Island Fog

↠ Island Fog À John Vanderslice - Island Fog, Island Fog Island Fog is a collection of linked short fictions by veteran storyteller John Vanderslice The eleven stories of Island Fog are connected by both geography and theme Every story is set on Nantucket I ↠ Island Fog À John Vanderslice - Island Fog, Island Fog Island Fog is a collection of linked short fictions by veteran storyteller John Vanderslice The eleven stories of Island Fog are connected by both geography and theme Every story is set on Nantucket I

  • Title: Island Fog
  • Author: John Vanderslice
  • ISBN: 9781935084419
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Paperback
Island Fog

↠ Island Fog À John Vanderslice, Island Fog, John Vanderslice, Island Fog Island Fog is a collection of linked short fictions by veteran storyteller John Vanderslice The eleven stories of Island Fog are connected by both geography and theme Every story is set on Nantucket Island Massachusetts and together they span a period of Nantucket history from to with four different centuries represented Some of the characters the reader meIsland Fog is a c ↠ Island Fog À John Vanderslice - Island Fog, Island Fog Island Fog is a collection of linked short fictions by veteran storyteller John Vanderslice The eleven stories of Island Fog are connected by both geography and theme Every story is set on Nantucket I

  • ↠ Island Fog À John Vanderslice
    208 John Vanderslice
Island Fog

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  • John Vanderslice

    John Vanderslice hails from southern Maryland, specifically the eccentric community of Moyaone, which was developed in the 1950sand 60s by a fearless crew of overeducated, wannabe hippies and anti social survivalists escaping from Washington DC and its ruthlessly expanding white collar suburbs After twelve years of Catholic schooling, and too many summers working as a lifeguard, he left the southern Maryland woods to attend the University of Virginia, from which he graduated in 1983 A series of silly jobs, and a flurry of different addresses, in the Washington DC metro area finally led to him entering the MFA in Poetry Writing program at George Mason University in 1986, where he studied under Peter Klappert, William Matthews, and Susan Tichy He graduated in 1991 and started teaching writing to college freshmen at GMU and Northern Virginia Community College Annandale In 1993, he entered the Ph.D program in the English Department at the University of Louisisana Lafayette, located at the epicenter of the Cajun cultural world After four years of fine dining, great music, and inspired literary fellowship he moved to Conway, Arkansas, where he began teaching part time at the University of Central Arkansas while acting as a stay at home dad for his infant son Several years and another son later, he is a Professor of Creative Writing in UCA s new Department of Film, Theatre, and Creative Writing There he teaches fiction writing and occasionally other genres both to undergraduate majors and to graduate students in the Arkansas Writers MFA Workshop His household is comprised of his wife Stephanie, his two sons, five cats, and two dogs, including the baby of the family, Asuna More than seventy of his stories, poems, essays, and one act plays have appeared in literary journals and anthologies A partial list of these journals includes Seattle Review, Versal, Sou wester, Laurel Review, Crazyhorse, The Pinch, Southern Humanities Review, 1966, Squalorly, Foliate Oak, Red Wheelbarrow, and Exquisite Corpse Some of the anthologies are Appalachian Voice, Redacted Story, Chick for a Day, The Best of the First Line Editors Picks 2002 2006, and Tartts Incisive Fiction from Emerging Writers He also maintains the blog Payperazzi payperazzi , in which he writes about the writing life and the teaching writing life.You can employ the following links to find some of his works published in online journals.Flash fiction Sacrament in Ilanot Review Winter 2014 ilanot.wordpress sacrament Short story Far in Whistling Fire Summer 2013 whistlingfire 2013 07 11 far Short story Home Visit in Gemini Magazine July 2013 gemini magazine vanderslicHistorical short story The Evangelist in New Delta Review Online 1 10 Jan 2011 ndrmag fiction 2011 01 the Science fiction short story No 117 in Mobius The Journal of Social Change 22.4 Winter 2011 mobiusmagazine fiction no1Chapter from comic novel Burnt Norway in Exquisite Corpse A Journal of Letters and Life 17 Dec 2009 corpse indexp optio Memoir essay A Minute Inside the Ocean Cafe, July 1980 in Squalorly Summer 2013 squalorly nonfiction mCollage essay on marathon running in 1966 A Journal of Creative Nonfiction 1.2 Fall 2013 issuu 1966journal docs 196One act play My Word in Foliate Oak Dec 2013 foliateoak john vander

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  • I m become very leery in the last few months at taking on works from a press I ve never heard of, but in this case it was a gamble won More than anything, I loved the disturbing tone of these tales that often especially in the last story, Island Fog move into the realm of the strange the historical aspect of this collection also appealed to me in a big way It s definitely a book that will stay with me for a very long while There are eleven stories in this book that are united by the virtue of be [...]

  • A provoking literary collection of eleven short stories ranging from 1795 to the present all taking place on the intriguing island of Nantucket Tethering the stories is an apparent psychological edge allowing the reader to enter the mind of the protagonists with an understanding of various epiphanies individual characters discover about themselves Each story leaving the reader disquieted and bristled.The first five stories are historical based addressing Quaker dominance, Native American rifts w [...]

  • Island Fog Nantucket is an island south of Cape Cod, state of Massachusetts and this is where Island Fog takes place A series of short stories that all take place on this island starting in 1795 to 2005 A chilling range of stories that feature believable characters, interesting plots and above all great writing A very unique take on an island and it s people The themes of the stories were about bigotry, jealousy, duplicity, greed, religious oppression, and murder This is a book that you will wan [...]

