A Brutal Betrayal

[PDF] Unlimited ☆ A Brutal Betrayal : by D.C. Renee - A Brutal Betrayal, A Brutal Betrayal Past Everyone has one It shapes the person they become It determines the present It even contributes to the future And sometimes people are thrown together in spite of it It was no secret that Megan [PDF] Unlimited ☆ A Brutal Betrayal : by D.C. Renee - A Brutal Betrayal, A Brutal Betrayal Past Everyone has one It shapes the person they become It determines the present It even contributes to the future And sometimes people are thrown together in spite of it It was no secret that Megan

  • Title: A Brutal Betrayal
  • Author: D.C. Renee
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 470
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A Brutal Betrayal

[PDF] Unlimited ☆ A Brutal Betrayal : by D.C. Renee, A Brutal Betrayal, D.C. Renee, A Brutal Betrayal Past Everyone has one It shapes the person they become It determines the present It even contributes to the future And sometimes people are thrown together in spite of it It was no secret that Megan Verona was raped It crippled her being turning her from a vibrant young woman to someone who feared intimacy After years of struggling she decided to seek help with aPast Everyone [PDF] Unlimited ☆ A Brutal Betrayal : by D.C. Renee - A Brutal Betrayal, A Brutal Betrayal Past Everyone has one It shapes the person they become It determines the present It even contributes to the future And sometimes people are thrown together in spite of it It was no secret that Megan

  • [PDF] Unlimited ☆ A Brutal Betrayal : by D.C. Renee
    470 D.C. Renee
A Brutal Betrayal

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    I have been writing for as long as I could remember It started as poems as birthday and anniversary presents they were super cheesy and all rhymed , moved onto monologues and short stories, then transitioned into fan fictions yep, there are a few of mine floating around somewhere , and then I found the courage to publish a book And I loved it And so I didn t stop.I also love to read I think that s pretty much a prerequisite for writing I read anything that sounds good and or is recommended to me, but I tend to enjoy love stories or ones that make me cry.A couple of fun facts about me I work at an insurance company, but I get to work with my sister, so it s fun I have a loving and supportive husband I am SUPER close to my family like I talk to them several times a day even my in laws I love to listen to the same song over and over again until my hubby says it s been played out 20 repeats ago hehe I dance around the house for fun I think I ve shared enough embarrassing tidbits.One last thing I have the best readers fans

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  • 3,5 Stars I liked this book right away, the writing was engaging, the characters very likeable, but towards the end, some believability and psychological questions arise Nevertheless this story is filled with sentimentals and will make you think a lot.I am not someone who cringes away from dark or twisted stories Actually i crave them like a true addict, and this book surely had a lot of dark issues to deal with Both main characters have huge baggages to work on and some awful situations to over [...]

  • I received a finished copy in exchange for an honest review from the author It does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.Full Review on Brianna s Bookish Confessions.This was such an emotional, dark read It covers a touchy subject that can often be difficult to write about in a book That topic being rape Our main character, Megan at 16 years old was brutally raped and left for dead 7 years later and gone through countless therapists who can t seem to bring the intimacy s [...]

  • ARC Loved it Well written Without sharing spoilers since the book is not out yet I will say that the twist in the story had me freaking out I had no idea how the author was going to fix what happened and I did not see it coming at all which is why I am giving this book a 5 star rating The author really surprised me, I thought there was no way the situation could get resolved and things could be ok between the main characters But of course the author managed to surprise me The story had romance, [...]

  • 4.5 stars I can t live in this stupid bubble it isn t doing me any good I need out I need air to breathe I need to be normal Megan Verona is a single twenty three year old young woman, who has never been in a relationship At the age of sixteen she was brutally raped in an alleyway and left for dead Now seven years later and she hasn t made any headway with getting close to someone, romantically Emotional scars stain her broken soul, encasing her within a bubble Playing voyeur as the world passes [...]

  • It s been two days since I finished this book and I m still nowhere near knowing how I really feel about that ending The story starts with a horribly, heartbreaking scene 16 year old Megan is brutally raped and left for dead Now 7 years later, Megan is still trying to overcome her tragic past She s been through numerous therapists with no success in getting back the intimacy she craves In comes DeclanDeclan is an ex Marine turned therapist He genuinely wants to help everyone who walks through hi [...]

