Ghost Girl

Unlimited Ghost Girl - by Lesley Thomson - Ghost Girl, Ghost Girl It is a year since her father s death but Stella Darnell has not moved on She still cleans his house every day leaving it spotless as if he might return Terry Darnell was Detective Chief Superintend Unlimited Ghost Girl - by Lesley Thomson - Ghost Girl, Ghost Girl It is a year since her father s death but Stella Darnell has not moved on She still cleans his house every day leaving it spotless as if he might return Terry Darnell was Detective Chief Superintend

  • Title: Ghost Girl
  • Author: Lesley Thomson
  • ISBN: 9781781857670
  • Page: 430
  • Format: Hardcover
Ghost Girl

Unlimited Ghost Girl - by Lesley Thomson, Ghost Girl, Lesley Thomson, Ghost Girl It is a year since her father s death but Stella Darnell has not moved on She still cleans his house every day leaving it spotless as if he might return Terry Darnell was Detective Chief Superintendent at Hammersmith police station and now Stella has discovered an unsolved case in his darkroom a folder of unlabelled photographs of deserted streets The oldest photogrIt is a year since Unlimited Ghost Girl - by Lesley Thomson - Ghost Girl, Ghost Girl It is a year since her father s death but Stella Darnell has not moved on She still cleans his house every day leaving it spotless as if he might return Terry Darnell was Detective Chief Superintend

  • Unlimited Ghost Girl - by Lesley Thomson
    430Lesley Thomson
Ghost Girl

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  • Lesley Thomson

    Lesley Thomson was born in 1958 and grew up in London She went to Holland Park Comprehensive and the Universities of Brighton and Sussex Her novel A Kind of Vanishing won The People s Book Prize in 2010 Lesley combines writing with teaching creative writing She lives in Lewes with her partner.

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  • What a let down this was I was so excited to get this book from the library and settled in to be wowed and entertained This was not how it went I found this book to be very long winded and than a bit confusing Very hard to get into it and stay interested The books fluctuates between the present 2012 and the past 1966 and we hear from a few different characters It is not until nearly the end of the book that the links are made as to who why the voices from the past are connected to the character [...]

  • This was a funny old book for me The first half of the book was full of very distinct and separate stories of the main characters, in a very similar way to the way Stephen King starts his stories They then start to merge, but sadly for me I had already worked out who the murderer was, and that always annoys me The other problem I had with the book, was that l really didn t like the characters, other than Jack, who seems less shallow than the others Stella in particular is irritating and I don t [...]

  • I was so excited to read this book after loving The Detective s Daughter which introduced us to Stella and Jack and how they solve a cold case left behind by Stella s detective father who had just died.This book introduces another unsolved mystery, this time concerning the deaths of men that had previously hit and killed children with their vehicle Our duo find a connection between several of these based on photos that Stella finds in her late father s basement.The story itself was nowhere near [...]

  • In the second Detective s Daughter mystery, accidental detective and owner of a cleaning business, Stella Darnell, inherits another case Her father, Superintendent Terry Darnell, has been dead for a year but Stella is unable to move on She still visits his house daily, almost expecting his return any time, and keeps it spotlessly clean During her ministrations in his basement office Stella discovers what appears to be an unsolved case a folder of unlabeled photographs of deserted streets This st [...]

  • This book phew, it felt like a marathon It s certainly not an easy book to get into and I must admit, I nearly gave up many times There seems to be 2 separate story lines for most of the book, and that got confusing The whole story is rather convoluted and drawn out Not what I was expecting so was a little disappointed.

  • Struggled to get into this book, found it slightly confusing at the beginning However I persevered Not as good as the first book The detectives daughter, however I ll still give the next book in the series a chance x

  • I jumped into this book straight after reading detectives daughter which I really enjoyed this one definitely didn t disappoint either I really have to say that I am loving this series having got used to the authors style of writing there was no slow start like I had with dectives daughter for me the story flowed I found myself speed reading to its conclusion I so wanted to see how it panned out mary Myra the little girl from the 60 s She blew me away who she grew up to be I love the characters, [...]

  • I began reading The Detective s Daughter in between books in a different series, not realizing this was also a series, and not expecting much I was very pleasantly surprised The atmosphere is dark, the writing good, the characters realistic mostly , and the ending surprising I thought I knew what the ending would be like, and I had no idea The main reason that I have been giving 4 stars is that there are several places where words are misspelled or out of order I can understand what the author i [...]

  • Strange book I gave it 3 stars because clearly, somebody must like this series.To me it seemed like all the characters were written as borderline psychotics with no positive attributes There was nobody to like or to identify with Not to mention it was slooow getting going I only managed a couple of chapters before giving up and looking for something a little less heavy on the description, a little lighter in tone.

  • Although this was interesting reading, the coincidences are way too far fetched, making the story line difficult to believe This book follows the same formula as the first book in the series.

  • I liked the story line but the way the author presents it is very confusing I kept me wondering what was going on, and made following the story line a bit difficult.

  • It was suspenseful and spooky with Jack living secretly in a host murderer s house And going back and forward in time made it confusing and also very complicated with all the cases involved But overall an enjoyable read Interesting to have a cleaning lady be a detective And all the layers of guilt and grieving were described well.

  • To be honest, I think 3 stars is generous for my reading of this I flicked through about the last half of it only to satisfy my own curiosity about the murderer and I was pretty much right I enjoyed the first in this series, but this book just didn t resonate with me Once again, looking at other reviews, I seem to be in the minority It s a whole load of things I didn t like I found Stella, the detective s daughter, really quite irritating Instead of empathising with her inability to move on, and [...]

