Blithe Images

Unlimited Blithe Images - by Nora Roberts - Blithe Images, Blithe Images New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts presents a classic story about a small town girl with big city dreams AVAILABLE DIGITALLY FOR THE FIRST TIME When Kansas farm girl Hilary Baxter is off Unlimited Blithe Images - by Nora Roberts - Blithe Images, Blithe Images New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts presents a classic story about a small town girl with big city dreams AVAILABLE DIGITALLY FOR THE FIRST TIME When Kansas farm girl Hilary Baxter is off

  • Title: Blithe Images
  • Author: Nora Roberts
  • ISBN: 9781101599761
  • Page: 205
  • Format: ebook
Blithe Images

Unlimited Blithe Images - by Nora Roberts, Blithe Images, Nora Roberts, Blithe Images New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts presents a classic story about a small town girl with big city dreams AVAILABLE DIGITALLY FOR THE FIRST TIME When Kansas farm girl Hilary Baxter is offered a prestigious six month modeling contract by Bret Bardoff the handsome charming publisher of Mode Magazine the sky is the limit Thrust into a glamorous career in New York Times b Unlimited Blithe Images - by Nora Roberts - Blithe Images, Blithe Images New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts presents a classic story about a small town girl with big city dreams AVAILABLE DIGITALLY FOR THE FIRST TIME When Kansas farm girl Hilary Baxter is off

  • Unlimited Blithe Images - by Nora Roberts
    205 Nora Roberts
Blithe Images

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    Nora Roberts is the 1 New York Times bestselling author of than 200 novels, including Come Sundown, The Obsession, The Liar, and coming in December 2017, Year One the first book in The Chronicles of The One She is also the author of the futuristic suspense In Death series written under the pen name J.D Robb There are than 500 million copies of her books in print.

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  • I found this book to be a total joke Totally unbelievable storyline, characters and situations It was irritating at times even

  • ep eu j me tinha convencido que n o era para ler historias dos anos 80 n o de todo a trama caracter stica dessa poca, super clich o que torna a leitura meio sonsa e sem apelativosmo sendo NR, esta uma historia que n o tr s nada de novo em termos de caracter sticas de personagens assim como da trama em geral.

  • I m not really sure I can say that I loved this one by Nora I m a big fan and normally love her books, but this early work by her wasn t for me I didn t get the connection between Hillary and Brett I thought he was a chauvinist and kind of a jerk I felt he definitely lead Hillary on in the beginning and gave her very mixed signals Hillary just seemed weak to me She was supposed to be a confident, successful woman, yet she let Brett walk all over her Instead of confronting him about his maybe ex [...]

  • Small town girl Hilary Baxter is making a great life for herself in New York City She has a successful model career which is rising, a plethora of friends, and a beautiful apartment Romance was not exactly something she was looking for, as she always assumed that she would be just fine on her own So when magazine tycoon Bret Bardoff begins to pursue her, Hilary continously shuts him down to keep him away from her heart and out of her mind But the mutual magnetism that is between them cannot be d [...]

  • A Harlequin agora anda a publicar todas as est rias da Nora, lan adas nos anos 80.Percebe se bem que j s o livros antigos Por muitas capas e t tulos contempor neos que possam por, h pormenores que v o sempre revelar o quanto antigo o livro.Depois adiciona se o facto de ser publicado pela Harlequin, ou seja a edi o de qualidade d bia e a tradu o n o das melhores e duvido que esteja aqui o livro original todo e que n o faltem frases ou at mesmo p ginas A est ria banal e n o simpatizem com o casal [...]

  • I usually like Nora Roberts nearly anything she does but this one was different I m wondering if it was one of her first books, as it read like it may have been The dialogue was very elementary and I just didn t find the couple believable The female lead was whiny and naive and the male was mean and somewhat aggressive Not a favorite.

  • I m a sucker for romance novels, and really enjoy 95% of all Nora Roberts books The male role in the book Bret was just not like able He was almost chauvinistic, and not very well developed otherwise That said, I got almost exactly what I was looking for when I picked it up, an easy read with an awww factor.

  • Hated this one The hero here had no endearing qualities whatsoever He was a jerk throughout the book, and why he was this way was never resolved I can t imagine why a self respecting woman would fall in love with a bossy creep like that Not good enough.

  • I really enjoyed this book The characters were well written as Nora always does I liked the fact that the main female character was so strong yet vulnerable The main male character did something that made me not like him very much but he redeemed himself Definitely a lovely book to curl up with on a cold, wet day.I would recommend.

  • Dated, which is to be expected since it was published in the early 1980s, but still entertaining And, best of all, I can take it off my TBR shelves now.

  • Sebagai seorang model, Hillary Baxter mengenal Brett Bradoff sebagai pemilik majalah Mode yang sangat terkenal, berkuasa dan di luar jangkauan Pertemuan mereka yg tak disengaja eh, atau disengaja, ya sempat membuat Hillary jengkel dan kesal pada Brett Gimana nggak, coba Karena Larry, fotografer yg biasa bekerja sama dengan Hillary lupa akan tempat janji temunya dengan Brett Dan, dia juga lupa nyari fotografer pengganti untuk memotret Hillary Jadilah kesalahpahaman antara Hillary dan Brett Kejadi [...]

