Plum Deadly

✓ Plum Deadly ☆ Ellie Grant - Plum Deadly, Plum Deadly In this cozy mystery a young woman is framed by her boss for embezzlement and flees to her aunt s pie shop but when her ex boss turns up dead on their doorstep she must start her own investigation to ✓ Plum Deadly ☆ Ellie Grant - Plum Deadly, Plum Deadly In this cozy mystery a young woman is framed by her boss for embezzlement and flees to her aunt s pie shop but when her ex boss turns up dead on their doorstep she must start her own investigation to

  • Title: Plum Deadly
  • Author: Ellie Grant
  • ISBN: 9781451689556
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Paperback
Plum Deadly

✓ Plum Deadly ☆ Ellie Grant, Plum Deadly, Ellie Grant, Plum Deadly In this cozy mystery a young woman is framed by her boss for embezzlement and flees to her aunt s pie shop but when her ex boss turns up dead on their doorstep she must start her own investigation to find the killer before he finds herOCOHOLIC CREAM BOUNTIFUL BLUEBERRY LOTSA LEMON MERINGUE EVEN DANGEROUSLY DAMSON Who could resist such pies Who would even want to rIn this cozy mystery ✓ Plum Deadly ☆ Ellie Grant - Plum Deadly, Plum Deadly In this cozy mystery a young woman is framed by her boss for embezzlement and flees to her aunt s pie shop but when her ex boss turns up dead on their doorstep she must start her own investigation to

  • ✓ Plum Deadly ☆ Ellie Grant
    500 Ellie Grant
Plum Deadly

About “Ellie Grant

  • Ellie Grant

    Ellie Grant is a pseudonym for husband and wife authors who get help writing from their cat, Quincy, and their big rescue puppy, Rudy They live in North Carolina with their family.

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  • What in the name of Sweet Valley High was going on in this book Having never been accused of embezzlement, I wouldn t know about having all my property seized If in the way off instance I were caught and all my things were being seized, my ass would go to jail for the fight I would start over whether or not I get to take my Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer with me Ryan walks in to the Pie Shop one day Aunt Clara sees him and winks at Maggie The next day, Ryan and Maggie are boyfriend and girlfriend What [...]

  • After being accused of stealing from the bank she works at, Maggie returns to her hometown in North Carolina with her tail between her legs With no money and no chance that any bank will ever employ her again she finds herself waiting tables at Pie in the Sky, her aunt s pie shop When her former boss shows up dead at the back door to Pie in the Sky, Maggie is the main suspect With a little help from a local newspaper reporter she sets about finding the killer and clearing her name Plum Deadly is [...]

  • Unjustly accused of cooking the books, Maggie Grady is forced to retreat from her high flying New York financial career to the town where she grew up Her aunt Clara greets her with open arms and a job at the family owned business that has baked the best pies in the South for over forty years Unfortunately, while Maggie is determined to return to banking, her reputation there seems permanently in the pits That is, until her old boss, Lou, visits with news that he s found the real crook Before he [...]

  • Since I completed my 2nd marathon on May 4th, I was able to catch up on some reading the following weekend while we were away I started going through the TBR pile and noticed I had 2 mysteries I won via book blog contests that I hadn t even attempted to pick up The 2nd of the 2 books was Plum Deadly by the writing duo of husband and wife, Jim and Joyce Lavene The 2 have several active series right now and this is the 2nd of their books I have read The story moved along nicely and is set in Durha [...]

  • Well, Jim and Joyce have done it again This was such a charming cozy mystery Maggie was a banking executive in New York till she was accused of embezzling from the bank She goes home to Durham, NC to help at her aunts Pie Shop Her boss from the bank comes to tell her he knows she is innocent and knows who the embezzler really is, but when Maggie goes to take the trash out that evening, she finds him dead on the back step This is the first cozy I have read that was about pies I am not a pie eater [...]

  • This is the first book in a new cozy mystery series Maggie, the main character, has returned home to her Aunt Clara, after being accused of embezzlement and fired by her bank employer Now working at her aunt s pie shop, she is surprised when her former boss, Lou, walks into the shop and tells her that he knows she is innocent and plans to provide evidence of this at a scheduled press conference tomorrow However, he refuses to give her any additional information, saying it is safer for her until [...]

  • Plum Deadly is plum delightful When a murder victim, Maggie Grady s former boss Lou, is found on the pie shop s back step Maggie looks like prime suspect 1 But with Lou about to clear Maggie s name on embezzlement charges with an announcement of the real thief and an unsavory business man trying a little too hard to buy Aunt Clara s shop at any cost, there are plenty of other suspects to go around This first in a new series is a delicious threat Maggie and her Aunt Clara are wonderful new charac [...]

