A Sip of You

[PDF] A Sip of You | by ☆ Sorcha Grace - A Sip of You, A Sip of You The undeniable chemistry between food photographer Catherine Kelley and billionaire gourmand William Lambourne has become an unquenchable thirst Catherine s career in Chicago is taking off and the han [PDF] A Sip of You | by ☆ Sorcha Grace - A Sip of You, A Sip of You The undeniable chemistry between food photographer Catherine Kelley and billionaire gourmand William Lambourne has become an unquenchable thirst Catherine s career in Chicago is taking off and the han

  • Title: A Sip of You
  • Author: Sorcha Grace
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 459
  • Format: Kindle Edition
A Sip of You

[PDF] A Sip of You | by ☆ Sorcha Grace, A Sip of You, Sorcha Grace, A Sip of You The undeniable chemistry between food photographer Catherine Kelley and billionaire gourmand William Lambourne has become an unquenchable thirst Catherine s career in Chicago is taking off and the handsome stormy eyed stranger who recently rocked her world has become dare she say it her boyfriend Dating a billionaire who s a god in the bedroom and a virtuoso in the kitcThe undeniable [PDF] A Sip of You | by ☆ Sorcha Grace - A Sip of You, A Sip of You The undeniable chemistry between food photographer Catherine Kelley and billionaire gourmand William Lambourne has become an unquenchable thirst Catherine s career in Chicago is taking off and the han

  • [PDF] A Sip of You | by ☆ Sorcha Grace
    459 Sorcha Grace
A Sip of You

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    Adventurous eater, beach lover, and author of scorching contemporary erotic romance, she s also the nom de plume of a nationally bestselling author who publishes in another romance genre.For another taste, visit her on Facebook at facebook SorchaGrace

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  • 2.5 starsThis book was not on par with the first book in my opinion I REALLY enjoyed book one because of it s absolutely sensual love scenes that combined gourmet food and some explosive chemistry between the Hero and heroine Ms Grace used touch, taste, smell, and feel to paint a perfect picture for the reader and put them right inside William and Catherine s world I really connected with her writing and I was completely impressed and blown away that A Taste of You was her debut book Unfortunate [...]

  • I was offered a free review copy by the author and I literally jumped at the chance since I loved A Taste of You So here we go The good Delectable plot and story line Great pacing Lovely characters And satisfyingly sensual The bad What a cliffhanger Grrr I want book three NOW lolMy thoughts A Sip of You revisits our beloved characters of Catherine and William As Catherine s career is taking off, she juggles her relationship with her rich, handsome AND cough cough ALPHA squeals boyfriend, William [...]

  • Good book This one dragged on a bit and I skimmed a few Cat annoyed me to no end this book I hate overly emotional heroines, just too much He ll of a cliffhanger too Cannot wait to read the next.

  • First off, if you haven t read A Taste Of You, you ll need to read it first, as A Sip of You picks up where the first book left off Even though Northern California is the last place Catherine wants to be, she will do anything for William, including being there for him when his long lost, presumed dead brother has possibly been found After William leaves her in his mansion alone for days, Catherine decides to venture out in Napa and runs into one of the biggest reasons she left Cali her dead husb [...]

  • 4.5 Stars I was SO close to giving this 5 stars I ll come to my reasoning soon.This was a brilliant installation in the series It literally had me trying to read that little bit faster so i could find out what was going to happen I even skipped some description so i could actually get to the dialogue don t judge i m an impatient women okay I love William Not a fan of his secretive ways but i do understand his reasoning behind it all sometimes Catherine is also a great heroine, although she is on [...]

  • Catherine and William s delicious relationship continues to captivate readers in book two of this three book series With danger and secrets surrounding them at all times, William fights the only way he knows how to keep Catherine safeep her at his side When he unexpectedly leaves her on her own, she starts to question where she belongs in his life Is she ever going to break through his secrets and barriers Will she ever know all she needs to know to understand this man she has grown to love Cath [...]

