Enchanting the Lady

[PDF] Enchanting the Lady | by ↠ Kathryne Kennedy - Enchanting the Lady, Enchanting the Lady Little noticed Felicity Seymour is a woman with a problem she can t take control of her parents lands until she can prove her magical abilities of which she s never had the slightest hint When she me [PDF] Enchanting the Lady | by ↠ Kathryne Kennedy - Enchanting the Lady, Enchanting the Lady Little noticed Felicity Seymour is a woman with a problem she can t take control of her parents lands until she can prove her magical abilities of which she s never had the slightest hint When she me

  • Title: Enchanting the Lady
  • Author: Kathryne Kennedy
  • ISBN: 9780505527509
  • Page: 181
  • Format: Paperback
Enchanting the Lady

[PDF] Enchanting the Lady | by ↠ Kathryne Kennedy, Enchanting the Lady, Kathryne Kennedy, Enchanting the Lady Little noticed Felicity Seymour is a woman with a problem she can t take control of her parents lands until she can prove her magical abilities of which she s never had the slightest hint When she meets a handsome were lion baronet Terence Blackwell she s surprised at his interest what she doesn t know is that Terence smells the taint of relic magic on her the sameLittle no [PDF] Enchanting the Lady | by ↠ Kathryne Kennedy - Enchanting the Lady, Enchanting the Lady Little noticed Felicity Seymour is a woman with a problem she can t take control of her parents lands until she can prove her magical abilities of which she s never had the slightest hint When she me

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  • [PDF] Enchanting the Lady | by ↠ Kathryne Kennedy
    181 Kathryne Kennedy
Enchanting the Lady

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    As a college grad, business owner, and writer, Kathryne has published nearly a dozen short stories in the SFF Romance genre, receiving Honorable Mention twice in the Writers of the Future contest Being a self proclaimed Air Force brat, Kathryne has traveled a great deal, and over the years has lived in Guam, Okinawa, and several states in the Uhe currently resides in Arizona with her husband, two sons, and the rest of her family including two chihuahuas named Precious and Baggins think Lord of the Rings who she s rather fond of.

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  • 4.0 for this steamy, spooky, and suspenseful lion shifter romance I enjoyed it It s kinda sweet n scary But also sad, and I even chuckled a time or two My few quibbles are listed last Third person POV shifts from heroine to hero Fairly strong prose Few typos Explicit sex, minimal swearing, violence.Set primarily in London in 1881, this book brings to mind Soulless, by Gail Carriger my review Like Soulless, it includes nobility, magic, and shifters in Victorian England All kinds of shifters, from [...]

  • This was a really nice story I don t read a lot of historical romances but the fantasy elements within really held my interest The character development and world building is really great and even though I figured out what was going on way before Felicity did, I still enjoyed the story.Felicity Seymour doesn t have any magic and she s dull and forgettable She s so forgettable that servants run into her and she s sat on at parties Both of her parents died and now her Uncle and Aunt look after her [...]

  • Definitely a 4.5 read This was a Kindle freebie and I was very pleasantly surprised by the engaging story and the likable leads.Lady Felicity should have inherited magic to spare but she has none In fact, nobody ever even notices this would be duchess Orphaned, living with her aunt and uncle and her jackass cousin, she has near zero confidence and fewer prospects Until she meets Sir Terrence Blackwell, one of the loathed shapeshifters who are particular favorites of the prince He is gorgeous, ki [...]

  • I really liked this book a lot It was a romance with really strong fantasy elements that didn t seem just thrown into the mix to add interest I especially liked the hero and couldn t put it down once I started reading It d didn t necessarily blown me over, but it definitely impressed me and has me looking forward to from the author.

  • I found this book to be adorable, it was just so cute and fun Not to mention that I liked the society that in this alternate England.Magic is still around and English society is infused by it The Royals have the most powers and then the Dukes and so forth If you are without then you are stripped of titles and lands Magic rules and different titles have different magic I really liked what she created and it was interesting.Our heroine is truly naive, but that is the only way she could be No one e [...]

