Red Rain

Unlimited Red Rain - by R.L. Stine - Red Rain, Red Rain Before there was J K Rowling before there was Stephenie Meyer or Suzanne Collins there was R L Stine Witty creepy and compulsively readable his books defined horror for a generation of young read Unlimited Red Rain - by R.L. Stine - Red Rain, Red Rain Before there was J K Rowling before there was Stephenie Meyer or Suzanne Collins there was R L Stine Witty creepy and compulsively readable his books defined horror for a generation of young read

  • Title: Red Rain
  • Author: R.L. Stine
  • ISBN: 9781782951445
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Paperback
Red Rain

Unlimited Red Rain - by R.L. Stine, Red Rain, R.L. Stine, Red Rain Before there was J K Rowling before there was Stephenie Meyer or Suzanne Collins there was R L Stine Witty creepy and compulsively readable his books defined horror for a generation of young readers readers who have now come of age In Red Rain Stine uses his unerring knack for creating terror to tap into some very grownup fears Travel writer Lea Sutter findsBefore there was J K Rowl Unlimited Red Rain - by R.L. Stine - Red Rain, Red Rain Before there was J K Rowling before there was Stephenie Meyer or Suzanne Collins there was R L Stine Witty creepy and compulsively readable his books defined horror for a generation of young read

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  • Unlimited Red Rain - by R.L. Stine
    166 R.L. Stine
Red Rain

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    Robert Lawrence Stine known as R L Stine and Jovial Bob Stine, is an American novelist and writer, well known for targeting younger audiences Stine, who is often called the Stephen King of children s literature, is the author of dozens of popular horror fiction novellas, including the books in the Goosebumps, Rotten School, Mostly Ghostly, The Nightmare Room and Fear Street series.R L Stine began his writing career when he was nine years old, and today he has achieved the position of the bestselling children s author in history In the early 1990s, Stine was catapulted to fame when he wrote the unprecedented, bestselling Goosebumps series, which sold than 250 million copies and became a worldwide multimedia phenomenon His other major series, Fear Street, has over 80 million copies sold.Stine has received numerous awards of recognition, including several Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards and Disney Adventures Kids Choice Awards, and he has been selected by kids as one of their favorite authors in the NEA s Read Across America program He lives in New York, NYcmillan itsthefirstda

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  • I don t think I could possibly put into words how much I was looking forward to Red Rain when I had heard that it would be an adult horror novel written by none other than RL Stine, and, as well as that, I don t think I could possibly put into words how excited I when I was given an ARC of Red Rain With all of that being said, I also don t think I could put into words how thoroughly disappointed I am with this book in the long run Lea Sutter is a travel blogger, and, for one of her travel expedi [...]

  • I have been debating whether I was going to give this one star or five stars whether I acknowledged that this is a bad book, or whether I said, This is a bad book, AND HOW I went with five, because the joy this book, with its horrible characters, its laughable cliffhanger and its ludicrous plot, has given me over the last few weeks I ve been listening to it has been enormous It sucks It s glorious It takes so many horror cliches so, so many and, like a dog in horse shit, rolls around in them, sm [...]

  • Guys, this book is so sad I have never read such a tragedy in my life Oh wait, no It s not sad sad, it s sad because it s so awful When I heard that R.L Stine was coming out with a new book, I about wet myself Goosebumps was the second series I was ever involved in first being Boxcar Children at age 8 or so I still have every single Goosebumps novel ever written packed in my closet I m saving them for my own kids That said, as an adult I recognize that Stine s not the best writer to grace childr [...]

  • Like most kids of my generation, Goosebumps books were part of my formation as a reader What elementary school kid didn t pick up at least a few of them on library trips R L Stine was a freaking genius of horror to my childhood self In fact, his books terrified me to the degree that I could only handle reading the Choose Your Own Adventure books, which, ironically, scared me less even though it was purportedly me dying over and over again, since I invariably made all the wrong choices The other [...]

  • 2.5 starsThe story works okay, but the book fails on other levels if Goosebumps Fear street had a love child with an adult John Saul novel, this would be the offspring The author, who is talented when it comes to writing a ridiculous amount for children, stumbled when he brought most of the same writing techniques into an adult novel The story wasn t too bad, especially for a horror novel that s aiming to pay homage to flicks the author grew up on, but the overuse of ellipses, the repetitive phr [...]

  • Are you fucking kidding me R.L Stine has a new book coming out I can t begin to tell you how excited I am for this DETA on 9 13 Edelweiss just approved me Can t wait to start this.