  • A Sip of You, by Sorcha Grace, is a decadent and deliciously rich story that I enjoyed immensely This book picks up right where A Taste of You left off, seamlessly immersing me, once again, into the world of William and Catherine William, William, William I absolutely adored him He is enigmatic, compelling, dominant exudes raw masculinity that is all consuming I loved his character and the air of mystery he continued to present I was given much wanted, and needed answers to my questions surround [...]

  • ReviewI read 1 over a year ago now and i adored it, it was the perfect mix of sex and food when i realized i hadnt read two, i got straight on it Straight away i was taken back into the world of Stormy Eyes with Sorchas fantastic description from the clothes the couple wear to the beautiful food they indulge in We carry on from book 1 and now, well Catherine Williams relationship has changed and taken on a new level We meet them as they are tying to deal with that When William gets some news and [...]

  • arc provided for an honest review 3.5 Stars I never imagined I could feel this way about someone again William and I had only known each other for a short time, and yet he d already changed my world completely and I had fallen for him Hard A Sip of You is Book 2 the series by Sorcha Grace It s the continued story of Catherine Kelley and William Lambourne Catherine is a food photographer and William is a billionaire These two have an amazing chemistry and connection to one another but are both ho [...]

  • I m waffling between 3.5 4 stars A Sip of You is the 2nd book in the Epicurean Series You do need to read the 1st book A Taste of You before you read this book I love this series and I liked this book but, I didn t find it to be as good as the first book I found that I didn t love Cat so much in this book If she was a real person I would ve slapped her I found her to be annoying, whiney, a little selfish, jealous I didn t like that she d cower to William so much At the same time, I totally under [...]

  • I enjoyed this book as much as the last because William finally shared his tragic past and worked harder to make amends and be the man Cat wants him to be He opened up to her and became a little softer emotionally but still dominated the bed room I thought he was still a little hypocritical about Jared the ex brother in law and he punished her by walking out on her because she would not share their history together I thought that was a little arrogant on his part since he was basically a man who [...]

  • OkSo I first got to know William and Catherine in a taste of you they weren t just characters but long lost friends that you haven t seen in awhile I guess that is the best way I could describe there story Its like they are both in the room with you while your reading this amazing book William and Catherine have you up and down with your emotions that you literally need the tissues ready at a moments notice Make sure you have your snacks as well cause once you start reading there story you will [...]

  • Like a fine wine that is the correct blend of grapes and has been properly aged, A Sip of You memorably strikes the palate This much awaited book wrapped me in the warmth of the passion our two main characters feel for each other Catherine and William have only know each other barely a month, but the chemistry between them is incendiary Keep the fire extinguishers handy Their budding love is fragile They both have undisclosed secrets that can alter the fate of their relationship Only by trusting [...]

  • I really loved the first book and have been actively checking the release date of 2 For the most part, this one didn t disappoint This author seamlessly continued the feel of book 1 and I am just as excited for book 3 as I was for the release of this one.What s still great WILLIAM He is still sexy as all hell, possessive alpha, dominant, man of few words, but still amazing at every turn with the many hats he wears as chef, billionaire, wine maker, boyfriend The chemistry he has with Catherine is [...]

  • What No one has yet mentioned what a great backdrop this series has CHICAGO I love the scenes in the restaurants, brisk walks with Laird, the fabulous dog, all of it And Cat and William such interesting characters who I really care about and continue to think about as I impatiently wait for the third installment The suspense developed in this book is really well done, too I have to admit that one of my favorite scenes is Cat and William flying to CA in his private jet Naturally, I have put a pri [...]

  • A Sip of You is book 2 from Sorcha Grace s Epicurean Series It took me a while to read this book and it may be because I was not in the right head space to enjoy a romance novel Overall the book was okay as with the first story food plays a separate character The one thing that drove me crazy was Catherine s whining about William I did love that her bestie Beckett set her straight I mean, come on a billionaire loves you and you, spends time with you and you complain and find reasons to try and s [...]

