Emma's Journey

Emma's Journey Best Read || [Callie Hutton] - Emma's Journey, Emma s Journey Emma Thorpe did not want to leave her life in Indiana to travel to Oregon on a wagon train but her husband Peter had other ideas Barely three weeks into the trip Peter is killed and Emma is shock Emma's Journey Best Read || [Callie Hutton] - Emma's Journey, Emma s Journey Emma Thorpe did not want to leave her life in Indiana to travel to Oregon on a wagon train but her husband Peter had other ideas Barely three weeks into the trip Peter is killed and Emma is shock

  • Title: Emma's Journey
  • Author: Callie Hutton
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 220
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Emma's Journey

Emma's Journey Best Read || [Callie Hutton], Emma's Journey, Callie Hutton, Emma s Journey Emma Thorpe did not want to leave her life in Indiana to travel to Oregon on a wagon train but her husband Peter had other ideas Barely three weeks into the trip Peter is killed and Emma is shocked that the wagon master won t let her return home Wagon Scout Davis Cooper has decided this would be his last scouting trip he intends to obtain land in the new Oregon terEmma Thorpe Emma's Journey Best Read || [Callie Hutton] - Emma's Journey, Emma s Journey Emma Thorpe did not want to leave her life in Indiana to travel to Oregon on a wagon train but her husband Peter had other ideas Barely three weeks into the trip Peter is killed and Emma is shock

  • Emma's Journey Best Read || [Callie Hutton]
    220Callie Hutton
Emma's Journey

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    Callie Hutton, the USA Today bestselling author of The Elusive Wife writes both Regency and western historical romance, with historic elements and sensory details The Romance Reviews Callie lives in Oklahoma with several rescue dogs and her top cheerleader husband of many years Her family also includes her daughter, son, and daughter in law And twin grandsons The Twinadoes Callie loves to hear from readers Contact her directly at calliehutton11 gmail or find her online at calliehutton Sign up for her newsletter at appilerlite webforms l to receive information on new releases, appearances, contests and exclusive subscriber content Visit her on Facebook, Twitter and Callie Hutton has written over twenty five books, both western historical and Regency See a complete list of her books here calliehutton

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  • Emma s Journey by Callie Hutton is much than a historical romance It is a tale of the grit and determination of the earlier settlers who chose to head west Emma, the heroine didn t intend to go west leaving her home and family in Indiana, but her husband Peter has other ideas.Emma tables her reservations about joining the wagon train aware her husband is anxious to make a fresh start somewhere else Weeks into the trip, not only it is harder than she imagined, but it becomes even harder Peter di [...]

  • This book did not hold my interest The heroine was whiny and I m sure there were women like that on the wagon trains I just didn t want to read about one , the hero was one dimensional and should have had a little sympathy for the heroine And the story just kept going on and on like the energizer bunny and got very very boring.

  • You can tell Callie Hutton did her homework before writing Emma s Journey It s about one woman s trip by wagon train from Indiana to Oregon in the 1850s But as much as it s about the physical journey, this novel is also about Emma s emotional journey from being a spoiled young bride to a mature woman with a satisfying marriage Hutton pays tribute to the hardy souls who settled the west by depicting the daily drudgery and physical toil involved in moving the wagons west She also includes enough o [...]

  • I didn t want this wonderful book to end It was well written and the story kept me turning the pages to see what happened next I felt like I was involved with the characters and storyline Just enough excitement, a lot of details that let you see and feel what was happening during the journey to Oregon You fell in love with the characters and they seemed so real There were no slow parts in it as it flowed evenly all the way through The adventure and trials of riding on a wagon train was felt alon [...]

  • I love Wagon Train Stories I can t get enough of them But Emma s Journey won my heart for so many reason especially how Ms Hutton wrote about life after the trail I don t think you see enough of that in W T books What a man Davis turned out to be It shows you how you can find love in the strangest places You won t be sorry about reading this story

  • I had read a book by this author and wanted to give this one a shot This book was pretty good up until the end I was enjoying the story a great deal until Nate Hale comes in I had read Nate s book and was furious that they made him a bad guy in this book I really just that I would have given this higher stars if not for the Villian The author needed to keep her characters consistent during the books.

