Sometimes It Lasts

✓ Sometimes It Lasts ✓ Abbi Glines - Sometimes It Lasts, Sometimes It Lasts Cage York has to choose between a love of the game and a love of the girl in this sultry Sea Breeze novel from New York Times bestselling author Abbi Glines Cage York finally has everything he ever wa ✓ Sometimes It Lasts ✓ Abbi Glines - Sometimes It Lasts, Sometimes It Lasts Cage York has to choose between a love of the game and a love of the girl in this sultry Sea Breeze novel from New York Times bestselling author Abbi Glines Cage York finally has everything he ever wa

  • Title: Sometimes It Lasts
  • Author: Abbi Glines
  • ISBN: 9781481406703
  • Page: 442
  • Format: Paperback
Sometimes It Lasts

✓ Sometimes It Lasts ✓ Abbi Glines, Sometimes It Lasts, Abbi Glines, Sometimes It Lasts Cage York has to choose between a love of the game and a love of the girl in this sultry Sea Breeze novel from New York Times bestselling author Abbi Glines Cage York finally has everything he ever wanted And Eva is at the very top of that list the perfect girl with a temper as hot as her fabulously flawless body But for Cage a baseball scholarship has always been a closCage Yo ✓ Sometimes It Lasts ✓ Abbi Glines - Sometimes It Lasts, Sometimes It Lasts Cage York has to choose between a love of the game and a love of the girl in this sultry Sea Breeze novel from New York Times bestselling author Abbi Glines Cage York finally has everything he ever wa

  • ✓ Sometimes It Lasts ✓ Abbi Glines
    442Abbi Glines
Sometimes It Lasts

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    Abbi Glines is a 1 New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of the Rosemary Beach, Sea Breeze, Vincent Boys, Field Party and Existence series She never cooks unless baking during the Christmas holiday counts She believes in ghosts and has a habit of asking people if their house is haunted before she goes in it She drinks afternoon tea because she wants to be British but alas she was born in Alabama When asked how many books she has written she has to stop and count on her fingers When she s not locked away writing, she is reading, shopping major shoe and purse addiction , sneaking off to the movies alone, and listening to the drama in her teenagers lives while making mental notes on the good stuff to use later Don t judge.You can connect with Abbi online in several different ways She uses social media to procrastinate.

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  • Pushed back by like 45days or so but it comes a day before my birthdayyyyy D yayie New Teaser CAGE Oh, Cage I m so happy for you This was everything you wanted You did it I slipped my hands in her hair and cradled her head No, Eva You re everything I wanted This is just the insurance that I can provide for you the way you deserve She slipped her arms up my chest and locked her hands behind my neck As sweet as that is, I want you to do this for you too Not for me This is what you wanted You ve wa [...]

  • 4 4.5 Cage York stars Cage and Eva s story continues they have been living together eight months They are happy In love Cage just got a fantastic opportunity A scholarship to play baseball Taking it means going to Tennessee He wants to go, but only if Eva will come with him He s not going to leave her behind Eva talks to her daddy about money to pay for college in Tennessee It goes better than expected Everything is set They are going together Then Eva finds out news that changes everything Eva [...]

  • Among all the Sea Breeze collection i really fell in love with the story of Cage and Eva can t wait for this

  • 4 CAGE STARS Mine, Cage mumbled in his sleep pulling me closer to him Even in his sleep he knew what I needed I kissed his chin and smiled Yes, I m yours Sigh I can t get enough of Cage Ms Glines, you could write 10 books about Cage, and I would love all of them My Cage He s a bad boy, and you KNOW how much I love a bad boy Oh yeah, and he has a dirty mouth Yum a swagger and a naughty mouthMy Eva I love Eva She is on the serious side, but she does have some shit happen in her life, and she has t [...]

  • 3.75 ish stars for the holy hotness that is Cage York I originally rated it a solid 4 but after thinking about it and sleeping on it, I decided to give it a 3.75 ish stars only because of Cage In a way, this book was okay but it s nowhere near the first book, While It Lasts, story wise No else for me ever You re it you re my always Sometimes It Lasts starts off with Cage finally getting a full baseball scholarship at a college in Tennessee The plan was for Eva to join him there Unfortunately, Ev [...]

