Apartment 7C

Apartment 7C Best Read || [David Bernstein] - Apartment 7C, Apartment C Sometimes you just have to take matters into your own hands Eighty two year old Beth Baker can hear the cop in apartment C beating his wife Again She s also having dreams or are they visitations of h Apartment 7C Best Read || [David Bernstein] - Apartment 7C, Apartment C Sometimes you just have to take matters into your own hands Eighty two year old Beth Baker can hear the cop in apartment C beating his wife Again She s also having dreams or are they visitations of h

  • Title: Apartment 7C
  • Author: David Bernstein
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 212
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Apartment 7C

Apartment 7C Best Read || [David Bernstein], Apartment 7C, David Bernstein, Apartment C Sometimes you just have to take matters into your own hands Eighty two year old Beth Baker can hear the cop in apartment C beating his wife Again She s also having dreams or are they visitations of her dead daughter Alice who was killed fifty years ago by an abusive husband The message is clear Beth has to take care of the cop But he s a decorated detective and overSometimes you ju Apartment 7C Best Read || [David Bernstein] - Apartment 7C, Apartment C Sometimes you just have to take matters into your own hands Eighty two year old Beth Baker can hear the cop in apartment C beating his wife Again She s also having dreams or are they visitations of h

  • Apartment 7C Best Read || [David Bernstein]
    212David Bernstein
Apartment 7C

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  • This was a fast paced revenge tale that pulled no punches Beth Baker is 82 and she s tired of listening to her neighbor beat his wife every night However, he s a policeman and her neighbor can t stand up to him Since Beth lost her daughter to an abuser, she can t take it any And since her dead daughter is visiting her every night urging her to do something, she does.This novella rushes right along to its all out crushing finale and has you rooting for the 82 year old Beth the entire way Will she [...]

  • I received a copy of this book thanks to the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review My thanks for the opportunity.This gruesome short story will have you turning the pages until the end, there are some strong graphic scary scenes in this book that had me almost turning away as I was reading Not many books do that to me.Beth Baker is 82 years of age and she can hear the cop next door in Apartment 7C beating his wife night after night She feels helpless, wonders why everybody kno [...]

  • Review CopyApartment 7C is a quick read about 82 year old Beth Baker whose daughter, Alice, was killed, years ago, by her abusive husband.When Beth moves into a new apartment and recognizes a similar pattern with her new neighbors, she is moved to take matters into her own hands.Apartment 7C got off to a somewhat slow start for me and at one point I thought this was just going to be a story about the horrors of spousal abuse Granted that subject matter, in itself, is horrifying and it s difficul [...]

  • When Beth, an 82 year old woman moves into the apartment next door to the most horrendous, mentally, emotionally, and physically abusive cop and his helpless wife, you think things are bad enough Having lost a daughter to an abusive man fifty years before, just adds the icing to the trauma Beth is forced to endure as she hears the beatings taking place next to her.What is a defenseless, old woman to do against a decorated officer whose malicious manipulations could best the devil, himself.Here i [...]

  • Beth s daughter was killed by her abusive husband After her own husband s death, Beth moved into a new apartment building She recognizes the sounds of abuse coming from Apartment 7C She will not stand by this time She wants to help She needs to take action She needs to take care of business.This one reads quickly and is a very good tale of revenge from David Bernstein I thoroughly enjoyed the character of Beth, who was drawn out well, and made the perfect protagonist 4 Stars

  • This was the third book of David s I have read in the past few months The other two were Relic of Death and Surrogate This story is about a 82 year old woman named Beth Baker, who lives next door to apartment 7C Who just can t take hearing the noise of the husband beating up his wife in 7C He is a police officer named Carl Palmer and his wife s name is Marcy People from other apartments have called about the fighting in the past but nothing seems to happen The noise fighting day after day in 7C [...]

  • David Bernstein scores another winner with Apartment 7C Look, we ve all lived next to someone we wanted to throttle at some time In this novella, an octogenarian woman has the misfortune of moving next door to an uber abusive cop Managing to build a deep pathos in a short, fast moving novella, I literally read this in one sitting because I couldn t move on to the next part of my day until I knew what happened I can t say enough good things about this book by an author who is not only up and comi [...]

  • The saying is usually short and sweet, but, this is short and shocking Not for the faint of heart, but I love the main character, Beth Baker She is 82 but that does not stop her from trying to figure out how she can help her neighbor, Marcy, from her abusive husband A great story novella because mature women can give you the old lady routine but never underestimate them.

  • Book Review originally published here iheartreading reviews Apartment 7C is a fast paced novella about one woman s revenge on the abusive cop living next door The cop beats his wife, over and over again, each day, and the abuse is getting worse Beth Baker, eighty two years old, has been through something similar before, when her daughter got abused and Beth could do nothing about it.Now Beth starts getting nightly visitations from her daughter s ghost, who wants to convince her to murder the cop [...]

  • 82 year old Beth couldn t save her daughter Alice from being murdered by her abusive husband Maybe she can help Marcy But Marcy didn t take Beth s advice or help Now, it s p to Beth to take care of Marcy s abusive husband But he s a well respected detective and he s threatened Beth.A quick read I finished it in one sitting but that doesn t diminish the story s power Beth is an amazingly strong character who struggles with her mission to take care of Marcy s husband He is a formidable foe who kno [...]

  • I have to give this 5 stars I don t usually read shorter stories but a couple of my book buddies had read it and enjoyed it Seeing we have similar taste in books I thought I would venture and read it too.I wasn t disappointed in what I read.In fact, I was very surprised that so many things and so much tense emotion could be in such a short span of a book It took me around two hours to read.I was cringing towards the end with the explicit things that little old lady done you will need to read it [...]

