For Everly

For Everly Best Download || [Raine Thomas] - For Everly, For Everly Mature Content Warning This is a New Adult novel recommended for ages due to language sexual content and mature subject matter Determined to overcome a dark and tragic past college student Everl For Everly Best Download || [Raine Thomas] - For Everly, For Everly Mature Content Warning This is a New Adult novel recommended for ages due to language sexual content and mature subject matter Determined to overcome a dark and tragic past college student Everl

  • Title: For Everly
  • Author: Raine Thomas
  • ISBN: 9781939453044
  • Page: 363
  • Format: ebook
For Everly

For Everly Best Download || [Raine Thomas], For Everly, Raine Thomas, For Everly Mature Content Warning This is a New Adult novel recommended for ages due to language sexual content and mature subject matter Determined to overcome a dark and tragic past college student Everly Wallace is only months away from earning her degree in physical therapy She s consumed with school caring for her ailing grandfather and figuring out how to pay the Mature Content Warni For Everly Best Download || [Raine Thomas] - For Everly, For Everly Mature Content Warning This is a New Adult novel recommended for ages due to language sexual content and mature subject matter Determined to overcome a dark and tragic past college student Everl

  • For Everly Best Download || [Raine Thomas]
    363 Raine Thomas
For Everly

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    Raine Thomas is the award winning author of bestselling Young Adult and New Adult fiction Known for character driven stories that inspire the imagination, Raine recently signed with multiple award winning producer Chase Chenowith of Back Fence Productions to bring her popular Daughters of Saraqael trilogy to the big screen She s a proud indie author who is living the dream.Raine is a hopeless romantic with a background in the fields of mental health and wedding planningo areas that intersect far than one would think Her years working with children and young adults with emotional and behavioral challenges inspired her to create protagonists who overcome their own conflicts When she isn t writing or glued to e mail or social networking sites, Raine can usually be found vacationing with her husband and daughter on one of Florida s beautiful beaches or crossing the border to visit with her Canadian friends and relatives.

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  • DNF 45%I was bored out of my mind This was moving at a snails pace and when I realized how badly I just wanted this to be over I decided to throw in the white towel.Two major annoyances beware of spoilers 1 Keep in mind that this is around 35% in and the H h have been spending loads of time together and the hero has some feelings for her at this point The hero is on a date with his ex girlfriend because she keeps badgering him about getting back together when he doesn t want to So Cole somehow t [...]

  • Super sweet love story Not at all like the usual drama filled NA style It read much like a regular CR Neither Everly or Cole were young sounding despite being 23 I loved the way their relationship developed it was the very antithesis of insta love Cole is a good guy, without the kind of ego you would expect from a famous baseball pitcher Everly was a great character as well Despite the issues in her past she rarely let them dictate her actions The mystery, while a very small part of the plot wa [...]

  • Although this book was a little slow, I really enjoyed the story Everly was an interesting heroine she s smart and strong she s been through a lot but survived I also really liked Cole I liked the romance between these two and the build up to their relationship I had a few small complaints the drama towards the end was a little over the top and it did seem to be a little slow Overall, I did enjoy this story and look forward to reading by this author in the future.

  • Desperate to keep his injured arm out of the news, Cole Parker seeks help from his brother He will go to any means necessary to get better in time to sign a contract to allow him to keep playing baseball in Atlanta In order to do so, his brother asks a favor from one of his students that is about to graduate and become a physical therapist.Everly accepts the job because she truly needs the money to help out her Grandpa and his home healthcare What she didn t count on was the feelings that she en [...]

  • Review Copy Provided By AuthorI m going to be brutally honest up front, I tend to struggle with books that are labeled New Adult, because most of the time they are just ehhh to down right horrible IMHO it is a reason for an author to take a book that would normally be marked as YA, add some sex and some angst to it and market it to a different sub set of people or maybe the same, since lots of YA readers also read adult and also read this New Adult but yeah, I struggle with it being defined as a [...]

  • 4 StarsWhat if your biggest crush, who just happens to be a famous baseball player, suddenly wanted you to secretly help with his physical therapy every day for 1500 a pop Then he started showing interest in dating you, spending money on you, and pursuing you For Everly, it s like a dream come true She spent her adolescence working and studying She s never dated or even kissed a boy She s now in her twenties working on her doctorate and taking care of her ill grandfather She has a signed poster [...]

