Bloodhounds: 4

Free Read Bloodhounds: 4 - by Peter Lovesey - Bloodhounds: 4, Bloodhounds The fourth exciting installment in the acclaimed series featuring Peter Diamond of the Bath police department When Diamond is assigned to investigate the theft of a rare stamp from a local museum a d Free Read Bloodhounds: 4 - by Peter Lovesey - Bloodhounds: 4, Bloodhounds The fourth exciting installment in the acclaimed series featuring Peter Diamond of the Bath police department When Diamond is assigned to investigate the theft of a rare stamp from a local museum a d

  • Title: Bloodhounds: 4
  • Author: Peter Lovesey
  • ISBN: 9780751553659
  • Page: 478
  • Format: Paperback
Bloodhounds: 4

Free Read Bloodhounds: 4 - by Peter Lovesey, Bloodhounds: 4, Peter Lovesey, Bloodhounds The fourth exciting installment in the acclaimed series featuring Peter Diamond of the Bath police department When Diamond is assigned to investigate the theft of a rare stamp from a local museum a dead body turns up within hours of the crime Free Read Bloodhounds: 4 - by Peter Lovesey - Bloodhounds: 4, Bloodhounds The fourth exciting installment in the acclaimed series featuring Peter Diamond of the Bath police department When Diamond is assigned to investigate the theft of a rare stamp from a local museum a d

  • Free Read Bloodhounds: 4 - by Peter Lovesey
    478 Peter Lovesey
Bloodhounds: 4

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    Peter Harmer Lovesey born 1936 in Whitton, Middlesex is a British writer of historical and contemporary crime novels and short stories His best known series characters are Sergeant Cribb, a Victorian era police detective based in London, and Peter Diamond, a modern day police detective in Bath Lovesey s novels and stories mainly fall into the category of entertaining puzzlers in the Golden Age tradition of mystery writing.Most of Peter Lovesey s writing has been done under his own name However, he did write three novels under the pen name Peter Lear.Lovesey s novels and short stories have won him a number of awards, including both the Gold and Silver Daggers of the Crime Writers Association, of which he was chairman in 1991 92 In 2000, he received the Cartier Diamond Dagger Award for lifetime achievement in crime writing.Peter Lovesey lives near Chichester His son Phil Lovesey also writes crime novels.

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  • Writers of genre fiction tend to be widely read within their own narrow field The British detective novelist Peter Lovesey is a prime example In Bloodhounds, Lovesey demonstrates his familiarity with his genre, referring by name to a large number of prominent mystery writers His novel is a send up of several formulas familiar to readers of popular detective fiction The locked room murder is the most notorious of these, and it figures as a central element in the novel s convoluted plot.A venerabl [...]

  • What does it say about me that I love these silly little mysteries Silly and little are perhaps not appropriate, as we are discussing murder after all Well, one might say 1 that I look like, act like, read like, or am a little old lady, 2 with a dislike of forensic details, 3 but who gets pleasure from reading about a crotchety police detective inspector with a soft heart for children and animals One or two of these may or may not be trueThe Bloodhounds of the title are a mystery book club who m [...]

  • I took my son to the bookstore He got done before I did He found me in the Mystery Section, surprise He did an internship at NPR in Sacramento and said he could pick me a good book I said OK He picked this one from a review he helped produce This introduced me to the razor sharp style of Peter Lovsey and to Peter Diamond and his team I have since visited Bath, England several times and feel like I am getting to know it.This book is particularly good because it is about a book club that reads Cri [...]

  • BLOODHOUNDS 1996 Peter LoveseyHere is an excellent mystery from Mr Lovesey that has been meticulously plotted and stuffed with memorable characters There are two facets of crime examined here the theft of a very valuable first day cover from the Post Office Museum, and the subsequent murder of one of the members of the Bloodhounds a group that meets once every Monday to discuss mystery crime novels It turns out that the subject under discussion is that of locked room mysteries, and this particul [...]

  • A very skillful play fair mystery with a wonderful locked room puzzle John Dickson Carr, the master of that kind of puzzle, wrote an essay about the genre in which he said that when the trick to the puzzle is finally revealed, it s almost always a disappointment In this case, at least for me, it was not It was plausible and ingenious, and I didn t figure it out before the detective explained it All other aspects of the book were at least above average too A very good read.

  • The fourth my second in this Bath based whodunnit series The author pays affectionate and delightful homage to the inter war locked room golden age crime novels and its authors in spicing up a slightly plodding police procedural.The GR blurb corrected why can t GR ever get police ranks correct A rare stamp and a corpse are discovered in Bath within hours of each other As he investigates, Detective Superintendent Peter Diamond discovers that both the person who found the stamp and the victim belo [...]

  • First Sentence Detective Superintendent Peter Diamond was suffering in the rear seat of a police car scorching toward Bath along the Keynsham bypass with the headlamps on full beam, blue light pulsing and siren wailing.Peter Diamond is back with the Bath police as a DS in charge of homicide The media and police receive a poem which seems to indicate that a valuable painting, in the town s museum, by Turner will be stolen Instead, it is the theft of a Penny Black, one of the world s most valuable [...]

  • My bookshelf is full of books that I want to read These may be books that have been recommended or they may be later books in a series that I have started and enjoyed Yet when I am ready to start a new one, not all will fit the bill Such was the case here As I looked down the list of books and authors nothing attracted me until I saw this one The next in a series which I have enjoyed Characters that I know, set in a place I recognise and an easy style that wouldnt require too much effort on my p [...]

