Destined for Doon

☆ Destined for Doon ✓ Carey Corp Lorie Langdon - Destined for Doon, Destined for Doon The second book in the popular new Doon YA series that takes on a classic story Brigadoon and spins it in a new way to give readers a fresh modern experience In this sequel to Doon Kenna Reid real ☆ Destined for Doon ✓ Carey Corp Lorie Langdon - Destined for Doon, Destined for Doon The second book in the popular new Doon YA series that takes on a classic story Brigadoon and spins it in a new way to give readers a fresh modern experience In this sequel to Doon Kenna Reid real

  • Title: Destined for Doon
  • Author: Carey Corp Lorie Langdon
  • ISBN: 9780310742333
  • Page: 193
  • Format: Hardcover
Destined for Doon

☆ Destined for Doon ✓ Carey Corp Lorie Langdon, Destined for Doon, Carey Corp Lorie Langdon, Destined for Doon The second book in the popular new Doon YA series that takes on a classic story Brigadoon and spins it in a new way to give readers a fresh modern experience In this sequel to Doon Kenna Reid realizes she made a horrible mistake choosing to follow her dreams of Broadway instead of staying in the enchanted land of Doon Worse she s received proof she and Duncan are meaThe seco ☆ Destined for Doon ✓ Carey Corp Lorie Langdon - Destined for Doon, Destined for Doon The second book in the popular new Doon YA series that takes on a classic story Brigadoon and spins it in a new way to give readers a fresh modern experience In this sequel to Doon Kenna Reid real

  • ☆ Destined for Doon ✓ Carey Corp Lorie Langdon
    193Carey Corp Lorie Langdon
Destined for Doon

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    I am the author of several young adult books, including the DOON series from BLINK HarperCollins, inspired by Lerner Loewe s Brigadoon, and co written w Lorie Langdon Please note this is an unmonitored account I do love to connect with readers on Twitter and Facebook Visit the Dooniverse for links DoonSeries Bystanders can end bullying Be brave Speak up

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  • Buy this book on or buy this book on BookDepository with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIIPPINGI received a free advanced reader s edition from the publisher BlinkYA and finished hardcover of this book from HarperCollins program Blogging For Books in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own.3.5 of 5 stars Please read my rating system further below Full review to come WHAT IS UP WITH THAT ENDING I CAN T EVENMy rating system I do use half stars 5 I do not use the 5 star Not because a book might not [...]

  • UPDATE I ve read it I d give the first half of the book 3 stars, and the second half 4, so it averages out to a 3.5 rating Overall, I just didn t find Mackenna as compelling as a lead as Veronica, and downright whiny at times However, the pace really picked up in the second half, and Mackenna definitely did some growing but was still a tad annoying We will have to see how the next one goes

  • In the interest of full disclosure, I should mention that I m critique partners with Lorie and Carey, and I m their biggest fan Having said that, I loved returning to the kingdom of Doon in this second installment I don t want to get too specific and spoil you, so I ll just say that there s plenty of romance and a new threat to the kingdom that the girls must work together to defeat Also, look at that cover Isn t it dreamy

  • GAHH WHERE DO I START this book was beautiful The way that the characters have grown and developed since the first book is amazing And I also really loved the plot in this book I think that the Limbus is absolutely frightening and there were definitely some shudder worthy moments PI might say I liked Doon ever so slightly , but not because it was a better book , simply because I enjoyed seeing the story start off and getting to know the characters for the first time That being said, both books a [...]

  • Buffy, Walking Dead, and Bring It On references, oh my This second book in the Doon series was a blast and even better than the first Since the stakes are getting higher, we have a lot less romance and focus on the plot There is magic, tension, humor, and even zombies Who knew Also, that cliffhanger ending Not cool I m so excited to read Shades of Doon which will be released this Fall.To see my full video review, click HERENAL VERDICT 4.75 stars

  • Love love love love Plus a total cliffhanger doon destinedfordoonRead the full review here joantsblog 2016 08

  • If you remember where DOON left off, Vee s got her happily ever after and Kenna s gone off to her internship in Chicago except Vee s ending isn t so happy after all I love how realistic this is Not only aren t Vee and Jamie the perfect couple, but Vee s also having problems with the citizens of Doon, some of whom don t accept her an outsider as their queen except Kenna s stuck in Chicago while her Calling is in Doon Kenna s pretty sure she s ruined both her life and Duncan s by abandoning him on [...]