  • ARC provided in exchange for an honest review When pro baseball player Cole Parker starts self medicating with booze to treat his secret injury, he never expected therapy would come with in the form of redhead bombshell, Everly Wallace But Everly is unlike most girls that Cole interacts with For starters, she doesn t throw herself at him Despite being a huge fan of Cole s, Everly is a very guarded person When she is not working her butt off to pay for her grandfather s medical bills, she has her [...]

  • My Review So, Raine Thomas is known for writing Young Adult novels that tend fall under the paranormal romance genre When I heard she was writing a New Adult romance that was realistic fiction, I became really curious I wondered how that transition would go And I m here to inform you all that it went extremely well For Everly is a book that is jam packed with romance, intrigue, and great character development I always felt like I was seeing a movie There is never a dull moment in this book.What [...]

  • Copy provided by an author in exchange for honest review For Everly is first New Adult contemporary novel Raine Thomas has ever written and she s already scored This sweet, but still exciting and captivating book, hooked me from the beginning and made my evening very pleasurable I remember my YA addicted friends recommended me books by Raine Thomas ages ago, because of the flawless way she can captivate readers and mesmerize them with interesting and unique storylines Now, I m a little bit sorry [...]

  • Source eARC for Honest Review from NetGalleyI finally got a chance to read this book and I was smitten with it from the very beginning.Cole the gorgeous MLB player with a potential career ending injury needs treatment but he also needs it to be kept secret Thankfully his brother knows just the person to help Cole and who could also use the job Everly was a sweet innocent, has already lived a hard life girl and who just wants to take care of her grandpa Everly and Cole make a deal to secretly tre [...]

  • Blog Tour stops at My Pathway to Books on June 10th.For Everyly is an exciting NA Contemporary Romance full of twists and SWOON worthy moments I had heard a lot of great things about Raine Thomas writing so when I heard she was writing a book in my favorite genre, I got super excited People weren t lying Raine is amazing I loved her writing and didn t put For Everly down at all.Everly and Cole have quite a unique relationship Cole is a pro baseball player and Everly is a poor college student wit [...]

  • 4 starsI really liked this book it was definitely better than I expected For Everly is about baseball player Cole Parker and PT student Everly Wallace Cole Parker is having trouble with his pitching shoulder and needs to fix it out of the public eye so that he can resume his professional baseball career His brother, Wyatt, is a professor who happens to teach Everly, and believes she d be the perfect person to help Cole get better She lives with her health challenged grandfather, and could use th [...]

  • Such a beautiful story Cole and Everly were the cutest couple Seriously, I ve had great luck with books lately This was just perfect I didn t want this story to end I want Cole and Everly And Jaws Haha that was friggin adorable full review to come

  • Read reviews Find Me on Facebook I started reading For Everly on a whim one night needing a simple stand alone romance novel It sounded good and had high reviews and decided to dive right in Next thing I know it s 4 am and my alarm will be going off in three hours I was sucked into For Everly and couldn t get out I was totally surprised and adored the book I just had to know the ending.For Everly tells the story of 23 year old Everly She has had a lot of loss in her life from her brother s suic [...]

  • From the very beginning of this book, I was hooked and was done reading it in about a day and a half Yes, it was that good Everly Wallace is a medical student with a lot on her plate She works part time, goes to medical school and takes care of her grandfather Also, there is the constant pressure of having enough money to pay the bills every month Her life takes an unexpected turn when she meets Cole Parker, the famous baseball star She s surprised to see he s the little brother of her professor [...]

  • First I have to say that I absolutely LOVED LOVED For Everly Raine Thomas is an amazing author and she writes so flawlessly that you can t help but fall in love with her characters and their story When I found out Raine was going to writing in the NA genre I dam neared died because she is totally awesome sauce in the YA genre So when I started reading For Everly I was totally BLOWN AWAY by it I mean I sat in my favorite reading chair and would not get up for nothing I mean nothing until I was do [...]

  • I was privileged to receive an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.This is Ms Thomas s first contemporary romance book and I must say it was spectacular.The plot and storyline was very engaging, it keeps you turning pages a losing track of time until you realize that it s either 3 AM or you ve finished the book.Everly was an amazing character She s had a very difficult past and is living a very difficult life, yet she keeps going, holds her head high and doesn t let [...]