  • First I must say that I have a tremendous amount of respect for R.L Stine He s been entertaining children for years with his Goosebumps series and Fear Street Series, not to mention his television shows, like The Haunting Hour Naturally, I was excited to see that he had written a novel for adults.When I was about halfway through, I kept fighting my feelings of disappointment I thought perhaps I was judging him too harshly because he was a children s author that maybe I d been somehow holding him [...]

  • Ok I gave this 4 stars It was well written and had a good storyline I didn t like how the husband cheated or how the twins had fire eyes as burned people I think the story would have been scarier if when Lea brought the twins back they would have killed without their special powers and tried to frame it on the real brother and sister However it kept my interest and I wanted to see what happened The ending with Axl was quite interesting.

  • Back in the days of my elementary school s mobile book fair, R.L Stine was starting to make waves with his, at the time brand new, series Goosebumps It was enjoyable to a point It always embodied a fun, campy spookiness, and each installment was always liberally littered with entirely unbelievable premises Yet, even though I enjoyed them I never considered myself a great fan I would argue that it was because by that age I d already read half of Stephen King s offerings, and those especially his [...]

  • It s funny, but reading this book, I could tell it was written by R.L Stine There s just something about his voice that translated from Goosebumps and Fear Street into this novel That being said, I decided that I like R.L Stine best when he s writing for kids Actually, I liked him best as Jovial Bob Stine, writing humor back in the day, but second best when writing horror for kids There was something really uncomfortable for me reading the sex scenes in this book yes, there are sex scenes It was [...]

  • I want to give this an extra star just because I love R.L Stine, and have been anxiously anticipating this book since March 2011, but I can t Red Rain is a truly, truly awful book.This isn t R.L Stine s first horror book for adults Red Rain is simply a Goosebumps book with some sex and cursing thrown in so readers will be fooled into thinking it s an adult book.Red Rain is the story of an adventure travel or is it travel adventure blogger, Lea, who willingly goes to an island off the Carolina co [...]

  • When Stine first started in the YA thriller genre, he actually wasn t half bad Books like Blind Date were loads better than the crap he churned out almost weekly once the Fear Street and Goosebumps factories ramped up production But I hadn t seen anything new from him come out in quite some time, so when I saw this book and the glowing blurbs from other authors on the cover , I decided to give it a chance.Red Rain is, in a word, terrible.It was like he took a rejected plot from one of his childr [...]

  • When I heard that R.L Stine was coming out with a horror novel for adults, words cannot describe how thrilled I was As an avid fan of horror, I grew up reading R.L Stine s Goosebumps and Fear Street stories, as well as his novels for young adults That being said, I went into Red Rain with high hopes, and unfortunately, Stine s effort here doesn t pan out all that well First, the synopsis Lea Sutter, a travel writer and blogger, lands on an island off the east coast of the U.S with extremely bad [...]

  • Hey hey so this is my 55th book read and reviewed this year Goal Acheived EXCITED.d I so wanted to give this book a solid three star but I cant as this was a decidedly a 2.5 star book for me and it only got the boost up because of my literary respect for the authorStine s Fear Street books had me hooked as an adolescent and I remember them as eerie with lots of foreshadowing, groteseque descriptions and storylines with enough secrets thrown in to make you want to read and I expected nothing less [...]

  • A finished copy was provided by the publisher for review.When this press release landed in my inbox, I just knew that I had to read it I was a fan of the GooseBumps series as a kid and even owned one bind up edition that cackled when you opened it So imagine to my surprise that R L Stine was back with a novel for adults.We find Lea Sutter who writes a travel adventure blog Yay bloggers visiting a tiny island As spoon as she lands, she finds the people odd, and their ways abnormal After witnessin [...]

  • As someone who has worked in the elementary school library I can attest that R.L Stines Goosebump series of books are among the most poular in the library As a horror fan I was intrigued to see what he came up with for adults After having recently read Breed and Red Rain I can now say that I find twins somewhat creepy In this novel Lea, a travel writer, goes to an island where a delightful raising of the dead ritual is performed Shortly after Lea witnesses the afore mentioned ritual a massive hu [...]

  • My high rating of this novel is mostly due to the masterful vocal acting talent of acclaimed Broadway actor Michael Cerveris, in whose hands the audiobook version of Red Rain is given gripping life Through Cerveris seemingly endless bounty of vocal characterizations and dialects, ranging from the oddly gentle British twins, Daniel and Samuel, whose presences cement the story, to comparatively lesser important crowd members featured at various points throughout the book, each character is given a [...]

  • Reviewed at mandikayereads archive 8 8 12 This was one of the most highly anticipated books of the fall for me, and it ended up being one of the biggest disappointments of the year.It took me weeks to finish this one It was never one of those books that I found myself wanting to pick up and finish It was creepy, but not in a good way Honestly, the twin characters were creepy And really annoying Their speech made me cringe they constantly said bruvver instead of brother They were predictable and [...]

