Prochain épisode

Prochain épisode Best Read || [Hubert Aquin] - Prochain épisode, Prochain pisode First published in l Hubert Aquin s Next Episode is a disturbing and yet deeply moving novel of dissent and distress As he awaits trial a young separatist writes an espionage story in the psychia Prochain épisode Best Read || [Hubert Aquin] - Prochain épisode, Prochain pisode First published in l Hubert Aquin s Next Episode is a disturbing and yet deeply moving novel of dissent and distress As he awaits trial a young separatist writes an espionage story in the psychia

  • Title: Prochain épisode
  • Author: Hubert Aquin
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 480
  • Format: Ebook
Prochain épisode

Prochain épisode Best Read || [Hubert Aquin], Prochain épisode, Hubert Aquin, Prochain pisode First published in l Hubert Aquin s Next Episode is a disturbing and yet deeply moving novel of dissent and distress As he awaits trial a young separatist writes an espionage story in the psychiatric ward of the Montreal prison where he has been detained Sheila Fischman s bold new translation captures the pulsating life of Aquin s complex exploration of the politicaFirst pub Prochain épisode Best Read || [Hubert Aquin] - Prochain épisode, Prochain pisode First published in l Hubert Aquin s Next Episode is a disturbing and yet deeply moving novel of dissent and distress As he awaits trial a young separatist writes an espionage story in the psychia

  • Prochain épisode Best Read || [Hubert Aquin]
    480Hubert Aquin
Prochain épisode

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  • Hubert Aquin

    Hubert Aquin was a Quebec novelist, political activist, essayist, filmmaker and editor.Aquin graduated from the Universit de Montr al in 1951 From 1951 to 1954, he studied at the Institut d tudes politiques in Paris On his return to Montreal worked for Radio Canada from 1955 until 1959.From 1960 to 1968, Aquin was active in the movement for Quebec independence He was an executive member of the first independentist political party, the Rassemblement pour l ind pendance nationale 1960 1969 In 1964, he announced that he was going underground to work for independence through terrorism he was arrested shortly thereafter and detained for four months in a psychiatric hospital It was there that he wrote his first novel, Prochain pisode 1965 , the story of an imprisoned revolutionary In December 1964, he was acquitted of illegal possession of a firearm.Regarded as a classic of Canadian literature, Aquin s novel Next Episode the English translation of Prochain pisode by Sheila Fischman , was chosen for the 2003 edition of CBC Radio s Canada Reads competition, where it was championed by journalist Denise Bombardier It was the winning title An earlier English translation by Penny Williams, keeping the French title, was published in 1967.The self destructive thoughts of the novel s narrator foreshadow Aquin s own death On 15 March 1977, Aquin committed suicide.

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  • Interested in the tiny wormhole of Quebec separatist philosophy from the 60s Are you super artsy and into hard core Can Lit, with an exceptional ability to see what isn t written on the page, but is vital in the quiet mind of an obscure author This might be just the right book for you I ve given this two stars, but I can see that with some good discussion or some supplementary lessons on Quebecois history, this could be higher for me Quebec History 101 might be the perfect place to read and disc [...]

  • Hubert Aquin s Next Episode is a veritable minefield of symbols and thematic presences which at first are nigh on impossible to detect Next Episode is a masterpiece of stream of consciousness prose, moving sometimes imperceptibly between the written composition of the antagonist s novel and his thoughts as they occur to him while he writes Oftentimes cryptic and coded, there are many places for a reader of Next Episode to stop and ponder the riddles presented on the pages At one point, there is [...]

  • It didn t take me long to realize that I couldn t read this book the way I normally read books I had to read it when I was not distracted or tired, and I had to take it slow and let the words flow over me This is a powerful book with amazing imagery I can t proclaim to have understood all of the symbolism and how it relates to Quebec politics in the 1960s, but that didn t stop me from appreciating it as a work of art.

  • Je vois parfaitement en quoi c est un roman ambitieux et song mais je suis dr lement pas certaine d avoir tout compris

  • Un roman aussi explosif que la r volution laquelle il aspire tant sur la forme que le contenu Comme d autres le rel vent dans leurs commentaires, ce n est pas une lecture facile , sans doute surtout en raison du va et vient constant entre narrateur et r cit narr , des sauts entre les niveaux di g tiques qui nous m nent n cessairement en dehors du roman m me, du c t de la vie de l auteur et des circonstances de l criture Le style est haletant m me si on voulait s attarder aux phrases cisel es d A [...]

  • Many people including the champions who made this the Canada Reads 2003 winner will have you believe this is a masterpiece of counter point metaphor regarding 1960s Quebec separatism I d like to believe thatunfortunately, what I read turned out to be a schizophrenic, turgid volume containing some of the most pretentious language I ve read in some time In fact, it becomes so mind boggling at times that even Charles Dickens at his worst would be bearable There will be many who disagree with med t [...]

  • Au risque de me faire juger, c tait ma 4e tentative de lecture et je suis juste heureuse d enfin pouvoir dire que je suis pass e au travers

  • I learned Next Episode was a modern classic in my search for French Canadian literature Having read a little about the author s involvement in The Quiet Revolution, I expected a dominant social and political basis in the novel The narrator is a revolutionary who, while awaiting his execution in a psychiatric ward, decides to write a thriller Makes one think of Siegfried Lenz, true, but there is quite a difference in both setting and content The protagonist of that thriller is again a Quebecoise [...]

