Peaceful Neighbor

[PDF] Download ↠ Peaceful Neighbor : by Michael G. Long - Peaceful Neighbor, Peaceful Neighbor Fred Rogers was one of the most radical pacifists of contemporary history We do not usually think of him as radical partly because he wore colorful soft sweaters made by his mother Nor do we usually [PDF] Download ↠ Peaceful Neighbor : by Michael G. Long - Peaceful Neighbor, Peaceful Neighbor Fred Rogers was one of the most radical pacifists of contemporary history We do not usually think of him as radical partly because he wore colorful soft sweaters made by his mother Nor do we usually

  • Title: Peaceful Neighbor
  • Author: Michael G. Long
  • ISBN: 9780664260477
  • Page: 276
  • Format: Paperback
Peaceful Neighbor

[PDF] Download ↠ Peaceful Neighbor : by Michael G. Long, Peaceful Neighbor, Michael G. Long, Peaceful Neighbor Fred Rogers was one of the most radical pacifists of contemporary history We do not usually think of him as radical partly because he wore colorful soft sweaters made by his mother Nor do we usually imagine him as a pacifist that adjective seems way too political to describe the host of a children s program known for its focus on feelings We have restricted Fred RogeFred Rogers [PDF] Download ↠ Peaceful Neighbor : by Michael G. Long - Peaceful Neighbor, Peaceful Neighbor Fred Rogers was one of the most radical pacifists of contemporary history We do not usually think of him as radical partly because he wore colorful soft sweaters made by his mother Nor do we usually

  • [PDF] Download ↠ Peaceful Neighbor : by Michael G. Long
    276Michael G. Long
Peaceful Neighbor

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  • I received an ARC copy of this e book from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.As I was reading this very thoughtful and deeply theological book I realized that I was not the right audience for this sort of like I had accidentally wandered into the wrong movie I was looking for a biography with some insight into Fred Roger s philosophy theology I am a huge fan of this man and feel that he is one of those few people that left the world a better place than he found it [...]

  • I received this book from a giveaway.I had never really thought about Mister Rogers as a countercultural figure before However, the idea does make sense He was a pacifist who taught children about non confrontational ways to solve problems He didn t agree with the traditional gender roles of men going to work and women staying in as homemakers He was friends with a black man during a time when there was high racial tension He was a vegetarian, he was accepting of gays, and he told children that [...]

  • The I read about Fred Rogers then I want to be like him His book takes a deep look at Roger s Faith and how it was lived out in each area of his life It s as if Rogers took the notion of the Kingdom of God and lived it out in the neighborhood of the world

  • Absolutely fascinating I ve never watched much Mr Rogers Neighborhood, but now I want to As a big Jim Henson fan and, as you all know, an avid devourer of picture books , I m very comfortable with taking children s entertainment seriously I also like counterculture social justice hippie stuff, so the premise of this book attracted me.It broadened my mind on many subjects The book deeply explores Rogers philosophies his radical pacifism, his civil rights activism, his feminism, his vegetarianism, [...]

  • If you watched Mister Rogers as a child, you will love reading this book Every time you sit down to read it the theme song will play through your head and you will will find yourself transformed back into his television home However, this book gives you a behind the scenes look into the Neighborhood beyond the context of your home In Peaceful Neighbor, Mister Rogers and his gentle spirit are revealed not a gimmick or ploy, but true to who Fred Rogers was as a human being It wasn t done to sell y [...]

  • Peaceful Neighbor by Michael G Long is a free NetGalley ebook that I began reading on a Monday afternoon in March Similar to other books I ve read recently, I was inspired to request this book due to seeing a documentary film in this particular case, it was an episode of PBS Pioneers of Television.Prior to reading this, I had no idea that Fred Rogers was a pacifist, Tolstoyan, Quaker Presbyterian minister But, even though it s new information, the delivery is very tired and jumbled with historic [...]

  • A thoughtful analysis of Fred Rogers theology and philosophy, and how he incorporated it into his work on Mr Rogers Neighborhood The first half of the book focuses on Rogers thinking around war and peace, while the second half covers a variety of social issues race, gender roles, vegetarianism animal rights While celebrating Rogers work, Long doesn t hesitate to name the places where he fell short or bowed to pressure to avoid controversy While the prose sometimes dragged in particular, the reca [...]