  • For EverlyRaine ThomasFilled With Unexpected Twists and TurnsFOR EVERLY was my first read by author Raine Thomas It is the story of Everly Wallace and Cole Parker Everly has had a very hard life Tragedy hit her family when she was young and her father left them and her mother just couldn t deal with all of that She became an addict to deal with all the pain and it slowly killed her She has basically been raised by her grand father, Pee Paw She also tends to keep people at arms length and has nev [...]

  • Sweet, steamy, and a wonderful New Adult read For Everly was a fantastic romance There were secrets, surprises, betrayals, and, of course, hot romance I loved every bit of it Everly was a lovely heroine Her lot in life hasn t been the best, but she still stays strong Her tendency to want to run away was annoying on occasion, but that s the only compliant I could think of about her Otherwise, I thought she was a likable character She was wonderful.Cole was also amazing He was so sweet and I just [...]

  • I went into this one not expecting much, so I was very surprised when I couldn t turn the page fast enough Right from the start I liked Everly, she was so down to earth and lived a normal life I liked how Everly kept her cool when first presented with Cole While the job was a bit unconventional, it was the right thing for her to do on so many levels, the least of which was taking care of her Grandfather.Everly and Cole s relationship at the start was fun, they just got to know each other in thei [...]

  • Everly Wallace has done everything she can to move past her traumatic past, she is beginning to see the light at the beginning of the tunnel when she is introduced to major league pitcher Cole Parker Cole has an injury to his shoulder but because it is a contract year, he doesn t want anyone to find out Everly will soon get her degree in physical therapy and highly recommended by his brother, despite the awareness he feels when he is around her he hires her Everything he thought about Everly is [...]

  • See of my reviews at girlbooklove I love this book Everly, a girl with a dark past who has had to work for everything, and Cole, a privileged professional baseball player whose never worked for anything This is such a great set up Everly is such a good person After suffering things as a child that most people never do, she still works so hard and takes care of her grandfather She just needs a few good breaks Cole has been having an issue with his pitching shoulder, but can t seek professional h [...]

  • I was gifted with an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review BY This book was extremely intriguing and such a good read I love Everly and really enjoyed for once having a well educated female lead Cole was also another awesome character I really enjoyed how he was not a typical male character and really went for what he wanted in just life in general is very determined I also enjoyed the struggles that they both endured and Everly s past was so heartbreaking I think this book was an am [...]

  • I loved this book It was very well written and the story was well developed And I adored Everly and Cole s characters Everly had a rough life But she was determined to make something of herself She s a year away from getting her doctorate of physical therapy at the age of 22 She s brilliant And her mentor just happens to be the brother of a big shot MLB pitcher who is in need of PT treatment But said treatments must be kept on the down low Everly and Cole instantly become great friends and that [...]

  • Raine Thomas writes in a way that I ll never be able to Her writing is clean and perfect, and she pulls you in and guides you through the story I love everything that she s written, and am always excited when she has something new coming out.As a lover of contemporary romance, For Everly was a perfect read I love Cole, hot, successful, and arrogant enough to make him sexy, without being a jerk I also love Everly, an independent, caring, and sweet person I loved the twists in the story, as well a [...]

  • I really enjoyed this book The chemistry and the sexy times between H and h was awesome The storyline, although kinda been told before was great It had everything you wanted, secrets, angst, drama, sex, laughs, swoons and sighs.

  • Absolutely loved this read both Everly and Cole were strong characters and the way their relationship grew was so natural but exciting Great story with up and downs, romance and humour Would recommend to everyone.

  • 5 5 heartsHave you ever read a book and thought yeah its okay and then BOOM something happens and you can t put it down and stay up faaarrr to late and wake up faaarrr too early to be considered human you kind of look like thisYeah that is me Like literally I am not joking I LOVE THIS BOOK At first I was like its okay I mean you know like every love story there are twists, turns, but I swear I hit a certain point in this book and I was like say WHAT ummmm wait is this still the same book did Rai [...]

  • INITIAL THOUGHTSTruthfully I was a little unsure as to whether I would get along with this book as lately I tend not to read much of this genre that however changed when I began reading The first impressions I have of the main characters are that Everly has had a rough time in life but is a hardworking sensitive woman Cole is a player as well as a ball player Used to everything he ever wanted being there at hand for him, definitely used to getting his own way and having women fall at his feet in [...]

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