The Dragon Hunters

[PDF] Download æ The Dragon Hunters : by James Russell - The Dragon Hunters, The Dragon Hunters The Dragon Hunters a children s picture book is the first of The Dragon Brothers trilogy of books It follows the adventures of Flynn and Paddy who when their dog is swiped by a passing dragon go t [PDF] Download æ The Dragon Hunters : by James Russell - The Dragon Hunters, The Dragon Hunters The Dragon Hunters a children s picture book is the first of The Dragon Brothers trilogy of books It follows the adventures of Flynn and Paddy who when their dog is swiped by a passing dragon go t

  • Title: The Dragon Hunters
  • Author: James Russell
  • ISBN: 9780473218164
  • Page: 403
  • Format: Hardcover
The Dragon Hunters

[PDF] Download æ The Dragon Hunters : by James Russell, The Dragon Hunters, James Russell, The Dragon Hunters The Dragon Hunters a children s picture book is the first of The Dragon Brothers trilogy of books It follows the adventures of Flynn and Paddy who when their dog is swiped by a passing dragon go to the rescue Brilliant The New Zealand Herald Charming Australian Women s Weekly Brunch book club [PDF] Download æ The Dragon Hunters : by James Russell - The Dragon Hunters, The Dragon Hunters The Dragon Hunters a children s picture book is the first of The Dragon Brothers trilogy of books It follows the adventures of Flynn and Paddy who when their dog is swiped by a passing dragon go t

  • [PDF] Download æ The Dragon Hunters : by James Russell
    403James Russell
The Dragon Hunters

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  • James Russell

    I am the author of The Dragon Brothers Trilogy of children s books The Dragon Hunters, The Dragon Tamers and The Dragon Riders and the new children s novels The Dragon Defenders April 2017 and The Dragon Defenders Book Two The Pitbull Returns November 2017 I live in Auckland with my wife and two young sons.

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  • The Dragon Hunters by James Russell is a cute and quick to read rhyming story about two brothers and their dog Coco A dragon snatched Coco, and Paddy and his brother Flynn have to find him Follow along with them on their Dragon hunting adventure The coolest feature in the book is a map that can be used with the free AR Maps app It s for Android or iOS users When you hover over the map, it comes alive with audio Kids love it and look forward to the next book.4 Thanks to Netgalley for a copy in ex [...]

  • Check out Picture book reviews Perspective of a WriterFlynn and Paddy live on an island with their mom and dad When they witness a dragon snatch their dog, Coco and fly away the brothers determine to bring her home They prepare the night before making sandwiches not quite like mom s and packing needed supplies like rope.I have the unique pleasure of sharing children s books with my nephew We love to read a book together after school and he picks out his favorite illustration to draw himself He [...]

  • A Fun Adventure, in VerseA dragon kidnaps the brothers dog, and so it s off to the dragon s lair to rescue the canine kidnappee That s certainly fun, and the drawings are colorful, energetic, and clearly support the story.But what I most appreciated was the author s ambitious decision to tell the story in verse It isn t done in a sing song scheme, and the rhymes aren t too tortured Here s an example Their mother woke and saw them gone Said she, I have a hunch they ve gone to look for Coco At lea [...]

  • A well illustrated and light hearted dragon adventure told in rhyming epic verse, sure to entertain the fantasy crowd.Between the rhyming words and the full page illustrations, this would make a great story of group readaloud or bedtime.The 3D augmented reality app was difficult to use via ebook, but I can tell it should be a neat experience for the printed copy of the book.I received this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

  • Paddy and Flynn were two brave little boys They took all their bravery and accomplished a great dead They saved their dog from the dragon I can not wait for of the Dragon Brothers Trilogy

  • An OK dragon story in rhyme Not as good as M P Robertson s picture book dragon series, or Christopher Wormell s two George and the Dragon books And by that I mean the story wasn t quite as enticing and the illustrations not quite as good as the other books.

  • Two brothers face a dangerous quest that of rescuing their little dog from the dangerous clutches of a dragon The witty prose is matched only by the glorious illustrations I loved the somewhat clueless mom and the way the brothers worked together My thanks to the publisher for sharing this gem.

  • THE DRAGON BROTHERS by James Russell is the first book in a new adventure trilogy for dragon fans.Flynn and Paddy live on a remote island, so they re surprised when a dragon swoops down and kidnaps their dog, Coco This action adventure picture book traces their journey to rescue their beloved dog.Librarians will find that this trilogy has broad appeal Students will also want to download the map app to explore the Dragon Brothers world Look for THE DRAGON TAMERS June 2017 and THE DRAGON RIDERS Au [...]

  • I received an electronic copy of this book from NetGalley in return for an honest review.The Dragon Hunters is a fun rhyming adventure about two brothers who save their dog from a dragon s lair Due to bravery and clever thinking, they are successful in their endeavor Their mother does not believe them and thinks they are just spinning a tall tale, which my daughter found very amusing The illustrations are great and fit the story well This book seems suitable for younger readers I felt that six [...]

  • Review from a digital copy provided via Netgalley.3.5 stars This first book in a trilogy about two brothers and their island adventures features a dognapping dragon and augmented reality component that are sure to please young readers The text is in rhyming form, which quickens the pace of the story except when one stumbles over the meter After reading a few passages aloud than once, the rhymes do work, but it takes a few readings sometimes Most of the rhymes are fairly effortless This is a pic [...]