  • Eighty two year old Beth Barker can hear the cop in 7C beating his wife Her daughter Alice, killed 50 years ago by an abusive husband, visits Beth in her dreams Or are they dreams Whether dreams or visitations, Alice tells Mom something must be done Blood must be shed.How an elderly woman takes on a 250 pound police detective is the story the author spins in this extended short story It s not long enough to be called anything else.Bernstein, known for his dark horror stories, quietly guides us t [...]

  • Apartment 7c is a revenge story about 82 year old Beth, who decides to put an end to her abusive neighborI really enjoyed the straight and uncomplicated style and yes, I did feel a sick satisfaction at the man s bloody punishment Though the outcome was predictable, the way in which the revenge was exercised was not.My only minor criticism is that the interspersed hints at Beth s emotional turmoil about her brutal actions were too short to make a convincing impression They should have either been [...]

  • ARC courtesy of NetGalley and the publishers well that was NOT what I was expecting to happen I was thinking a set up that he couldn t get out of, or allow herself to be beaten catching it on camera or with witnesses, but not that wow, did he ever get what was coming to him, and he certainly couldn t hurt anyone ever again a short intriguing read, and not for the faint hearted

  • A harrowing and brutal exploration of an apartment dweller s nightmare David Bernstein s best yet Rich in detail but still sharp in execution David can can really bring his native New York to life on the page An engrossing read that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

  • In this short from Samhain Publishing David Bernstein does something that a lot of authors strive to do, but never manage to accomplish in novellas He creates a sense of helplessness for the characters, and for the readers You can do nothing but watch from the sidelines as Beth listens to her neighbor get senselessly beaten night after night.Beth, strengthened by the guidance of her dead daughter rises to the occasion to confront not only the cop but first, his wife, in order to try and put a st [...]

  • Review APARTMENT 7C by DAVID BERNSTEINI chose to read this novella for review because I expected much from the author, and much was the result My heart is still pounding and my mind is still vibrating from its roller coaster speed and surprises Mr Bernstein starts with a tragic topic, domestic violence, and personifies it through Beth s neighbor Marcy, and Beth s own daughter Alice, murdered fifty years earlier Yes, Beth is an elderly lady eighty two years old But fragile Look again.Next Mr Bern [...]

  • I received a copy of this book from the publisher, in return for an honest review.This was only my second encounter with anything written by David Bernstein and this completely surpassed my original experience It is obvious that his writing is evolving into something pretty fantastic.This was only a novella, but managed to keep me riveted throughout with a thoroughly satisfying, yet bittersweet conclusion Very well written with tension building with each chapter until the reader is faced with a [...]

  • David Bernstein keeps getting better and better APARTMENT 7C is one of those stories that gets into your blood, roams around a while, and make you question man s inhumanity to manor woman Bernstein tackles the issue of domestic violence with a deft hand and weaves in supernatural elements hallucinations that add another level to his vision What reads like a satisfying revenge tale also doubles as a heartfelt story about familial bonds and carrying out justice at any age and under any circumstanc [...]

  • I enjoyed a lot of this novella David does a great job setting up a strong tale involving an abusive husband and the neighbor who s past makes it necessary for her to intervene.The ending was terrific I ll hold out the goods, so you can experience it fit yourselves.The part that I struggled with was the age of the intervening neighbor It took away some of the potential strength for me.Overall, this piece of work is another solid piece of fiction from Mr Bernstein.My 3 stars are like 3.75 stars. [...]

  • Short story, fast paced.Beth is an 82 years old lady looking for well deserved revengeBut then again what did I just read Liked it, but I m scared

  • The best thing I can say about Apartment 7C is that it s short even for a novella it s really of a short story , so it won t cost than about fifteen minutes of your time I received a review copy, so it didn t cost me anything money wise, but I see that the Kindle price is about 2.50 far too much for something this brief I should also point out that a chunk of the stated 62 page length is taken up by a preview of one of the author s upcoming works As a point of reference, a Goosebumps novel is [...]

  • Beth Baker, an elderly concerned resident of an apartment building, and the main character of Apartment 7c, has been hearing mysterious things in Apartment 7c for a long time She moved in recently, and became aware of a situation that the neighbours all seemed to ignore a wife abusing corrupt cop who beats his wife, Marcy When she finds out what s going on in 7c, it turns out she has a personal attachment to the matter, something in her own history that she has seen before and this time, she vow [...]

  • The short story, Apartment 7C, by David Bernstein was a quick, yet effective glimpse into the tragic realm of domestic violence This reader was shocked at the gruesome imagery portrayed during this tale In addition, I was equally surprised at how few pages the author needed in order to successfully tackle such an in depth topic In short, this story is about violence It is about how it maims, erodes, and most importantly changes people often within a short amount of time It was not lost to this r [...]

  • Horror as a genre is somewhat preposterous, based on the ultimate SNAFU scenarios Apartment 7 takes preposterous to a new level where it s just kinda silly Unless you re buying an 82 year old woman making climbs at the height of 7 stories and commuting spectacular brutalities I found it to be too over the top and the writing wasn t good enough to sell it So as much as I love urban horror and as much as I think the location is only as good as the neighbors, this wasn t really something to read ag [...]

  • A good novella with some extreme horror but a somewhat unsatisfying endingFor a full review, please go to examiner review apartm and follow me on Twitter josenher

  • Fancy a quickie A quick read But Bernstein style I thought this was gonna be a ghost story Turns out I was way off the mark More great stuff from Mr B Treat yourself You know you want to.

  • Wow High action revenge novella with a kick butt eighty year old woman I was on her side all the way If you like King s Misery and Dolores Claiborne then this story is for you

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