Anger is an Energy: My Life Uncensored

↠ Anger is an Energy: My Life Uncensored ☆ John Lydon - Anger is an Energy: My Life Uncensored, Anger is an Energy My Life Uncensored John Lydon has secured prime position as one of the most recognizable icons in the annals of music history As Johnny Rotten he was the lead singer of the Sex Pistols the world s most notorious band ↠ Anger is an Energy: My Life Uncensored ☆ John Lydon - Anger is an Energy: My Life Uncensored, Anger is an Energy My Life Uncensored John Lydon has secured prime position as one of the most recognizable icons in the annals of music history As Johnny Rotten he was the lead singer of the Sex Pistols the world s most notorious band

  • Title: Anger is an Energy: My Life Uncensored
  • Author: John Lydon
  • ISBN: 9781471137198
  • Page: 404
  • Format: Hardcover
Anger is an Energy: My Life Uncensored

↠ Anger is an Energy: My Life Uncensored ☆ John Lydon, Anger is an Energy: My Life Uncensored, John Lydon, Anger is an Energy My Life Uncensored John Lydon has secured prime position as one of the most recognizable icons in the annals of music history As Johnny Rotten he was the lead singer of the Sex Pistols the world s most notorious band who shot to fame in the mid s with singles such as Anarchy in the UK and God Save the Queen So revolutionary was his influence he was even discussed in the ↠ Anger is an Energy: My Life Uncensored ☆ John Lydon - Anger is an Energy: My Life Uncensored, Anger is an Energy My Life Uncensored John Lydon has secured prime position as one of the most recognizable icons in the annals of music history As Johnny Rotten he was the lead singer of the Sex Pistols the world s most notorious band

  • ↠ Anger is an Energy: My Life Uncensored ☆ John Lydon
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Anger is an Energy: My Life Uncensored

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    John Lydon is best known by his former stage name Johnny Rotten who was the lead singer of the 1970 s punk rock group the Sex Pistols He is the lead singer of the punk band Public Image Ltd PiL which he founded Lydon is also a visual artist In 1995, Lydon published his autobiography Rotten No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs, which dealt with his early life and career in the Sex Pistols His second autobiography Anger Is an Energy covers the PiL years.

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  • I like music biographies I like John Lydon I really enjoyed John s first autobiography Rotten No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs I like PiL I like the Sex Pistols I like punk rock I like autobiographies What could possibly go wrong The introductory publisher s note should probably have set the alarm bells ringing Ostensibly apologising for typos and words which may not exist because this is John in his own words but, having read the thing, I suspect it was as much an apology about the lack of any kind [...]

  • Anger is an Energy is John Lydon s second attempt at an autobiography, following 199 4 s Rotten No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs Clearly one of the drawbacks of writing an early in life autobiography, is that there may well be a lot of life still left to live and still left to write about Autobiographies generally fall into one of a few categories, either the warts and all kiss and tell expos variety, or the vacuous minor celebrity pointlessness type, not forgetting the shamelessly self promotion se [...]

  • Intelligent without being intellectual and always entertaining And what about that whine Lydon via Andrew Perry or less chronologically recounts his life from a wee lad to the present time A born raconteur, Lydon relates the saga of his life in the Sex Pistols and beyond and everything in between Full of laughs there are also decidedly serious and tender moments than you would expect and Johnny comes off as a fairly serious person, not one for sex and drugs and rock n roll but he s seen it, ju [...]

  • Don t listen to anyone who tells you this book is anything but worth reading As usual, John Lydon delivers the truth and, like it or not, if you can t handle what he s written here, you are still waiting for a bus that s not coming Anyone who grew up in Lydon s cohort, especially the dirt poor, downtrodden, and disenfranchised, will appreciate the candour and honesty in his look back on a life jammed with experience Those who were comfortable with the Joe Strummer brand of pseudo proletarian ph [...]

  • I haven t read Lydon s previous biography which I understand is mainly about the Pistols but this one spends about 150 pages on that era than the rest on PIL and his various TV experiences Insightful stuff with perhaps a rant or two that go on for a bit too long, but to me even that was entertaining I especially liked all the info surrounding the making of PIL s 1986 release, Album, and how he appreciates and is friends with many people you d never think he would be These 500 pages fly by in no [...]

  • enjoyed this autobiography charting his early life and the music of the sex pistols and PIL sometimes gets bogged down but on the whole was enjoyable.