  • I was disappointed with this book I expected it to talk about Mr Rogers and his faith I could have done without the American history recaps and long descriptions of individual television episodes I didn t finish it 4 30 15 I received an ARC from NetGalley 3 11 15

  • 51swoznfYCL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Title Peaceful Neighbor Discovering the Countercultural Mister RogersAuthor Michael G LongPublisher Westminster John Knox PressYear 2015Pages 176Mr Rogers Neighborhood on From what I can gather, Mr Rogers only broadcast his television program during Republican Presidential administrations because according to Long these were the only presidents Mr Rogers was critical of Try as I did to find a Democrat who was the object of Mr Rogers ire or Long s for that matte [...]

  • I confess I was intrigued by the title and description of this biography Mr Rogers came on television when I was entering adolescence, and so I didn t watch it for myself When I had children of my own, I tried to limit their time spent in front of TV, and so I tended to watch Sesame Street with them and then reach for the off button But my son wanted to see Mr Rogers, and I confess that although the magic escaped me who wanted to watch this dull man with the puppet on his hand, seriously my son, [...]

  • The I look around me and within me the I notice that those who feel best about themselves have the greatest capacity to feel good about others.Growing up with Mr Rogers, I was excited to know the man behind the neighborhood He was a pacifist but he also was an activist regarding children I have mixed feelings but it does not take away from my appreciation of the man His soft spoken voice and his intentionality of others is greatly to be admired My favorite account of Rogers was of that listeni [...]

  • If you ve ever wondered, What would Mister Rogers think about some current issue, this is the book for you The answers are often not surprising, except for how ahead of his time the man in the sweater turns out to have been I highly recommend this book.Peaceful Neighbor Discovering the Countercultural Mister Rogers presents the Fred Rogers that we all probably suspected was real but never got to see because the man so carefully cultivated his public image Michael Long, a scholar of religion, pea [...]

  • By the time Mr Rogers came on the scene I was already well into my elementary school years I grew up with Captain Kangaroo Over the years I ve caught snippets of his children s show that appeared on PBS stations for decades I knew him to be a gentle fatherly figure who wore a cardigan sweater, taught children to be gentle and let loose of their imaginations Along the way I learned that he was an ordained Presbyterian minister who saw his show as a form of ministry, even if the the religious elem [...]

  • Thank you to NetGalley and Westminster John Knox Press for this free readers edition In exchange I am providing an honest review.Growing up I didn t watch Mister Rogers Neighborhood very often Sesame Street was my thing, perhaps it was my parents thing Regardless, I watched enough to know references to the show Mister Rogers, his cardigans, the residents of the Make Believe Neighborhood, the song It wasn t until I was an adult that looking back, er watching back, I could appreciate Mister Roge [...]

  • This book was not quite what I expected I ve been a Mr Rogers fan for some time now and I actively seek out books and other stories about him So, when I came to this book I was naturally interested My interests were especially piqued by the academic nature of the book There were several things I did like The first and foremost was that this book has made Mr Rogers seem human than any other I ve read It is clearly not a hagiographical account This made me feel much better about myself and helped [...]

  • This was a really interesting book Like many my age, I grew up watching Mr Rogers lace his shoes and talk gently in the land of Make Belief What I didn t realize at the time was how strong of a pacifist Mr Rogers actually was As Long writes, In a very real sense, we ve domesticated Fred Rogers and his radical pacifism We ve restricted him to the realm of entertainment, children, and feelings, and we ve ripped him out of his political and religious context After reading this insightful book, I wo [...]

  • Full Disclosure I received this Kindle book from Net Galley in exchange for a review.Calling Mr Rogers a counter culturalfigure or radical pacifist seems to be an oxymoron This could not be the Mr Rogers that we all knew and loved The man that sang sweet songs, brought us King Friday and Lady Aberlin, and a host of other characters while calming our children didn t just have a message for the little ones but his message was for all of us This book is so good that I believe I will purchase it jus [...]

  • Peaceful Neighbor written by Michael G Long is a biography about Mr Fred Rogers who was the long time t.v host of Mr Rogers Neighborhood I wanted to review this book to learn about Mr Rogers because I watched his show faithfully for several years.Fred Rogers was a dedicated pacifist pg xii He was also an ordained Presbyterian minister I learned that the sweaters he wore were made by his mother pg xii Fred died of Stomach cancer in 2003 and is still sought out today via the internet I was surpri [...]

