To Hell and Back

☆ To Hell and Back ☆ Meat Loaf David Dalton - To Hell and Back, To Hell and Back Meat Loaf was rock music s unlikeliest success a pound white artist signed to Motown records He boostrapped his way out of hell fleeing an abusive past overcoming the scorn and skepticism of nea ☆ To Hell and Back ☆ Meat Loaf David Dalton - To Hell and Back, To Hell and Back Meat Loaf was rock music s unlikeliest success a pound white artist signed to Motown records He boostrapped his way out of hell fleeing an abusive past overcoming the scorn and skepticism of nea

  • Title: To Hell and Back
  • Author: Meat Loaf David Dalton
  • ISBN: 9780060988760
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Paperback
To Hell and Back

☆ To Hell and Back ☆ Meat Loaf David Dalton, To Hell and Back, Meat Loaf David Dalton, To Hell and Back Meat Loaf was rock music s unlikeliest success a pound white artist signed to Motown records He boostrapped his way out of hell fleeing an abusive past overcoming the scorn and skepticism of nearly everyone and through raw determination he beat all odds and conquered the world Twice To Hell and Back is his story ☆ To Hell and Back ☆ Meat Loaf David Dalton - To Hell and Back, To Hell and Back Meat Loaf was rock music s unlikeliest success a pound white artist signed to Motown records He boostrapped his way out of hell fleeing an abusive past overcoming the scorn and skepticism of nea

  • ☆ To Hell and Back ☆ Meat Loaf David Dalton
    194Meat Loaf David Dalton
To Hell and Back

About “Meat Loaf David Dalton

  • Meat Loaf David Dalton

    Michael Lee Aday born Marvin Lee Aday is an American musician, singer, songwriter, record producer and actor usually known by his stage name Meat Loaf.

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  • Though I can t stand Meat Loaf as a human being, I absolutely go nuts over his music most of it, anyway TO HELL AND BACK is one of the most consistently entertaining rock memoirs I ve ever read It didn t give me any greater appreciation of Meat as a person the horrible temper, the drugs, the petulance, the fighting , but it did give me a greater appreciation for him as a musician It turns out the man paid his dues, whereas I d always pictured him as something of an overnight sensation The story [...]

  • This is the way a biography should be done Almost as if you are sitting down in a one on one situation with the man himself Meatloaf is a very interesting character I always enjoyed the almost cinematic approach to the music he and his band was putting out Little did I know that he was actually quite the stage actor as well For fans of the music and the man this is a great book and one I would say should not be missed.

  • A good read into Meat Loafs early life and career I am quite surprised by what I read actually, as his personality on TV seems very different to how he really is, unlike most celebrities I ve read before.

  • I found out about Meat Loaf s autobiography only recently It s out of print and not available as an e book If you are a fan, figure out how to get a copy So I took a chance and ordered a 19 year old book on through a 3rd party My concern was I m really allergic to dust Well I think I got a sinus infection because I was reading this book but it was worth it This book is made up of 4 parts with small chapters each with a title in each part There is also tons of pictures and artwork The book starts [...]

  • This book isn t fantastic It s written very much in the words of Meat Loaf as opposed to being muddied when another writer assists in the production This makes it sort of a non engaging read, but if you re a rabid fan like me then you won t mind it all that much The first half of the book is a lot of anecdotes about his life prior to breaking out into stardom It s a bit slow in places, but does contain some interesting gems The second half of the book was far interesting, especially learning a [...]

  • I love his music, and now I understand the man behind the music all the better I am always in awe of people who put parts of themselves into their art, and Meat Loaf is no exception In fact, I think he sometimes gives than he should, leaving behind a shell of someone he should be His contributions to the world of music, specifically rock n roll and musical theatre, cannot be ignored Yes, a lot of his best stuff was a collaboration with another brilliant mind, but to learn what he went through w [...]

  • Interesting biography I love listening to this guy sing and who would think he had a voice like that As with all stars, singers or otherwise, it is amazing to read the back story of life, love and what they went through.

  • I finally got to see Meat Loaf in concert in December 2010 after years of wanting to see him live I d got tickets for a Meat Loaf concert a few of years earlier, but the concert got cancelled just when the doors to the venue should have opened, then the rest of the tour was cancelled Meat Loaf was ill I was gutted, but the concert at Birmingham last December was brilliant and well worth the wait The man really knows how to put on a stage show So what has this got to do with the book It was at th [...]

  • I m not usually one for non fiction, and particularly not celebrity autobiographies I find them to be generally full of name dropping, exaggerated anecdotes, and a confused timeline I picked up this one because I ve always been a fan of Meat Loaf, but unfortunately found it to be no exception to the rule.The book is easy to read, and the writing is nothing miraculous The chapters are nice and bite sized, and can stand alone as small tales on their own The trouble was, I was never sure where we w [...]

  • First off, this is one of the two books I bought when I was in England in 2001 I finally got to itMeat Loaf and Aerosmith have gotten me through some tough times in my life Bat Out of Hell II Back In to Hell is still the best Meat Loaf album, and was one of the several CDs I had with me over there.Meat was also in Rocky Horror Picture Show, and was one of the original cast in the play before it became a movie This book has some neat behind the scenes stuff with regards to the play and the film F [...]

  • I ve been slowly getting into the music of Meat Loaf since I was in high school I began with Bat out of Hell II on cassette tape, then went back and listened to the first Bat out of Hell I was sorely disappointed with Bat out of Hell III, but when I discovered Bad Attitude and a handful of other random songs, my faith was restored I picked up a copy of Meat Loaf s autobiography for a mere 3.00, and if I had known how much I was going to enjoy it, I would have lovingly paid full price for it My o [...]

