos After a weekend in Rome they ll travel to Tuscany where Faith s former assistant Francesca has opened a cooking school But along with pecorino panna cotta and prosecco it looks like murder and mayhemFai Unlimited The Body in the Piazza - by Katherine Hall Page - The Body in the Piazza, The Body in the Piazza Faith Fairchild and her husband are celebrating a big anniversary with a trip to Italy filled with exquisite indulgences the art the Chianti the food the Ferragamos After a weekend in Rome they l

  • Unlimited The Body in the Piazza - by Katherine Hall Page
    355 Katherine Hall Page
The Body in the Piazza

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    Katherine Hall Page is the author of fifteen previous Faith Fairchild mysteries, the first of which received the Agatha Award for best first mystery and the most recent of which, The Body in the Snowdrift, was honored with the Agatha Award for best novel Page also won an Agatha for her short story The Would Be Widower She lives in Massachusetts with her husband and son from the publisher s website Series Faith Fairchild Christie and Company Mystery

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  • I have read all of the author s books and always enjoyed them This one just seemed to go on and on There was so much detail abut food, scenery, hotel room decor, that the actual mystery was very sparsely referred to and solved much too neatly I was listening to this book on audio mp3 so I could not fast forward If it were the paper version, I would have skipped the endless descriptions There were two instances where people were in danger and all of a sudden, it was either later that day or the n [...]

  • I usually give a book 50 pages before I declare it unworthy Favorite writers get 75 or 100 pages While I have read and enjoyed most if not all of the Faith Fairchild books, by the time I worked my way through 30 pages of this book, I was done The lengthy description of an uneventful trans Atlantic flight, including a page and a half about Faith bringing her own food really did not do it for me.

  • Katherine Hall Page is one of the few writers I still buy in hardcover, when her books are first released, so I ve been an appreciative fan of her series since the beginning And for me, a mediocre Faith Fairchild mystery is still worth reading, in no small part because Faith is so much fun to spend time with But the last few books, including this one, have definitely lost something from the earlier entries It s as though Page is on auto pilot when it comes to both mystery plot and characterizati [...]

  • Dollycas s ThoughtsThe last book in this series, The Body in the Boudoir, was Faith remembering how her life with minister husband started as she was traveling on a plane to Italy In this installment the plane has landed and Faith takes us quite a tour of Italy from the foods to the amazing architecture She also meets up with her old friend, Francesca who is opening a cooking school.I have loved this series since it started but this was not one of my faves The author went way overboard with the [...]

  • Twentieth chronologically and twenty first in the publication order in the Faith Fairchild cooking mystery finds Faith and Tom heading back to Italy to help Francesca with her new venture, Cucina della Rossi.My TakeOh, wow, Page is so beautifully descriptive I wanted to catch the next flight to Rome Huh, I never knew that what we consider Roman cuisine developed from la cucina ebraico romanesca Makes sense though when you consider that what we think of as fine French food was also a case of peas [...]

  • The Faith Fairchild Mystery series centers on the detecting skills of Faith Fairchild Faith, a minister s daughter, did what she swore never to do, and married a minister herself Uprooted from her beloved Manhattan, she now lives in Aleford, a small New England town, where she raises her two children and runs her own catering business Faith is a snob a food snob and a clothing snob but her devotion to her husband Tom who orders his clothes from L.L Bean and thinks cooking is opening a can of Cam [...]

  • If you are Italian or have been to Italy you may really love this book I could not get into it and there was too many Italian words, food words,etc that were hard to pronounce or understand for me.Faith and her spouse Tom are off to Italy for a celebration of their wedding anniversary, They are with a group most of the time and many parts are quite interesting, however, it was not a quick read for me I was disappointed this time.I have read all of her other books and really loved them You may wa [...]

  • This was my first read in the Faith Fairchild series and I found it enjoyable The story was neatly resolved in the last chapter, so I was surprised at the concluding section that the author called the coda In the coda, the Fairchilds reflect on the events of the book from a time that I understand to be 15 20 or years in the future I hope another reader will let me know if this device is used in other books in the series and if you also found it odd.

  • I found this to be a rather slow moving story which focused on food than on the mystery At first I enjoyed the way the clues were sort of stumbled upon but I got impatient after a while with all of the diversions When things finally started moving along the conclusion didn t really seem to fit the rest of the story.

  • I picked up this book again after trying it a few years ago I did not get into it at the time There were a lot from my perspective of words in Italian intermixed at the beginning of the book But I did enjoy it this time around I always enjoy this author s style of writing and character development and wittiness.

  • Good book, but the mystery really took a backseat to the food and scenery of Rome and Tuscany I guess readers of Faith Fairchild mysteries would have been shocked if there d been no mystery, but I would have been fine without it

  • I couldn t get through this one life s too short and there are too many good books to force myself Too much like a travelogue with the murder being in the background I read almost half I have enjoyed her previous books and will look forward to the next one.