  • The novel is set in an alternate Victorian England where your social position is determined by your magical abilities Felicity Seymour is a daughter of a duke and should be swimming in magical ability but isn t In fact, she spends most of her life ignored and forgotten Really Since she was a child people have had a difficult time noticing or remembering her until she meets Sir Terence Blackwell, a werelion who can actually see her Shifters are a necessary evil in Victorian society, immune to mag [...]

  • This was a sweet book with a sexy hero who was a shapeshifter, and an endearing heroine who thought she had no powers, but actually had them stolen away I love the mix of Victorian and magic Great job on the author s part.

  • After reading the Drowning City, I needed something light and easy to read Enchanting the Lady defiantly falls into this category It is a paranormal historical romance, which for me is what I tend to drift towards when I do read a romance book.The book takes place in London in the late 1800s and is centered on a Lady Felicity who is next in line to Duchess of Stonehaven her parents died when she was young However, in this day and age, the only way to achieve status within the monarchy is to poss [...]

  • Lady Felicity lost her parents when she was a young girl, and since then she s lived with relatives her aunt, uncle, and cousin She s the heir to Stonehaven, but when she faces her testing to determine whether she has enough magic to keep her title she fails and is demoted to Miss Felicity, of commoner status As if that isn t enough humiliation, Felicity has her coming out celebration the very evening of her defeat where everyone treats her as if she doesn t exist After nearly colliding with a s [...]

  • I downloaded this book for my nook as a Free Fridays book from BN So far, I ve really enjoyed their Free books even if I don t like a title, they ve helped me discover which authors to ignore in the future When the only thing I have to sacrifice to try a new book author is time rather than money or dignity by asking that my library find a copy for me , I m often willing to take the chance.Thankfully, I picked up this book when I was in the perfect mood for it I wanted a light hearted romance wit [...]

  • I m having a historical shape shifting bonanza of books all of a sudden It s fantastic Guys, I had no idea I was missing out on this whole subset of books No idea None And now that I know I can t un know it It s there I ll have to seek out of these books And I ll have to read them And I ll be daydreaming about hunky shapeshifters who flout society s rules and live large I love it I liked that magic was out in the open in this book In fact, the degree of magic one possesses is directly related t [...]

  • Seriously embarrassing, but felt this one had to make it onto the shelf.While I ve read a book about reading romance novels Reading the Romance, by Janice A Radway GREAT book , I ve never actually read a romance novel And didn t mean to start when I downloaded Enchanting the Lady for free on my Kindle From the description it sounded like a fun fantasy book So I start reading and all is well for about two chapters The writing isn t stellar, and I m starting to think that maybe this is YA fantasy, [...]

  • This book was total cute fluff I knew that from the beginning and thus totally enjoyed it I think if I had gone into it hoping for intense characters or twisted plot I would have been disappointed, but I didn t so I wasn t The good characters were adorable and pure, while the villains were evil and extremely crazy They were all a bit cheesy but I think that was part of the books charm The plot while predictable was set in a pretty unique world Magical ability is due to birth, and the amount of [...]

  • Well, this is an interesting twist, Victorian romance in a Harry Potter world I m not sure I was ever able to buy into the carriages that resembled sea shells drawn by sea horses, the magical illusions of gingerbread houses in Grosvenor Square or Prince Albert conducting magic testing but the story itself was delightful and very well written.

  • Felicity has always gone unnoticed her entire life Not just unnoticed, but totally unseen She has had people sit on her, walk straight into her, and not even see her when she s in the same room She always thought it was the fact that she was not beautiful enough to be noticed or remembered, but when she shows up to the Prince s annual magic testing, Terrance instantly notices the relic magic surrounding her To him, she is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen and he is determined to not only [...]

  • I was debating between 3 4 stars but after careful consideration, feel 3 is about right It was pretty good Entertaining, but a bit predictable It dragged a little at about 50%.This is a story involving magic, evil, shifters, and romance.We have heorine Felicity who is daughter to two powerfully magical parents who died and left her to be raised by her aunt and uncle Felicity goes to be tested to see how much or if any magic abilities she has In this world, the level of your magic abilities denot [...]

