Misty Falls

↠ Misty Falls ↠ Joss Stirling - Misty Falls, Misty Falls Misty is a one girl disaster zone Born with a Savant gift that means she can never tell a lie her compulsive truth telling gets her into trouble wherever she goes So when she meets Alex gorgeous con ↠ Misty Falls ↠ Joss Stirling - Misty Falls, Misty Falls Misty is a one girl disaster zone Born with a Savant gift that means she can never tell a lie her compulsive truth telling gets her into trouble wherever she goes So when she meets Alex gorgeous con

  • Title: Misty Falls
  • Author: Joss Stirling
  • ISBN: 9780192737359
  • Page: 409
  • Format: Paperback
Misty Falls

↠ Misty Falls ↠ Joss Stirling, Misty Falls, Joss Stirling, Misty Falls Misty is a one girl disaster zone Born with a Savant gift that means she can never tell a lie her compulsive truth telling gets her into trouble wherever she goes So when she meets Alex gorgeous confident and impossibly charming Misty instantly resolves to keep her distance Someone so perfect could never be hers surely But a dark shadow has fallen across theMisty is a one girl dis ↠ Misty Falls ↠ Joss Stirling - Misty Falls, Misty Falls Misty is a one girl disaster zone Born with a Savant gift that means she can never tell a lie her compulsive truth telling gets her into trouble wherever she goes So when she meets Alex gorgeous con

  • ↠ Misty Falls ↠ Joss Stirling
    409Joss Stirling
Misty Falls

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    Joss Stirling is a British novelist Her first novel under this name was the internationally successful, Finding Sky, which is followed by five others in the same series entering into the savant world of young people with special powers Central to the story are the Benedict Brothers, seven talented guys from Colorado In a second series, Struck, Joss begins a new world of detective romance The first three parts are Struck 1 and Stung 2 , and Shaken 3 and Scorched 4 Joss introduces readers to four new heroes Kieran Storm, Nathan Hunter, Joe Masters and Damien Castle, who all attention the Young Detective Agency The first part, Struck, won the Romantic Novel of the Year 2015 in the UK.Her new series, PERIL, a paranormal love story set in the near future, is out 13 July 2017.Joss lives in Oxford, England She is married with three children.Stirling also publishes under two pen names Julia Golding and Eve Edwards.

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  • SpoilersPretty good, I enjoyed the plot, the world and most of the secondary characters The main character, her love interest and their romance were lacking though There was also some parts at the end that felt a little rushed and unrealistic Misty was an okay enough protagonist She was pretty much the typical bland YA heroine, only not as insufferable as most She had a do goody personality, she didn t think she was beautiful but she was, she had zero experience with guys, and she acted like a h [...]

  • 5 Stars I was worried that I wouldn t enjoy this book as I did the previous three When I read Finding Sky, Stealing Phoenix and Seeking Crystal I was the same age as the three girls Now that I m 21 and Misty is doing her A levels I was anxious that Misty s POV would seem childish to me but I m glad to say I really enjoyed her POV and could not put the book down view spoiler Her journey from hating and being embarrassed by her gift to self doubt and anger to feeling confident and happy was brilli [...]

  • BuchgestaltungAn sich gef llt mir das Cover wirklich sehr gut, ich finde die Verteilung des Ms und Titels auf der deutschen Ausgabe etwas besser platziert und deshalb mag ich dieses Cover auch lieber Es macht einfach mehr her, dass der Titel gr er geschrieben ist und das Motiv kleiner Dadurch wirkt das Cover nicht so berladen Misty Falls hat im Buch mehrere Bedeutungen D Misty ist n mlich der Name der Protagonistin, Misty Falls ein Ort und zusammen bedeutet das ja auch noch mal was Allgemein fin [...]

  • 3,5 Sterne.Es ist schon eine Weile her, dass ich die Macht der Seelen B cher von Joss Stirling gelesen habe und obwohl ich mich sehr gefreut hab, als ich erfahren habe, dass es weitergehen wird, hatte ich doch auch ein wenig Angst Nein, Angst ist das falsche Wort, nennen wir es Bedenken Je mehr man liest, desto kritischer wird man Das ist leider der Fall und ich dachte, dass es mir mit Misty Falls so gehen w rde, dass ich es weniger mag als die Vorg nger, weil ich bei den Vorg ngern weniger krit [...]