  • Lots and lots of sex This book really didn t have much plot to it because it was overrun with sex And Catherine, wow, talk about hot and cold She couldn t stay mad at William if she wanted Because the second she set eyes on him, she forgets why she s mad and immediately jumps his bones I love William and Catherine, but Catherine has too many hangups and she runs so hot and cold, it s crazy As a reader, I can t even tell what s up from down I get serious whiplash I definitely enjoyed the first bo [...]

  • In finishing book 1 of this series I immediately picked up the second book Needless to say I was not left hanging or disappointed Sorcha Grace continues to capture the art of food and its sexual appeal Every word keeps me wanting to turn the page And as I do I am rewarded with mouth watering moments and not to mention food view spoiler This book ends with a character introduction that made me need to take a long sip of wine Bringing a love triangle into the mix makes you wonder what is in store [...]

  • Oh lord My thoughts are all over the place with this series I do enjoy the story, but there are just things that are getting on my nerves reading it This is just me though And gawd That heroine was really trying my patience She comes off so whiny and childlike that it is hard to feel sorry for her, which by the way, I don t I love the steaminess and one of my favorite things is pairing food with sensuality and she does that flawlessly I love the mystery aspect, in fact, that s the part that keep [...]

  • Completely captivating and intriguing read.Sorcha gave us a story that pulls you in from the very beginning You can t escape being hooked.I loved it It has everything you need in a great read It is funny It has twist and turns Drama It is scorching hot And it has a beautiful romance.The story is beautifully written The characters are very well developed.It is a full package of irresistible.Amazing I highly highly recommend this series 5 read ARC received in exchange for an honest review

  • Loved the first part, hated the second and definitely won t read the third It has been a couple of months since I have read A Taste of You, but I wouldn t have continued had the heroine been that annoying as in this instalment The Epicurean uses all the typical Shades of Grey ingredients sans the kink which is totally fine with me, as long as I don t want to strangle the heroine In this book she has turned into a childish, sometimes egoistical person who behaves often than not unreasonable and [...]

  • 4.5 STARS Ok, so it s no secret that I love me some sexy, dominate, Alpha males no secret whatsoever So it shouldn t come as a shock when I say that I absolutely LOVE William Maddox Lambourne III After whetting my appetite in A Taste of You, I could not wait to dive right into A Sip of You and unravel the enigma that is this complex, dominate alpha male But it seems like the I learned, the questions that I wound up having, so, suffice it to say I cannot wait to get my grubby little hand on A F [...]

  • Loved it combining the love of food,the love of sex,the loss of a love one and the road taken to healing along with all those around you that support you and some times get in the way brilliant The twisted at the end outstanding My wonderful man kept asking me when I was going to turn the light out could not put it down After I finished I had so many questions A really wonderful read Looking forward to the next installment.

  • Okay Let s start by saying what a cliff hanger I could literally scratch someone s eye out to get to book three right now Anyway, the book was amazing and I want my very own William at home I also love Cat but she s a little self centered and full of herself at times They definitely had steamy chemistry and I m a lover of food so that made it even for me I love Beckett because someone needed to set Cat straight when she became self absorbed about how life should be.

  • 2.5 stars from me Im soooo disappointed with this book Gosh im not liking it at all Cat is sooo annoying bitch, full insecurity dan easy like slut towards william And william at the other hand so mysterious Heck do you need to fuck her everytime Meh Sorry all the rambling, i just pissed off with this book, another cliffy again hope i will get better story at book 3

  • Honey and Handcuffs erotic sushi dinneroh where do I begin This is another amazing addition to this series After meeting William and Cat in the first book, I was so excited to get to read about them in A Sip of You and it didn t disappoint Absolutely cannot wait to read the next book in the series Hopefully it comes out soon

  • William, William, WilliamHe is the absolute best You can t help but want from him With his cooking and seductive ways he will have you eating out of his hands, literally I love how the author plays with the characters of the book and make them all make sense I hate for their love story to end.

  • Like the first one better And now we have to wait until next year for the next bookggrrrrrBeckett s secret was about to drive me crazy And Hutch, woohoo, he needs his own book hint, hint

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