Lord Darcy

[PDF] Download ☆ Lord Darcy : by Randall Garrett - Lord Darcy, Lord Darcy Welcome to an alternate world where Richard the Lion Heart did not die in the year where magic is a science and science is an art where the great detective Lord Darcy and the sorcerer Sean O Loch [PDF] Download ☆ Lord Darcy : by Randall Garrett - Lord Darcy, Lord Darcy Welcome to an alternate world where Richard the Lion Heart did not die in the year where magic is a science and science is an art where the great detective Lord Darcy and the sorcerer Sean O Loch

  • Title: Lord Darcy
  • Author: Randall Garrett
  • ISBN: 9781473201040
  • Page: 246
  • Format: Paperback
Lord Darcy

[PDF] Download ☆ Lord Darcy : by Randall Garrett, Lord Darcy, Randall Garrett, Lord Darcy Welcome to an alternate world where Richard the Lion Heart did not die in the year where magic is a science and science is an art where the great detective Lord Darcy and the sorcerer Sean O Lochlainn combine occult skills and brilliant deductions to bring criminals to the King s Justice and thwart those who plot against the Realm Welcome to a world where murdeWelcome to an alterna [PDF] Download ☆ Lord Darcy : by Randall Garrett - Lord Darcy, Lord Darcy Welcome to an alternate world where Richard the Lion Heart did not die in the year where magic is a science and science is an art where the great detective Lord Darcy and the sorcerer Sean O Loch

  • [PDF] Download ☆ Lord Darcy : by Randall Garrett
    246Randall Garrett
Lord Darcy

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    Randall Garrett s full name was Gordon Randall Phillip David Garrett For information about him see irosf q zine article 1He was married to Vicki Ann HeydronHis pseudonyms include Gordon Randall Garrett, Gordon Aghill, Grandal Barretton, Alexander Blade, Ralph Burke, Gordon Garrett, David Gordon, Richard Greer, Ivar Jorgenson, Darrel T Langart, Blake MacKenzie, Jonathan Blake MacKenzie, Seaton Mckettrig, Clyde T Mitchell, Mark Phillips with Laurence Janifer , Robert Randall, Leonard G Spencer, S.M Tenneshaw, Gerald Vance.

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  • Aberrant thinking at its best Crime scene investigation based on the Laws of Magic And all this in an alternative history, neo medieval setting Lord Darcy rules Without his help I would never have managed to escape from the dungeons of Count Krasznahorkai s Castle

  • The English royalty with all their pomp and splendor would have been quite a sight for the sore eyes in their days of glory All that I have are faded photographs and a big bunch of written material about them But then looking at some of the newspapers and tabloids having a field day when someone from the royal family is pregnant is enough indication of how it would have been in the old days Randall Garrett envisages for his characters an England where monarchy never died His world even in the 19 [...]

  • 3.5 stars for the collection as a whole The writing is simple and the characterizations are shallow, but the stories are fun A little hokey, but fun I was entertained by the setting and amused by the scientific applications of magic.This 700 page omnibus contains the entire Lord Darcy series 10 short stories and the Hugo nominated novel Too Many Magicians They are straightforward detective stories mostly locked room mysteries set in an alternate fantasy world where a large and prosperous Anglo F [...]

  • This is a tough one I ve been wanting to read these stories for a long time, after having read The Ipswich Phial in at least a couple anthologies many, many years ago And in terms of the premise and setting, the stories lived up to what I hoped they would be Garrett has constructed an enjoyable world in these stories, and he s put some thought into how they evolved The laws of magic he uses will be familiar to any reader of Isaac Bonewits among others , so they mesh perfectly with the European s [...]

  • IF you haven t seen this, don t feel bad They it is a set are hard to find unless someone has reprinted them Imagine a world where Richard the Lion Hearted does not go goosing off to fight the infidels and stays home and tends to business He ushers in an era of peace and prosperityd magic Yes the laws of magic are discovered Centuries pass and enter Lord Darcy chief investigator for his majesty Magic aids his investigations and he runs into some characters that are amazingly similar to classic d [...]

