L'intervista Best Read || [Manuele Fior] - L'intervista, L intervista Italia Lass qualcuno ci guardaFuturo prossimo una generazione si sente vecchia stanca finita Un altra pi giovane avanza e cerca di costruire nuovi valori e modelli di convivenza alternati all L'intervista Best Read || [Manuele Fior] - L'intervista, L intervista Italia Lass qualcuno ci guardaFuturo prossimo una generazione si sente vecchia stanca finita Un altra pi giovane avanza e cerca di costruire nuovi valori e modelli di convivenza alternati all

  • Title: L'intervista
  • Author: Manuele Fior
  • ISBN: 9788876182389
  • Page: 136
  • Format: Paperback

L'intervista Best Read || [Manuele Fior], L'intervista, Manuele Fior, L intervista Italia Lass qualcuno ci guardaFuturo prossimo una generazione si sente vecchia stanca finita Un altra pi giovane avanza e cerca di costruire nuovi valori e modelli di convivenza alternati alla coppia e alla famiglia Un racconto sul passare del tempo e sulla nostra societ che sta cambiando Il nuovo graphic novel dell autore di Cinquemila km al secondo Italia Lass qualcuno L'intervista Best Read || [Manuele Fior] - L'intervista, L intervista Italia Lass qualcuno ci guardaFuturo prossimo una generazione si sente vecchia stanca finita Un altra pi giovane avanza e cerca di costruire nuovi valori e modelli di convivenza alternati all

  • L'intervista Best Read || [Manuele Fior]
    136Manuele Fior

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  • Manuele Fior

    Manuele Fior nato a Cesena nel 1975 e vive a Parigi Dopo la laurea in Architettura a Venezia nel 2000, si trasferisce a Berlino, dove lavora fino al 2005 come fumettista, illustratore e architetto Nel 1994 vince il primo premio alla Bienal do Juvenes Criadores do mediteraneo di Lisbona settore fumetto La collaborazione con l editore tedesco Avant Verlag comincia nel 2001 con la rivista Plaque Da allora inaugura una fitta produzione di storie corte a fumetti scritte dal fratello Daniele, apparse su Black , Bile Noire , Stripburger , Forresten , Osmosa.Collabora con le sue illustrazioni per The New Yorker , Le Monde , Vanity Fair , Feltrinelli, Einaudi, Sole 24 Ore , Edizioni EL, Fabbri, Internazionale , Il Manifesto, Rolling Stone Magazine , Les Inrocks, Nathan, Bayard, Far East Festival.Principali pubblicazioni Rosso oltremare, Coconino Press, 2006La signorina Else, Coconino Press 2009 Cinquemila chilometri al secondo, Coconino Press 2010

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  • The Interview is a soft science fiction story set in 2048 in Italy To say it is soft is to tie it to the humanistic tendencies of Ray Bradbury versus a hard science direction There are space alien contacts in this story, via some triangles some people see in the sky at night, not very well defined, but that isn t that important, really, because the important focus in this story is on intergenerational conflicts A revolution is taking place in 2048, and a new generation is changing its approach t [...]

  • Una historia particular, en el 2048, Italia La gente comienza a notar los cambios de los nuevos movimiento y un grupo de personas comienza a ver ciertas situaciones extra as que implican la comunicaci n con seres extra os Una historia que est entre el filo de la utop a y distop a.

  • In 2048, the way the world works changes forever And by that, I mean the way humans interact with each other Presumably, the actual earth still works the same way since gravity, light, energy, all that stuff seems unaffected.In 2048, fashion in Italy is a little different, as is architecture Self driving cars are a real thing but Raneiro, a psychologist whose marriage is ending, likes to drive the old fashioned gas kind and one night, something gets into him and he decides to beat a train over t [...]

  • Manuele Fior is an outstanding artist The Interview is a gorgeous book, filled with striking black and white artwork However, it s story leaves a lot to be desired It s supposed to be a science fiction about aliens communicating with humans and how telepathy changes us, but really it s about a middle age dude who has a fling with a former therapy patient Ugg UGG May December romances are hard to write Well, no they aren t if you have a sense of humanity for people that aren t middle age white du [...]

  • I m not a graphic novel person but this book caught my idea because of visual effect of the cover And it was a good guess story is set in a near future, so there s an interesting line where that future seems walking on a utopian dystopian edge I liked the story, the moral of the story and the artistic style of the pictures.

  • A very different kind of narrative from last year s 5,000 km per Second, but equally fascinating in an entirely different manner Even down to its difference in art style.

  • Meh I honestly feel completely ambivalent about this It read as a male fantasy to me an older guy hooks up with a younger girl who doesn t believe in monogamy until wait for it for falls for him, ugh OH and she was his psych patient and I m just not here for that Fior s art is beautiful, as it always is I especially like his character designs and how varied they are There s a thematic thread of different generations accept or reject change of the status quo which was woven in nicely, but it stil [...]

  • I really enjoyed the art and story of this It was hard to decipher just exactly what this book was about, but it also feels as if it was open for interpretation Mid life crisis, distrust, aliens, lights, telepathsI feel like it had a little bit of something, but then I felt the story shift, and then it ended without really explaining what happened.

