Crimes of Memory

Unlimited Crimes of Memory - by L.J. Sellers - Crimes of Memory, Crimes of Memory Fresh off the leave of absence he took following his ex wife s tragic death Detective Wade Jackson s life is in upheaval He struggles to keep his grief stricken out of control daughter Katie from Unlimited Crimes of Memory - by L.J. Sellers - Crimes of Memory, Crimes of Memory Fresh off the leave of absence he took following his ex wife s tragic death Detective Wade Jackson s life is in upheaval He struggles to keep his grief stricken out of control daughter Katie from

  • Title: Crimes of Memory
  • Author: L.J. Sellers
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 486
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Crimes of Memory

Unlimited Crimes of Memory - by L.J. Sellers, Crimes of Memory, L.J. Sellers, Crimes of Memory Fresh off the leave of absence he took following his ex wife s tragic death Detective Wade Jackson s life is in upheaval He struggles to keep his grief stricken out of control daughter Katie from succumbing to the same alcoholism demon as her mother while trying to reinvigorate a passion for his work When a body is found in a local storage unit Jackson hopes a simpFresh off Unlimited Crimes of Memory - by L.J. Sellers - Crimes of Memory, Crimes of Memory Fresh off the leave of absence he took following his ex wife s tragic death Detective Wade Jackson s life is in upheaval He struggles to keep his grief stricken out of control daughter Katie from

  • Unlimited Crimes of Memory - by L.J. Sellers
    486 L.J. Sellers
Crimes of Memory

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  • L.J. Sellers

    I write the bestselling Detective Jackson mystery thriller series a Readers Favorite award winner as well as the Agent Dallas series, the Extractor thrillers, and provocative standalone thrillers My 23 novels have been highly praised and have sold than a million copies I reside in Eugene, Oregon where my many of my novels are set, and I m also an award winning journalist who earned the Grand Neal When not plotting murders, I enjoy standup comedy, cycling, social networking, and attending mystery conferences I ve also been known to jump out of airplanes.

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  • Very good mystery with a surprising ending My only complaint was that in this book Detective Jackson seemed to take a back seat It was an interesting storyline, but it felt like this was of an introduction to her newest book, The Trigger Jamie Dallas is an interesting character and I am going to read her book, but I really like Wade Jackson and want of him too I love LJ Sellers writing style crisp and detailed and her storytelling is the best I think I would like most anything she writes I wou [...]

  • Detective Jackson isn t having a good week His teenage daughter has taken to drink, and he s in charge of a homicide case the death of an ex con involved in a bank robbery The other perp was shot by the cops, and 125,000 went missing He s also got to work with FBI agent Carla Rivers over a firebomb in a local factory, thought to be planted by local activists Love the Earth, who re being investigated by an undercover agent This police procedural gave a real sense of all the people involved in an [...]

  • good storyas with all the series I read, this one is a favorite I have come to love and understand the recurring cast and will miss them when I finish to the author s on is it true that authors are paid per page read I find that disturbing if true because often I listen to the audio book completely, never actually turning but a few pages of the actual written book I certainly hope each author I read is fully getting credit for each audiobook I listen to if they haven t I would go back and page t [...]

  • ANOTHER WINNING MYSTERY WITH A GOOD PLOT AND SUBPLOTS.I enjoy Sellers books because of the character interactions, the mystery and action, and the location accuracy is fun to hear about GO DUCKS Seriously though, the author is a talented writer and she has a good editor as well The price is also appreciated I really enjoyed the ending compared to the last book I also enjoy the relationships the main character has with his daughter, girlfriend, and co workers, but not necessarily in that order.

  • Another Great BookAn ex convict living in a storage facility is killed A bottled water factory is targeted by eco terrorists Are these cases related and if so, how In this book, Detective Jackson, Detective Evans And FBI Agent Carla River are trying to solve these cases Meanwhile at home Detective Jackson is trying to improve his relationship with his daughter Katie since his ex wife died I am a true fan of this author I hope she continues this series.