  • Advance Readers Copy ARC provided for my blog by the lovely author for an honest review Thank youTitle A Brutal BetrayalAuthor D.C ReneePages Genre New AdultRelease Date October 1st, 2014

  • ARC given to me by author for honest reviewI loved this book I m going to just reflect alittle but no spoilers because you gotta read it for yourself to see why I loved it so much There are a few scenes that might be upsetting for some but you must read them to follow the story and have the right feelings to really understand.It starts off right away into a horrible, heartbreaking scene with Megan as a teenager Then it jumps forward to her having to go through therapy from her ordeal where she m [...]

  • I thoroughly enjoyed Declan and Megan s story The premise captured my attention but I had some concerns that it might focus too heavily on the angst of whether or not a therapist should become involved with his patient The author did a great job of avoiding what could have been a cliched and overdone focus and instead built their relationship in a very believable waytiently showing us their growing bond and trust Declan is such a sweet and supportive friend to Megan at first so it was easy to un [...]

  • I think I found my new book boyfriend I love me some Declan I love that he s a military boy who s out to help people and how he can be so sweet and caring with Megan He just melted my heart Megan and Declan were just wow Declan was helping Megan and everything was going great and then BAM the twist Dang it, I was in shock and I couldn t believe it but I give props to the author for being brave and going there That was unbelievable and I was actually worried on how I could get my hea after this a [...]

  • Wow This is a brilliantly well written story It literally grabbed my attention from start to finish When Megan was sixteen she was raped Seven years later her life is still at a standstill as she can t move on She s referred to a therapist called Declan However Declan has his own demons he needs to deal with Can these two help each other move on If your looking for a brilliant story with broken characters then I highly recommend this book.

  • Sizzling Pages Romance ReviewsNichole s Sizzling ReviewsSizzling Pages FacebookSizling Pages on TSU Twitter SizzlingpagesEmail sizzlingpages gmailWhere is my heart.Because it s not in my chest right now Ifind that the books that make me feel the most from every spectrum of theemotion rainbow are the hardest for me to review When a book pushes myboundaries and pulls me out of my comfort zone.ose are the ones that areeven the hardest I found that Brutal Betrayal is probably going to be thehardest [...]

  • Seven years ago, when she was just 16 years old, Megan was brutally raped during a visit to a bar with a friend.Today she s still not able to live her life the way she thinks she should She s afraid of intimacy, of letting men touch her, even to only shake her hands.Enter Declan Connors 25 year old soldier turned therapist.He usually only helps veterans with PTSD and a few other problems, he s never had to deal with a rape victim But his colleague and mentor Chuck asks him to take on Megan he fe [...]

  • 4 stars Intense, emotionally charged and enthralling Those words best describe this book, in my opinion It starts out with a prologue that would break anyone s heart Megan , while having this horrid past, comes off as a fun character with a great personality Fast forward a few years, and Megan still has trouble healing and her therapists sends her over to Declan, who apparently can help her in ways her therapist can t The relationship between these two and how it unfolds and grows is beautifully [...]

  • JOSIE S 4.5 STAR REVIEW A Beautiful Betrayal by D.C Renee was a wonderfully written book, and I loved it Please note there are some scenes that can be overwhelming and upsetting but they are absolutely needed to completely understand the plot The prologue starts off when a teenage Megan finds herself in a bad situation It is so emotional, heartbreaking and intense When a book starts off that strong you know that it is going to be a roller coaster ride that will take you on an emotional journey T [...]

  • Well DC Renee you certainly wrote a very interesting book indeed Now I struggled with this a little as my co reviewer knows, but this was purely the writing style The 3rd person omniscient was a good way to write the characters but I wasn t hauled into some of the flashbacks because of that style of writing though But that s just my preference.Now I was chatting to Rob co reviewer all the way through my experience of this book and he ll confirm that I had guessed the outcome, the reason behind w [...]

  • I m tossing this behind a tag because it s super spoilery and I swear a ridiculous amount view spoiler Just, no Hell no Fuck no This book is a million kinds of fucked up, so fucked up that the sub par writing barely even registered I m so angry, that I can t even coherently write about it I texted my sister for most of the book, and I think she summed it up well I don t like the tone it s sending out Sure you were traumatized by rape but it s ok cause he s actually a really nice guy that you ll [...]