  • I absolutely looooove this series I am so glad that I ve discovered the Benedicts Even if the series is a bit predictable and sometimes clich you can t help but love them Especially when you re particularly fond of no love triangle books, I am a hater of love triangles, can t stand em, so for me this series is like a balm for my peace of mind I loved Misty and Alex in this one, also loved the love between all of the other characters, the plot was also interesting I love how in each book the bad [...]

  • More reviews at losttobooks I have been waiting what seems like forever for this book, but to be honest I had no idea which character were involved until I started reading Joss Stirling is on my auto buy list, so when I saw this was up for pre order I didn t even bother to read the blurb, I just bought it I also may have jumped around a little when it arrived earlier than I expected too Anyway, when I finally received my copy, and read the blurb, I was slightly disappointed that the Benedict Bro [...]

  • Misty s Savant gift means that she can never tell a lie, which leads to her always getting into trouble When going to South Africa to help Uriel Benedict find his Soul Finder, Misty meets the charming Alex, and is determined that she should keep her distance However, the Savant world is in danger as a serial killer who is targeting young Savants and no one is safe Misty Falls is a good sequel which has action, suspense and a quick pace However, it is a bit predictable and the romance was nowhere [...]

  • A bit predictable, but that didn t bother me at all, since it just felt like speculation PAwesome all the same _______________________________________________Hey aren t Crystal and Diamond her aunts or someting I think we already met this girl somewhere

  • Rese ado en mi blog Nanny BooksEsta saga me encanta Bien, los hermanos Benedict me encantan estoy enamorada de Victor As que tuve una peque a decepci n cuando me di cuenta de lo poco que estaban apareciendo Sin embargo, a mitad de la novela todo remonta, agarra ese ritmo tan peculiar que tiene y aparece mi Victor, jajaja.Misty es una chica que desborda sinceridad, es incapaz de mentir y obliga con su don a decir la verdad a todos los que la rodean Bajo esta premisa, se encaminar a Ciudad del Cab [...]

  • I just can t get enough of Joss Stirling I woke up at 3am to make sure this had downloadedd then couldn t wait to start reading it I told myself I would give myself over to it for an hour 5 30 I had to stop reading because I needed at least an hour s sleep before work Got back from work and finished it It was different to the Benedict series, but still worth it In this case the heroine suffers from a case of tell no lies which gets her into lots of trouble, but when her soulfinder happens to be [...]

  • The Benedict series by Joss Stirling is one of my favourite YA paranormal series so I hate that it s taken me this long to get to Misty Falls it s definitely the case of too many books, so little time But I m really glad I took the time to catch up with the series because it reminds me just why this is one of my favourite series Misty Falls is about Misty, a teenage girl who has a Savant gift for truth telling She can never tell a lie and her gift can also extends to the people around her So wit [...]

  • Misty ist ein Savant Ihre besondere Begabung erlaubt es anderen nicht zu l gen und auch sie muss die Wahrheit sagen Diese erzwungene Ehrlichkeit bringt ihr aber nur Mobbing ein.Zum Gl ck hat sie ihre Savant Freundinnen Summer und Angel, auf die sie z hlen kann.Als sie dem Benedict Bruder Uriel, den Schwager ihrer Tante Crystal, nach Afrika begleitet, damit dieser seinen Seelenspiegel finden kann, begegnet sie dem gutaussehenden Alex Ist er wirklich ihr Seelenspiegel Das ist jetzt schon der 4 Tei [...]

  • Al principio me cay muuuuy mal Misty, tanto que pens que iba a terminar odi ndola, se la pasaba quej ndose de ella misma que no, simplemente no la soportaba Despu s odi la manera en que conoci a Alex y la forma en que se cayeron tan mal Sin embargo, es una historia de Joss Stirling y eso ya es suficiente para que quiera leerla de principio a fin.Despu s la cosa empez a tomar forma y honestamente me enganch con la novela, tanto que lo termin de madrugada y eso que me tocaba trabajar al d a siguie [...]

  • Thankyou Joss Stirling for writing another great Savant story I loved it As did I with the last three books, so this wasn t a disappointment I love the way Misty struggles with her gift at the beginning of the book, but gets better at handeling it through the story And Alex Where do I begin Being an asshole in the beginning but turning out so sweet That s really something I loved about this story Oh and then there are the Benedicts and their soulfinders Damn I hadn t realised how much I had miss [...]

  • I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS BOOK Joss Stirling is one of my fave writers and she did not disappoint me with this book I ve been looking forward to this book since I finished Seeking Crystal and I was happy to see a lot of benedicts back in this story I m happy that we once again saw how the gifts of soulfinders can be super strong together and I was addicted since page 1, I couldn t stop reading Misty and Alex were adorable and just like the other couples they have this little place in my heart.This [...]