  • so many cliches in one book, and to top it all of, all turns out well and swell on the last page I am proud of myself that I made it all the way through.

  • This deals with the environmental group, with a bombing and murder Led by Rivers than Jackson He is still dealing with the death of his ex wife And now his daughter Katie has turned to alcohol Love her books, and will go on to the next

  • I love this author If you like police procedurals, you can t miss with this book, or any of the Jackson Series But it s way than that Cops are real people and Sellers always keeps it real Don t miss it.

  • This new novel by L.J Sellers brings back Wade Jackson, now after 20 years a senior detective in the Violent Crimes Unit of the Eugene, Oregon P.D in this 8th book in the series The events take place over a period of only a few days, with the first of these bringing several serious events in quick succession A firebomb goes off in a bottled water factory, which the police believe to be the work of an eco terrorist group Very shortly after that, a dead body is discovered in a storage unit not far [...]

  • If Crimes of Memory Thomas Mercer 2013 is your first L.J Sellers Detective Jackson mystery, be patient I ve read all nine books in the series and it took me a bit to get used to the unique introspective style of this thoughtful detective He is clever, intelligent, and caring, not necessarily in that order when he s fighting crime In his world, his life is as important as the crime he s fighting By that I mean he cares how his job the long hours, the lawless people, even the mental anguish it put [...]

  • CRIMES OF MEMORY begins with two incidents First, an intruder, attempts to start a fire in a bottled water company The second incident is the discovery of a homeless man in a rental storage unit The first crime involves environmental wackos or green activists if you prefer who are distressed at the use of plastic bottles which they rate as ruinously dangerous to the environment While the second crime apparently involves an old robbery and missing money.The cases, and this is not a spoiler at all [...]

  • Crimes of Memory failed to really engage me although there were parts of the story that I enjoyed I particularly liked the premise of the mystery and felt the critical ending scenario was well done I appreciated that the motives presented were unique.However, I felt fairly detached from this story from the beginning I never really felt any sense of urgency as the story unfolded, and it seemed as if identifying the person s responsible was just a matter of slogging through typical police work.The [...]

  • This is the latest Detective Jackson story by LJ Sellers.The setting as usual is Eugene, Oregon Jackson is especially frustrated these days, because his teenage daughter Katie is uncontrollable hanging out with the wrong crowd and resenting her dad Jackson s relationship with his girl friend , Kera is fine but his own health is facing some challenges Maybe it really is time to think about retirement Everything has to be put on hold when a body is discovered at a storage facility It appears that [...]

  • I really enjoyed this CRIMES OF MEMORY , and the seven books in the Detective Jackson Mystery series that precede it.I don t do spoilers, but I will say that this is the eighth police procedural in the series that takes place in Eugene, Oregon Ms Sellers is a Eugene native, so I tend to think that she writes from a place of first hand knowledge of the attitudes and policies of her home town I visited Eugene a while back and was told than once that Eugene has some strange politics hippies on one [...]

  • Although the back cover said Detective Jackson discovers a shocking link between the murder of a homeless ex con and the bombing of a water bottling plant by an environmental group, this link is not revealed to the reader until the last fifteen pages or so As a result the book consists of parallel investigations one led by Jackson, with very little progress, the other led by the sex changed FBI agent, Carla River While the stories were interesting and worth reading, there were several themes whi [...]

  • Crimes of Memory, by L J Sellers, b plus, Narrated by Patrick Lawlor, Produced by Brilliance Audio, Downloaded from audible.This is a Detective Wade Jackson mystery Jackson was responsible in a previous book, although clearly an accident, for the death of his ex wife His daughter, Katie is having difficulty dealing with her grief and determining her feelings about her father And she s in highschool, so she starts drinking and going off the rails While dealing with getting his daughter into treat [...]

  • In the latest book in the Detective Jackson series, we catch up with Wade Jackson as he returns to work after a leave of absence after accidentally shooting his ex wife His daughter, Katie, blames her father for her mother s death and is rebellious and angry, dabbling in alcohol and drugs Jackson is finding it very hard to cope with the turn his life has taken.I ve followed this series from the start and have enjoyed it very much The characters are believable with real problems and issues The st [...]

