Doc Wilde and the Frogs of Doom

Free Download Doc Wilde and the Frogs of Doom - by Tim Byrd - Doc Wilde and the Frogs of Doom, Doc Wilde and the Frogs of Doom To the world at large Doc Wilde and his family are an amazing team of golden skinned adventurers born to daring escapades and globetrotting excitement Join them as they crisscross the Earth on a con Free Download Doc Wilde and the Frogs of Doom - by Tim Byrd - Doc Wilde and the Frogs of Doom, Doc Wilde and the Frogs of Doom To the world at large Doc Wilde and his family are an amazing team of golden skinned adventurers born to daring escapades and globetrotting excitement Join them as they crisscross the Earth on a con

  • Title: Doc Wilde and the Frogs of Doom
  • Author: Tim Byrd
  • ISBN: 9780989443302
  • Page: 356
  • Format: Paperback
Doc Wilde and the Frogs of Doom

Free Download Doc Wilde and the Frogs of Doom - by Tim Byrd, Doc Wilde and the Frogs of Doom, Tim Byrd, Doc Wilde and the Frogs of Doom To the world at large Doc Wilde and his family are an amazing team of golden skinned adventurers born to daring escapades and globetrotting excitement Join them as they crisscross the Earth on a constant quest for new knowledge incredible st century thrills and good old fashioned adventure Now with adventurous Grandpa Wilde missing the Wildes confront the de Free Download Doc Wilde and the Frogs of Doom - by Tim Byrd - Doc Wilde and the Frogs of Doom, Doc Wilde and the Frogs of Doom To the world at large Doc Wilde and his family are an amazing team of golden skinned adventurers born to daring escapades and globetrotting excitement Join them as they crisscross the Earth on a con

  • Free Download Doc Wilde and the Frogs of Doom - by Tim Byrd
    356Tim Byrd
Doc Wilde and the Frogs of Doom

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    The author of the Doc Wilde adventure series, Tim Byrd lives with his daring son, a treacherous cat, and a hapless dog in Decatur, Georgia He is often barefoot, prone to irony, and interested in everything He has been a soldier, game designer, independent filmmaker, and outdoor guide He knows how to tie a tie, but doesn t care to.

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  • Lester Dent meets H P Lovecraft in this adventure yarn, with a sizable dollop of Eoin Colfer thrown in in tone, style and reading level and to a degree in essential conception, although the Wildes, unlike the Fowls, are resolutely law abiding and ethical this book reminded me of Artemis Fowl Like the latter, it s aimed primarily at pre teen readers, and should prove equally popular with them Indeed, my rating above is based on the author s skillful appeal to this audience while I did like it and [...]

  • Grandpa Wilde has disappeared and it s up to Doc Wilde and his two kids to track him down What does Grandpa s disappearance have to do with a mysterious photo of him beside a strange frog shaped cave Doc Wilde is an adventure pulp in the vein of Doc Savage, whom Grandpa Wilde is a dead ringer for If I was twenty years younger, it would quite possibly be one of my favorite books How many YA books do you know of that feature dark matter, the Cthulhu mythos, and nanites, all wrapped in a Doc Savage [...]

  • Chapter 1Travis sits down to review the new middle grade adventure Doc Wilde and the Frogs of Doom He decides to incorporate the book s cliffhanger heavy style into the review when there is a knock at the door He gets up as the knocking becomes urgent When Travis opens the door, he can t believe what he sees.Chapter 2It is his old college roommate Greg Average height with dark hair, Greg anxiously asks what books Travis has been reading lately Surprised, but relieved, Travis offers his friend a [...]

  • I had to go well out of my way to find a copy of this puppy at an out of town library which I did, because of my interest in Doc Savage, on which the Doc Dad character is based This middle grade readers adventure story, about an inventor s family going on an adventure to rescue the grandfather from Lovecraftian frog creatures, is adorable There are lots of fun inventions and lots of caves, aircraft adventures, etc It s a great idea and plenty of fun, and if the formatting doesn t bother you then [...]