  • Beautiful and haunting Reads like a Murakami take on the film Arrival The dialogue always manages to feel real and human despite the sometimes surreal events happening around the characters in the story.

  • Here is a curious little midlife crisis story, or maybe a love triangle, or maybe a comedy of remarriage Concealing what it is is the framing device of a near future when evidence of extraterrestrial life shakes up the world But this is a very old story about the education of a girl who rescues her rescuer, and it tells the story so inventively that it will not have time to remind you of old romantic films set in Italy, though the black and white color scheme helps those associations A great dea [...]

  • Un trabajo complejo y algo cr tptico, que pide una relectura Se sit a en un mbito medio conspiranoico futurista, pero desde una perspectiva humana y cercana, desde los peque os detalles En un futuro cercano, un psiquiatra que no anda bien con su mujer, sufre un accidente y tiene una visi n lo que extra amente le acerca a una de sus pacientes, una j ven que fue internada por delirios alucinatorios y que no ve a otra cosa que las se ales del cielo que tambi n vi el doctor de ah en adelante, asisti [...]

  • No, questa volta Fior non mi ha convinto Un futuro psichedelico di cui ho apprezzato solo i continui riferimenti ai rombi che si ripetevano nelle tavole In quest opera, il tratto di Fior non sottolineato dalle sfumature di acquarello, come in Cinquemila km al secondo , e, di conseguenza, risulta spesso troppo grossolano La storia, poi, sta un po nell aria ma non in quell aria pura ma un poco stantia non ditemi che l attacco in casa non vi ha ricordato i drughi di Arancia Meccanica.Insomma, incer [...]

  • Questo fumetto promette tanto ma non mantiene.E ha quel retrogusto che sa un po di fuffa, avete presente

  • The Interview by Menuele Fior is a work of art The subdued colors give way to darkness, the sky lights up in strange geometric shades of light, the classic architecture of plazas and buildings blend in with self driving electronic cars and winding rivers where humans still skip rocks The paneling is done masterfully Action scenes give a sense of being in the moment, the rush of sea real, the pressure of the airbag against face during car crash immediate and painful The slow, emotional moments ar [...]

  • An interesting book with generally nice art I especially like the look of the alien signals, or signs or whatever, though they strangely remind me a bit of at least one of the angles in Evangelion , but it is ultimately a bit disappointing Although it is supposedly set in the future, it feels like it is really set in the past The main character is a psychologist, but his therapy includes something like hypnotism and people reference Freud as though he still had any relevance at all And when I fi [...]

  • There seems to be two main ways to approach a science fiction story 1 the hard sci fi method with an emphasis on physics, technology, etc or 2 a softer approach that focuses on the people that the plot affects, where the science operates in the background Manuele Fior s graphic novel, The Interview, uses the latter method While it IS a sci fi comic, with its exploration of a strange May December romance and its stylish European design, you d be forgiven if you thought it was of a grounded dram [...]

  • Manuele Fior un narratore maturo, e costruisce benissimo l Intervista, che un racconto di fantascienza tanto quanto risulta un racconto sulla gestione delle relazioni La conoscenza fra i protagonisti, l attrazione fra Raniero e Dora, entrambi i personaggi e le loro storie tutto gestito benissimo, si legge che un piacere E i disegni sono, manco a dirlo, eccezionali, da gustare dal primo all ultimo, con la solita abilit di Fior di tessere trame acquerellate, qui in un meraviglioso bianco e nero.

  • The Interview is an odd book to fully describe It reminds me a lot of a movie like Another Earth where this major Science Fiction concept permeates in the background while the narrative is much interested in the way that phenomenon impacts the personal relationship of the characters Manuele Fior s is keen on subtle storytelling and constrained art that uses black and white to great effect Not only does each character look unique he can capture a great deal of emotion with minimal line work.

  • Maravilloso el dibujo y la idea con la que arranca el c mic, 2048, una sociedad enfrent ndose a dos generaciones una que busca cambio y otra que se resiste La trama me parece confusa y ambigua pero, por otro lado, aunque no tenga mucho sentido, te hace sentir Raniero, el protagonista y Dora, la paciente misteriosa, tejen una historia hacia ning n lugar con un dibujo que me ha encantado y que me ha hecho disfrutar.

  • Aliens arrive on Earth, it s not a big deal The extra marital affair between a psychologist and his patient is much important Some interesting artwork though the 4 5 all black pages seemed a bit lazy Not really very interesting from a story perspective, the pencil and ink drawings were decent.

  • A beautiful but strange story In a future Italy, young people are forming a new type of free love, communal living society that shocks and worries the older generations Triangle portals of light open up in the sky, visible only to a few Are they hallucinations Or are they messages from an extraterrestrial presence

  • Stunningly beautiful Sci fi x filesy pulpy sort of story But the visuals are incredible I was pulled into the very visual narrative, which doesn t happen often to this degree.

  • I really enjoyed this book The art is wonderful and the story is compelling and interesting I don t really have much to say except if you like love related sci fi, give it a read

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