  • Short VersionPluses Surprising, trippy, impactful, dramatic, powerful, complexMinuses Repetitive, loses lustre fairly quickly, depressing, complex, disappointing in some ways, pretentious3.7 Stars Cuba is sinking in flames in the middle of Lac L man, while I descend to the bottom of things so begins the expertly translated version of this breathtaking novel.I say breathtaking, because, starting with this line, the reader is forced to take a breath, slow down, and put effort into deciphering just [...]

  • A very slim volume that packs a powerful punch The story superficially follows in the footsteps of a would be revolutionary following his nemesis H de Heutz through the cities, back roads, and chateaux of Switzerland, but in reality is an allegorical approach to the Quebec separatism movement of the 1960s Very cleverly woven together At times, it seems to be a loosely connected series of essays on politics, freedom, and the power of revolution to effect widespread change I can t pretend that I g [...]

  • A tiny little novel, not even a hundred pages, but wow does it hit hard The story on the surface tells the tale of a captured revolutionary who is following his nemesis H de Heutz through the cities, back roads, and chateaux of Switzerland In actuality the novel is much deeper, an allegorical depiction of the Quebec separatism movement of the 1960s The book is very hard to read, and I suggest reading it twice, but even then you may not fully understand it Strictly for those studying quebec Stay [...]

  • The Next Episode is written in a daunting first person It weaves a narrative from what seems part stream of consciousness and part daydream and part delusion At times it becomes somewhat captivating, but the narrative tends to loop back on itself frequently and becomes wearying The jacket cover description, which is largely repeated in the summary does describe the story to the extent possible The book is blessedly short so I didn t give up although I was frequently tempted.

  • A brilliant, sophisticated noir by legendary Quebecois author Hubert Aquin How many noirs engage the problems of revolutionary politics and the effects of orientalism There is an English translation under the title Next Episode I highly recommend this book Hilaroius, readable, profound Brilliant literature.

  • A tale of an idiot The story parallels Quebec s Quiet Revolution so I d recommend this to fans of CanLit and Quebec historyt many others.

  • Life after la R volution Tranquille Can one escape one s identity The main character shows us his split identity in this spy like novel Voicing in the novel is like voicing in a musical fugue.

  • view spoiler And thus we come to the ENDING and title references I found this novel at times tedious and at others too wordy, but the writing is exquisite, the prose beautiful, and the writer so true and so tragic The writer as narrator, and the real author Brilliant novel I understand why it won Canada Reads From the first sentence to THE END, it is powerful, brilliant, a story of Quebec, a story that precedes the FLQ Crisis, but is part of it, a story of liberation, loss, fear, death But this [...]

  • I read Next Episode as part of my own 2018 reading challenge to finish all of the Canada Reads winning books This is one of the most difficult and controversial books to be chosen In fact, Justin Trudeau voted against his own selection Colony of Unrequited Dreams so Next Episode could win.Next Episode has a unique style, a story within a story, told through the un named narrator, a failed terrorist undergoing psychiatric evaluation while awaiting trial The whole book comes across as a fever drea [...]

  • if you re into politics, history, literature and the connection between all three this book is definitely for you it s interesting, Canada s shady history as many may disagree as shady but that is what I think of it especially in politics where we ve weaved the laws and orders to reflect a national identity we pretend to have, instead of embracing the bi cultural and bilingual land we really live on this book can be very complicated, I began to read it and realized there was than one story narr [...]

  • I didn t know there was a book that could make me appreciate The Cashier by Roy, but here we are Absolute hell to read, even if the premise is interesting and some very small parts of the story have the clarity that seems to be lacking.

  • Un roman plusieurs niveaux, crit dans un style sublime Folie, espionnage, criture, politique et amour, le tout dans une po sie raffin e Un exercice intellectuel des plus int ressants.

  • I ve read the original in French, Prochain pisode This novel is quite experimental and typical of the 1960s, with its pros and cons There are at least two different plotlines in the book one about a political activist who is jailed which is great and full of thoughtful passages and one about a revolutionary in a special mission in Switzerland, which appears way less interesting to me It s a relatively short novel, so you can read it easily, and the style is beautiful despite the fact that the st [...]

  • J ai aim la plume Pour ce qui est des parall les et des m taphores, j aurais s rement besoin d tre guid e, mais j ai aim les couches multiples de l histoire le r cit d espions, le commentaire sur le r cit d espions, les allusions l enfermement actuel du narrateur, etc J ai aussi beaucoup aim le style et la langue Les passages o il parle de la femme qu il aime m ont ennuy e, mais pour le reste, a m rite au moins une relecture, d o les quatre toiles.

  • Aquin s story within a story approach is refreshing but lacking in method If one is unfamiliar with the PQ and Francophile terror activities in Quebec of the late 60s and 70s, and of the physical geography of western Europe, don t bother with this book at all The book is short but the writing is compressed and intense I found it to be a bore and I understood it Oh, well.

  • Had to read this for class I m always hard pressed to read Canadian fiction because so much of it is rather pretentious, and this one was no exception I zoned out constantly, the plot is so weak What the hell even happened in this book

  • This won the Canada Reads prize in 2003, so I read it in French I finished the book but could not tell you what it was about as I found it confusion and boring I was seeing the words and not taking it in.

  • I don t even know Seriously No idea After having a class lecture on it, it made sense thematically, but I still don t care It was hard and difficult and I don t know what happened whine.Full review when I m not so whiny.

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