  • The second autobiography by John Lydon though this one plus far expansive than the first.The first was ultimately a book about the Pistols a almost setting the record stranger s tome in regard to the early punk years ,this book does go over that ground but in concise form and expands further by embracing the post pistols years from PIL to TV work and beyond.As such I enjoyed this book far ch as I appreciate the Pistols musically I was in tune with PIL and as such I enjoyed this book far .Thou [...]

  • John Lydon embraces chaos and contradiction, is frequently loud and rude, and doesn t care if everyone hates him The funny thing about him, though, is that he s actually quite likable and charming and pretty insightful as well This book is a bit of a ramble, but Lydon is a natural raconteur and it s really enjoyable if you go with the flow He delivers a solid narrative ride through the his impoverished childhood in North London, the Sex Pistols, Public Image Ltd his bizarre emergence as a realit [...]

  • I would have to say that I m of a fan of Lydon than I am of the Pistols or PiL Here s a man who tells it like it is, and doesn t give a damn who offends That s what I ve loved about him You ask the man a question, you got an honest answer, and if he didn t like the questions he d tell you I ve noticed over the years that Lydon s mellowed a bit in his old age The interviews are interesting, but still hold the same amount of honesty we ve come to expect I read No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs, and wa [...]

  • Est bien l es encantador, y el libro tiene el humor, el comidillo y el desahogo que uno esperar a con dos blancos de ira recurrentes Malcom McLaren y Vivienne Westwood y algunos otros inesperados, como Herb Alpert Hay p rrafos graciosos y algunos datos reveladores el v nculo entre Mick Jagger y Sid Vicious, por ejemplo Pero no vale creer que sta sea la autobiograf a definitiva de Rotten, porque su libro previo No irish, no blacks, no dogs es excelente y tiene mucho m s de los Sex Pistols que ste [...]

  • Mr Rotten is not so rotten The pantomime villain of punk comes across as quite a nice guy in this autobiography Yes he s angry and a little bitter at times however he also doesn t appear to take himself too seriously I love punk music and while the Sex Pistol s aren t my favourite band never mind the bollox is one hell of an album I also love john s band Pil very underrated I was lucky to see the Sex Pistol s when then reformed in 2008, what a night I m given this book five stars It s not for ev [...]

  • The world according to Johnny Rotten Or, How I leveraged Sex Pistols fame to become a TV celebrity Rotten Tells All Keith Levine s a C tThis bio should set the record straight and cement Lydon s legacy with his version the real story Is their a JL presidential library in the works I m kidding In fairness I should say that, no, I did not read his other earlier opus I really loved this bio I laughed out loud many times So funny funny funny Hilarious In it Lydon is very forthcoming about his relati [...]

  • Good book Although I ve not closely followed Mr Lydon s Rotten s career, I ve generally enjoyed what I ve experienced of it He s articulate and thoughtful and personable than one would expect if one knew him only as the lead singer of the Sex Pistols This is actually the second autobiography of his that I ve read The first, Rotten No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs or something like that I m relying solely on memory here was largely concerned with the Pistols era This volume goes into detail on his [...]

  • A very readable romp through his life and you hear his voice throughout so much that there is a warning from the publisher that it has been edited but they ve left it as it is, spellings etc, so that it is authentically his voice Though this is meant to be about PiL there is plenty about his early life and the Pistols, We were just an easy target, a bunch of saucy boys from the wrong side of town who were making a racket and were easy to shoot down p133 and the language and its use is just so en [...]

  • 16 6 15 Still working through this one far, not as enjoyable as Rotten 1994 Lydon s term with PiL who I followed as well , and his subsequent career as a campy TV celebrity is somehow not as inspiring as his halcyon days as a Sex Pistol18 6 15 OK, I truly could not finish this book Professional blowhard,loudmouth,raconteur and now wealthy Brit Lydon, enjoying his California mansion, boat, lovely wife, net worth 15 million dollars Oh yes, he s really living on the edge his opinion still relevant [...]

  • OK, so I stopped reading and started flipping pages around 1980 But I really enjoyed all the stuff about Lydon s growing up as a poor kid who hung around at the library all the time and his no holds barred account of the beginning of punk The guy is not a bit impressed with punk mythology or hagiography cause duh, he was there and is naturally contrary Thus, many unflattering remarks about Vivienne Westwood A bit windy, could have used a stronger edit, but worth a look if you find this time in h [...]