  • There was not anything really wrong with this story collection, the problem I have with it is that there just did not seem to be enough to it The world created is essentially the Plantagenets winning the Hundred Years War and creating a Western European empire, but it honestly feels just like another of the great powers we had prior to the first world war The crimes have magical elements but pretty standard cases Lord Darcy himself feels like a bit of a blank slate.If there is an issue it is tha [...]

  • Read 1 of the 4 books contained Saving rest for later Too good to read all at once Must savor Love Lord Darcy.

  • Il y avait une raison pour laquelle les deux nouvelles bonus de cet int gral n avaient jamais t publi es Elles ne sont pas le meilleur de ce que Randall Garrett a offrir part a, je recommande chaudement la lecture de Lord Darcy

  • Originally posted on my website, KoenixThis is a complete collection of all of the Lord Darcy alt history fantasy detective stories that Garrett wrote in the 60 s and 70 s I d never heard of Lord Darcy or Randall Garrett until I picked up the Fantasy Masterworks edition And it was a fun read The stories are set in the 1960 s, in an alternate timeline where Richard the Lionheart didn t die, and the Plantagenet kings continued to rule Britain and its vast empire for the next 800 years The rules of [...]

  • This is detective fiction from 1964 through 1979, very much in the locked room genre, but in a world where magic exists Lord Darcy s Dr Watson is an Irish Doctor of Thaumaturgy.The principles of magic in this alternate history were discovered before the principles of technology Perhaps even before the scientific method spread An accident of history also maintains feudalism, in an empire that combines Britain and France, with no Magna Carta The United States remains under control of the empire as [...]

  • I picked up a copy of Lord Darcy by Randall Garrett a while back as part of my research into a potential future project that would blend the genres of fantasy and mystery Lord Darcy is just that alternate historical fiction blended with mystery It s a world where Richard the Lion Hearted did not die on the battlefield, but instead went on to build the foundation of the greatest empire the world has ever seen.Lord Darcy is Chief Special Investigator for the Duke of Normandy and, as such, he s cal [...]

  • Randall Garrett s classic fantasy detective makes for a fun read Unlike many detective stories readers are given enough information that most of the time you have a chance of figuring out the answer from the clues But the answer is never so obvious that anyone but a dedicated reader of mysteries will figure it out quickly if at all.For those who do figure out the answer on the first page, there is plenty of fun character interaction, a bit of political maneuvering and even a touch of romance to [...]

  • The premise is wonderful The execution is lacking The premise is that an English French empire formed with the Plantagenet kings of England and that for 800 years the Plantegenets had ruled this empire Throw into the mix that this is a universe where magic works but is considered a science and you have the basis for some interesting stories.The problem is that the mystery element of the stories is lacking Lord Darcy knows all, almost without effort, though we as the reader never have enough info [...]

  • Mostly short stories containing a well balanced mixture of mystery and magic The characterization is painted in broad strokes, the emphasis is on the plot Each story is intricately plotted with magical equivalents of our world s forensic tests For example, instead of using a microscope to identify a gun as the murder weapon, they use a spell Sir Arthur Conan Doyle s Sherlock Holmes stories lack the magical elements but are otherwise an excellent readalike match.

  • A fantastic set of locked room murder mysteries set in a world where magic, rather than science, has taken the fore although they do treat magic just as we would science Lots of love thrown toward Rex Stout, Agatha Christie, Dorothy Sayers, and others If you re in the set of people who like traditional mysteries AND fantasy, check it out.

  • Immer wieder ein Genuss zu lesen Und dann war auch noch eine Kurzgeschichte dabei, die ich noch nicht kannte Was will man mehr Ich glaube, ich muss mir auch mal wieder seine Gandalara Romane vornehmen.