  • 4.5 stars.This review is originally posted on my blog The Bookish Girl After saving Doon with her best friend, Veronica, in the first book, Mackenna returns to the real world and continues her dream One night, the charming prince of Doon, Duncan, appears and tells her that her best friend has need of her Despite her awkward state with Duncan, Mackenna goes back to the magic world of Doon, swears to aid her best friend to save Doon again , and maybe mends her heart as well.If you have read Doon, [...]

  • this was One hell of a ride and I loved Every turn of it that end 333 and that cliffhangerI nerd the 3rd book now

  • I NEED THE NEXT ONE NOW The only reason this one got half a star docked off is because one of the main characters was really frustrating throughout almost the entire book and so many problems would have been solved if they had just TALKED But I love this world and everything about it and I can t wait to see where this will go What a cliffhanger

  • I m doing lots of 5 star reviews today I read this book ins I got an ARC author perk I loved the first book in this series, DOON, co written by Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon for some reason Lorie s name doesn t appear in They also co wrote this second book and there are two planned for the series.What I love most about these books are the characters Veronica and MacKenna Each has their own unique voice and problems, yet they help each other out without question The first book is focused on Vero [...]

  • I love three things with equal tenacity Young Adult fiction, Romance, and the Fantasy genre Wouldn t you know Destined for Doon has all three Moreover, it doesn t disappoint At all Destined for Doon is the second book in a four book series inspired by the musical Brigadoon In the first book, Doon, we see best friends Veronica and Mackenna Kenna travel to Scotland and discover the magical, locked away land of Doon complete with two handsome princes waiting for them, of course Did I mention I love [...]

  • Carey Corp and Lorie Landgon know how to enchant their readers and waste no time getting down to business in this sequel to Doon By page ten of Destined for Doon I was fully engrossed in the new tale, one that would be following those I had wished to hear from in the first installment, Mackenna and Duncan.The writing is once again beautiful, blossoming the kingdom of Doon into an examination of relationships, true love, and what hope and belief in one s self really means The overall format cont [...]

  • Finally after months of waiting, I was able to dive back into the world of Doon with the second in the wonderful and intriguing series by Cary Corp and Lorie Langdon, Destined for Doon I was pleasantly surprised by the first book, so having the opportunity to get an advanced readers copy of this one Don t mind if I do This is such a fun series It s keeps my attention, even if meant for a younger audience, and is so creative As I mentioned in my review of the first in the series, the second again [...]

  • I preferred the first book to this one, and I say that without any doubt The small thing I can say I loved was the fact that in this book we had Duncan And even with everything that made me want to pull out my hair throughout this book, I still love that boy and he s my favorite.But all the lack of communication in this book made me so mad Sometimes I wanted to gag both Kenna and Duncan and then only one would talk at a time And they would talk without lies and without half truths That way I c [...]

  • Destined for Doon is the second book in the Doon YA series It s a fantasy that surrounds two normal, everyday teens, Vee and Kenna, who find themselves in extraordinary circumstances Vee is the new queen of Doon who faces a populace who isn t quite ready to trust their new outsider leader Kenna is working hard at a theater internship when she is summoned back to Doon to help Vee confront a new danger This book was a lot of fun and although it is the second book in a series, it stands well on its [...]

  • First Read October 26 30, 2014 Every now and then, a book grabs you and holds you hostage every waking moment until you finish it This is one of those books Which I should ve seen coming because I fell in love in Doon, Jamie MacCrae, and Veronica from day one too What I didn t expect was to love Destined for Doon, Duncan MacCrae, and Kenna I m personally a little like Veronica with her particular insecurities and literature love But seeing Kenna s vulnerabilities and Duncan s gun shy behavior [...]