  • Books frequently get paired in my head, based on similarity of theme or setting or some other imponderable that causes me to shelve my books in scales of what they make me feel like This book s sister from another mother is Soulless by Gail Carriger.I bought it as an ebook, because it sounded fun and charming, in the vein of Sorcery and Cecilia It s a Victorianish romance, with bustles, gaslight and railroads It also has shapeshifters, magical artifacts, and dastardly deeds The premise is that m [...]

  • I downloaded this from Discover a new love since I read and liked The Firelord s lover a couple of years ago.This is a light paranormal, set in an alternate Victorian London I had a lot of fun trying to guess which parts of London the different neighborhoods was based on The alternative place names felt right and reflected the neighborhoods status How the magic system was set up appealed a lot too me I liked that you and your family could raise or fall in status, depending on which kind of magic [...]

  • Kennedy brings just the right amount of fantasy to Victorian London Enchanting the Lady has magic, shifters, and even dragons Felicity is a stunningly beautiful and powerful young woman But she doesn t know it Having lived her life under a powerful spell and hidden away in the country she thinks very little of herself So when the King s right hand man shifter lays eyes on her she is very unprepared Terrence works for the King as a relic hunter Relics are remnants of Merlin s time and hold so muc [...]

  • I enjoyed this historical romance, mostly because it had huge amounts of magic in it and the writer really fleshed out the major characters very well There was too much old fashioned homebody attitude for my taste, but I can understand the pull of it Otherwise, there is plenty of action from Sir Terence, lively thinking from Lady Felicity, and timely contributions from others make it interesting It s hard to describe anything in the story without giving away the beautiful surprises waiting for t [...]

  • As someone who doesn t like a lot of historical romance, I decided to read Enchanting the Lady mainly because of the paranormal aspect of the story I am so happy I did I love how Ms Kennedy created a Victorian world that has magic in it The fact that your magical ability is what determines your social position is a wonderful twist.Felicity Seymour is the orphaned daughter of a Duke and Duchess She should have the magical ability to retain her parent s title and lands but it appears she doesn t I [...]

  • I got this free from Kindle I wasn t expecting much although I was intrigued by the summary so I decided to give it a go It had all the classic elements that make up a story like good vs evil, the love interest rescuing the heroine and an antagonist s that eventually gets defeated I liked how the heroine was flawed and the perfect hero is only really perfect in Felicity s eyes I also liked that Felicity decided that she didn t want to retake her test and become apart of high society again, but I [...]

  • The very cotton candy of books, this delightful little treat was a welcome read, especially after the hardcore horror and sci fi reading I ve been doing lately A friend described it to me as Harry Potter for Adults and I have to admit that the whimsical nature of the prose, the magical descriptions of an alternate universe London, were astounding In Kennedy s world, titles and wealth are held and kept by magical prowess and Felicity, has none or so she believes Virtually unnoticed by everyone, h [...]

  • This book was such a pleasant surprise I picked this up free for the Kindle a very long time ago I decided I needed to start reading all of these free and cheap reads I have been picking up over the years This was a great place to start I loved the idea of how the aristocracy was based on the level of magic you possessed In Felicity s case she is a duchess of honour and has no power at all After she gives up her rightful place she meets Sir Terrence Blackwell A lion shifter who can t keep himsel [...]

  • Historical paranormal romance Damsel in distress with a spell cast over her, hunky were lion comes in to save the day, they fall in love, hit a few bumps in the road, then live happily ever after It was fine, I skimmed portions of the second half because it got a little slow, and I m not really a big fan of the getting lost in each other s eyes romance stuff, I like my books to be action packed Speaking of action while relatively clean tame as far as sex scenes go, there are a couple of scenes [...]

  • I liked it The hero is a lion shifter with immunity to magic reminded me of Curran, from the Kate Daniels series, a little bit and the heroine has no magic even though her parents were both very powerful Good world building details The magic in the aristocracy and the royal family being the most powerful, and the illusion of unicorns pulling carriages, etc The hero s lion behavior was good for a few laughs I didn t like how the heroine s family treated her so I just skimmed those parts There are [...]

  • Magic, shape shifting, romance, and historical elements combine to make a great read It s got a little bit of everything, and while it doesn t take a long time to figure out what is going on or going to happen, it s no less interesting, I had a very hard time putting this book down for any reason Ms.Kennedy s books are great and its no surprise they are hard to find.

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