UQ Holder 1

✓ UQ Holder 1 Ý Ken Akamatsu - UQ Holder 1, UQ Holder Negi Springfield the boy wizard of the hit manga Negima fought and won many battles Now it is decades later and Negi s grandson a little boy name Touta dreams of leaving his quiet village and he ✓ UQ Holder 1 Ý Ken Akamatsu - UQ Holder 1, UQ Holder Negi Springfield the boy wizard of the hit manga Negima fought and won many battles Now it is decades later and Negi s grandson a little boy name Touta dreams of leaving his quiet village and he

  • Title: UQ Holder 1
  • Author: Ken Akamatsu
  • ISBN: 9781612629339
  • Page: 466
  • Format: Paperback
UQ Holder 1

✓ UQ Holder 1 Ý Ken Akamatsu, UQ Holder 1, Ken Akamatsu, UQ Holder Negi Springfield the boy wizard of the hit manga Negima fought and won many battles Now it is decades later and Negi s grandson a little boy name Touta dreams of leaving his quiet village and heading to the City But first he must defeat his teacher the immortal vampire Evangeline ✓ UQ Holder 1 Ý Ken Akamatsu - UQ Holder 1, UQ Holder Negi Springfield the boy wizard of the hit manga Negima fought and won many battles Now it is decades later and Negi s grandson a little boy name Touta dreams of leaving his quiet village and he

  • ✓ UQ Holder 1 Ý Ken Akamatsu
    466 Ken Akamatsu
UQ Holder 1

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  • Ken Akamatsu

    Ken Akamatsu , Akamatsu Ken, July 5, 1968 is a Japanese mangaka from Tokyo.In his teenage years, Akamatsu failed the entrance exam to Tokyo University, and applied for Film Study instead it is speculated that this is where he got the idea for Love Hina Eventually, he became famous as an illustrator featured in Comiket short for Comic Market, a comic convention bi annually held in Japan He used the pen name Awa Mizuno , MIZUNO Awa Akamatsu, still in college, then proceeded to win the Weekly Shonen Magazine award twice His A Kid s Game for One Summer was awarded the coveted 50th Shonen Magazine Newcomer s Award soon after he graduated.After a big hit with A.I Love You, he finally made a grand success with his new manga, Love Hina The series appeared in Weekly Shonen Magazine and has been collected in eleven volumes with fourteen volumes in total , which have sold over 6 million copies in Japan, and received the Kodansha Manga Award for sh nen in 2001.Akamatsu had added elements of his own life experiences to the story, and this was said to have induced a unique feeling to the manga especially for Western readers, whose lack of familiarity with Japanese culture for the most part added to the effect The series, published in America in 2002, was especially well received in many overseas countries Akamatsu was surprised that even foreign readers found Love Hina to be cute and to their liking.He is now married to his wife Kanon Akamatsu, who was previously a singer idol He is currently working on his latest manga series, Negima Magister Negi Magi, which is his longest running manga so far Like Love Hina, has also been made into an anime series A second independent retelling of Negima was made called Negima Both series were produced by XEBEC Negima was produced by SHAFT.

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  • The Negima manga franchise had a really badly written end due to some wrangling in the Japanese parliament Basically, media industries over there want to have their companies gain greater control over the characters in their products as the comics companies in the US have Many authors, fearing loss of the creative control over their stories ended them prematurely Ken Akamatsu, creator of Negima was one such author Therefore, he rushed an end to the series, which really upset fans as it just wasn [...]

  • Having finished re reading Negima Magister Magi, one of my favorite risque manga series, I ve decided to begin reading UQ Holder, the sequel to Negima.I think the sequel holds up well to its predecessor, though I have to admit, I don t like UQ Holder as much as Negima The reason for this is very very very very simple.I m a fan of romance While I can t deal with straight up romances a girl I dated awhile back tried making me watch her romance movies and I feel asleep They were a total snooze fest [...]

  • Ein sch ner Action Manga, der in einer coolen Zukunftsvision von Japan spielt Die Protagonisten gefallen mir sehr und die Story ist sehr gut gemacht und geht auch in den K mpfen nicht unter

  • Definitely a great start to this shonen series Despite this being one of Ken Akamatsu s works, the fanservice is kept to a bare minimum The characters are likable but this is still only a set up for the series.Not much is revealed in terms in plot other than to get to the tower except hopefully this doesn t derail into SAO.All in all, a really good start to UQ Holder and I m definitely looking forward to

  • This interested me because it was shounen featuring vampires most of the vampire manga I ve come across has been shoujo focusing way too much on romance The plot sounded intriguing and I found this first volume lived up to my interest and I ended up reading something a bit different from anything I d read before There is a bit of fighting battles but they are brief and the emphasis is on character and plot Yeah I m totally fond of the main character, highschooler Tota Konoe he has a full range [...]

  • I prefer Negima and at first I wasn t sure if I liked the main character of this series or not He can be a bit annoying but by the second or third book I had come around to sort of liking him Some of the characters strongly resemble characters from Negima too which is nice The art is good but the characters aren t as many or as varied as Negima with a much stronger focus on mature characters especially for any ecchi scenes This is undoubtedly at least partly because of the increase in censorshi [...]

  • This has so far been an amazing sequel series to Negima Almost everything that drove me crazy about Negima s conclusion has been addressed now I actually like how dark this manga is It is the kind of dark I actually like As someone who has read all of Akamatsu s previous works, I feel that this series show just how far he has come I m not even sure how to explain it but I feel that this is the point we have been heading to for years and he is reaching the absolute height of his career I ve heard [...]