  • Reviewed by Sally Kruger aka Readingjunky for TeensReadTooFans of American Michigan Chillers are sure to enjoy Doc Wilde s adventures DOC WILDE AND THE FROGS OF DOOM is perfect for action loving readers in the middle grade age group.Doc Wilde teams up with son Brian and daughter Wren for a wild experience in the jungles of South America The action starts high on the side of a skyscraper when creepy crawly looking frogs plaster themselves to the window of the family offices Are these bloated mons [...]

  • I bought this book for two reasons to support a local author, and to give my child something fun to read I had no preconceived idea of the book, or its plot or style Imagine my surprise when I read it AND LOVED IT It was everything I thought it would be, and I grew up reading fantasy books like THE DARK IS RISING series by Susan Cooper I wanted my 10 year old daughter to have the same sort of experience To be completely immersed in the story, and carried along by it She read it all in one day, a [...]

  • I was impressed with the story of Doc Wilde and his kids Tim Byrd has an author s voice for high adventure, that s for sure It felt like a book for pre teens, but I think that adventure fans of all ages should enjoy it.Pulp adventure with a Lovecraftian menace as the main antagonist Brian and Wren are delightful as adventurers in training, and are full of educational sidebits I found the literary quotes and the brief lessons in geography, language, history, and science to be very enlightening A [...]

  • There is then just nonstop action and adventure in this story, though it has those in spades, it is also educational There are explanations for everything from nanotechnology to meditation techniques This book was written for the 10 age group and while I agree that some of the educational portions of the book I loved those by the way might be lost on younger kids, I still kept having the same vision I kept seeing myself reading this book to my grandkids, who are 5 and 6 years old Not them readi [...]

  • Twelve year old Brian and his 10 year old sister Wren are just your average kids except for their martial arts and survival training Except that they live in a huge mansion on a high wooded hill with their father s amazing scientific workshop underneath it Doc Wilde, their father, is the world s greatest adventurer he and the kids are always ready at a moment s notice to leave for another adventure Your grandfather has disappeared again Cool Wren flips down from her trapeze, Brian grabs his back [...]

  • Doc Wilde and the Frogs of Doom is adventure fiction at it s finest Its completely changed how I want to write my next book I d encourage any Men s Adventure genre fan to pick it up you ll enjoy the pace and action in the book while being able to read it to your younger kids as well as hand it off to your older kids to read on their own.

  • I thought Tim Byrd s Doc Wilde book was a great pastiche that outgrew pastiche In ways it outgrew the material that inspired it I love all the old Doc Savage stories with all my heart and soul, but Byrd captures all the things that make those stories awesome but adds in characters that seem realistic or at least human , and he writes better than Lester Dent ever did That might not be fair though since Byrd no doubt benefits from a much longer writing editing cycle than Dent, who had to write o [...]

  • I loved this book, and especially where it led me It led me to the classic pulps of the early 20th century, Doc Savage especially Then, my personal favorite, The Shadow They played a huge role in inspiring my own writing For the book itself, it was a great and enjoyable read The plot went fast, was quite surprising, and grabbed my attention and held it like a steam clamp The characters were great as well, especially Doc Wilde and his relationship with his kids.I m definitely looking forward to [...]

  • I liked this book An obvious homage to Doc Savage and H P Lovecraft who I m not all that familiar with.To me, it s plain that Gandpa, all of ninety nine years of age, is Savage in disguise so to speak Clark Wilde, Jr.I only gave it a four because the short chapters were a bit off putting to me a personal quibble It shouldn t distract other readers though.

  • One Sentence Review I appreciated how the book just leapt headfirst into the action, catching readers up after the fact, and also how I can now hand kids something when they come asking me for books Just like Indiana Jones which really does happen.

  • Doc Wilde and the Frogs of Doom is FUN For kids who like cartoons like The Secret Saturdays or movies like Spy Kids, this book is for you Doc Wilde is a famous adventurer, known for fighting evil villains and monsters His children, Brian and Wren, often join him on his adventures.In this story, Grandpa Wilde Doc s father has gone missing in the Rainforest of South America The only clue is a photograph of Grandpa standing in the mouth of a cave carved to look like a giant frog with fangs and a sm [...]