  • I enjoyed reading this and there were some nice, in depth plots, but I can t help feeling the ending seemed a little rushed almost like the author forgot he had a publishing date and had to throw an ending together It left me slightly unfulfilled, particularly as so much detail had been used for some of the character and plot descriptions.

  • This is an excellent modern locked room mystery The tight plotting that was typical of the golden age of mysteries is here However readers also get the three dimensioanl characterisation that is typical of our present age This book was irresitable A must read for mystery fans.

  • This is Peter Lovesey at his magnificent best, and he manages to combine a gripping murder story with an analysis of the different genres of crime fiction.As the novel opens, Lovesey s permanently irascible Detective Superintendent Peter Diamond has just arrested a bank clerk who has just confessed to the murder of his branch manager, so he is feeling pretty smug Meanwhile Shirley Ann Miller decides to go along to a meeting of the Bloodhounds, a group who meet weekly to discuss crime fiction The [...]

  • I read Peter Lovesey s WHOLE Peter Diamond series 16 books in all in June and July of 2017, sequentially and without an iota of boredom Forgive me for posting this as a comment review into each book s space I didn t think to do it as I was reading morning to night with no intervening literature.The main detective, Peter Diamond, a few other police types, and a couple of non police characters are incorporated into a series of crimes set in and around Bath, England Historical and literary inclusio [...]

  • Well, in the few pages I managed before declaring my life s too short for this book I liked Peter Diamond but alas, the crime book group The Bloodhounds bullied their way onto the pages Why can t we discuss the Mousetrap says a member Oh no, dear, not everyone may have seen it and we can t spoil the ending Dear Lord, there are 6 people in the group, why don t you just ask them if they had seen read it And could it possible, anybody, I mean anybody in the British Isles interested in mystery, true [...]

  • The Bloodhounds are a motley set of folks with little in common except their love of crime fiction One of them is found dead in a true locked room mystery, and Peter Diamond solves that puzzle but another murder takes place before the whole truth comes out Oddly, the most interesting member of the group, Shirley Ann, doesn t appear at the end Disappointing, because she always has a lot to say could talk for England, as she says.

  • Di questi tempi, ci sono altre cose che il lettore vuole scoprire Tanto per essere chiari, in alcuni libri si sa gi da subito chi l assassino Ma c il fascino di non sapere se riuscir a farla franca oppure no, o se l eroe positivo sopravviver Oggigiorno i giallisti insistono molto pi sui personaggi, ma nei migliori polizieschi l elemento della sorpresa sempre presente.Un mystery dal sapore molto classico, in particolare un omaggio a Dickson Carr e al suo Le tre bare.

  • To read or not to read Bloodhounds starts with a bang, remains interesting enough to make you want to continue reading, then fades out to a not so amazing ending Something I found to be unrealistic about the story was how the detective s discoveries were often heralded as case changing breakthroughs despite the ambiguity of those discoveries Not good, not great It s an OK book I wouldn t read twice.

  • In the beginning I was charmed I really thought I found the good old English mistery story, interesting characters, good plot , cozy settings somewhere in the middle of the book I got bored too many repetitions , the story is too long for my taste and does not evolve enough to justify such lenght.

  • This installment features an unusual plot in which members a Crime Fiction Book Club Bloodhounds of Bath become involved in the theft of a valuable Penny Black stamp, a locked room mystery and a series of murders Diamond to the rescue I was totally surprised by the ending This is a very good series.

  • Peter Diamond is a likable character and Lovesey s mysteries are intriguing This one included a classic locked room, riddles, and murder I had one problem with the solution, but other than that, it was a satisfying novel.

  • A pretty amazing concept, though I think the Peter Diamond series really benefits from fleshing out of the main character, who softens and gets a lot sympathetic in the later books Loved all the easter eggs about crime novels though

  • A gathering of mystery aficionados leads to a real life locked room mystery with riddling rhymes that lead to murder in this modern day tribute to mystery and crime stories of all types, I ve been galloping through this series, and this page turner is my favorite so far.

  • While Peter Diamond is quite refreshing as a non intellectual and an insecure man on occasion in this forced old fashioned puzzle that is captured through straightforward working class language, the characterization is weak enough to render a touch of gimmickry to the proceedings Peter Lovesey avoids the predictability of it all by switching focus towards the end, but the motives of the criminal are quite flimsy and the plans thereof too lowbrow academic.

  • Lovesey s procedural was interesting and delightful The story turns on a locked room mystery in which a member of a mystery book club himself a locked room mystery enthusiast was murdered in, you guessed it, a locked room Lovesey weaves this somewhat goofy idea into the modern police procedural of the Inspector Morse stripe I haven t read any other Peter Diamond mysteries, but the book fits the model of that subgenre A few other thoughts The members of the book club are pretty eccentric each see [...]

  • This series continues to be very good Each of the individual books presents and interesting and challenging mystery, one that is not easy to guess before the answer is revealed This one was very good, and had a twist at the end An additional benefit of this book is that it s centered on a group of detective story enthusiasts, The Bloodhounds, who discuss, at a rather abstract level, various books in that genre In the process, a lot of authors and leading character detectives are mentioned, so it [...]

  • Totally devoured this book I don t remember being this enad of the first books in the series maybe I was, but I don t remember it but I m not sure why I waited so long to get to this one A classic locked room mystery, that centers around The Bloodhounds, a group of people with little in common except their love of the mystery and detective genre They meet weekly to discuss their favorite mystery books and become embroiled in a mystery of their own when one of the founding members suddenly finds [...]

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