Anything Could Happen

[PDF] Anything Could Happen | by ✓ B.G. Thomas - Anything Could Happen, Anything Could Happen Moving to Kansas City could be the best thing Austin Shelbourne has ever done For a start he can stop living a lie and finally come out of the closet And there s a chance though slim that he might [PDF] Anything Could Happen | by ✓ B.G. Thomas - Anything Could Happen, Anything Could Happen Moving to Kansas City could be the best thing Austin Shelbourne has ever done For a start he can stop living a lie and finally come out of the closet And there s a chance though slim that he might

  • Title: Anything Could Happen
  • Author: B.G. Thomas
  • ISBN: 9781627980272
  • Page: 265
  • Format: ebook
Anything Could Happen

[PDF] Anything Could Happen | by ✓ B.G. Thomas, Anything Could Happen, B.G. Thomas, Anything Could Happen Moving to Kansas City could be the best thing Austin Shelbourne has ever done For a start he can stop living a lie and finally come out of the closet And there s a chance though slim that he might be able to locate the love of his life Todd Burton It had seemed like a good idea when he seduced his friend but Todd freaked out and vanished Austin hopes to find Todd Moving [PDF] Anything Could Happen | by ✓ B.G. Thomas - Anything Could Happen, Anything Could Happen Moving to Kansas City could be the best thing Austin Shelbourne has ever done For a start he can stop living a lie and finally come out of the closet And there s a chance though slim that he might

  • [PDF] Anything Could Happen | by ✓ B.G. Thomas
    265 B.G. Thomas
Anything Could Happen

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    B.G Thomas lives in Kansas City with his husband for nearly fifteen years and was legally married in 2014 Ehey have a fabulous little dog, Sarah Jane He sees his wonderful daughter just often enough to miss her when she isn t there He has a romantic soul and is extraordinarily lucky to have many friends He loves science fiction fantasy, horror, romance and , has gone to SFF conventions his entire adult life, and been lucky enough to meet many of his favorite writers He is a Star Trek and Joss Whedon fan from way back He has written all his life, it is where he finds his joy In the 90 s, he wrote for gay magazines, but stopped because they wanted him to cut out story and romance, and write only sex Then through a few friends, he discovered the growing market of M M Romance and was thrilled beyond words FINALLY, a way to write the stories he always wanted to write Adventure, romantic comedy, science fiction, and , but with gay characters And he wouldn t have to fade to black People wanted to read the erotic as well Plot and sex HURRAY B.G Thomas very much believes in The Law of Attraction and that thoughts become things A lot of things all started happening at once He heard the words, Leap, and the net will appear, and something re kindled inside He sent out a story and was thrilled when it was almost immediately accepted He believes that we are divine expressions of the Universe, each and everyone It is never too late , he states Pursue your dreams They will come true

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  • 2.5 starsReading this book is like watching a play in the theater The actors speak loudly than their natural voice because they need to project their voice to the audience, enunciate words distinctively, and they move act boldly than their natural gesture so people can see them There is a distance barrier between the stage and where we seat We may follow the plot, the blocking, etc but we re still not part of the characters life It s a safe environment, and we are aware of it No matter what ha [...]

  • This is now the third book I ve read by B.G Thomas and I have really become of a fan of his writing Anything Could Happen is spun off from The Boy Who Came In From the Cold and while reading that first will give you a better understanding of some secondary characters, this book works just as well as a standalone If you have read TBWCiFtC you will remember that Austin was the best friend of that book s main character Todd, before Todd left home for Kansas City This book is Austin s story Austin h [...]

  • Fans of The Boy Who Came In From the Cold will not be disappointed with this second story in Thomas s romantic universe For those who read TBWCIFtC you will remember that Austin was Todd s best friend and first male romantic hook up Anything Could Happen is Austin s story.Once again I am entranced by Charlie David s wonderful narration I simply love listening to his character voices and performance.Austin leaves his small town for Kansas City and moves in with his great uncle Bodie, an out and p [...]