  • For the love of Lerner and Loewe I am usually wary of second books in series as they often are shadowed by their predecessor but this one didn t let me down.I flew threw this book in less than a day and literally couldn t put it down I felt as though I was under the witch s spell as I continued to read on This book was a great continuation of the first And seeing Kenna s story made the plot thicken even I still clung to the story at the end of every chapter just as I did in the first book To st [...]

  • I really really like this series The magic of friendship is back in full swing Veronica struggles with her new position as Queen among her questioning subjects Her relationship with Jamie has changed and the two of them try to let each other take charge of their own leadership roles Duncan is sent by Veronica to go into the real world to get Mackenna because she needs her help as a new force threatens to take over Doon Still broken hearted by Mackenna Duncan successfully brings her back The stor [...]

  • I love love LOVE THIS BOOK Destined for Doon by Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon was so amazing I loved how this one focused on Mackenna s perspective and not Veronica s as much, but we did still get some Jamie and Veronica action throughout the book I also enjoyed see Mackenna accept her destiny and fight form her heart, and also figuring out how to save Doon at the same time, before it s too late I liked Corp s and Langdon s creative writing styles, and also their ability to keep readers on the e [...]

  • This can t be happening I have to wait months for the bext book To understand what the heck happended at the end NOOOO

  • There is something about a contemporary that travels back in time Maybe its allure first began with the popular Gene Kelly musical Brigadoon which this YA series is loosely based on or maybe it s just the idea that we have the ability to revisit these eras long gone through stories and it s because of these visual descriptors that many of us have come to one conclusion we were born to the wrong era This co authored series is the sequel to last summer s inventive novel Doon and it continues the a [...]

  • I didn t fall in love with the first book in this series, so I was hesitant to accept this one to review However, after reading glowing reviews of the sequel, I decided to give the series another try I m happy to say I enjoyed this one so much better than the first The story follows protagonist Mackenna Reid and her best friend, Veronica, as they try to fight against the curse threatening the enchanted land of Doon Geared for a young adult audience, this is a fun and engaging story with fantasti [...]

  • Hey guys I m so sorry this is up so late School has been killer Anyway I really actually liked this book DESTINED FOR DOON is the sequel of DOON and it follows Kenna Duncan a few months after Kenna had left Doon to pursue her acting career Duncan goes to New York to get Kenna to come back to Doon Doon is being attacked and Kenna and Veronica have to work together to save the kingdom Now, when I finished Doon I was desperate to read the next book Doon left you off with a cliffhanger that leaves y [...]

  • OMGGGGG Back in Doon with Veronica and Mackenna and I LOVEEEE IT After the way book one ended i was so excited to get back to Kenna and Duncan see how their story unfolds s a lot of waiting I ll tell ya Kenna is STUBBORN omg Okay so we pick up almost a year after the ending of Doon, with Kenna back in the real world and Duncan coming to get her and bring her BACK to Doon because of black petunias and witch zombie moss stuff that s real real bad and obviously linked to the bad witch we THOUGHT wa [...]

  • aredheadedbookworm I feel like I liked this one better than the first one to be honest I got approved to read the fourth book Forever Doon on NetGalley so I am quickly reading the second and third books in the series They are good if you want fast paced reads and to immerse yourself in another world for a few hours I admit that they are a little childish at times and had me rolling my eyes but I did enjoy this book.What I liked Veronica grew up and became a much better character I always wanted [...]

  • I have not read the first book in this series, Doon I got a chance to review the second book, Destined for Doon and even though I have not read the first book, I could not pass up the chance to see what this series was all about So glad that I did I had no problems jumping right into this book The magical world of Doon was great I have a wish to some day visit Ireland and Scotland so this book was right up my alley Despite having not read the first book I still felt the strong connection between [...]

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