  • Maggie Grady is working at a bank in New York City when she is unjustly accused of embezzlement, and fired from her job She moves back home to North Carolina to work in her aunt Clara s pie shop She hasn t been there long when Lou Goldberg, her boss at the bank shows up, and tells her he knows she was framed, and wants to help her clear her name He doesn t tell Maggie who embezzled the money, but says he has set up a press conference for the next day That night, Maggie is taking out the trash wh [...]

  • I enjoyed this book very much I thought I had an idea of who the bad guy was, but I was totally wrong Maggie Grady is a likeable, believable character, and the mystery situations are well thought out Keeping you guessing Great book, fast read, I can t wait to read the next book I would have read it in one sitting, but we had a storm resulting in power failure and it got too dark to read I hope there is to come and soon

  • Another cozy mystery series I enjoyed meeting the characters and watching as they unraveled the mysteries I think this will be a good series for readers of Diane Mott Davidson and Joanne Fluke Although reading about all those wonderful pies made me gain a few pounds I also learned that technique is just as important as ingredients in making pie crusts that are really flaky.

  • This mystery was so cozy I almost suffocated It was too cutesy for me and I just about overdosed on the syrupy sweetness It was predictable and the characters were like toons.

  • Four Stars A comfy cozy with a realistic story line and pie Maggie isn t exactly thrilled to once again be waiting on tables at her aunt s pie shop Still she is grateful that her aunt took her in when she showed up on her doorstep homeless and practically penniless She was falsely accused of embezzlement at her high power bank job She was locked out of her apartment and sent packing, the only reassurance was that the bank wouldn t press charges Maggie is innocent, though Things start to look up [...]

  • Ok, there are some issues First off, since when does getting accused of embezzlement but let go instead of prosecuted cause you to lose all your money and possessions Second there was insta love, but no triangle.Maggie comes home to her aunt s pie store after being fired from her bank and not visiting for years She realizes she isn t likely to get another bank job and that her aunt has been floundering a bit since her husband died Then her old boss shows up and says he has proof she is innocent [...]

  • I really enjoyed the book The book flowed nicely and kept my attention throughout the book A bit of romance is added to the mix but not the focus of the story.I enjoyed that it was a team effort between Maggie and Ryan in solving the death of Lou.Maggie is accused of embezzling money from the bank where she worked Having nothing left she returned to Aunt Clara s and helping her aunt in the pie shop Lou, her former boss, shows up at the pie shop to tell her he has a plan to expose the real person [...]

  • The major fault of this book is I want to eat lots of pies They sound so good Flakey crusts In the back of book does have some pie recipe but It should come with pie, don t you think A lot of the setting is at the pie shop or talking about pie and having to make good sounding pies.Maggie is the main character She is smart, selfish and now that her busy dream life has been taken away from her, She realizes how wrong she has been not to spend time with her Aunt.Maggie was working for a bank until [...]

  • Plum Deadly is the newest addition to Jim and Joyce Lavene s books Although this is the first I have read of any of their works, when I was invited to participate in a tour, I couldn t turn it down I am starting to really get into these cozy mysteries because they are so lighthearted and fun.After being falsely accused of embezzlement Maggie Grady flees back home to her aunt Clara While trying to rebuild her reputation, Maggie works at the family business, Pie in the Sky When her ex boss, Lou, c [...]

  • Maggie has just been accused of stealing an enormous amount of money from the bank where she used to work Now she is being forced, because of lack of funds, to move back to her small hometown in North Carolina to work in her Aunt Clara s pie shop One normal, average day her old boss shows up at the pie shop to clear Maggie s name, saying that he wrongly accused her of taking the money and that he now knows who it really was Maggie is beside herself with joy, hoping that she will be able to go ba [...]

  • Unjustly accused of embezzling money, Maggie Grady flees her high flying New York banking career to the town where she grew up Her Aunt Clara welcomes her back with open arms and offers her job in the family owned business that offers the best basked pies, around Unfortunately, while Maggie is determined to return to banking she even begs for a job in an email , her reputation seems to be permanently in the dumps That is, until her former boss, Lou, shows up with news that he has discovered the [...]

  • Maggie and her Aunt Clara live in Durham, North Carolina Maggie has come back home because she s been charged with embezzling funds from the bank where she worked Thank goodness she likes pies Baking a dozen pies a day is what her aunt s life is all about The name of Aunt Clara s shop is Pie In The Sky Sadly, Maggie comes home with troubles following behind her There is murder and all sorts of troubles like break ins, stolen laptops, etc You know It s the typical cozy I waited anxiously for a de [...]