  • Revised review Before I read the book This short review is not based on the book cause I haven t read it due to the ridiculously price the publishers deem it s worth I ll write my full review once the price has dropped significantly.My final little review and little bit of rantA friend loaned me the book after my rant on how much the book cost and how I wasn t willing to spend 8.98 for not even a 175 page book While I enjoyed the story and was somewhat happy with it and seeing what s going on wi [...]

  • I can t wait to read these Sometimes It Lasts is the sequel to While It Lasts continues Cage and Eva s story.

  • Oh, man, the hurt The hearteater hurt It was almost too much if it wasn t because I had faith on Abbi I d give it up Eva, I want my always asdfghjkl, boy Now I want Jeremy to have his own book See that s the thing with Abbi she makes you love her characters big time Baby Eli 33 Low and Cage finally have a family.

  • Make no mistake There will always be an us You can pretend like what we had never happened You can ignore your feelings Hell, baby, you can even marry Jeremy f cking Beasley But there will always be an us No one and nothing can change that There are sequels and then there are PERFECT sequels, and this is as perfect as a continuation of a favourite story can get In While It Lasts, we fell in love with Cage York, a bad boy sent to work on a farm during summer because of a DUI, who met his match in [...]

  • You all know how much I love Abbi Glines and her equally romantic and sexy books, so it s kills me to say that the fifth book in the Sea Breeze series which featured my favorite couple ever, Cage and Eva, was unfortunately my least favorite Abbi Glines book Ah, the hurt I did enjoy Sometimes it Lasts tremendously and that s why I m giving it 3.5 stars but looking at the bigger picture, I felt like this book added additional drama in Cage Eva s life and it wasn t really needed Have no doubt, Some [...]

  • 3.75 Angsty Abbi stars The continuation of Cage and Eva s story, following on the end of Just For Now Eva and Cage are happily in love and making plans on starting a new life together in Tennessee, when tragedy strikes Eva must remain in Alabama, and she makes Cage go off to college to fulfill his dreams without her Over time, the distance takes its toll, and the two find themselves where they never thought they would be apart.This book was a sweet, yet angsty story I know for many she is a favo [...]

  • 3 1 2 StarsI really enjoyed catching up with the Sea Breeze gang I love this series and each and every character in Sea Breeze, Alabama On the flip side, this book just didn t wow me like all the others Still that Cage York is pretty fantastic There were a few typos, the price was high and the story was short 164 pages However, on the positive side, Cage and Eva have alternating povs are still hot and steamy in and out of the barn and have another SWEET hea The reason why Cage and Eva s relation [...]

  • The story itself is fabulous and just what you might expect from Cage York and his always They still share that off the charts sizzling chemistry and there was plenty of yummy romance and hot steamy sexual encounters Plenty of angst and trials to overcome between Eva and Cage were also present in this sequel Between Cage s move to Tennessee on a baseball scholarship and the tragedy Eva faces back home on the ranch, Abbi Glines has once again proven she can execute a captivating storyline Jeremy [...]

  • OH GOD THAT WAS F CKINGLY AWESOME, BRILLIANTLY FANTASTIC, FREAKIN HAWT AND BONE MELTINGLY SWEET ALL ROLLED INTO ONE I will write my proper review once i get home from work because the words that i have to describe Cage are not fit for my colleagues eyes What They all think i m a sweet angel LMAO WAGGLES EYESBROWS.Just some thoughts in the meantime i wasn t sure where Abbi was going to go with this story i really didn t want Cage and Eva but really i was thinkin about Cage to go through any crap [...]

  • I knew Cage York was good man, and this book right here proves it He happens to be my second favourite sea breeze boy with preston leading in first place

  • CAGE After waiting for his big break, bad boy Cage York is finally called up to prove his worth in the college baseball arenaThis full ride scholarship will secure his and Eva s future togetherThe day arrives when Eva has to talk to her dad about moving to Tennessee State alongside Cage, and with the hope that he ll help support her, she learns of her dad s illnessSomehow she needs to convince Cage to go ahead of her to chase his dreams whilst she stays behindEVA Having to be apart from Cage whi [...]