  • There is something about the story of John Lydon, aka Johnny Rotten, that I never realized prior to reading his latest autobiography Anger is an Energy That is that he and I are very much alike And he s probably like you and every man woman than any of us would have suspected This is hard to believe After all, as he ll tell you himself, he s Johnny F king Rotten The original punk There is and can be only one And I bet you don t want to believe that you re like him any than you can imagine that [...]

  • John Lydon a k a Johnny Rotten of the great English punk band the Sex Pistols, brings us his second volume of memoirs the first being Rotten No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs and boy it is something to read Like a blunt guy Like someone with the courage to tell things the way they are Someone with firm values and opinions he s not afraid to voice, yet who is open to all experiences and attempts to see the positive in the worst of situations Would you expect that of Johnny Rotten Sure But it s also Jo [...]

  • If you know what you re getting into with John Lydon, this is one hell of a fun read Unapologetic unless it s warranted , angry often to a hilarious, this situation is so ridiculous it s a comedy degree , cantankerous but only because he truly does love you all in that Irish way , and always heartfeltat s John And he loves to use the c word a lot never as a sexist slur but always in the British sense of he s a ing idiot Underneath all that lies an actual true friend, someone who cares deeply abo [...]

  • John Lydon s second autobiography is essentially his manifesto He uses it as his personal outlet to tell his side of the story but he also uses it to rant A lot No one in this book is immune to his criticisms and often times, contempt except his beloved Nora It s like Lydon s sneering color commentary for the story of his life You can t say he didn t warn us in the title.I enjoyed the journey of this book It felt like taking a tour with Lydon as your personal guide He tells his story but he also [...]

  • Interesting You can imagine the editor s despair when he she was presented with this book, and you can see why they decided to leave it in Rotton ese, but at times it makes for tiresome reading If they d cut out all the guff this could have been half the length it is Still, it s Johnny so what can you say

  • A great and inspiring read Chock full of useful and inspirational quotes all told in a charming, conversational style The book bogged down for me a bit when it gets into his TV years, but that s only cuz I m not very familiar with that work, no fault of the book or the writing.

  • Uneven Some have noted it seems dictated instead of written Also, I ve always found PIL to be dull I do want to see the nature shows he hosted for Discovery He is a witty, smart guy but a bit too all over the place for a book Could be titled THIS NEEDS EDITING.

  • Excellent obviously a sort of update of his no blacks, no Jews, no irish earlier tome but, if anything, even Ore searingly honest.

  • Rotten luck some years ago well, probably nearly 20 if I m honest I read John Lydon s previous volume of autobiography, with the provocative title No Blacks, No Dogs, No Irish, a reference to discriminatory signs commonly displayed in the windows of pubs and lodging houses in the north London of the 60s when he was growing up With such a background it s little wonder he became rotten as well as very angry indeed Lydon is one of punk s articulate children and No Blacks captured the same spirit e [...]

  • This book is extremely raw and a breath of fresh air especially in today s selfie society but then again so is John Lydon,a man who has a force of bravery upon his words and who stands by the real act of anarchy Anarchy is a movement that is stood by convictions,thoughts and feelings that are not in anyway compressed into society upon words it is the strongest,this book brings it home,kicks you in the head with glorious words and leaves you paralysed with your thoughts,it s an outstanding read,a [...]

  • This is exactly what it advertises to be, and if you don t know what that is then this is not the book for you.To some extent Lydon has made a career out of being the nasty pretentious yob who slags everyone else s music as empty commercial drivel and pop culture as a whole as time wasting celebrity chasing This is the Punk Johnny Rotten who is the public persona.Then there is John Lydon the guy that had some music in the 70s and 80s that changed the direction of music , but also appeared in Cou [...]

  • I m only about 1 4 through this book, but I m not sure I m going to finish it First of all, it s tough to get through because of all the antique British slang Yobs, demob suits, teddy boys, the Paddies I suppose I could stop to google all of these but then the going would be even slower Secondly, Lydon introduces characters and events with no factual context, as if you should already know who they are and why they are significant I haven t read any other books about the Sex Pistols, who were sli [...]

  • I ve always liked John Lydon but wasn t always sure of all the things he was trying to do and say Not enough clarity I ve been watching a lot of material on YouTube and that helped This book, however, clarifies an awful lot He s had a lot of bad press but hasn t always been exactly helpful in presenting a clear picture himself I have a lot admiration for him now that I ve read this I like a man who speaks his mind, isn t afraid to piss off the powers that be, oppose the naysayers, and upset the [...]

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