  • Though part biography, this book is primarily an exploration of Fred Rogers theological beliefs and the way those beliefs manifested themselves through his television show Mr Rogers Neighborhood He was an ordained Presbyterian minister I noticed some other reviews say that he is a Quaker minister and while his pacifism was certainly similar to that of the Quakers, Rogers was absolutely a Presbyterian minister He was called to minister to children and his show was his ministry.This wasn t a book [...]

  • Review Peaceful Neighbor Peaceful Neighbor Discovering the Countercultural Mister Rogers Michael G LongI received an ARC copy of this ebook from the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.I have always loved and appreciated Fred Rogers as a gentle soul, who wanted us to love each other and treat each other with kindness and compassion Everything I learned only made me appreciate him and this book, opening my eyes to his Christianity based politics, was the icing on the cak [...]

  • My son grew up watching Mister Rogers Neighborhood, thus that meant that we his parents also watched this show There was just something special about Fred Rogers and his ability to bring a soothing yet educational show to young children From the opening of the show when he would enter and sing a song and change out of a coat and put on a warm sweater made by his mother and sit down to talk with you it was just calming and soothing.But there was to Fred Rogers than what the children saw He was a [...]

  • I love books where I learn something new about something I already have a fairly great grasp of knowledge on This was one of those books I am and have been a huge fan of Fred Rogers I grew up with him, so to write, and have followed him way into the time where it was no longer appropriate to watch kids TV shows There was just something about the man.I also knew that he was an ordained preacher and often his theology would bleed into his shows This book is about his theology and how he used his s [...]

  • Growing up, I admired, knew and loved Mr Rogers as a gentle teacher, a kind man who understood that kids had feelings and concerns too and often didn t know what to make of them He always wore sweaters and in my child s mind, I used to worry that he was cold, but now I realize he was making himself approachable, like a kind grandfather, one who always cared about me, and liked me just the way I was.This book made me realize that all of that was true, that his concern for the world was far greate [...]

  • I love Mr Rogers He was born the same day and year as my dad but was about as opposite my father as a man could be This probably fostered my early and continuing disbelief in astrology I watched Mr Rogers neighborhood as a child and really enjoyed when he would go into factories and show how things were made I wasn t as much a fan of the land of make believe I guess I should ve been I was so surprised to find out that he wrote story lines for that world that actually protested the Vietnam War I [...]

  • Short review I love Mr Rogers And I found this book mostly worth reading But it was probably longer than necessary and would have been fine as a long article There were interesting insights that as a child I would not have understood when watching the TV show But I think the book relied too heavily on TV episode explication and not enough on biography or direct writing of Rogers This was probably made difficult by the fact that Rogers seemed to want to make his statements in the TV shows instead [...]

  • I think everyone who grew up watching Mister Rogers on television has a sense of curiosity about him With this book I was eager to learn about his life.Ultimately, this is not the book I was looking for It s not to the fault of the author though This book was not geared toward my curiosity It was written with a specific directive about the political side of Mister Rogers that surprisingly enough, was woven in the fabric of everything he did It was surprising to learn that the happenings in the [...]

  • This is probably my favorite of the books I ve read about Mister Rogers thoughtful and fun insights and examples from his episodes and life interactions, affirming him as the progressive thinker and pastor we know and love him for being The theological and social sections worked better for me than the political ones The book wasn t perfect though I m sort of bummed that this wasn t co written by a warmer and engaging writer although it s well researched and laid out, by the end, the college sty [...]

  • This was on my want list for months Synchronicity that I was able to access and read it a week after the hate shootings and deaths at Mother Emanual A.M.E Church in Charlotte and finished it the same day SCOTUS handed down the marriage equality decision Rogers was not perfect, but he was less radical enough unlike what happened to the Smothers Brothers that kept the program going and accessible to children Early on and this was mentioned later in the book I wished there were demographics availab [...]

  • I ve spent a good deal of time in the same archive the author did and see how the author reached the conclusions he did However, many of the authors critiques of Fred Rogers smack of hindsight and many of the events in the book aren t fully fleshed out I think a lot of the authors preconceived notions skewed his approach, attempting to move Fred Rogers over into the author s area of scholarship and as such often feels like he s lecturing Fred s memory on these subjects that, while essential to F [...]

  • I received a review copy through NetGalley.Ultimately, I m glad I read this book However, it did not flow smoothly The writing really distracted from the point the author was trying to make It felt like reading a longform listicle The integration of primary sources was not done well with the narration and left me wondering where the content was taken from This amount of research should have been pointed toward a biography either of Rogers or the show a fuller treatment OR a shorter, devotional [...]

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