  • Detective Jackson is called onto a new homicide case, the murder of a homeless man Wade Jackson needs, and want to be at home spending time with his teenage daughter Katie, since the death of her mother her behaviour is getting seriously out of control Agents River and Dallas are investigating an explosion in a water bottle factory they think it may be linked to an eco terrorist group named Love the Earth With a long line of suspects each one holding back the truth the agents must move fast bef [...]

  • How are things connected First a small bomb goes off in a water bottle producing company in a small city Then a homeless man is murdered who lives in a storage unit and has just gotten out of prison Two crimes in 24 hours This story has a lot going through out City police and the FBI agents are working basically around the clock as crime starts to emerge in connection to the first two crimes Officer Jackson has a lot of problems in his family that need immediate attention as well I like how the [...]

  • This was just ridiculously bad Despite that it says A Detective Jackson Mystery most of it is dedicated to an FBI agent, apparently to set up a spin off I definitely wouldn t be reading that The characters new and old are wooden and the author has a real tin ear for dialogue I slogged through this dull mess wondering how the two cases the murder of a homeless man and bombing of a bottled water plant tied together The reason was pretty absurd and involves a character who was barely in the first 2 [...]

  • I think at this point I ve had enough of this series.The whodunit part was fine, the police procedures fine, the problems in our hero s personal life are beginning to detract from the solving of the crime, but maybe I m just getting jaded.And, what struck me often in this way was a deep dip into YA, if not juvenile, logic and actions on the part of some folks who should know better I always had the sense this series leaned toward the grit lit side, butThere are two in the series, and although [...]

  • I like this series of books, but this one is not up to the quality of the previous volumes The culprit was not revealed until very late in the book and the circumstances of how the crimes were done seemed a stretch.The personal story of the problems Jackson is having with his daughter is good Jackson s girlfriend is hardly mentioned and the sexual tension with Detective Evans is not touched at all.

  • This was the only one in the series I didn t care for Since the introduction in the last book of FBI agent Carla Rivers, I think the series started deteriorating Detective Jackson is no longer the main character This one had too many POV s including a secondary FBI agent I m really glad a relationship wasn t initiated between two of the characters because that would have been seriously awkward

  • Crimes of MemoryThis is book eight in this series I am getting ready to read the last book in this series This has been an amazing series There are nine books in this series and I am on the last book I really hope that L.J Sellers will write books about Detective Jackson I really really love this series.

  • 2.5I m in the minority, but I found this book boring I don t think that it is because I haven t read the other books of the series And eco terrorists sabotaging a bottled water plant Please First of all, of how many attacks of eco terrorists did you hear Secondarily they would have chosen a really toxic target.

  • I enjoyed Crimes of Memory however, I didn t find it to be as exciting as the previous Detective Jackson books It didn t really pick up the pace until the last 10% or so and then I couldn t put it down view spoiler I was a little disappointed, however, that we never found out what happened to Todd Shepard hide spoiler

  • Loved it Unexpected twist at the end Set in Eugene, Oregon, I can visualize this small city big town as I read, reminding me of time I ve spent there As a fellow Oregonian, I enjoy reading a story that incorporates the real diversity of characters in our state Can t wait for the next book by L.J Sellers

  • Ugh The dialog I recall from the previous books in the series, the dialog is ridiculous No one talks all formal like this all the time and especially not teenagers I was looking forward to Katie s ordeal but it was nothing special and turns out, I really do not care for the stories people in the series any Shame, I truly enjoy series.

  • Homeless living in storage units, and much Death of the homeless man dying in storage unit, Love the Earth people trying stop bottle water company to stop production Foster homes and treatment of foster children, read the book see how could all this could be tied together Mean time Jackson again faces his problems and shows us he is a good father and person.

  • Nice twist that had me thinking, I didn t see that coming Looking forward to in this great series Some strong characters that could have thier own spin off series Another 5 stars for Detective Jackson.

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