  • So far, a decent series With Negima being my favorite, I have high hopes for this one Subtle nods and references to Negima are cool so far and I m sure it ll only get deep Different from Akamatsu s previous works, yet very similar to the ending arc of Negima Very action packed and less romance which is not bad Excited to see where it goes and if it s gonna be as good deep with characters and story as it s prequel.

  • I m sorry to say this, but Negima fans will be disappointed by this I should know, I m one of them I m not totally finished, but I love it I literally own every volume, all the spinoff series, and both anime I do not own the OVAs The Ala Alba ones due to unavailability outside of Japan, and the other ones because they look like garbage So, needless to say, I know what I m talking about.Anyway, everyone else seems to be hyping this series, but I personally thought it was garbage in comparison to [...]

  • It is a couple of generations into the future, and both reasonably priced space travel and techno magic have come into existence Large swaths of Earth s population has gone to space, with the remaining people either enjoying life in small country villages or struggling in the remaining big cities Of course, just because your parents like living in a small town doesn t mean you do, and five boys have made a compact to escape their podunk village and go to the top of the space elevator they can se [...]

  • Pour revenir au manga en lui m me, j ai plut t bien appr ci les aventures de T ta Parti sur les routes en compagnie de Yokihime, il rencontre sur son chemin diff rents personnages qui vont lui permettre de vivre de nombreuses aventures.Mais ils ne doivent pas oublier que des chasseurs de primes sont leur trousse.Cette petite vir e permet de multiplier les rencontres et de faire plus ample connaissance avec T ta, qui est quand m me l g rement ben t sur les bords Heureusement, il est plein de bonn [...]

  • So I initially read this because I didn t realize it is essentially a Negima sequel It doesn t outright say that, but flipping through it and seeing Evageline being name dropped I had to find out .Despite being a Negima sequel however, it is also a series that could be a standalone series as well You don t have to read the first series to read this, and this book also feel like it is a different genre than Negima Negima was fantasy oriented, with slight scifi tendencies at the end This comes ri [...]

  • This book is rated Older Teen It contains partial nudity, violence, and some ampires so if any of these bother you then turn back before you get lost in this series Set in a world after the Negima series the grandson of Negi Springfield finds himself wanting to go to top of the impressive tower within the big city an all he has to do is defeat the person that raised him since he has been younger Soon he finds himself on a journey where he begins meeting new friends, enemies, and answers to a pas [...]

  • Read volume 1 in the bookstore.Interesting but the similarities between this and the Negima cast while existing in the same universe made it feel too familiar I could accept similarities between Love Hina Negima, but UQ Negima seems I don t know Redundant Not phrasing this well view spoiler I did like seeing Eva again and her role as the mentor trainer Seeing her acting human and cooking for the MQ, whose name I can t even remember, was very cute I miss her dolls though And I have to admit I gas [...]

  • I read this through Crunchyroll s digital manga service While this is technically a sequel to the Negima Magister Negi Magi, Vol 1 series, it s far enough in the future that Evangeline is the only character from the original series in this one Instead, it centres around Negi s grandson If one has read the original, you ll definitely get out of this, but it s completely readable for someone who hasn t read the original at all It s certainly a shounen manga, but a lot of time is spent on developi [...]

  • Good start got the ball rolling, but not quite like I thought it would to what I hope will be a nice follow up to one of my favorite series, Mahou Sensei Negima Like, I love that series latter half especially, ending not so much so I have high expectations for Uq Holder But, I know Akamatsu is not one to disappoint in his delivery you know, except for those last three chapters of mahou sensei but, I m sure this one ll clear up that gaping plothole I m loving the characters so far, and I can t wa [...]

  • I m not entirely sold on this one It s got a couple well worn premises spliced together and characters that I d be willing to continue with, but the implementation is kind of so so There s a lot of info dumping in weird places and panel layouts that make it tough to figure out who is talking at the moment.I ll give volume 2 a shot, but I m not sure how far I ll get this time.

  • I was surprised by how much I liked this, by which I mean at all Then again, Ken Akamatsu s Love Hina was one of my gateway series into the realm of anime and manga Akamatsu is up to all his same pervy tricks you know before you start that you will see many of the characters naked But, the art is clean and the premise is intriguing I might have to read of this one.

  • I m curious if Ken Akamatsu will ever make a book I ll give than one star While this book is very different from Ken Akamatsu s other books it s still not worth recommending at all, if you want fantasy there s much better manga to read, and the romance and fanservice isnt well enough done for me to recommend it on that aspect either.

  • 02 05 2017 Je relis les deux premiers tomes de UQ Holder car je viens enfin d acheter la suite 15 08 2015 Apr s avoir vu une conf rence de Ken Akamatsu en juillet dernier, j ai eu envie de lire son nouveau manga UQ Holder Le premier tome m a vraiment emball De l aventure, du combat, de la magie, des sentiments Tellement h te de lire la suite des aventures de T ta Konoe.

  • Negima new genInteresting idea for a follow on Some characters revised but with different mechanic More gore than negima but still some light hearted banter Some fan service but low key

  • Uq holder is the story of toka a human turned immortal who dreams of going to the top of a giant pillar that is in space and hosts the galactic Olympics

  • This one just wasn t for me A little too over the top right off the bat with no restrained characters I felt like every scene was yelled at me.

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