  • I d have liked it better if the pastiche hadn t been quite so heavy handed The basic concept is that it is about the son and grandchildren of a barely disguised Doc Savage The writer tries to mix this adventure genre with Lovecraftian creatures, also thinly disguised Dagon and the Deep Ones become Frogon and the Leap Ones ally Since he admits all this up front, it really does qualify as a pastiche, but even soo often, he makes things up as needed by the plot, like spring gremlitoads on the reade [...]

  • This intelligent and entertaining novel is an homage to the pulp adventures of old, but updated with cutting edge and beyond scientific gadgets, nanotechnology, and environmental awareness There s witty banter, cliff hanging suspense, and of course larger than life heroes That s heroes, plural, because the titular Doc Wilde has been training his ten year old daughter and twelve year old son to follow in his colossal footsteps, and they are every bit the dauntless adventurers he is Doc Wilde and [...]

  • A fun kids book Very much in the vein of Doc Savage, actually, I d go as far as saying it is a kids Doc Savage.It moves very quickly and really the only problem with the book is that everyone in it is so perfect Still, the original Doc Savage s were quite like that and this books is such an homage that I can t fault them.My only concern is that for kids who don t even know who Doc Savage is, they might not get it Still, that s what parents are for, to tell them the great tales of yesteryear.So d [...]

  • This exciting adventure, in the pulp style I love, caught me right in the first lines The saga involving the brilliant Dr Spartacus Wilde and his no less brilliant children to rescue his missing father, and all the crazy things that happens along the way, including the scary mutant frogs, brings back the thrill really good pulp stories left us orphans many years ago You have all the ingredients smart and charming characters, a beautiful family bond, gadgets that could be in James Bond s collecti [...]

  • This is a quick, fun, wild adventure book Doc Wilde feels like a modern Indiana Jones on steroids He has two kids, both training to become a great adventurer like their father When their grandfather goes missing their family embarks on a journey into the South American jungles and fights the frogs of doom Each chapter is very short, only about 2 5 pages with cliffhanger endings Great for reluctant readers looking for a short, exciting adventure book.

  • Not just for teens, a great romp Over the top a little like teen adventures, but you do laugh out loud I liked the character of Wren a lot and how she handles the twists from life and adventures with their father.

  • I didn t like this story, but it s probably because it s not my type, rather than because it s a genuinely bad story.I knew coming in that Doc Wilde would be over the top , and that it was a light hearted, sillier version of pulp adventure fiction Here s a guy who s like Indiana Jones with a lot muscles and an IQ of 200 or so, and he brings his kids along with him And the entire family has been trained by monks, ninjas and everything else you can imagine, to be prepared for every possible situ [...]

  • Doc Wilde and the Frogs of Doom by Tim ByrdI will give a spoiler alert, although I don t believe I have given away too much But one man s hint sometimes is another s spoiler.It all started with the disappearance of Doc Wilde s father, the only clues being a very strange frog artifact and a picture of the elder Wilde inside a frog shaped natural rock formation He stands in the mouth of the frog, which is a stalactite fanged cave.Doctor Spartacus Wilde is the son of Doctor Wilde and Pat Wilde who [...]

  • I picked up Doc Wilde and the Frogs of Doom during its Kickstarter, where it pledged to recapture the magic of classic pulp adventure stories, with lost worlds, ancient ruins, weird science, evil villains, and daring heroes, bringing them into the 21st century with contemporary themes, modern scientific notions, the wonders of a close family, and a deep appreciation of literature and of the thinking life itself I m not sure about the last two items on the list, but the book mostly delivered on i [...]

  • In the interest of full disclosure I was one of this project s Kickstarter contributors.Some might say Byrd went into pastiche mode with this young reader s book, but I truly do think the goal was to homage Doc Savage and his ilk If you would like a sound bite description of the setting it would be this Clark Savage Jr aka Doc Savage, married his cousin Pat, had a son, their son married and their son and two grandchildren have adventures and fight evil along the way In this case sub the name Wil [...]

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