  • Despite her objections and desire to remain in Indiana near her parents, newlywed Emma Thorpe accompanies her husband to Oregon An expedition that is fraught with danger, adventure, uncertainty, and will change her life forever Along the course of this journey we witness Emma s transformation into a strong independent woman, willing to stand up for what she wants and the man she loves Three weeks into the trip Peter dies and Emma must continue to her destination without him something she soon fi [...]

  • Emma Thorpe is on a wagon train heading west to Oregon with her husband, Peter She is not very happy and wants to return to Indiana, but Peter gets killed and Emma finds herself being forced into a marriage to a wagon scout who was also hurt in the accident that killed Peter Davis Cooper is a wagon scout for wagon trains heading west and he has decided that this is his last trip He wants to head to the new Oregon territory, acquire land , find a wife, and start a family He is hoping that has hap [...]

  • This is a Historical Romance about a woman travelling with a wagon train going to Oregon Emma is newly married to Peter Thorpe from Indiana Peter wanted to go to Oregon to start a Horse Ranch Emma wanted to stay with her family in Indiana but due to tradition in the 1800 s the wife followed her husband.Early on the trail an accident occurred with some horses that killed Peter Thorpe and injured a Wagon Scout, Davis Cooper The Wagon Master asked Emma to take care of him until he was healed Emma m [...]

  • Wild West Adventure I have just finished reading EMMA S JOURNEY by Callie Hutton.This is the first book that I read by Ms Hutton, and it will not be the last one.It is a beautiful country romance set in 1851 It s the story of Emma, a recent widow, whoin order to survive on the trail, has to marry the Wagon Scout Davis Cooper.However, her heart is set to going back home in Indiana Will she have a change of heart near the handsome Davis and stay in Oregon This author very well described the longs [...]

  • I loved this book From the time I read a preview via an e reader, I was drawn into Emma s Journey The story was engaging, the characters were lovable and the bad guys were truly the bad guys The setting was perfect and the story line was well written.As we meet Emma, she is following her new husbands dream and leaving all dear and familiar to join a wagon train to Oregon Once on the trail, Emma is forced to face her fears, an uncertain future and at times, a struggle for her very life Emma s jou [...]

  • Wagon train and love.A young woman leaves Missouri on a wagon train with her new husband and he dies on the way to Oregon This story tells about her trials and her heart break of leaving her parents and her husband s death She is thrown into some difficult decisions, one being a new man and a former male friend Read a great book to see what she decides to do A must read romance.

  • I enjoyed the idea of this story and I love reading stories from this Era That being said Emma was the most annoying childish character whining continuously about returning to Indiana Spoiled doesn t begin to touch it Her obsession through the whole book to return home to live with her mother and father was exhausting and over the top I really liked Davis Cooper but he deserved a medal for putting up with emma All in all it was a okay quick read

  • Another Oregon Trail book This was fun to read because of the crazy military guy who thought he would rescue the girl who was forced to marry someone when her husband died on the trail I really enjoyed this book Well written and I think I ll go find some by this author, including the following book which is about the crazy military guy.

  • Must read Hutton again brings a fast paced adventurous romance that captures your attention within the first pages and holds it until the last page Early chapters leave you experiencing the love, laughter, anger, fear, terror, and death shared by early pioneers traveling to Oregon by wagon train.

  • Callie Hutton is one of the best Western Romance authors in the businessThis book is awesome I could not out it down I just think the way she ties her series together is magical and I can t wait to read another one.

  • Quick easy readThis was a very predictable quick read I was hoping for depth to the story the characters but just wasn t there Not my type book, but I m sure others may enjoy it.

  • Cute StoryI love happy endings This is a made up story, but one that we sappy hearted people enjoy reading and hoping that it could have happened I love reading about the westward movement during the early days of our country Maybe some day I will travel the trail too.

  • 3.5 5.0An immersing story set in the West, the story follows Emma s journey on the difficult and dangerous Oregon Trail Full review in April 2013 issue of InD tale Magazine.

  • Rating 3.75The wimpy Emma got on my nerves sometimes, but luckily she showed some gumption after she cried and totally fell apart She finally picked herself up and did what she needed to do The author did a good job of showing Emma s growth What saved the novel was Davis Cooper.

  • Great short readReally enjoyed getting to know the characters and being a part art of their life for a few hours keeps you interested

  • Book seemed to contrived and clich I couldn t really find anything likeable about any of the characters, main or secondary.

  • I loved it Although there were a few writing mistakes, it was a very good story I really enjoyed learning all about the challenges of traveling back then.

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