  • Anything Could Happen really is the perfect title for this story Austin leaves the small town he s grown up in with a very clear goal in mind find Todd, the man who was his best friend until Austin seduced him and the guy ran not for the hills, but for Kansas City Finding him is the only thing on Austin s mind, until he meets Guy, and then anything could truly happen.Austin is one confused young man who has lived his life in the closet so far Moving to the big city and living with his uncle, who [...]

  • 4.5 StarsA Live Your Life, Buy The Book ReviewAustin Shelbourne has been in love with his best friend, Todd Burton, for years One night he decides to act on those feelings and seduces Todd Things do not turn out like Austin hopes and Todd literally runs out and refuses to speak to Austin Things go from bad to worse when Todd s girlfriend turns to Austin for comfort and Todd finds them together This drives Todd away completely and he leaves their small town of Buckman for Kansas City, prompting A [...]

  • Oh my goodness The steamy build up with the smoldering sexual firesThe eccentric uncleThe cool guyThe SONG The grandmotherFinally the sexThe relationshipPoor dogPoor uncleSecrets revealedThe final meetingThe endAbsolute treasure of a novel Much better than TBWCIFTCLoved it

  • JOINT REVIEW with sid Sid Anything could Happen, isn t that right, Dani Dani Absolutely Sid , anything can and will happen indeed Sid Wow That was a good one, and left a nice impression on me I absolutely loved the character of Austin Dani I have to say after a slow start for me I got really into the story and I feel a great respect for Guy What a great guy Sid I totally second that Austin was a little lost at first, but it was Guy who brought him to see what really is right for him I like at le [...]

  • Eine sch ne und eher ruhige Geschichte, die ohne gro es Drama auskommt, sondern sich stattdessen mehr auf Freundschaften, Familienbande und zarte Gef hle konzentriert.Austin hat eine Mission Er m chte unbedingt seinen besten Freund Todd wiederfinden, in den er verliebt ist, sich das aber zu sp t eingestanden hat Also zieht er vor bergehend zu Onkel Bodie, ebenfalls schwul, und lernt gleich am ersten Tag Guy kennen, einen Nachbarn, der vom ersten Moment v llig fasziniert von Austin ist Nur ist de [...]

  • What would it be like to grow up in a small town where neighbors turned a blind eye to the abuse that went on behind closed doors and you, yourself, had fallen in love with someone whom you might never openly be able to love To make matters worse, what if the one you love was male, just like you and after one night of reckless abandon where you showed him just how much you wanted him Then he ran, fled, not only your house but the town itself, and no one knew where he was other than the name of t [...]

  • Anything Could HappenBy B.G ThomasDreamspinner Press, 2013Cover by Aaron AndersonISBN 9781627980272244 pagesFour starsI find myself increasingly fond of B.G Thomas s writing His work resonates with me, and while everything sparkles a bit with romantic fantasy, his books are grounded in his own reality and thus manage to come across as authentic The upbeat pairing with B.G Thomas angsty The Boy Who Came in From the Cold, Anything Could Happen is warm and fuzzy, firmly rooted the happier fallout o [...]

  • Austin kommt nach Kansas City um seinen Freund Todd zu suchen, der ihre Heimatstadt Hals ber Kopf verlassen hat Doch Todd ist einfach spurlos verschwunden und Austin kommt bei dem Bruder seiner Gro mutter unter Der alte Herr erweist sich als wunderbar verst ndig, tolerant und freundlich Austin hat gro es Gl ck mit Bodie und kommt sehr gut mit dem alten Mann zurecht, der der miefigen Kleinstadt schon vor Jahrzehnten den R cken gekehrt hat.Durch Bodie lernt Austin aber auch Guy kennen, der im glei [...]

  • Austin and Todd were friends, Austin fell in love and hit on Todd, Todd freaked and ran Now Austin is tracking Todd down and hoping that they both can live the life they should, out and proud.What Austin finds is his Uncle Bodie and Guy Together, all three men explore what it is to be true to yourself and your passion.There is a lot of subtext and learning through the work Guy does in the theatre and this takes up a lot of page time.The romance between Guy and Austin is filled with growth and le [...]