  • The style of writing, as with her previous books takes a bit of getting used to, but once past that I found myself enjoying another cracking read Lesley Thomson knows how to create atmosphere, just by linking her books to famous infamous national happenings reels you in, and when, as in the case of Ghost Girl, there are intimated links to Myra Hindley and the Moors murders then you know she s onto another winner I found that with this book I really began to understand the characters of both Stel [...]

  • The second in the series about Stella Darnell, daughter of the late retired detective chief superintendent Terry Darnell After solving the Rokesmith murder in the previous book, Stella is struggling a year later with her father s death Stella has yet to clear sell Terry s house and has been cleaning as much as she can for Clean Slate, her business and maintaining the status quo at Terry s house During this routine she discovers a folder of photos which lead her onto a case to be solved Why did T [...]

  • First, a warning it s probably impossible to get the first third if you haven t read The detective s daughter The characters are too peculiar to make sense if you haven t met them before but their unique perspectives an emotionally stunted woman who is obsessed with cleanliness and a slightly creepy, slightly charming man child who believes and signs, ghosts, and hosts make these very different from your traditional mystery novel, as is their way of going about solving them Stella isn t a detect [...]

  • Having read 2 of Lesley Thomson s previous novels, including the first in this series, the Detective s Daughter, I wanted to try this one I wasn t sure what to make of the previous 2, both of which are crime novels but so unusual for the genre that I hesitate to put them in that category Neither left me feeling satisfied although I can t really put my finger on why, but because both got under my skin I decided to try this one I d say this is the easiest to read of the 3, but probably because I w [...]

  • I listened to this as an unabridged audiobook and to be quite honest, if I d actually had to sit and down and given it my undivided attention, I wouldn t have made it to the end The book jumps between the present 2012 and the past 1966 and, as is usually the case in this type of narrative, the two stories eventually converge By the time they did though, I had lost all interest I found the book to be confusing jumping between apparently unrelated stories and switching between narrators and first [...]

  • GHOST GIRL is one of my favourite books of 2014.There is a depth to the characters and a compassion for them which stays with you long after you ve read the last page.Lesley Thomson is also brilliant at evoking a sense of place I feel I know her Hammersmith and it s a dark location Her evocation of the decaying Mallingswood Prep School with its rows of neatly made beds is so sinister.Her central characters, Jack and Stella, are both outsiders and they share a deep integrity which unites them It [...]

  • This follow up to The Detectives Daughter continues with key characters the somewhat compulsive Stella who loves nothing than cleaning and especially therapeutic for her is a deep clean Her partner in crime, Jack, is an even obsessed and right on the edge, character.I mostly enjoyed this book There are no surprises stylistically if you have read the previous novel, and it is well written I did feel that the story was a little laboured a few times and thought it could have had a few pages less [...]

  • I am probably being a bit generous giving this book a fourree point five would be better It is an intriguing book, one which will benefit from rereading as the investigative process described in the plot becomes a bit convoluted The two main characters in the story are likeable and I found my sympathy being aroused by the plight of the child Mary who thinks she must be a bad girl, blaming herself for the family moving to a new house and her own change of name One part of the book I found hard to [...]

  • This must rate as the most farcical book I have read in many a year I chose it based on the comments on this site but can only conclude that these reviewers were suffering from the Emperor s new clothes syndrome Either that or they accept that fiction can disregard all logical thought.The method used by the so called murderer could have conceivably worked once but to suggest that it could be used some six times stretches belief beyond limits Similarly, the model of West London seemed to grow shr [...]

  • I liked this book The author has made a considerable leap in the development of the main characters and in the complexity and depth of the plot This is what you would want to see in a good follow up series novel The improvements were also some of its problems At times the plot was over complicated and I found I was rereading and checking my understanding I love Jack however and his oddness You know he challenges the status quo but at the same time highly likeable and intelligent and in this nove [...]

  • This book really frustrated me I thought the story was well conceived and easily worthy of 4 stars I guessed the ending before it happened, but that didn t leave me disappointed, and I was gripped as the tension began to mount I just didn t enjoy the book enough to give it 4 stars though there were times when I felt bored and bogged down by how little of relevance seemed to be happening, and I almost considered giving up, which would have been a real shame I think a bit part of this is due to th [...]

  • I enjoyed this book although I didn t realize that it was the second book in a series until part way through so I started with a disadvantage The book is entirely readable without having read the first book but it is always better to read the whole series in order or you miss bits of the characters and their history This book is a mystery but it is a slow moving mystery It takes a long time to unravel and at times I caught myself wondering what in the world is going on because some things were l [...]

  • After reading numerous positive reviews of the Detective s Daughter , I was delighted to receive a copy of the second book in the series Ghost Girl However, despite starting the book over three months ago, I have yet to finish The reason Well, confusion to put it simply The story jumps from between 1966 and the present with several characters giving their own voice to the story While it is possible to keep track of the story, the change between the 1st and 3rd person for a character, leads to a [...]

  • Another outing for the Detectives daughter Stella Darnell and the train driver cleaner Jack Harmon This time the trying to find the reason for photographs of roads in a blue folder left by her father the detective A very compelling mystery with lots of twists and turns.In the cold light of day, I realise that one has to suspend disbelief, the main protagonists never seem to sleep, there are a lot of coincidences, and the whole model part of the story is just weird But, still a very good read

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