  • I was really disappointed with Stine s Red Rain, really disappointed I don t remember reading Goosebumps as a kid, but my students love them and Fear Street too I figured if he had that many kid followers, then an adult novel would be a slam dunk What a disappointment I highly recommend he stick with writing for kids.If you took out the sex, this one could ve been for kids It felt almost like he did write a creepy kids book and then decided to market it to adults, so he added in some R rated con [...]

  • This was a story about a women who was on an island during a hurricane and ended up adopted orphaned twins Blending them into the family when she got home was not so easy.The premise was a good one and it read like an R.L.Stine book, but there was something missing for me It seemed like sentences were missing and there were a lot of holes The characters were inconsistent, especially the parents I did enjoy the brothers and their lingo It felt like the author couldn t decide if he was writing for [...]

  • I ll open by saying that I m a long time, crazed, over the top fan of R.L Stine He was among my favorite authors in my childhood, and his Fear Street books made me feel like a fearless badass as I transitioned into middle school hood Even today I ve been known to chuck a Give Yourself Goosebumps in my bag and bring it out as a party game.So, I really really wanted to enjoy Red Rain I hadn t given any of his books a serious reading as an adult, and though I d recently intensely re familiarized my [...]

  • Alright Anyone who knows me should be able to tell that horror or thriller books aren t really my thing My overactive imagination is great at creating plenty of things to go bump in the night for me Every now and then I ll give one a try, though This was one such book Namely because duh R L Stine I grew up reading Goosebumps and Fear Street They weren t scary, exactly, but they had that scary feel that let me at least pretend as a kid that I wasn t scared of my own shadow.Thisis was just awful I [...]

  • Red Rain by R.L Stine was perhaps one of those books that everyone and anyone wanted I mean, come on, it s Stine Most of us grew up reading Fear Street and Goosebumps I devoured those books when I was in my preteens, watched the old Goosebumps television specials, and was insanely excited when I heard he was releasing this book for adults Here s the problem though I found it really bad So bad, I feel insanely guilty I wanted nothing than to love this book, but I just couldn t bring myself to en [...]

  • My experience with this author occurred a few years ago when I would read to my kids for about half an hour before their bedtime I honestly must have gone through sixty or Goosebumps books during that time They were mildly entertaining and had enough scares and imagination to keep my kids paying close attention to the story and keep them asking for Recently, I discovered that R.L Stine decided to write horror for adults and I had to see what that was like Unfortunately, I would much rather rea [...]

  • Well,I was curious about Stine s writing for adults My nieces and nephews are really liked his Goosebumps books, so I thought I would give this a chance What a mistake You can probably read it in a day, but because it was so vapid, I had to intermingle other reading in between What I didn t like was the extremely flat characters The author s right upfront ambition to see this become a feature film he suggests Jake ok I am going to spell this wrong Gyunhall to play Mark the hero The compressed en [...]

  • To all of the 90 s kids and of course to ALL of the fans of R.L Stine and horror, this is a real treat for you R.L Stine stated in an interview while on his book tour that he wrote this book after many of his 90 s fans had asked him when he was going to write a adult themed book When he started thinking of what to write, he figured that he should write about evil kids since he wrote about many evil adults or creatures within the Goosebumps stories Red Rain centers around a pair of twins Samuel [...]

  • When I saw that R.L Stine had released an adult book, my excitement was unbearable I mean, why wouldn t you want to read an adult book from your favorite childhood author, now that you, yourself, are an adult Prior to starting Red Rain, I admit that I read a few unfavorable reviews from people who bashed Stine s latest work In my opinion, these people need to relax R.L Stine s Red Rain was a terrific read Although it started off a little bit slow for me, I soon enough found myself totally immers [...]

  • I honestly had pretty low expectations when I started reading this book Really low I expected it to be a silly horror novel, that I could laugh at but have fun reading A grown up version of the Fear Street books I loved as a kid These expectations were so low that the fact that I am disappointed is astonishing to me How could it be this bad Seriously, how Let me list the ways ridiculously illogical plot, laughable characters whose actions stretch even the widest base of believability, the weirde [...]

  • Reading Red Rain reminded me of reading the Goosebumps series when I was a kid, and not in a good way Don t get me wrong, I loved R.L Stine s books when I was younger But this novel was written as though it were trying to imitate Stephen King while still in Stine s childish writing It was choppy, the vocabulary was limited and the plot was predictable, just like his middle grade and YA novels are Some people can write books that work for a number of audiences, but I honestly think that Stine is [...]

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