  • The Dragon Hunters is the first illustrated chapter book in The Dragon Brother trilogy written by James Russell and illustrated by Link Choi Living on an island means life is full of adventure for brothers Flynn and Paddy So when a dragon swoops out of the sky and nabs their beloved dog, Coco, Flynn and Paddy know it s up to them to bring her home That night, they pack their bags, make some terrible sandwiches, and set off on an epic adventure The Dragon Hunters is a short and imaginative book i [...]

  • Siblings Flynn and Paddy set off to rescue their dog Coco, a lab, after a dragon snatches her from the ground Not only do the boys prepare a snack for the journey, and after tracking the dragon to its dwelling place and with a little ingenuity and a rope and a tree, they bring Coco back home This most unlikely story is told in rhyming text and will please very adventurous or would be adventurous soul out there Some of the Adobe Photoshop illustrations, especially those of the dragon, are quite i [...]

  • Flynn and Paddy are young brothers who have a dog named Coco One day their dog is snatched by a dragon Mind you, Mom doesn t believe their story Nevertheless the boys head off on a quest to rescue their pry The rhyming text falters occasionally, but sticks to its mission of carrying the story forward Link Coi s bright and vivid illustrations are eye catching and big enough for group sharing This will be a hit with young dragon lovers.

  • Two brothers take off on an epic journey to save their dog from a dragon They must devise a clever scheme to get their beloved pet back Instructional suggestions predicting, questioning, connecting, visualizing, suspense, plot, conflict, setting, antagonist, protagonistGenres fiction, fantasy

  • There are at least 2 books due in this series and I need them The first book is adorable It s about two brothers who wander far from home to rescue their dog from a dragon It has a bit of a different layout from most picture books and that is okay It s fun, the rhymes are spot on, and the illustrations both colorful, and when just sketches, still joyful.

  • Easy reader for young readers This story is great for kids who love dragons and rhymed stories Entire series is done in verse It s not too bad actually Illustrations were fun I received a Kindle copy of this story from Netgalley in exchange for a fair review.

  • really great rhymes with a fun rhythm, but the illustration looked sloppy and unfinished it looks like that s what the illustrator was going for a looser style but it didn t work for me i expected each page to look like the cover, but didn t get that.

  • A very cute and beautifully illustrated book for children with fun rhymes and plenty of adventure Flynn and Paddy go on a quest to rescue their dog, Coco, from a dragon who has stolen him away in the night They travel to the dragon s lair and must use their resourcefulness to rescue Coco.

  • When two brothers see their dog stolen away by a dragon, they go on an adventure to get her back I really liked the premise of this one, and I could see reading it a few times over with my little one she loves dragons , but I think it probably could have been done a little better.There was a rhyming scheme throughout that read pretty smoothly This is great because that s something we re working on in school right now In terms of plot and story arcs though, it felt like it could have been written [...]

  • A rainy day Two siblings Their beloved dog Anda dragon Yes, Flynn and Paddy and their chocolate lab, Coco, are stuck inside due to bad weather But when Coco is sent outside, she is carried off by a dragon while the boys helplessly watch through the window Mom doesn t believe them, so the boys have to stage a rescue themselves Can two small boys really vanquish a mythical beast and retrieve Coco James Russell s jaunty rhyming text swoops us up and carries us into the story just as easily as the d [...]

  • I love dragons I love fantasy settings I love good artwork I love the concept for this book When I was younger, way back in the day, I remember playing pretend with my little brother and probably due to me being obsessed with Eragon and Spirited Away at the time there was always a dragon, either my companion and best friend, or mortal enemy that I needed to defeat to save the village Reading this book brought me straight back to that magical feeling I got when playing pretend.This is a sweet lit [...]

  • So, is it crazy that I thought maybe the dragon was lonely and wanted a dog That maybe he saw this poor dog, out in the rain, all alone after an attempt by one of the boys to ride him went poorly Maybe in the next adventure.As with many rhyming stories, it might take a bit of practice to get them all to work as a read aloud kind of like trying to get song lyrics to fit a measure, but I suspect this story will get some laughs especially with the description of the great escape After all, bottoms, [...]

  • I ve read this a few times since it was first published, and I picked it up again as a present for my nephew It s a fun little story that most kids will love.

  • A really wonderful children s book The first instalment of a trilogy, it follows the the brothers Paddy and Flynn, fans of breakfast, adventures, and dragons Told by rhyming verse, the story is funny, heartwarming and entertaining, complemented by Choi s fantastic illustrations With the current popularity of Peter Jackson s The Hobbit series, with it s infamous greedy, clever and arrogant Smaug, this book is released at the perfect time for its audience, and the maps in the book are even reminis [...]

  • What is it about parents not seeing magic This is such a common thing in children s literature, it is getting old I love it when parents do see magic It can change the story and keep it fresh.But this is not that story This is the story of two brothers, who lose their dog to a dragon, and must get it back The pictures showing the dragon are splendid, but the ones of the kids and their mother are toned down Was there a dragon Or did their mother just not see what the kids could see It is a good e [...]

  • I think I was expecting something better I ve seen this hyped up a lot and had it in my hands a few times thinking to purchase but never quite got there.The story is simplicity itself, sparsely so, but it s the execution that lets us down The rhyming is a little shonky with some poor flow in places and it s really not that interesting The opening page map promises so much and delivers very little, presumably saving things for the other books And why a trilogy This would have worked as a single s [...]

  • A very cute story about two brothers, Flynn and Paddy, and their beloved dog, Coco, who is whisked away by a dragon They set out on a journey to find the dragon and rescue their pet Told in rhyming verse, this fun little adventure is sure to become a favorite of young children everywhere The illustrations fit the mood of the story, are fun, and even include a map This is the first in a trilogy of picture books for children so this is perfect for young children who want to the story Keep an eye [...]

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