  • Okay so here is what I think about this story fate is a cruel, cruel you know what How is it that she can destroy something and then make it so that you fell normal again only to set you up for another trap Why because she knows whats best Well in this story as much as I could never see my self in that situation I truly felt what Megan was feeling Better yet I felt what Declan had felt Yeah fate she is a female dog.This story was so well written that I couldn t see where she was leading me with [...]

  • I was patiently waiting for another book to come out by this writer.And my patience paid off What a wonderful book I had a feeling the characters would fall in love, but I didn t see the twist coming at all The book is very well written You get emotionally invested in it and can t help but feel anger, pain, hurt, happiness as if you re part of the story It also describes the best qualities in a person sensitivity, caring and love.I really enjoyed reading this book and highly recommend it to othe [...]

  • I loved the book it was so well written and intriguing that I couldn t stop reading The author surprised me because when you are reading it you think that you know the ending but the author just kept throwing new interesting twists into the book I can t think of a negative about it I would highly recommend this book to all readers as long as you are ready to read a few sad heart pulling pages.

  • 4.5 but since I can t do.5s it was still than a 4 I don t think I ve been this anxious while reading a book in a long time I wanted to skip through the book to see what would happen, and then I would start thinking about what I thought was going to happen But nonetheless this was such a good book Thank you so much DC Renee for sending me this truly heartbreaking, yet amazing book

  • Surely this author didn t any research about the necessary requirements to be a psychoanalyst A real psychoanalyst would have never ignored an ego mechanism defense such as a repression I would have enjoyed if this book had been about a repentant criminal and not a criminal who did not know that had committed a crime.

  • This is my 2nd book by this author and I m in love again I loved the twist and how it all came together at the end I m a sucker for no cliffhanger books and hea which this book delivers on This is another must read by DC Renee Loved it

  • Am I really going to give myself anything less than 5 stars I hope you enjoy reading this story as much as I loved writing it

  • Wow What a shocker I so did not see that coming and I loved it This book is very well written and I truly enjoyed it Read it all in one sitting Can t wait for from this author.

  • This wasn t my favorite book by this author but still a good read Tough subject and very detailed making it tough to read at times This is definitely an emotional read

  • 4 Loved It Stars Review by Jen Hagen Megan was 16 years old trying out her fake ID with her best friend when she stepped outside the club alone for a brief moment to catch some fresh air In the darkness a demon was watching and waiting, a demon that still holds her down 7 years later Following her rape, Megan shut herself down and is not easily approachable even as a friend She keeps herself distant and does not allow anybody into her life She has seen a barrage of therapists, but nobody seems t [...]

  • The beginning of this story started out heart breaking Then the author took us to the place of recovery After that she gave us a beautiful love story, although I had an issue with it, which I will explain soon While comfortable in the love story, feeling the warm fuzzy feeling, she blindsided us with a twist that NO ONE saw coming and I was left enraged Megan went out with her friend for drinks and dancing, two teenagers, both under 18, took the chance when a set of parents were gone to hit the [...]

  • Megan was brutally attacked one night and had her innocence stolen from her Since then she s never been able to forget, move forward or been able to get close to another man, so after many attempts with different therapists she s finally referred to Declan, a younger psychologist who might be able to finally help her But Declan is battling his own demons Can these two individuals who are tortured by their own pasts, move beyond them and end up not only helping each other by end up together Past [...]

  • I Love Story Time was gifted an ARC in exchange for an honest review 4Stars This was the first book that I have read by D.C Renee and I really enjoyed it D.C created a story of two characters over coming their past and learning how to forgive and trust Declan and Megan s story is one that will conjure so many different emotions from the reader I felt every emotion as I was reading about the past that Megan went through while seeking the help from Declan, her therapist Megan is having a hard time [...]

  • Seven years ago Megan was raped when out with a friend at a bar trying out their fake ID s A devastating event that left her broken in so many ways as it would anyone who experiences something so brutal and wrong Now today, she is still scared of anyone s touch and deathly afraid of intimacy of any kind down to even hand shaking has left her living life alone ever since that day She has managed to keep living her life, but not the way she wants to and knows she should She wants what everyone els [...]

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