  • Author Nora RobertsFirst published 1981Length 181 pageSetting Contemporary mostly New York.Sex Clean ish Heavy petting She s a virgin He s a player.Hero Magazine owner.Heroine Model.Not much romance, all apparently happened off screen Hero has an odd relationship with his ex It kinda works but not that exciting.An okay read.References Author s website noraroberts Read in Snow is Falling ISBN 978 0 263 91555 6 CR

  • Both hero and heroine annoyed me too much there was way too much going back and forth, I love him, no I don t, he likes her, he s sleeping with someone else Both were arrogant and annoying I m jsut not cut out for these 1980 s romances I don t like the one sided heroine only stories, and this one felt a bit demeaning Of course the hero is rich, powerful and handsome, and the heroine is supposed to be head strong, until she comes up against the hero and then she melts No backbone Just not my cup [...]

  • i just didn t like the fact that hillary was just weak She was an absolute chore to read about and Bret just basically walked all over her Why couldn t she say no to him and mean it Ugh absolutely frustrating

  • So bad Not the Nora I know I will start by saying that I am a loyal Nora Roberts fan Taking that into account, this book could not have been written by the Nora whom I have come to know and love.I think this was one of her earlier books Characters are so poorly developed Scenes switch without flow and time passes rapidly for the sole purpose of moving the story along The main characters are not likable Hillary is just plain stupid, and Bret is just an a hole The writing was cheap The only redeem [...]

  • The only reason this gets two stars is because it was written in 1982, the year after I was born This means that I enjoyed getting a peak into what a harlequin romance written back then would be like Otherwise, the book was massively predictable, did not keep me on the edge of my seat, and is a prime example of a sappy book that gives harlequin romances their reputation On the bright side, it was clean, which, given how sexed up books these days are, was a relief This comes from someone not supe [...]

  • Ich mag Nora Roberts B cher, aber alle klingen f r mich mehr oder weniger gestelzt Ich wei nicht, ob es hier an der bersetzung oder dem Original lag, aber hier liest sich die Sprache zus tzlich noch ziemlich unrund.Auch die Geschichte ist meist irgendwie hnlich, aber hier war sie noch weniger innovativ Sie wirkte f r mich in die L nge gezogen Umso pl tzlicher kommt der abrupte und kurze Schluss Sonst ganz nett

  • 3.5 stars An older Nora Roberts book about a model from Kansas establishing her career in NYC and a magazine publisher hires her for a major project Throw in a best friend and a evil Ex girlfriend and you have a classic 1970 s story that read well as an early romance for Roberts Of course this doesn t even compare to her current books.

  • One of the most unbelievable love stories I ve ever read, and the leading man was a real prick.I know, I know it s eighties style dimestore romance, but still Thank God we ve moved past these tropes

  • Easy ReadShort and sweet Overall fun novel, easy read and romance Great for a rainy day, cup of tea and comfy chair Enjoy

  • perhaps a bit too much of Harlequin like romance Bret too sterotypical and if he d been honest about his feelings, things would have been resolved much faster.Setting New York model and fashion magazine.Theme love, differencesCharacters Hilary from Kansas, beautiful, out to make a name for herself in modeling Has learned to fit the product mood Good natured, steady, has a plan.Larry photographer Is Hilary s favorite photographer, though he only thinks photography and can be absentminded.Bret inh [...]

  • Finished this lovely little romance off on the long flight from Brisbane to Darwin after missing my first flight and a two hour delay but that s another story Lovely beginning for Nora Roberts I have read so many of her books and decided I d like to work through her early work to see how it compares She definitely improved over time and has really bloomed as an author Her romance novels are good but her thrillers and crime novels are excellent I ve had to stop reading at night because I ve gotte [...]

  • I consider myself a huge Nora Roberts fan, which is the only reason I am giving this book 2 stars instead of one As it s one of her earliest stories, it makes sense that it s not as good as her later works However, on it s own, Blithe Images is not a very good story to read It reads like a bad Mills and Boon for saps No sex No banter Just a lot of could be steamy moments which go absolutely nowhere The heroine is a successful model but has no self confidence She falls to pieces every single time [...]

  • This is just ok Its not horrible but not something I am in love with A young girl from a little country town goes to the big city of NYC to pursue a career in modeling She gets a contract with a big wig magazine man who seems so stuck up at times Just seemed weird imo that they end up getting married at the end I just really didn t see much love or romance happening A little jealousy maybe with the couple paragraphs of the big wigs old flame trying to squeeze into the picture but other then that [...]

  • I read this from the double book First Impressions This came as a bonus storyTUAL RATING 1 5 stars If I could, I d give it a 0 rating, but no book is that awful Or so I keep telling myself BOOK COVER DESIGN Since this came with the First Impressions book, I d give it 8 10 stars, same with my review of First ImpressionsNERAL REVIEW THOUGHTS I feel like it should ve been built up The plot was simple too simple that it turned out to be so boring I was looking for something deeper psychologically, [...]

  • Kelihatannya NR memiliki banyak tokoh dalam benaknya, salah satu tokoh yang diceritakan dalam buku ini adalah seorang model Terkadang kita berpikir, seorang model memiliki hidup yang glamour, sombong dan banyak tempelan negatif terhadap orang dengan profesi ini Bret juga memiliki gambaran seperti ini terhadap Hillary Dan ternyata gambaran yg ada di benak Brett tidak cocok dengan kenyataan yg dihadapinya terhadap Hillary.Dan jika saya ditanya, bagaimana pendapat saya tentang Brett saya agak jengk [...]

  • First of all let me just ask this has anyone else detected parallels to Fifty Shades of Gray It was so blaring and distracting to me from the get go rich bachelor in a major city chases the heart of innocent beautiful young woman He is bossy, she is annoyingly naive Well, except the less than PG sex scenes This is a Nora Roberts book, which makes it far tasteful.Okay, no, that aside, this book was just an easy listen on audiobook while I worked I found the main character, Hillary, to be a bit o [...]

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