  • 05 11 Meat Loaf s music is unique, and I love it Gosh Darn It, I know I shouldn t It s a guilty pleasure, like junk food Heard a few of his songs recently and began to wonder what he as up to His life s story is pretty much what you would expect adolescent but surprisingly not raw and painful Everything in his world turns on emotion.His experiences the day Kennedy was shot are intriguing Conspiracy theories are almost always such baloney, but you have to wonder about the Kennedy assassination Hi [...]

  • I m not that knowledgeable about Meat Loaf the person, let along Meat Loaf the performer I just know I love the songs, and that the combination of Meat Loaf vocals with Jim Steinman songs are hair raisingly awesome.The first Meat Loaf song I d ever heard was Two out of Three Ain t Bad, although I didn t know remember the artist then It was only when I pledged my co ed chemistry fraternity, whose house song was Paradise by the Dashboard Light, did I get officially introduced I borrowed the album, [...]

  • Enjoyable enough though in many ways a tame autobiographyI guess if you are writing about yourself even with help you are likely to paint yourself in the best possible lightat s not to say Meat Loaf comes across all judgemental to other folks and passes the blame to others which is a tool I see in so many of these books nor is he whiney s just he keeps any transgressions private.Although he mentions his demons of the past substance usage he neither uses this book to overhaul episodes related to [...]

  • Being a fan of Meat Loaf s I was thrilled to learn about this book Having seen a movie about his life I was wanting to find out The book is an easy read with most chapters being anywhere from half a page to only 3 pages long The other plus is lots of pictures So many that in fact the book could qualify as a photography book.Starting when he was young and concluding right after Bat out Hell 2, Meat Loaf tells his story his way.I had heard him discuss 2 of his stories on a talk show and now I wis [...]

  • This book s terrific It s a very quick read, the book being a little than 200 pages, but at the same time it s an insightful and extraordinary look at the life Meatloaf has had The chapters are really short Some only a page I had to smile when reading this book, because it reads like Meatloaf is sitting across from you, in a pub or coffee shop, telling you these anecdotes I particularly found the part about the relationship between Meatloaf and Jim Steinman very intriguing All up, a very entert [...]

  • I love Meat Loaf s albums, but only recently learned that Meat Loaf lost his voice and had a nervous breakdown among other things So I thought I d read his autobiography, and it s interesting, but not great It s written as a series of vignettes from his memories important scenes from his childhood, life on the road, etc.It s fine for the broad strokes, but you probably need an impartial biographer to get to the truth of what was really going on This autobiography feels too incomplete.

  • To Hell and Back is a good, quick read, and thanks to Meat Loaf s sense of humor, entertaining It s also interesting music history 101 Meat Loaf shares how he got dubbed the nickname, wearing fishnets for RHPS, struggling in the music industry, and then some He also reveals insights into Jim Steinman, the musical genius who wrote many of Meat Loaf s best hits, and the rift that grew between them It was all pretty fascinating.

  • An autobiography My obsession with Meat Loaf has reached a peak A peak One morning in 1974, I answered the phone Hello the voice said Meatball More people in Canada owned Bat Out of Hell than owned snowshoes If I d had my way, the hallways of record companies would run with the blood of incompetent executives, promoters would be hanged from lamp posts, and the band would suffer the torments of hell I AM GOD YOU ARE FOOLS

  • I love Meat Loaf I loved reading his biography, To Hell and Back Rocky Horror Picture Show is like one of my favorite movies and Paradise is my favorite Rock and Roll song I thoroughly enjoyed his account of these and My favorite page was 91 where he loans his equipment to the Grateful Dead and they play for 4 and 1 2 hours and The Hog Farm and Wavy Gravy are there Love you, Meat I hope they end up making that movie about you

  • I absolutely LOVE Meat Loaf s music, but I ve never really been that invested in the person I was right insofar as I just preferred to see the character that he admits in this bio he usually puts on as a performer With this bio though I wanted to change that but found myself disappointed I had hoped for facts, thoughts, insights and emotions, background Nada It s incoherent, uninteresting even, and I feel like I know as much as before I guess it s better to keep it that way then.

  • I like rock bios, and I read this one alongside the Motley Crue book Meat was pretty much a hell raiser in his day, but at no point did I ever feel the need to wash my hands while reading his book Can t say the same thing for the Crue book Meat s reads like a chat over beers Just a guy telling some stories about his life Not a classic by any means, but an entertaining beach read.

  • Each chapter stands on its own as an intimate story from Meat Loaf s rise and fall and resurrection in the rock world If you re looking for lots of lurid tales of sex, drugs and rock and roll and won t find it here Instead, reading this book is like story time around the kitchen table with a friend who just happens to be a music legend.

  • I really loved reading about meat loaf it was very good and all about his childhood and how is dad ran afte him with a knife and how he got the nickmane meat loaf it is a really good read into his life.

  • Name dropping all over the placeHeld my interest But then I always was a fan of Meat Loaf Makes you think that there is always a hell of a lot that goes on behind the scenes What we see of anyone famous is only a glimpse of the whole story.

  • The book was written ok but it sort of skipped around a lot It was written as a journal type book and I liked that It was easy to understand but I also had the feeling that he was leaving out a whole lot Quick Read

  • This book was a great autobiography from one of the great classic rock men It was great getting a back story to his rise to success in the late 70 s to the lows he went through in the 80 s and his return in the 90 s.

  • Interesting, easy, and entertaining Its nice sometimes to use just enough brain power to read and not have to worry about digesting and interpreting a plot.

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