  • This book was okay Travelogue and cooking info were interesting but the mystery was incidental I d rather get the info from books for which that is the primary purpose, and have a real mystery I enjoyed earlier books in this series .

  • The Body in the Piazza by Katherine Hall Paige is an exciting adventure that took me traveling to one of my most favorite citiesRome A woman and her husband get the chance to travel to Italy for their anniversary While there, a friend of theirs will be teaching classes on cooking What should have been just a peaceful yet busy fun filled romantic time for the couple soon turns into a deadly intense situation from nowhere Inside this brilliantly told novel, readers will find murder, assassination, [...]

  • 21 and still as engaging, fresh, new, filled with believable characters, in gorgeous settings and filled with scrumptious food, ingredients, history and detailed facts that make the settings so real this time, Rome, Florence and Tuscany and a cooking school set up by former NYC student assistant at Have Faith, Francesca and her husband, Gianni The only negative would be the time jumps Page drops in at the end, here reminiscing in Maine years later, or warping back to Tom and Faith s meeting and [...]

  • Katherine Hall Page is a fairly local to me, quite prodigious mystery author I had not read before my local library recently featured this book Set in Florence and Tuscany, the author provides wonderful details of the art, architecture and food, enough details about the food prep and wine tastings that I took notes Faith Fairchild, the protagonist, has been featured in over twenty books by the author a caterer, married to a minister, mother of two, she seems to fall into mysteries and take many [...]

  • I love to read book about other places I have visited or hope to one day My mom handed me this book during a road trip together and told me I would enjoy it She was right I was instantly captivated by Katherine s descriptions of Rome and went so far as to try to locate the real settings of her fictitious hotel and restaurants The story wove in the wonderful history and food of Italy, and made my heart yearn for another visit It was a quick read, and I m looking forward to reading her other books [...]

  • I read the first book in the series long ago but have not kept up The plot is far fetched, and both the protagonist and her husband are too stupid to live at some point I enjoyed the Italian setting.

  • I spent 3.5 hours on this book and it s audio audio book There is lot of descriptions about Italy However I think for a mystery book, story should be the most important part in the book Maybe it is my English is still not very good, I only know Faith s friend was killed and then nothing That s bad However, I think it might be a good book for knowing Italian culture.

  • The particular pleasure of a Faith Fairchild novel is that it s like spending an afternoon or two with an old friend and The Body in the Piazza is no exception In fact, I d have to say that any quibble I have with this entry in the series has to do with the setting Italy is certainly a good place to have a cooking related mystery but I think I prefer Faith s adventures in the village of Aleford, Massachusetts, or perhaps in the wider region of New England Still, I can t fault Ms Page for wanting [...]

  • Not one of her best as there was a lot of description of Italian food and places with very little about the mystery While it occupied me, at times I had to skip long meaningless passages I was very disappointed at the end because the mystery really had little basis to the story.

  • The tastes of Italy are ambrosia for any serious foodie For Faith Fairchild, it is nearly the Holy Grail when it comes to food This trip is to be a total immersion into all things Italian Unfortunately, it includes the good as well as the bad Cooking is not really Tom Fairchild s forte, although the eating is well worth the effort He just needs to keep his wife out of trouble long enough to enjoy their stay in Italy Faith is incredibly happy that her good friend Francesca Rossi s new cooking sch [...]

  • Faith Fairchild is going to Italy, where murder and mayhem mix with pecorino, panna cotta, and Prosecco, in the latest entry in this highly entertaining mystery series that effectively mixes modern day moral dilemmas with charm, warmth, and humor Booklist The Body in the PiazzaTo celebrate their wedding anniversary, intrepid caterer and sometime sleuth Faith Fairchild and her husband, the Reverend Tom Fairchild, are off to Italy for a vacation filled with exquisite indulgences the art, the Chian [...]

  • 3.5 wish would find a way to give fractional stars.Faith and her husband, clergyman Tom, after years of sermons for him, salads and sauces for her, and sporting events for their children, are finally able to get away by themselves for a relaxing and romantic second honeymoon in Italy Faith s former catering helper Francesca has opened an Italian cooking school in the hills of Tuscany, and has asked Tom and Faith to be among her first guests.Naturally, the Fairchilds become embroiled in [...]

  • Faith and her husband Tom are celebrating a milestone anniversary we are never told which one with a trip to Italy Their plans include a few days in Rome, followed by several days in Tuscany at Cucina Della Rossi, a cooking school run by Faith s friend and one time assistant Francesca While in Rome, the Fairchilds witness a murder however, and soon it becomes apparent that the murderer may have followed them to Tuscany The mystery in this book is actually fairly interesting Who is Freddy the new [...]

  • A mystery with a travelog included Faith and Tom Fairchild have been invited to the Tuscan region of Italy to participate in a week long cooking school founded by a former employee of Faith s They stop in Rome for a few days and meet a delightful Englishman who is writes travel guidebooks He has dinner with them and informs them he is leaving early the next day on another journey However, the next night, while they are wandering around enjoying the sights of Rome, they witness a scuffle between [...]

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