  • I ve been looking for this book for months I keep telling everyone, I need some GOOD fiction something well crafted, with some heft, some gravitas, and maybe some surprise Island Fog has all of that, and some good, dark New England history, characters, and, well, fog.This collection of stories, all set on Nantucket Island between the eighteenth and twenty first centuries is the kind of book that makes you jealous of its author It s one of the books you wish you d written, or even been able to im [...]

  • I thoroughly enjoyed this collection of short stories all engaging, some chilling, all giving a flavor of the place consistent through the book and the time over a span of than 200 years Highly recommend.

  • Wow Not what I expected at all Each short story stands alone but the location ties them together over centuries Some of the stories haunted me I had to finish one in daylight.

  • This island feels like some mad doctor s lab experiment so says one of the fictional residents of Nantucket Island, the setting of John Vanderslice s extraordinary story collection Island Fog But Vanderslice is by no means a mad doctor, though he is definitely one insanely talented writer In the eleven literary experiments that comprise his book, he brilliantly parses the soul of America from 1795 to 2005 through the microcosm of Nantucket Island To borrow the words of yet another of his charact [...]

  • I received a digital copy of this title from the author in exchange for an honest review.Ten Second Synopsis A collection of stories centering around Nantucket and its residents, stretching from the 1800s to roughly today Intrigue, manipulation and emotion are weaved through each story.I read a reasonable amount of short story collections and the thing that really stood out for me about Island Fog was the way that each story held its own as part of the group In fact, each story felt like a novel [...]

  • I received this book in exchange for a honest review.where to begin First this book is amazing John Vanderslice has created stories that have the musings of Hitchcock and even in some instances Twilight Zone while giving the stylistic writing of Edgar Allen Poe Very chilling and very engaging How can I say the musing of Hitchcock and Twilight Zone well some of the stories will remind you of movies and shows of Hitchocks and others have that feel of the twilight zone where you feel you have been [...]

  • 3.5 starsOriginally posted at peekingbetweenthepagesIsland Fog by John Vanderslice is an intriguing and dark collection of eleven short stories and since I enjoy the darker side of things I enjoyed it The stories of Island Fog are linked together by the setting of Nantucket Island and the theme of the stories themselves and they range from 1795 to 2005 so the historical aspect of this collection is especially interesting Island Fog is a novel to savor slowly pick it up, read a story, and then re [...]

  • John Vanderslice s collection features eleven tales centered around the island of Nantucket and the people who live there The first half are historical, the rest are set present day or less and all of them excel in giving the reader a strong sense of the island and its residents.From early whalers and their widows, Quakers, Congregationlists, and Native Americans to a widowed plumber, an expectant father, and , Vanderslice offers up snapshots of life through the eyes of a variety of Nantucketer [...]

  • Island Fog is a collection of short stories that take place on the island of Nantucket off Massachusetts The stories are written in chronological order This allows the reader to follow the historical social and economic developments of Nantucket, which are, of course, also applicable to the American population in general As a lover of all things historical, I found this approach interesting even though not every story was easy to read The first story, for example, features religious bigotry I fo [...]

  • A series of short stories around Nantuckett island The stories are told over two hundred years starting in 1795.The style of writing reminds of John Steinbeck and Conan Doyle, very unique and keeps the reader totally enrapt As you follow the series the descriptive narrative paints an excellent image, the nostalgia involved in some of the tales reminds me of my childhood and as we move through the years, the changes in society and the movement of people it is very poignant The novelist always lea [...]

  • Island Fog by John Vanderslice is a collection of short stories set in Nantucket Island, Massachusetts spanning through the decades of 1795 to present 2005 A collection of short stories, set in within a historical fiction setting with the first half of the book With historical fiction the setting is the most important literary element The reason for this is because the author is writing about a particular time in history so the information that he is writing about must be accurate, authentic or [...]

  • I really enjoyed this book Disclosure The author is a creative writing prof in my MFA program and a friend I loved the idea of the stories all taking place on Nantucket, but this isn t a novel in stories there are no linking characters except the island itself The stories are all really different from each other, and yet all are fully realized and imagined, the characters very real, the conflicts and epiphanies relatable and compelling I also enjoyed how Vanderslice separates the stories into tw [...]

  • I struggled to get into this book, but once I did my patience was rewarded The stories are beautifully crafted, making use of language which at times borders on baroque The way in which John Vanderslice links his separate stories is masterful, with echoes of Melville Possibly because I was suffering from a nasty head cold while reading Island Fog, the tales to me felt surreal and misty not that this detracts from the pleasure, far from it Maybe one to re read when healthy First Read

  • Vanderslice has written an engrossing collection of stories that spans a little over 200 years Set in Nantucket, the tales cover the darker side of the beautiful little island and its inhabitants Bigotry, jealousy, betrayal, greed, religious indifference, and murder are just a few of the topics covered in this evocative novel.The chronological order in which this is written makes it a bitter reminder that mankind has advanced in many ways, but there are some things that will never change Believa [...]

  • This is a group of stories and each one made me wonder This is also the best time of year to read this book, just before Halloween I usually read a story at a time, but these stories were woven together by their setting and I was pulled in to the isand and was curious what would happen next It was hard for me to put this book down I also really liked that the author had the stories advance through time It was interesting to read how the people and times can move on, but the island never lost its [...]

  • I really enjoyed all the stories in this book except for the last one, which felt like it was from a different collection altogether I think the first one was my favorite.

  • Book Source Author in exchange for an honest reviewAn interesting blend of short stories, I enjoyed visiting Nantucket through different centuries and enjoyed the historical aspect of the book.

  • With each story, I became and engrossed in the landscape and the diverse characters and plots Fantastic writing

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