  • Plum Deadly is the first book in the Pie In The Sky series I hope the first of many Maggie Grady has returned to her hometown, after unjustly being accused of embezzling bank funds Maggie is busy helping her Aunt Clara run Pie In the Sky Pie shop, much needed, too.Then one day her former boss, Lou, walks through the door of the pie shop He lets Maggie know that he knows she s not guilty and will explain everything at a news conference the next day the next day never comes, as when Maggie is taki [...]

  • Plum Deadly is the 1st book in Pie in the Sky Series Maggie has lost her high powered position in the banking world in New York City She was accused of stealing money from an important client and was escorted from the bank Her accounts were frozen to pay back her debt She returns home with just enough money for a bus ticket.She returns home to her Aunt Clara who owns a family run pie making business in North Carolina Maggie was raised by her Aunt Clara and Uncle Fred due to the death of her pare [...]

  • Plum Deadly by Ellie Grant Maggie Grady goes back home to Durham, North Carolina for the first time in years with her tail tucked between her legs She has been fired for her high powered job for embezzlement She is has lost everything she owned, her bank accounts frozen, so she takes a job at her aunts pie shop Maggie moves in with Aunt Clara who seems to be getting forgetful She is determined to find a way to prove her innocent, get another job and leave town as fast as she can He former friend [...]

  • Food fiction is what I call novels that are based around chefs, restaurant or cooking related topics and Plum Deadly falls right into the sweet spot of that category After a job fiasco, Maggie comes home from NYC to Durham, North Carolina to work with her Aunt Clara at her aunt s pie shop Although coming home was not Maggie s first choice, Maggie is making the best of things when suddenly, a blast from Maggie s New York past comes to town and Maggie is drawn into a murder investigation Combined [...]

  • Not my favorite series by these authors, I was disappointed that the epilogue for each book contains a lead in cliffhanger for the next book.Since I don t normally write reviews unless I have something specific to say, here s the break down of how I rate my books1 star This book was bad, so bad I may have given up and skipped to the end I will avoid this author like the plague in the future.2 stars This book was not very good, and I won t be reading any from the author.3 stars This book was ok, [...]

  • A mystery that puts you walking through the story with the characters Aunt Clara is loveable, trusting and loves her pie shop And she does not want to sell it Her niece, Maggie, has returned to her She was framed for embezzlement and fired from her job in New York City The charges were all dropped but she still lost her job.Her ex boss shows up at Pie Shop wanting to clear Maggie s name But instead he is killed I got all the way to the end not guessing the killer So enjoy.Maggie falls for Ryan, [...]

  • Maggie Grady is forced to give up her high flying New York lifestyle and return to her home town after she s unjustly accused of cooking the books at the bank where she worked Her Aunt Clara greets her with open arms and a job at the family owned business that has baked the best pies for over forty years When Maggie s boss shows up and declares he s found the real crook, she s elated, until he turns up dead in back of the pie shop The police not only turn the spotlight on Maggie, but they suspec [...]

  • Since I was reading this book and another book Cookbook Conspiracy at the same time, I would say that this book is in line with what I enjoy as far as morals goes Both have mystery but this one didn t offend me It just goes to show that riches are not everything and cannot save a person from the consequences of their sins such as stealing money and murder In the end, your sins evil deeds will find out you and shred light on who you are.My favorite part of this book is the mystery and all the pi [...]

  • I won this book as a First Read through This is not my normal book genre but I really like it The author was descriptive but didn t over do it The characters were relate able and people I would actually be friends with At no point did I put the book down and say I don t want to read this any I always wanted to know what happened next and wanted it to turn out well for Maggie and Aunt Clara I could have read it straight through if I had the time It is written in such a way that is light but bring [...]

  • Maggie was accused of embezzling at her bank job and unceremoniously kicked to the curb She retreats to her aunt s house and pie job to figure out what to do with her life Once there, her previous boss is murdered before the real culprit is revealed I just feel like the whole book took place within the confines of the pie shop and her aunt s house and I got bored I like this genre but it wasn t my favorite It also bugged me that although her aunt raised her she only visited twice in the 10 years [...]

  • Joyce and Jim Lavene, writing under the name Ellie Grant, have another hit on their hands When I see their name or any of their pseudonyms I know that the book will be a joy from start to finish.Poor Maggie Grady, not only has she lost her high powered job and was forced to move back to her hometown in N.C but her ex boss ends up dead on the back doorstep of the pie shop she is helping her sweet aunt with Maggie finds herself in the thick of things and must prove to the police and her hometown t [...]

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