  • is this Cage and Eva s sequel or could this be Jason s what about Dewayne and Krit and also I wouldn t mind a Rock and Trisha prequelbut I m rooting for Cage and Eva sequel view spoiler I know I m all for baby plot in Never too Far and this may be pushing it too far, but come to think of it if this is Cage Eva story it is possible that it might also include a baby plot While it Last ended on a happy note but there s still a lot left to be resolved, Eva s dad still does not approve of Cage and th [...]

  • About the cover wasn t Eva a blonde EDIT As Allison pointed out in her commentary Eva is not a blonde It doesn t matter nor does it influence anything in my review but it s good to have the right facts about the appearance of the characters.Setting Fantasy Land In this land idiocy is a prized possession Every individual strives to have it but it s easily and freely given The author is very generous in that way What s the inspiration for this kind of story The minds and the actions of these chara [...]

  • Abbi, you always know how to make a hot and full of drama book.I want a boyfriend like Cage sexy, sweet, with a dirty mouth, baseball player although I don t like that he be so possessive.Eva was strong considering her situation She frustrated me at times but it was hard to stay upset with her.And I love Jeremy, he s a good friend to Eva.

  • 5 Sometimes it Lasts Stars Cage Eva take 2It always made me wonder why Abbi gave Cage and Eva 2 books but I see now there story wasn t over.Now this is the kind of story I was expecting when we first meet Cage in Willow s and Marcus book But what I wasn t expecting was to love Cage sooooo much he really tries to do the right thing, even if that means hurting himself in the process I wasn t an Eva fan in this book, until the end but she is cool and I am glad Cage is hers That s kinda cool how the [...]

  • TEASER EvaI stood on the porch of my daddy s house looking out over the familiar land I d grown up loving So many memories danced through my head Once those memories had only been for Josh, my childhood sweetheart, fianc e and now a fallen soldier He had been my world even after his death Until Cage York came walking into my life with a swagger and a naughty mouth.He was nothing like Josh but I d fallen in love with him anyway Smiling, I picked up my glass of sweet tea and took a sip I was waiti [...]

  • Whew Roller coaster of a ride this was Abbi pretty much makes a comeback even though she was never really gone with a another great instalment to the Sea Breeze series It felt awesome to get back in Sea Breeze with Cage and all the gang When you read While It Lasts, you think, aw way Happy ending for Cage and Eva.le did we knowAbbi had this little beaut up her gorgeous Alabama sleeve BOOM out pops Sometimes It Lasts like a little book baby Sometimes It Lasts was a great addition to the Sea Breez [...]

  • 3 StarsThis book fell flat for me Which makes me kinda sad, cause I really wanted to LOVE every page Cause who doesn t love a good dose of Cage York Especially after While It Last It started strong the prologue kicked ass So many emotions It had some twist in the beginning, which I don t always like, but it hooked me in quick And I enjoyed the last 20% a lot.But the middle was just kinda blah, repetitive, and frustrated me A LOT.The prologue set the stage for some major twist and turns But the f [...]

  • Sorry that aren t any stars to giveI loved Cage all over againThis book made me cry,laugh, get pissed,grieve,love and general made me feel itYou have to read While It Lasts first as this one is its sequel if not even Because of Low so you can see all of Cage York transformation from a player who messes around to the guy in the end of this bookI only hope there are glimpses of him and Eva in the next books of the series.My favorite book boyfriend of the series so far and I don t think this woul [...]

  • I enjoyed this book so much I love Abbi Glines as it is so this just boosts my love for her books even I loved Cage and Eva They were so perfect together The ending and epilogue, PERFECT On another note, I wonder if Jeremy will get his own book, I d definitely read it So if anybody can put a bug in Abbi s ear, I m all for it

  • I was doubting to give this one 4 or 5 stars It wasn t as gripping as the first cage and Eva book but1 it s cage 2 I actually had to cry Like real tears rolling over my cheeks I blame it on it s that time of the month tho3 it s CAGE So hell, 5 stars.

  • Seeing some of the reviews for this book I was worried about it However, this was actually better than I was expecting Sure they didn t need another book but it was still nice Especially since we got updates about all the other couples.

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