  • 4.5 5.0When I asked to read and review Anything Could Happen, I did not realize it was a spin off of The Boy Who Came In From the Cold Although I had questions about a couple of the characters, it was nothing that took away from the enjoyment of this book Anything Could Happen almost feels like a coming of age story for the three main characters We are living Austin s experience as it happens, but also getting glimpses of Uncle Bodie s and Guy s experiences from their youth It is beautiful to wa [...]

  • 2.5 stars.I didn t know this book was a book 2 This is precisely why I avoid reading out of order because I felt like I was missing a lot of information.In this book, Austin moved to Kansas City to reconnect with his best friend and adolescent Crush Todd He moves in with his flamboyantly gay uncle Bodie my favorite character in this book The relationship between Austin and his uncle paved the way for Austin to have a sense of peace as a gay young man.Austin enlists the aid of his Uncle Brodie s [...]

  • This is a novel of the journey of Austin Shelbourrne as a young gay man He comes to Kansas City on the mission of finding his childhood friend and first love Todd and reside with his uncle Brodie and discovers much Uncle Brodie and 80 year old gay man gives him sage advice and becomes a friend and confidant He also meets young playwright Guy, who becomes a friend and teaches him to open his heart and eyes to love A nice read just a wonderful story to read again on a rainy and cold winter s day. [...]

  • Pleasant enough book about the friend of the MC of The Boy Who Came In From the Cold coming to the big city to find that friend and make up for the events of the past He meets an actor director playwright and they find love I have to admit I liked the companion book better but this was good on it s own And the last chapter ties everything up nicely.

  • Overall book rating NO rating Audio book Narrator Charlie David 4 Stars Book Cover 2 Stars MC1 Austin Shelbourne MC2 Guy Compbell DNF 50%I just couldn t go on Austin s so blind and it irritated the hell out of me Poor Guy is so in love with him and he chooses to look over it because he thinks he s in love with a guy he fooled around with.This just didn t work for me.

  • Such a beautiful story I fell in love with Guy from the beginning he s just perfect swoon I enjoyed the secondary characters as well they added so much depth to the story A sweet, romantic read 3

  • BeautifulI thought I would like the first book in the series better since I really really liked it but the extras in this book made it so much better, it left me crying and smiling all at once.

  • Discovering yourself and the wonders of a new life in a new city can be daunting, but with the right people it can be amassing Austin has been raised by his grandparents in a small town outside of Kansas City A brief sexual encounter with his best friend leaves him convinced that he s in love, but Todd runs out of the house and soon out of town Austin is determined to find Todd He moves in with his great uncle in Kansas City and is introduced to a whole new world Uncle Bodie is gay, he has neigh [...]

  • As it happens for the most part of book series, I loved this second one much than the first one So good.

  • I like to be honest in my reviews, that s why I need to tell you that until about the 60% mark of this book I was ready to mark it as DNF I know Shocking but it was just so slow, everything was dragging, and it really felt like nothing was happening at all I was bored I was annoyed, because honestly Austin sounded like a 15 year old girl than a 20 year old man.The only thing that kept me going was Guy, our other MC, because he was interesting and caring, Austin didn t deserve him at all And Bod [...]

  • Another book that I found by chance but didn t read for than a year My regret is not reading it sooner How should I classify this book At its core, it s a gay love story But it s also a story about love and loyalty, about family, about friends and about discoveryOur main character is on a quest to find a friend, both he and the friend are from a tiny town and they both end up in Kansas City The protagonist moves in with his great uncle and through a series of fortuitous accidents meets an ensem [...]

  • I ve bought this because I wanted something light, not too thrilling, a story I could put away when I needed to I d liked The Boy Who Came In From The Cold well enough so I thought I d try the next book in this universe around Peter Wagner.Hm was a nice enough read I didn t connect very much with the characters but I can t complain about that because that was what I initially had wanted anyway So it was a pleasant read and it had it s funny moments I really liked Uncle Brodie It s defintely not [...]

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