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  • I first read about the Lord Darcy stories probably around 25 years ago, in some popular book about fantasy and SF The concept a detective aided by a forensic sorcerer, solving crimes in a history where the Angevin Empire remained intact and where magic has been scientifically codified into a set of rigid principles appealed to me enormously, and has stuck in my head ever since It s only with the Fantasy Masterworks reissue of all ten stories and one novel in a single volume that I ve been able t [...]

  • The Lord Darcy mysteries are comprised of 10 short stories some longer than others and one full length novel Most of them were written over the 1960s and 1970s The really interesting part is that these are examples of alternate history they re set in the real world during those same 60s and 70s, but in this version of reality the Plantegenet dynasty has been ruling wisely and well for eight centuries and England still has a proper monarch even now Additionally, there s a form of magic forensic s [...]

  • Randall Garrett was an American sci fi and fantasy author active from the 1950s through the 70s He is best known for his Lord Darcy character and books He wrote three books about the super sleuth, two of them short story collections, and one novel This is an omnibus edition including all of Garrett s work on Darcy two novels were written by Michael Kurland Included in the omnibus edition are the following Murder and Magic, a short story collection including The Eyes Have It A Case of Identity T [...]

  • Brilliant, Absolutely Brilliant The detail that was put into this work is amazing The world that Garrett creates and slowly reveals over the course of several short stories and one novel is incredibly detailed and interesting The alternate history is quite believable, if one allows for the reformation to be focused on Magical Theory instead of the physical world The Laws of Magic of this world are quite logical and the ways in which they are used are incredible The blurb gave me the impression t [...]

  • Lord Darcy was a character I discovered in a single volume in the school library, loved to pieces, but couldn t at the time find any of In time, memory for most details faded like the name Lord Darcy and the author s name Randall Garrett but others persisted, chiefly of a carpetbag full of magical paraphernalia, and a magician detective working at a keyhole to solve a black magic murder in the locked room behind it.If I d remembered the ubiquitously recurring phrases symbol decorated carpetbag [...]

  • This was an interesting book to read It s really a very straight forward series of whodunits in a very Conan Doyle style but there s a quite intriguing twist in that Lord Darcy is operating in an alternate history and quite a clever one at that.Randall Garrett s Lord Darcy stories are set in the mid 1960s but in an England, or to be precise, an Anglo French Empire, that is significantly different to our own history Garrett s world is one in which the Plantagenet line has ruled unbroken since th [...]

  • An interesting book Probably the spiritual ancestor of The Case of the Toxic Spell Dump and even mannerist fantasy like Sorcery and Cecelia or The Enchanted Chocolate Pot And arguably some of today s urban fantasy And perhaps the source of Mercedes Lackey s invisibility spell without actually making the thing invisible It s not invisible, you re just compelled to look away So I d say it s worth reading if you have an interest in the history of the genre In and of itself I dunno The characterizat [...]

  • The long slog is over, and in some ways that is not a fair description of this book Lord Darcy is the chief criminal investigator for the Duke of Normandy in an AU 20th century where the Plantagents still rule England and France and parts of North and South America The fault does not lie so much with Darcy or Garrett s writing, but the collection itself.Rather my decision to read the collection without taking a break from the book This tome collects all of the Darcy short stories and the one nov [...]

  • This is an alternate earth story where Richard I didn t die of the arrow wound in Chalus and the Plantagenet dynasty is going strong in the mid 20th century, having expanded the empire to encompass both the Americas named New England and New France Sometime in the 13th Century someone called St Hilary discovered the mathematics of magic and they ve since developed it into a sophisticated science In our terms their technical developments are 19th Century gas lights, horse drawn vehicles but their [...]

  • A re read of one of my favorite classic SF series, an alternate modern world in which magic works, the Plantagenets rule a worldwide Anglo French empire, and a guy who is not repeat not Sherlock Holmes must solve murder cases for king and country The biggest challenge for a mystery set in a world where magic works is to play fair with the reader If there s a magic spell that could affect the outcome, it will be described If politics or social norms are important, the story will go into detail on [...]

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