  • I love it I love Misty and Alex Everyone are amazing character I love every word in this beautiful book.

  • Me encant como todos los anteriores Joss tiene una narraci n que me atrapa y no me suelta hasta llegar al punto final Pronto rese a

  • Siempre es un placer leer un libro de esta hermosa saga Sinceramente yo pens que iba a terminar todo en Crystal, pero cuando me entere que iban a seguir saliendo libros me alegre mucho ya que amo estos libros, este mundo y sus personajes Me decepciono un poco saber que en este libro ninguno de los hermanos Benedict s seria el protagonista, pero igual no me importa mucho ya que sabia que iban a aparecer, ya que pertenecen a la misma familia de la protagonista Al principio pens que no me iba a gus [...]

  • Das Buch ist der vierte Band der Macht der Seelen Reihe im Original Benedicts Reihe Ich habe alle anderen B nde gelesen und kann sie nur jedem ans Herz legen, aber man kann das Buch auch ohne dieses Vorwissen lesen, da die Welt noch einmal erkl rt wird und die beiden Hauptcharaktere neu sind Nat rlich trifft man aber auf viele altbekannte und geliebte Charaktere und ich finde so etwas immer sehr sch n.Inhaltlich geht es wieder um die Savantwelt Savants sind Menschen mit besonderen F higkeiten Mi [...]

  • It s no secret that I m a big fan of Joss Stirlings books Even when I don t think a book is as good as the others, I still really like it I love the Benedicts series, especially Finding Sky So when I found out that the series might be ending I was really disappointed.But luckily, enough people liked the books And so we have the first trilogy, beginning with Finding Sky, and now the second, starting with Misty Falls Firstly, I loved the book, secondly, there are at least 2 to come with these cha [...]

  • Como siempre, disfruto mucho de los libros de Joss y aunque este libro no es mi favorito, me gust igual.Joss sabe contar una historia que te mantiene pegada a sus p ginas, puesto que sus historias contienen varios elementos que hacen una lectura f cil y que se disfruta Sin embargo este fue el libro que menos me gust de la saga Finding Love o Benedicts Misty fue un personaje que me gust a medias, es decir en partes me agradaba y en partes se me hac a un poco pesada y como la historia est narrada [...]

  • I m a huge fan of joss stirlings books The first three in the series were amazing and I got really stuck in to them When I found out misty falls was focussing on misty rather than the Benedicts I was concerned that the new books wouldn t be as good as the first three Though I must admit I was wrongry wrong I loved mists character, reminded me of myself a bit as I m always saying the wrong thing and feel as if things are my fault, she was easy to engage with and fairly relatable for the average [...]

  • No me voy a cansar nunca de decir que amo los libros de joss Stirlinng, pese a ser el cuarto de una saga y que en cuanto a estructura general son bastante parecidos, es imposible que no quieras leer los libros que sigan.A comparacion de los libros anterior, quiero destacar que de todas las parejas que se formaron a lo largo de la saga, la de Misty y Alex en la combinacion de poderes es la mas interesante Misty es un personaje del que me ena completamente desde el primer instante, tanto por su al [...]

  • 3.5Reafirmo la opini n de que Crystal y Xav son mis favoritos, pero Misty los sigue un poquito m s atr s Lo mejor del libro es el misterio del asesino y c mo aunque al principio es algo que parece verse de lejos acaba convirti ndose en el coraz n de todo el asunto.Un par de veces se le escaparon las diferencias regionales del espa ol latinoam ricano, pero fue algo m nimo que probablemente not porque soy muy quisquillosa, pero en general habiendo le do el libro un par de veces en ingl s antes le [...]

  • I thought the book was going to be about Victor but it looks as if it is about someone called Alex.Description Misty is a one girl disaster zone Born with a Savant gift that means she can never tell a lie, her compulsive truth telling gets her into trouble wherever she goes So when she meets Alex gorgeous, confident, and impossibly charming, Misty instantly resolves to keep her distance Someone so perfect could never be hers, surely But a dark shadow has fallen across the Savant community A ser [...]

  • Just as fun as the other savant books by Joss Stirling Enjoyed it a lot I really want Victors and Wills stories now I loved seeing all the characters that I have fallen in love with over the years again in this book It could be kind of predictable at times so for that 4.25

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